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#please help
awarewerejess · 2 days ago
i’ve been trying to get my go-fund-me some traction but no one’s seeing it so i figured i should share it on this account too!! i really need help and none of the people i talk to irl are willing to even listen or help. i don’t like asking for help, but i don’t have any friends, and the only contact i have outside of my family are my mother’s friends (because they’re pre-approved and they automatically tell my mother everything i tell them), so right now, this is my only option.
anything anyone can do, even if it’s just interacting with this post, means the world to me; thank you so much!!
“Hi, I’m JJ (or Jesse, if that’s what you’d prefer), 16 and I need help getting out of an emotionally manipulative, ableist + transphobic, toxic family. I’m a non-binary trans-masc (parents are not supportive) and have numerous physical and mental health problems which have made me physically, emotionally, and financially dependent on my parents, who neglected me emotionally while I raised their three kids (my younger siblings) for them. I finally managed to convince my mother to let me go to a real public high school (I’ve been in numerous catholic schools over the years, because her friends are there to keep an eye on me) and I should be in a physical school building by January. This GFM will help me finally afford a mobility aid because I’m not eligible for anything to be covered by OHIP without a doctor getting it for me and I can’t see a doctor because there’s no way I can get there or use it safely (I live in the middle of nowhere and I can’t even handle the stairs in my house, let alone walking 11K to the nearest town, and if my mother sees me with an aid that she insisted I didn’t need because I’m ‘perfectly healthy’, I’m scared of what she’ll do), and the first couple months on my own while I find a job and a couch to sleep on for a little while. For now, I’m slowly and discreetly packing my little bit of stuff away but I’m hoping that by next summer at the latest, I’ll be out and safe :) I can’t promise to repay anyone or give you something, but if you need someone to talk to, I’m your guy! If anyone needs anyway to contact me, please send me a DM and I’ll respond directly or provide other contact information, if needed.”
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thejediguy · 20 hours ago
I am begging you for help. I have one day to raise $500 or I will be homeless please I am begging you to retweet this and donate if you can. Anything helps please
Cash app: $Frankbr2
Venmo: @Frank-brown94
Please share this thank you
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kiribakutrash33 · a day ago
Shameless sharing my Ko-fi. Had to take my dog to the vet this morning and his bill is already at $300 and I'm not sure if he'll need surgery still. Anything helps right now, I dont have any credit cards I can put his bill on.
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meekspoetssociety · 2 days ago
should i dress up as todd anderson for my college halloween party ?
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baekhyunja · 6 months ago
My dad isn't the best dad in the world. He's flawed and we fight a lot, and most of it is because of our financial situation. He's the sole earner of my family but things haven't been looking up for us the past few years. It is one of the reasons why things have gotten as bad as it is now- I should have known that he's hidden his illness for a while now because he doesn't want to add more debt into our family burden just because of a "small cough", especially with the pandemic.
Tumblr media
It turns out, he has pneumonia and high glucose blood levels. The pneumonia made a hospital reject giving him first aid care this Monday (22/3) despite his COVID tests showing up negative because they were "incapable of handling a possible COVID patient" due to the fact that my dad's lungs x-rays had signs of infection on it. Keep in mind that he has a high fever and isn't even able to walk or go to the bathroom by himself. They didn't even provide a sufficient IV drip for my dad or a fitting oxygen mask. Monday night we brought him home in hopes of treating his sickness at home because we couldn't afford any other options. At 1am, he woke up from his sleep at home and puked. We brought him to an ER 30 mins away that told us on the phone that they would take a patient with possible pneumonia as long as their COVID-19 test come out negative. When we got there, they just stood there for 20 mins looking at my dad convulsing in the car before rejecting to give him care after I showed him his lung results. I begged them to at least give him first aid but they told me condescendingly that if my dad passed away, they wouldn't be liable. So I went home in tears.
Tuesday 6AM my dad went into septic shock. Money be damned, I called an ambulance from a private hospital that informed me they would take possible patients despite them having COVID or not. I thought that my dad could get the first aid help and then later be admitted to a normal room, but when the medics arrived the first thing they told me was: he has to be put into an ICU.
