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I just don’t even remember how much time has passed since I’ve last posted something here ㅠㅠ I am so sorry for disappearing for so long, without any prior notice.

I’ve had so many ups and downs…amd I think everything hit harder when I found out that my dad had cancer, back in January, and out of worry, I couldn’t focus on anything else and I just wanted to be all the time with him. But, he’s all fine now, so I decided to see how everyone is doing.

I also finished University, finally💜 and I work now as an assistant manager at the cinema, but of course, because of corona, I need to stay inside ㅠㅠ I hope everyone is taking care of themselves, hm? Health is the most important thing in the world.

My post also serves as a…notification, I think? Are still people here? ㅎㅎ I have a few asks and PMs, but I’m not sure when they have been sent, so I don’t know if anyone is still active ㅠㅠ

Is everyone okay? I missed you all and I’m so sorry, once more.

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So now Destiel shippers have come for my post where I ironically said that I’d read wincest fics that were less gay than the finale.

They started talking about incest-baiting and the fact that if we liked the episode that means it was truly awful.

I mean, don’t they know the difference between canon and fanon? The irony of things?

For God’s sake they are freaking codependent and their relationship’s not healthy at all, but us wincest shippers actually know the difference between canon and fanon and yes, we loved the episode because it was about Sam and Dean, much like classic Spn. That’s it.

I usually avoid fights or arguments ‘cause I think they’re pointless and stupid, but this made me quite angry.

How can you really believe they’re promoting incest? Oh, c'mon.

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Oh boi… there’s a lot…

OG Gojira is full on black&white, including his eyes (and probably insides) - I just can’t imagine him with any color.

Gamera is fighting a crippling depression, but acts all happy-go-lucky to not upset his friends.

Toto is Gamera’s son (he is a teen now) he basically thinks of Minilla and GojiJr as his cousins.

Kiryu nicknamed MG IV “City”, but noone knows why (incliding MG III himself).

OG King Kong is [normal/basic] King Kong’s dad, who is Legendary Kong’s dad (some other big munkes might also be related to them).

Rhedosaurus (from “The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms”) is OG Zilla’s grandpa (only because he looks like a big iguana) OG Zilla is ZillaJr’s mom. ZillaJr is friends with all monsters from his series (best friends with King Cobra), he also dates Komodithrax, because I’m still cranky after that episode. Also! OG Zilla and Godzilla are good friends, to the point that ZillaJr calls Goji his uncle.

Desghidorah and Kaiser Ghidorah (aka Monster X) are cousins. King Ghidorah and the dorats are Kaiser’s kids. Tecnically speaking, all Ghidorahs are related, including the Legendary one.

Every Ghidorah’s head has a personality middle ones are always named Ichi, left ones are Ni, right ones are San, but together they have a separate name (King, Kaiser, Des, etc.) noone is sure (including Ghidorahs themselves) what’s the right way to address them, so people use he/she or them interchangeably.

OG Mosura is the sweetest grandma you’ve ever met. Her kiddos are Mothra and Battra. Battra seems like an edgelord, but he’s actually really nice and soft. Mothra, on the other hand is quite rough & tough. She will take no shit from anyone. Mothra Leo is her son, but he’s a lot more like his uncle characterwise. Fun fact, he hates being at the same parties as Ultraman Leo, because whenever someone calls Leo it gets awkward, like which Leo? WHICH LEO???

Anyways… I will not talk about the ultra stuff, because HOLY SHIT, there is A LOT. Like, if I start talking about them this post will be “War and Peace” levels of 《FUCKING LONG》 (exept maybe there won’t be any pointless dialogues in French, maybe)

And believe me there is soooo much more

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Tagged by @burtonized, thank you!!

Tagging @freakloveschocolate if you want to

10 songs I’ve been listening to (in no particular order):

1. Monsta X - Love Killa

2. Monsta X - Gasoline

3. Monsta X - Thriller

4. Monsta X - Guess Who

5. Monsta X - Nobody Else

6. Monsta X - Beastmode 

7. Monsta X - 대동단결

8. Monsta X -  Nightview

9. Monsta X - Last Carnival

10. Monsta X - Sorry I’m Not Sorry

(yes I really have only been actively listening to the Fatal Love album these days)

My URL in songs:

KILLIN’ ME - Monsta X

In Time - Monsta X


Chaotic - Monsta X 

Heavy - Linkin Park feat Kiiara

Angel with a shotgun - The Cab

Now or Never - Monsta X

Ghost Town - Adam Lambert

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You can’t be a selfish, stuck up cunt the whole time and then when you realized he isn’t hooked anymore play the “I just want to be friends and all get along” hippy bullshit.

Drop the “if I can’t have him no one can even though I don’t even want him” act. It’s ugly and we don’t play like that here. Finders keepers.

You look so pathetic and desperate.

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Sorry I haven’t posted in a while… I’ll be offline for a long time this week :( srry…

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Motivation just dropped to zero.

I’ll do the requests later

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Summary: Wen Qing moves to Yunmeng to be closer to her brother. She never expected her ugly suitcase to bring someone like Jiang Yanli to her life. A series in connections, family, and the love that binds them. (Yanqing, Nielan, Wangxian, Sangcheng, maybe others?)

Day 1 , Day 2 , Day 3 , Day 4 , Day 5, Day 6

7.    Wen Qing - hazy | morning | dreamy

The only time Wen Qing can find to meet up with Jiang Yanli within her new work schedule is an early Saturday morning. The sky is a dreary gray, clouds passing through quickly, a misty haze hanging low through the streets and clinging in wisps to the surface of water through the canals. The cool sting of the wind is sharp enough that she had opted for her leather jacket and wool scarf heading out the door.

It’s not quite as cold sitting by the heaters on the second floor of the café, even with the open window looking out over the park across the street. Jiang Yanli has even pushed up the arms of her sweater, a dark navy and white striped turtleneck that curls gently around the soft curve of her jaw. Sometimes the fabric slouches to one side and exposes a flash of her bare neck that Wen Qing finds hard to look away from. Every time she laughs, a warm, breathless feeling spreads in Wen Qing’s chest.

Jiang Yanli looks like she should be on the pages of a magazine, not sharing a pot of tea with a sleep-deprived doctor in ratty jeans and scuffed boots.

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