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Now that there’s barely people active (I think)

I wanna say that thanks to the people that followed me near the begining and liked all of my stuff. We barely interacted or not at all but I appreciate you

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Hi, it’s emo hours again.
Remember when Calum said while writing songs, it’s either a question or an answer, and that Ghost of You was definitely a question?

I disagree.

A really huge theme in Youngblood is holding on to someone who’s gone and inability to move on, and Ghost of You fits perfectly in that mix.

The last change in verse, “my feet don’t dance like they did with you”, feels like a conclusion. Like declaring they’re never going to feel the same love again. Which feels like closure? To me, at least. No matter how much that hurts, they know it’s over, they are not getting it back and the “shot of truth” is just. acceptance?

So, maybe they’re ready to try and move on, which leaves a bunch of possibilities open, which makes sense that it’s “leaving us at the edge of our seat”. As the last song on the album, I agree it evokes a certain curiosity as to where this love will go. 

But as a song, I think it comes with answers. Bitter, painful, unpleasant answers.

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i feel like a rickety system slowly collapsing to singularity. a fell-oiled machine too big for its britches eating itself alive gear by gear in its hunger for something better. it cannot digest that matter so nothing better comes, it starves and chokes to death all at once, the degradation, the material heat death, rusted pillars and columns collapsing into the deep ends, not knowing to swim, drowning in darkness, loud and empty

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y’all reading my dog posts like what the fuck is a jute pillow

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Give me 6 characters and I’ll tell you who i would: 

I confess that I have only seen Logan and part of The Last Stand. I’ll answer based on what (very) little X-Men knowledge I have lol

Push off a cliff: Wolverine (Sorry! I think he’d be okay, though. Depends on the height of the cliff I guess lol)

Kiss: Sebastian Shaw (I like the suave energy he’s putting off haha)

Marry: Quicksilver (He’s a cutie and a dork! I feel like I’d get along well with him lol)

Set on fire: Azazel (I’m pretty sure he’d be fine from it, so I don’t feel too guilty lol)

Wrap a blanket around: Magneto (He needs to just sit back and take it easy, let it all out)

Be roommates with: Pyro (I only know about one Pyro, and he seems he’d be fun enough to be roommates with. Especially if we have a fireplace lol)

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So I’m writing fanfics…



Splinter’s Death had placed all of the turtle brothers into a quite uncomfortable position, all of them except Mikey that is. He had cried to his brothers a while after the event had occurred and had openly shared his thoughts and feelings about the entire situation. His brothers, on the other hand, would not tell a soul about their feelings, but would care for Mikey either way. This Mikey did not like at all. I mean they all looked so tired, and anxious, and sad… but would never tell him why!! He tried bringing it up around each of them in the hopes that they wouldn’t realise what they were telling him, too bad none of them were him.

Donnie, Mikey hoped, would at least tell him his thoughts about the matter, but when he brought it up, Donnie started talking, went bright red, and then excused himself from the room. Raph was no help either. He was the most emotional brother of them all, yet he would only ever insult Mikey when he brought it up. Mikey didn’t even try talking to Leo, I mean he would barely show any emotion when he watched a sad movie, so there’d be no point.

So he went to April. She had at least spoken to Mikey about it, although at one point they had both broken down. But that proved it, April was willing to express herself in front of him. Why couldn’t his brothers do that, oh yeah, they were dudes. April had explained this to him a few times about how it wasn’t exactly accepted for a guy to cry nor express how upset they were. Mikey thought this was stupid. April also had the same mindset, although she’d had it for way longer.

So now, with April’s help, Mikey would finally find out what his stoic brothers were thinking, with a little persuasion of course.  

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