I have just recently resigned from my job due to high risk of COVID-19 exposure, and both my mom and my sibling are unemployed. We've asked for friends and family for help, but it's just not enough given that we don't have an insurance and an ICU room costs $1k/night. As we're living in a third world country, no medical action will be taken before we given if we don't pay first. We've used up all of our penny to the last drop to keep my dad plugged into the ICU machines and keep him alive to this daym
As of right now, he's fighting as hard as he can to keep his body alive. He's doing his best, and I know I should do my best too. I've ran out of options.
If you can help us, please donate at my gofundme or paypal. If you can't, a reblog would help immensely.
His whole life, my dad has always teased me that I don't love him as I never express it verbally. You know how us Asians get- I never said it to him because I assumed that he should just know.
Please help me tell my dad that I love him to his face.
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psychofaking · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Please Help Me, I'm terrified
Hey guys, if you don't know me my name's Jack, I'm a 22yr old transman, I live with my disabled wife and her family, our cats and chihuahua. I really don't want to have to do this but I've exhausted all options. I don't have any family that can help, so I'm turning to my family on here to see if any might care enough to try and help me. 
The picture above is from my most recent xray. I am in severe pain from all of the problems I have. I have a tooth infection, and impacted wisdom teeth that the dentist said NEEDS to come out and that I've put it off for too long and its causing problems. On top of that I have several broken and cracked / severely decayed teeth that they said are at risk for becoming infected after the upcoming surgery that I have. I've already been on antibiotics for two weeks.
If I get another infection, my insurance is not going to cover it, and the ER wouldnt be able to help. Where I live, there is only a 1000 dollar EMERGENCY only fund for dental work, and I'm using it up with the extraction entirely. My appointment is coming up soon and I have to lose the tooth at 22 years old because it's running the risk of infecting my bloodstream and insurance won't cover the root canal. I can't afford it because my wife is disabled and I'm trying to find work right now, but that's not really going to happen when I'm in so much pain that I can hardly ever eat at all, and I have to heal from this upcoming tooth extraction. 
They said all in all I have over 1000 dollars worth of work that needs to be done, and thats just what's emergent and need to be done as soon as possible. They don't offer payment plans at any of the dentists in my area, and I have already been denied for carecredit, and I cant find any loans. My wife is constantly terrified thinking another infection will kill me, because we've already called and they refuse to do anything to help me even in a dire situation other than that annual amount. I hate that I can't comfort her. We've been living in constant stress and I'm in pain all day long. I do brush my teeth religiously, but it wont fix these problems. My dad also has horrible dental problems, and they seem to think it's genetic. I obviously can't and don't expect the full amount from you guys, I just really want to not be in pain all the time and stop worrying about becoming seriously ill from these infections. I've been having horrible migraines and nausea just from this one tooth. 
My (moms) cashapp is $tcmazzi
Her PAYPAL is or the email is and anything will go to helping with the most severe problems I'm having. It will literally be a life saver and I hope to return the favor when I'm able which will hopefully be soon. If you cant help, please boost, it would mean the world to me.
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arttitude130 · 12 months ago
i thought i’d draw three characters from games that got popular in 2020 together but now it just looks like a transformation sequence and i
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redrevolter · 3 days ago
I haven't though about anything other than this bit since I first played the game
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referencees · 23 days ago
Hey y’all, as a New Orleans resident I just wanna say two things about the horrible devastation that Hurricane Ida is going to cause:
1. Many people did not have the choice to evacuate. I was lucky enough to have somewhere to go, but the poorest and most vulnerable members of the New Orleans community often do not have the resources to leave. Instead of criticizing them for staying, please do what you can to help them in the aftermath.
2. New Orleans is going to receive a lot of attention in the aftermath of the storm, especially considering Ida hit on the 16th anniversary of Katrina. However, there are dozens of smaller communities in Louisiana who are going to experience exponentially more damage. Please keep in mind that thousands of people in southeastern Louisiana are going to lose their entire towns. They deserve as much attention and relief effort as New Orleans does, if not much much more.
I know many of us are simply exhausted after the last year and a half, but please keep in mind that so many people do not have the luxury not to care. If you see an opportunity to help, all I ask is that you do what you can. The only way we can get through this is together.
