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Honestly, I would make this blog more about cool things happening to me, but the most interesting thing that happened in the past 2 years is me accidentally shoving a straw up my cat’s butt.

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ah shit here we go again

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im really sorry to all my neighbours for having to put up with all the screaming competitions everyone in this house keeps having with each other

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It’s taken me about ten years to notice that Tumblr is full of weirdos 😂

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Fuck it the paparazzi are coming at me again so here we go:

Stop trying to dig up shit about me to try and ruin my life. Fucking stop. I KNOW I dropped out of college, I KNOW I didn’t inherit W.E, I KNOW I was basically jobless for nearly a year before becoming big in fashion, I KNOW. IT’S MY LIFE, I KNOW WHAT’S HAPPENING IN IT.

And for the few people who’ve managed to dig up who my girlfriend is, I know she was a murderer. But guess what? She’s changed now. Just because her father is Deathstroke, that doesn’t mean she’s like him. In fact, she works for the FBI as a profiler. She uses her experience to help people now. Just because someone has a rough past, that doesn’t mean you can ignore their present and future.

Oh, and fucking hell, stop calling me slurs on the streets if you see me holding hands with my girlfriend for fuck’s sake.

I’ve recently adopted a son, this isn’t news, but paparazzi need to stop flocking him every time he’s trying to get to school. My son doesn’t deserve to have a panic attack every morning. He is claustrophobic and is overwhelmed in large crowds. I need to have me or Rose walk him to school every day just so he doesn’t break down.

Stop trying to interfere in my life. Stop trying to tell me how to live my life. Stop telling me what to be. I have my life, like any other person out there and I deserve to be able to live it like anyone else.

Just, for fuck’s sake just leave me the hell alone.

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For trying to stay sober today I’m pretty drunk 🤷🏼‍♀️

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The disregard for human life is fucking revolting.

My empathy rage has burned out into empathy depression now, cause I saw something ELSE that triggered it, so my head is all foggy and I kind of hate the world.

Anyway petition to remove Paimon’s english VA from the GI team and get a replacement VA. One that doesn’t victim blame people who died over pixels.

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Hi, I don’t usually get on tumblr much anymore, and this probably won’t be helpful, but I’m sort of desperate. I’ve been struggling financially, everyone is, which is why I feel a bit uncomfortable doing this. But my aunt and grandma recently died from Covid complications, and I haven’t been able to pay for my education. I come from a poor, uneducated family, and I have mental health issues that have prevented me from qualifying for scholarships. I have been doing better in school, but I owe thousands of dollars before I can enroll for the next semester. I’ve also been struggling to find work, so I can send nudes or edit papers or tutor or whatever really. I’m not really sure what to do at this point, I guess.

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Me: *watching TikTok*

My nose bleeding for no reason:


Originally posted by htmlstim

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@lil-star-child I was FIGHTING for top healing tonight but dang it I didn’t get it, also hecking tumblr won’t let me send it to you ;-;

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I just spent an hour scrolling to get to the bottom of my blog,,, so do any of you want anything from,,,, Last March, I think

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The scooby gang really said fuck airline prices

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The wolf, the sheep and the farmer.

Some time ago, in a village not too far away, lived a farmer. This farmer lived all by himself, away from the main village. Once a weak, a boy would come over to deliver necessities to the farmer and leave immediately after. Of course, the farmer was alone. He felt isolated from everyone else. He wanted to make friends, to talk to new people. But he couldn’t. He was too scared. Too cowardly. So, he did settled on something else.

Now, this farmer had a sheep. Just one sheep. A singular lonely sheep. These two organisms depended on each other. Even if they couldn’t hold conversation, they still felt comfort with each other. No words were needed. It was a mutal feeling.

But, there was just one minor problem. Someone had fallen in love with the sheep.

Near the farm, there was a forest. In the forest, there lived a wolf. He was very beautiful to say the least. This wolf had fallen in love with the sheep. But because of their differences, he couldn’t say anything. So he settled on just watching the sheep from afar, very similar to a secret admirer.

