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I’m very confused about what aesthetic I fit into- because with my sense of fashion…. I’m leaning towards e-girl-

But on the other hand I want to live in a forest, away from human interaction- and it would be just me and my pets-

So I guess that would be considered cottagecore-……….?

But I also like to dress girly Sometimes-

Because I could imagine myself in a pink frilly dress-

But most of the time, I like to wear clothes that don’t stand out to people-

Not to mention, I like baking and cooking and art-

So I don’t know-

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I am currently in a long-term serious commitment with a person whom I dearly love and during this relationship I discovered that I am Bi. Due to which my partner and I have been speaking about being in an open relationship. Now, my conundrum is- as I think about it more and more I realise that when I push through the jealousy and both my partner and I get to flirt/engage with other people, I may be okay with this. I think I may be polyamorous but I am not completely sure. Here are the few things that I have realised which make me think I maybe poly but I am not completely sure;

- I have only  been in strictly monogamous relationships in the past where in the duration of my relationships I have either had the inkling to flirt with other people/grown affectionate of them/even fallen in love with them. However, often I have been jealous when my romantic partner flirted with someone or they have been jealous when I flirted with someone. 

- In the past I have not been able to maintain a long-term relationship for a longer duration as I often get bored and lose feelings for the person and cannot match the romantic energy anymore (this has been 2 relationships by far)

- Recently I have been speaking with one of my friends whom I had casually dated previously. They admitted that they had feelings for me- and somewhere I do have feelings for them but nowhere do I feel my feelings for my boyfriend are diminished and no longer then. In fact I have been in this position frequently where I have been affectionate/felt love for 2 people at the same time romantically 

I am unsure if I am Polyamorous or if I haven’t met the ‘right’ person yet or if I am ‘commitment phobic’. Like I got insanely jealous when my bf and I tried open relationship a few months ago. He hooked up with someone and I couldn’t as primarily my country was in lockdown and I couldn’t go anywhere. He got jealous too when I flirted with someone- so I am confused as to how I could be Poly and be jealous of my partner hooking up when that I something I would want to do. Is this just internalised monogamy? 

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I read some of the comments on that “looking for good wlw content” post and like… do some of you guys like.. not believe in scissoring? Like a person talked about it like it was something made up by.. the straights, i guess?????? Like wHAT… im soo confused

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Here’s a little Caspian story, it’s not super whumpy, it’s more emotional pain than physical.  It’s also developing the characters a little more.  Hope ya’ll like it!

Tag list:  @nerdingz-prompts @whoopsalittlewhumpy @fanmanga1357-blog  @real-gen-z-hitchhiker  @newsies-lesamis-oz-and-me @mermy-blogs @whatwasmyprevioususername

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It had been a week.

A week dealing with broken bones, stab wounds, and bruises with no pain medication other than Advil. It didn’t do much to help.

A week of awkward, infuriating conversations with Cole. Every second with that guy was confusing.

He’s a murderer, he kidnapped you and tied you to a bed, he’s crazy!  

So why don’t I hate him?

Caspian wanted to hate him. He was so angry with everything, so angry that all this happened. But more than that, he was afraid. For a second there back with Damien, Caspian really thought he was going to die. It was scary.

After dealing with that it was kind of nice to be around someone who didn’t treat them horribly. 

Cole really had tried to make Caspian comfortable here. 

But he’s still keeping you captive Caspian. Jesus Christ stop excusing this guy. 

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I read this literally three times now and I still have no idea what you mean. So, motherly okay, but in which context? Does she treat him the way you describe it? Or do they have a child together and do you mean that by motherly? I don’t know, sorry, but your request confuses me a litte … xD

Furthermore, my English isn’t the best, it’s not my mother tongue, so I don’t wanna say it’s your fault. Maybe I’m just too stupid for this. ^^”

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I like to think of myself as a melancholy catcher; I absorb every kind of darkness from your mind; I take your worst and keep it within me like I’m evergreen, like my humanity wouldn’t ask for attention later, like I don’t need to take care of my own.

And it’s not that I appreciate being this way, nobody truly wants to suffer. It’s just… I rather for me to be the one miserable instead. I prefer to see happiness, not to feel it; hear the laughter, not to laugh; watch the life, not to actually live…


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