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queenkhady · 3 months ago
Trigger warning for blood, PTSD, anxiety, car crash… sorry guys I have a concussion and I didn’t know or remember to put trigger warning.
On June 2, 2021, I was hit by a truck in downtown Orlando while riding one of the popular motorized scooters. My head struck the ground, I reached my hand to the back of my head, I saw blood, and I screamed. I was rushed to the emergency room for head trauma. I received staples for my scalpel laceration. The doctor removed, stitched a nicked artery, and re-stapled my scalp. I was also treated for horrific roadrash on my back.
I am traumatized. I have been involved in several car wrecks in the last 2 years. My daily transportation is the scooter. In this transitional phase of my life I’ve been dealing with previous medical expenses, mental health therapy for my anxiety, PTSD, and depression. This accident only takes away from my quality of life. I am facing a very long road to recovery that will take patience, compassion, and help from my family and friends.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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magdalenas · 17 days ago
my brother’s parents were seriously injured when they were hit, on their motorcycle, by a 20-year-old woman who ran a stop light while on her phone. they are both going to be in the hospital, and then rehab, for a long, long time. they are self-employed and since his dad won’t be able to walk for at least 6 months, they are scared they will lose their business & home.
please consider donating to this gofundme created by one of my brother’s aunts. the money will support the medical & living expenses while his parents heal.
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bittersweet-mermaid · 2 months ago
Hello everyone,
I am a mentally ill, queer student who is in debt. I am currently working full time for the summer but even with this I'm incapable of paying my things. If 6% of my followers gave 1$ I'd be able to pay everything off! I am in legit psychological distress, I don't know what to do. If you wanna help me pay my rent, my food, my meds and my cat's meds/veterinarian, you can here. Any amount helps and matters.
Thank you so very much
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leafyblueghost · 14 days ago
Okay so I have no following whatsoever, so this is totally a shot in the dark. However, my friend Brooklyn is currently experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles after being kicked out by her parents for being transgender. She has been homeless since April 2021.
She is working for UberEats & staying in a motel, but she's running out of energy to keep fighting. She's desperate to save enough money for somewhere to live. She has a gofundme but is stuck in a cycle of having to use all the donations and her wages for food and motels. She's trying so so hard, but she's exhausted and feeling as though she's out of options.
She was staying in a shelter for a time, but struggled with sharing a room because of trauma from previous assaults. She was also exposed to c-19 there multiple times, and witnessed lots of drug abuse. She couldn't take it anymore.
She has little chance of saving enough for longer-term housing as things are. If you're able to support this beautiful black transgender woman who is in dire need of assistance, you can do so at please scroll down for update and new donation link.
Or support her through her music at (Amazon Music). You can also stream her music on Spotify, and she will get some revenue from this. This is a great way to help if you can't donate!
Please share far and wide! My friend needs help.
(Posted 7th September 2021)
Edits to add:
I will make sure to add any updates on Brooklyn's situation to this post, and she updates the gofundme regularly.
If you know of anyone in LA selling an affordable used car or motorbike, or renting out an affordable room, please get in touch! Details of any organisations that might be able to help Brooklyn out would also be appreciated (though she has already been in touch with several and had limited success).
Thank you so much in advance.
UPDATE: 19th September 2021
I am so happy to announce that due to some very generous donations, Brooklyn has now moved into a rented room! A big thank you to everyone who donated, reblogged, streamed and shared. This is such a major milestone for Brooklyn to finally be in safe and secure housing, and we can't thank you enough for your help.
However, her struggle is not yet over. Her rent is now $1550 per month, which is hard to afford working for UberEats. If you would still like to donate there is a new link below, and this money will be used to help pay for rent and food. In addition, I know it would mean the absolute world to Brooklyn if you would all keep streaming her music.
This will probably be the last update for the time being. If you would like to keep up to date with Brooklyn's journey, you can follow her on Instagram @ transbeauty07. Again, we can't thank you enough for helping us out like this. Thank you ❤️🏳️‍🌈
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psychofaking · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Please Help Me, I’m Desperate. - Dental Emergency Extended
Post Made: 05/29/2021
Hey everyone. My name's Jack, I'm a 22 year old transman living with my disabled wife, her family and our baby animals. I don't want to have to ask for help from anyone, but I don't have any family that can help me and I've received the most help and care from my family on tumblr than anywhere else.