The farmer noticed this behavior. At first, all he saw were shadows from the corner of his eyes, nothing really worth his time. But it happened more than once, giving the farmer edge. Then one day, he happened to see a wolf staring at his beloved sheep.

Of course, the farmer didn’t know that the wolf’s intentions were pure. I mean, if you saw a wolf staring at a sheep, your first thought would be “the wolf wants to eat the sheep”, wouldn’t it? It’s common sense. A wolf is a predator while a sheep is prey. It’s not really abnormal to think that the wolf wants to eat the sheep.

But it was quite the opposite.

The moment the wolf had layed his eyes on the sheep, he had fallen in love. As strange as that sounded, it was the truth. He didn’t care if others saw him as weird. That was the beauty of love. A feeling that he could not control.

The sheep felt the same way.

The sheep had seen the wolf here and there, always taken back by his beauty. The sheep too knew the consequences if he were to love the wolf, yet he didn’t care. He was in love. In love with someone he could never be with. Such a sad feeling, yet he did no motion of doing something about it. That was love. He was scared. So he did nothing.

After some time of this going on, the farmer understood. He understood that the two were in love. Something he couldn’t help. Something he didn’t want.

If he were to allow it, the sheep would have to leave, something he didn’t want. He didn’t want to be alone. He wanted to stay with the sheep. Just the two of them. Like it’s always been.

He was scared of change.

But when he saw how much the sheep yearned for the wolf, the way the wolf would look at the sheep, he couldn’t help but think: “maybe… maybe I should let them be”. The farmer would often stare at the fence. The fence keeping the two apart. He knew how easy it would be to open that fence. How easy it would be for the sheep to run to the wolf. How easy it would be for him to be alone.

But even if he knew how sad he’d be, he wanted to help the sheep out. He knew that he was destined to be alone for the rest of the days. That sheep had cured his loneliness for some time, but he had always known it wouldn’t last forever. He knew that all good things came to an end. That’s just how life worked.

And so, the farmer decided.

He went over to the fence. The fence that would end it all. The sheep looked at him happily, always feeling nice when the farmer came to visit. He knew the process of the farmer coming in. Open the fence, get in and close it quickly behind him. Only this time, the last step didn’t happen.

The sheep walked towards the farmer in confusion, looking at the open gate. He looked up at the farmer who simply smiled. The farmer got out of the way and gestured towards the forest, a sad smile on his fac.

The sheep seemed to have understood. He looked at the farmer, a hopeful yet sad expression on his face. He walked closer to the farmer, nudging his stomach softly.

The farmer placed his hand on the sheep’s head, rustling it softly. The same way he had done many times before. That would be the last time it would happen.

“Go.” The farmer said. This time, for the first time, the sheep understood perfectly. The sheep looked towards the direction of the forest. He saw a figure there. The figure of the wolf he loved so very much.

Hesitantly at first, the sheep made his way towards the wolf, but after a while, he began running, the adrenaline making his way throughout his entire body.

The farmer watched with a sad expression. He watched until he could no longer see the sheep. He would miss the sheep. He wished that the sheep would come and visit occasionally.

He closed the gate, looking at the now empty space. He made his way inside, not looking back. He was alone. Alone with nobody else around. He hated it. So, he was going to change it.

He fixed himself and got whatever money he owned. He exited his house, making his way to the village. The sheep leaving made him understand. Understand that nothing would happen without a push.

And who knows? Maybe he’ll find the wolf to his sheep there.

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I had extremely low expectations for Monster Hunter and was going to pretend to like it for my friend but it legitimately blew me away. I had to piss for like 40 minutes but I didn’t want to miss a second so I just sat there in pain because I was loving the movie so much

I went through a whirlwind of emotions, this shit made me flinch and gasp out loud so much a guy behind me started laughing

It felt at times more like a horror movie, it scared me a thousand more times than IT (no hate on the It movies tho) but made me smile alot too

The action was SPECTACULAR! The characters are badass, especially Milla Jovovich! (like she always is my queen) The suspense!! The plot twists!!!

I’ve never posted a movie review before but I still have a high from this movie an hour later

I’m probably hyping it up too much but

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