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arakhaea day ago
Hey hey listen
It's not even my idea, and I'm sure someone has thought about this before, but I can't I just can't....
Archivist or Elias but
Tumblr media
Khkhkhkh I'm so stupid I know I KNOW
Tumblr media
I don't have much time so I didn't draw Elias sorry 馃槶馃槶 also I'm afraid I can't draw him like this because it's just TOO funny for me and....i just.... I start laughing when I just imagine him khkhkhkh .... sorry sorry you can hate me I understand
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sorryalecwhoa day ago
On this episode of What Are You Emotional About Today, this scene right here:
Tumblr media
Had enough about it? I know, but some more won't hurt. Listen-
This is the scene that comes right before the Will Scene鈩笍, supposedly the one moment that made Eddie eventually decide to spill the news of the will to Buck. And the more I watch it, the more I realise WHY Eddie couldn't keep it in any longer, he had to give up and tell him, why this was The moment. Even before this scene happened, we've seen Buck put himself in danger for the sake of his family, underestimate himself in many different ways. But right now, he is TELLING Eddie. He is looking him straight in the eyes with THAT face, tears in his eyes, sleepless night, and telling him I am expendable - I'm expendable and I am sorry because you're hurting and you have worth, while I should be hurting instead. Why? Because I do not believe I own half as much the worth you do.
Eddie's face kills me every time. Because HE knows about the will, even if Buck still doesn't. He is aware that, if anything had gone terribly wrong that day, before some random attorney could call Buck and tell him about the guardianship, he would have done nothing else but blame himself for being alive and well. Buddie or not buddie this is not the point. The man in front of you, apologising for not being hurt, is your best friend and he's not aware. Not aware someone IS happy he's fine, not aware that NO ONE would blame him. Not aware he is loved and needed.
There is no anger, no rancour, no disappointment in Eddie's face. Most of all, there is no regret. That is pure pain. Suffering, sadness. I believe, for a fraction of a second at least, Eddie blamed himself. I should have told him before, I should not have kept this a secret: maybe, just maybe, if he knew he wouldn't even have thought this. He wouldn't have come here with those eyes and tell me he is worthless. Maybe, just- just maybe. if I had been a man and told him, he could have recognised some value in himself. Importance, relevance.
It's so obvious why this was The Right Moment. Not just because "you came in here the other day and you said you thought it would have been better if it had been you who was shot", rather because -
- there is nothing more you should have done. There is no one else here with me but you. And I see you crying at the edge of my bed not because I am hurt, but because you are not in my place. You're begging forgiveness for your unworthiness. Haven't you considered I am glad you are fine? Haven't you considered I need you to be? Haven't you considered, when I saw all that blood on you, I thought I had failed my son again and he would have been abandoned - again? It's my fault, perhaps. Perhaps I never let you know, never shown you, that you do have value, never let you know that your life in this world is not disposable. That you are not a substitute meant to spare a more worthy life. That if you don't matter in your own life, well, you matter in mine.
You're wrong - but you're wrong and I -
should let you know.
I should let you know.
You deserve to know.
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canary3d-obsesseda day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I鈥檓 only 22 minutes into it but so far Luoyang (on Iqiyi, with engsubs) is AMAZING. Featuring an instantly likeable and charismatic main character even though he hasn鈥檛 said a word yet, a fucking fabulous sword-fighting tough chick, and (always my fave) Wang Yibo as an intense perfectionist.
There鈥檚 already been an awesome action sequence and engaging, clear character establishment, plus murders and conspiracy. And crowd scenes that are actually crowded, and camera work that is beautiful as well as narratively clear. SQUEEE.
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wandamaximoffbae2 days ago
steve: i bet you can't make a sentence without "a"
natasha: you thought you just did something there, didn't you? well, sorry to burst your bubble, but numerous sentences could be constructed without employing the first letter of the english lexicon.
steve: notosho whot the fuck
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no bc what if sirius jokingly flirted with everyone to justify and hide the fact that he was genuinely flirting with remus?? like remus and everyone else didn鈥檛 think much of it because it was just Something Sirius Did, so it鈥檚 the perfect way of pining in secret but not in silence
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While deleting anons I just blocked somebody by accident, so if you realize I've blocked you and find that Really Strange, tell someone to yell at me or some shit pls and I'll unblock fbdhfhshsha
You can't see who you've blocked if they were on anon a a a a a a
I pretty much only block bots and boring trolls so yea my bad
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Tumblr media
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transmechanicus2 days ago
Yes i鈥檓 a girl, yes i cum in a spread of shots that track my target, you wish you were me
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ace-din-djarin15 hours ago
I was reminded of this little snippet that made ppl on the Dinluke server sad so here ya go, my Tumblr beloveds. Sorry.