I'm updating this post with the finished care plan and amount that I need, as well as the date so no one thinks the post is old. I'm desperate and don't have any other means to save myself from the pain me and my family are going through right now because of this. I have insurance, but they only cover 1000 dollars of emergency and has already been used.
I am in severe pain from all of the problems I have in my mouth. I just was treated for a tooth infection, but after examination they let me know I'm bordering on another severe infection in two of my teeth. I need TWO root canals still and have no way to pay for that, but they're warning me that I don't have a lot of time and need to be seen as soon as possible to avoid further infections. [In the pictures above, one of the plans is for the two root canals, and the other plan is to treat the amount of severe decay I have.] I also have IMPACTED wisdom teeth that need to come out soon, but I can't focus on that when there are other problems
I can't and don't expect the full cost from tumblr, because its a little under 6000 dollars in total and thats a lot. I need around 2000 to get what I need done, and that would prevent me from having another emergency extraction needed. I'm doing everything I can to earn the money on my own, I had been looking for a job but I can't even interview when I'm in this much pain and so for now we live off of a very fixed income.
My wife has been terrified since I've gotten the infection, she's unable to ever relax because of fear that I'm not going to be okay, and it's flaring up her epilepsy. It's affecting everyone around me, and I'm really just desperate for things to be okay. I've been taking care of my teeth, and they say that if I get these fixed I shouldn't run into any more problems. Please, I really am begging at this point, my entire body hurts. I can post receipts if needed, and anything I get WILL go to fixing these emergencies. I hope to be giving back as soon as I can, because anything helps. Even 1 dollar, it all adds up when someone decides to help. Spreading the word also helps more than I can say. Thank you so much.
My moms PAYPAL is or the email is if that works better
Her cashapp account is $tcmazzi
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moredog · 15 days ago
please reblog, transgender autistic 19 year old needs 35 dollars for groceries
hi, i’ve made some posts recently on my other blog that havent gotten very much traction. i’m going to post here because i really need grocery money. i just need 35 dollars to be able to get food and thats all.
i have hating to ask and im sorry for asking but i’m just hungry and feel anxious every second about it. i have no income, i just can’t feed myself without help right now. i feel like crying writing this right now because i feel awful and pathetic but i need help.
c*shapp: $frogiess
p*ypal: @skyve
v*mno: @finchfrog
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cosmicfunnies · 5 months ago
I wish I could escape..
Tumblr media
I finally had it with my abusive mother. She does not even respect my own personal space as she busts into my room when i am sleeping and wakes me up by starting arguements with me and yelling hurtful words towards me. I am not sure what to do anymore. I just wished I had a job so I can escape…I feel so trapped that i feel like removing myself from this existence because i can’t do this anymore. Nothing has been going good for me since 2018 which was when i lost my job. Things have been going from bad to worse and I can’t deal with this anymore. I’m so done with this life. I wished my life wasn’t so horrid as I always have been treated terribly in my own dysfunctional family since I was a kid. The pandemic made my life hell as I have no place to escape to last year and experienced true hell with this woman..
I only eat once a day as I don’t have the appetite to eat and sometimes forget to eat at all at times..I sleep in most days because i have no energy or motivation. I have to force myself to use whatever little energy I have to deal with a few orders on my site.
I wished I was born in a normal family and have a normal life…I don’t know what i deserved to live in such a hellish state. I wish employers gave me a chance and hired me…I have over 10 years experience in graphic design and virtual assistant work and yet no one wishes to hire me…i either get ghosted or rejected.
Not sure how long i’ll last if i’m still in this hellish place…
Please if you know anyone…who is looking to hire someone virtually please pass them my way.
My portfolio site is here:
My gofundme is here:
And of course my online store:
I also need help with motivation so if you have any ideas on which topic you would like for me to work on in terms of comics, feel free to leave a comment. I’m open for suggestions..I miss working on comics..
Thanks for your support and sorry for bugging you guys..
Have a good night.
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