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#please help

Please help?

I thought I had covered the cable/internet bill but now my mom’s account is overdrafted $115. If anyone can help cover even part of it, this is coming out of our rent money when we get our next deposit for SSI and we’ll be short on the rent otherwise. Thank you.


Cashapp- $afteriwake23

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Recently I’ve had to take my baby girl Angel to the emergency vet. She started by puking up white foam and most recently she started puking up blood.

Just to do the initial tests is going to cost me $600.00 and I’m not sure how much more it’s going to cost.

The vet thinks she will need to be transferred to another hospital to conduct a more thorough test such as an ultra sound to see if she has any intestinal bleeding.

I really need help.

Any amount can help. My PayPal link is anything will help.

I’ll post more on her condition soon.

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If anybody would be so kind as to get me a Google play card of any value. Or a Netflix card or any online gift card I would really be grateful to you.

I would also write you either a supernatural fan fiction piece or a Criminal minds FanFiction piece. I would also do any kind of picture edit that you would like.

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Well, my friends, yesterday was my last day of work and I am unfortunately now unemployed as I’ve been mentioning the last couple of weeks because of the Covid lockdown. It was inevitable. I’m a little scared and uncertain of what lies ahead. With this happening, I again ask you to help me a bit and I will reply in freturn. I have re-opened my PayPal link on top of bio on my Tumblr homepage and I also have my Cashapp where you can find me at $Alyssagar1 if you want to contribute that way. For Paypal, I started at just $2.50 but if you want to donate $5.00 just change the quantity to 2 or more at checkout (it will double that $2.50). Either through my PayPal or Cashapp account I will return the favor. In return, if you donate $2.50, I will send two exclusive pics. If you donate $5.00, I will give you five exclusive pics that no one else will have. More than $5.00, I will give you more than five pics of course. Help your foot girl out in my time of need. It would be much appreciative from the bottom of my heart and with these sexy pictures that I will give you, you will not be disappointed with them. I thank you for your generosity and support in advance.

* (If you donate, you will see the unblurred pic of this and many others.) * Alyssa ♥️💕👸

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Currently taking friendship applications.


Likes and handles dark humor

Doesnt mind going a few days without a message (I’m antisocial as fuck)

Honest and not fake

No judgement

Likes deep talks

Like memes

Isn’t looks for anything other than a friendship (I’m happily married and no I don’t go behind my partners back)


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Hi I’m in an emergency situation and I’m reaching out for help. My sister Elizabeth is about to be homeless. She can pay rent and plans on getting a job wherever she moves to. Life had been hard on her this year and she hasn’t been able to find stable residency. She is the sweetest and kindest person also works really hard. If you can or know someone who can put her up for awhile please reach out and message me! Thank you so much.

This is my sister

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Hey y’all. I need help. Bad. I’m in a relationship with my bf, and I realized I didn’t like him. But I can

Break up with him. Why? Bc I love him platonically. Now why does this matter? Because he’s very depressed and if I break up with him he’ll msy likely commit suicide.

And I’m torturing myself pretending to like him and UGH please help I’m crying in the living room at midnight…

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