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#bad art
suisui666 · 2 days ago
What do you think of the ship soriel ?
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Welp they just- CUTE together >A<
I ship them but I don't draw them much XD
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theroyaltenenblarghs · a year ago
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You are so brave and an inspiration to us all!
Instagram - iampoorlydrawn
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ancientoptimism · 6 months ago
I’m sick of people not doing things they love because they are bad at it. Everyone is guilty of it, even myself.
Sing even if your out of key.
Paint even if your colours bleed.
Draw even if it’s messy.
Write even if it doesn’t make sense.
Like come on!! Art can’t be perfected anyway so you might as well enjoy the awful parts of it. You don’t have to be proud of it or think it’s a masterpiece. The truth is, you enjoyed doing it so why would you stop?
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insert-pun-here-now · 13 days ago
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Inktober Day 2: Suit
@ask-spiderpool inspired me because I was kind of just surfing through their tumblr and I thought why not? Have Peter in a dress and Wade celebrating that he got Peter in one. (I will draw me in the T-Shirt one day-just you wait.)
Also I would like to thank one Wade Wilson for helping this enby realize that they are enby.
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