Luke eyed him for a moment before he said, 鈥淵ou鈥檙e the ex-stormtrooper.鈥
Finn blinked. 鈥淵es. I am. How did you鈥?鈥
Luke smiled, but it wasn鈥檛 a happy smile. It turned his face into something tired and sad. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e used to wearing a helmet. You don鈥檛 control your expressions the way others do.鈥
Finn nodded slowly. He supposed that was true鈥 he鈥檇 been used to not having to hide what he was feeling when there had been a mask of unfeeling plastoid to do it for him. He must be doing the same now, but out in the open where anyone could see.
Luke was old, with plenty of gray in his beard and lines on his face, but he hadn鈥檛 truly looked it until now. He seemed to be thinking of something, eyes not seeing Finn, and that sad smile was still there, lingering at the corners of his mouth.
鈥淚鈥斺 he stopped, and sighed. 鈥淚 knew someone, once. He did the same thing.鈥
Luke turned, and walked away.
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byrdybyrd022 days ago
They couldn鈥檛 release stone ocean in November because Jolyne literally masturbates and the cum room celebrates the end of NNN
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ilovefictiontoomuch10 hours ago
Log #761
Earth is a deathworld. Being a deathworld, it is dangerous and deadly and absolutely not somewhere you'd want to vacation. That being said, it is also extremely beautiful.
Lt. Ti'lear has only been there once, sent on a mission by the Captain who had wanted to hire another human for the crew, since the ones they had were incredibly efficient, even if they got off task abnormally often. Ti'lear wasn't entirely sure what made the Captain actually send someone in person to pick up their recruit when they could have very well made it on their own, but apparently they weren't taking any chances in their new crewmate getting themselves hurt, which was also something that happened frequently. Why in the galaxy would anybody think turning a toy spaceship into an inter-dimensional laser gun would be a good idea? Daniel, apparently, did. He though it'd be "rad". Holy Star these creatures were going to get themselves killed.
Anyways, off to Earth Ti'lear went, both hearts trembling in fear and his mind cursing his Captain's decision (never the person themself, he respected the good captain too much for that).
And Mighty Sun was it an experience.
When he'd finally stepped onto Earth's surface, after hours of vaccinations and medical checkups and exercises in the space station orbiting the planet, he was completely blown away. Almost literally, since the winds were so strong. He'd come from a planet thats strongest 'wind' came from the breath that exited the creatures bodies that resided there. Actual deathworld-level wind was something of a slap in the face. With a brick. Made of solid air.
But that paled in comparison to the vibrant explosion of color and sounds and smells. There were plants of unlimited variety, small feathered creatures brighter than any animal on his home planet, there were people of all races, cultures, and species, dining laughing living together as if there were no worries in their lives, no duties binding them to one place or responsibilities holding them captive. It was free in a way he had never experienced before.
With all that he'd heard about Earth, this was nowhere near what he thought it'd be like. It hadn't quite computed that humans had managed to tame a deathworld, to turn it into something of their own while still leaving it with all it's glorious wonders and perils.
Ti'lear spent his week there touring everything (taking extra precautions, of course), eating anything that his stomach could handle (there was a close call with a pepper, how did humans eat well known poisons for fun??), talking with as many people and species as he could to gauge what they thought of the place. He got so many wonderful recommendations but he wasn't able to try even half of them before his time had run out.
At week's end, he met his new crewmate mate at the airport wearing a sunhat (their star was far too close for his liking), two pairs of sandals (for all four of his legs), and a black shirt that said 'Aw Man' on it with a print of a fictional green creature from an ancient "video game" that was somehow still extremely popular. Said fictional green creature looked oddly similar to himself, except it's legs were shorter and it didn't have arms. Also it was significantly blockier.
When his new crewmate, and young engineer called Allisa, saw him, she laughed and said he gotten "touristed", whatever that means.
His past self would have called him crazy, but Ti'lear honestly wanted to go there again. It was on the other side of the galaxy by now, but maybe he could visit Earth with his human colleagues when their month off came around.
Ti'lear smiled, brushing a clawed green hand over his favourite shirt before gently tucking it away for a time when he wasn't required to wear uniform. Stars damn him and all his misconceptions about Earth, even if they were accurate in a different time.
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