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I have been busy creating exclusive content for my ko-fi followers lately and I have been enjoying it so much. I invite you guys to follow me if you’re interested in taking a peek into my other journals and planners. I also post ko-fi only videos that are not public on YouTube, sending out happy mail and I’ll be hosting giveaways. So if you guys are curious, then you’re welcome to check it out 🤍

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In a world where most of our choices regarding our lives are already made for us by our parents and to a huge extent by corporations the most basic choice man truly has all control over is whether he is good or bad to others.

click here if you want to read the rest 💕

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now that I have your attention

my cats and i are still starving.

i heard somewhere that remaking posts helps these get out more so… here it is!

im lessa, and im a disabled nb lesbian whos father doesnt purchase enough food to keep me alive! AND i have to feed my cats, so! i still need money, i still need help. reblogs are absolutely great if you don’t have spare cash!!

(ko-fi takes 0% of your donations to me! and if you donated, feel free to dm me for a cat photo or some art!!!)

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Imma just throw this out there. If you like my art and what I do consider dropping a tip at my ko-fi! I also take commissions and would be happy to take sketch requests for donations!

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✨ I now have a Ko-fi for donations! ✨

I am so thankful for everyone who has supported me so far. If you are not looking for a reading at the moment but would like to still support me please consider donating to my Ko-fi. 💗

As I grow and expand I hope to be able to buy a new deck, supplies to create art and handmade items, as well as selling items like crystals and candles. I truly hope to create a beautiful space here. Anything really helps; whether its sharing, donating or just commenting and liking posts.

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📢Announcement!📢: I now have a Ko-fi! If you enjoy my art, you can help support me by donating there. The link is in my bio. I’m excited.😀 Eventually I will be setting up a monthly subscription so the people who join me there can get special goodies. I’ll update you when it’s time.

And I have a new profile picture.

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First Ko-fi sketch finished!


I’m going to be doing chibi sketches for any person who supports me by donating $5 or more to my Ko-fi!

$5 will get you a chibi bust-up

$10 will get you a chibi waist-up

I really need to pay off my medical bills for going to the doc and even though I’m still sick I can’t afford to go again until I pay this off QvQ

The link can be found in my bio!

Thank you!!

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