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 Many people had his thought. Whether it’s about their wealth, relationship or even health. 

But why do we think we deserve something better than how it currently is?

It’s true that current advertisements rely exactly on this type of selling: “Your life will be better if you buy this.” However, this is isn’t just about improving our lives by being consumers, because people usually are aware that money cannot provide everything they wish for and also, it’s not the same case as with wanting more. 

Most of us are taught to be grateful for what we have, because there are people who don’t even have that much and it’s true. That’s why most of the time we say we deserve better not intentionally, but out of frustration.

It is human trait to desire, to dream of something you don’t have or to think something could be superior, that’s how progress is made - not by trying to survive satisfying the needs, but by attempts to improve your life.

Taking the “better” mindset to everything else is how we try to get the best out of every situation, but we must always know that everything in our lives is currently like that, because either we did it or it happened outside of our actions. 

We should always ask ourselves: Is it this way because I didn’t do enough to improve it or it doesn’t depend on me?

After all, if something is in it’s current state because of our actions and we’re not satisfied, then we should learn how to do better, but if it’s independent on our actions, we shouldn’t bother, because we will probably just waste our time. 

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hmm…children of Zeus/Jupiter and their fatal flaws..

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I think it’s time that I just stop thinking about you and just try to live my life. We met, lots of things happened, I began to realize all my supressed emotions, saw some yours too, and we tore each other apart in quiet ways. I miss you sometimes, but I wouldn’t want to go back to things.


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Somewhere. Just somewhere. There seems to be a place. A place outside of the actions of this world. A place without cause, where being is appreciated for what it is. No need, no doubt, no thought. A place without constructs, where it is still possible to sleep under the wide open sky. Pulling your rug closer as the warmth of bodies has diminished. A place so cristal clear that the only thought we can lose about it is a cold one. Even when the shine of the stars illuminates innumerable colours. Colours that are there just to enjoy, to lay your eyes to rest.

It is a place where I need to go. One where I can lay my head at rest. A place hidden inside a journey. Only to return changed. As loneliness will never be our destination.

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I’m questioning who is thinking about me this late? Out of all people why me???

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Childlike wonder is not evasive;

It is rotting where they dig.

Save. Save her. I hid.

I could not repay her mothering.


I am without fight and flightless:

Shivering from near psychosis,

The quivering, my likeness:

Whipped adult from battered child.


These rhymes I recite

Are not at all contrite.

I owe nothing; I survived

And gave him vicarious life.


My poetry, he even found,

And praised me, “Son, wow…”


“You wrote these?” he uttered,

And I nodded, up, turned,

In my writing, he saw, never,

His evil image reflected.


I was a horse there of course,

Without a place or show.

How alone I’ve retained sane course,

Is something I will never know.


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“sometimes, giving up is the strong thing. sometimes, to run is the brave thing. sometimes, walking out is the one thing that will find you the right thing”

– Taylor Swift, time to go

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no thoughts, only found family sam, punz & dream

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fun fact if you google ‘rickroll lyrics’ the lyrics to ‘never gonna give you up’ will appear

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Thoughts on Wuthering Heights

Cathy 1 & Hareton deserve the world. also Nelly I’m a big Nelly fan

Heathcliff has his moments and his character is so fascinating to me but alas he is not quite stanning material due to multiple counts of spousal abuse and several other things

One of my favorite things about Cathy 1 is her agency. In an isolated place where her fate is in the hands of the man she marries she tragically takes control of the situation by confining herself to her room and falling ill. While I want her to be free so badly ultimately what she wanted was life after death. She got that and she accomplished her goal of highlighting the failures of the the society that drove her to that point. Cathy 2 I think is her opposite in that she is more passive. She works within the society she lives in to heal by marrying Linton and Hareton after him. She sees opportunity where her mother saw confinement. I thought at first she lacked agency, or that she was something like a pawn. I wasn’t sure how she could love Linton but maybe another difference between the two is that Cathy 2 doesn’t share her mother’s desperate need for the wild and free. If she doesn’t love Linton she is a pawn. She is the opposite of her mother in her lack of agency. If she does she represents healing, a hope for the institution of marriage. Then she is the opposite of her mother in that respect. I don’t think I fully understand her yet but I intend to learn more. I could go on and compare Heathcliff and Hareton… another post. that’s too much for my brain rn.

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Cara me stessa, stasera voglio parlare con te.

Quand'è stata l'ultima volta che ti sei sentita libera, fregandotene di tutta questa gente?

Credi che ne valgono davvero la pena?

Queste persone valgono davvero le tue lacrime? Le tue insicurezze? Le tue paranoie?

Sono lì ad aspettare il prossimo passo falso, la prossima caduta, il prossimo fallimento.

Ma il punto è che sei tu a permetterlo, sei tu che per prima non ti ami mai.

Sei lì a giudicarti tutte le volte, a trovare difetti e a cercare di cambiarti.

Sei lì tutte le volte a guardarti allo specchio e a piangere perchè non ti senti mai abbastanza e vorresti essere un altra.

E allora ti dico, amati… Amati perchè se non ti ami tu non lo farà mai nessuno.

Impara a volerti bene, ad apprezzarti, ad essere fiera di te stessa.

Impara ad essere la tua forza, il tuo punto fermo, il tuo rifugio.

Amati sempre.

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I have to say that I do miss walking in the woods and being near the ocean but if it means staying safe then bring on the days indoors and the books to read.


Stay safe and take care- Flame. 🔥🦅❤️

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So che in qualche parte del mondo ci sono 6 mesi di giorno e 6 mesi di notte.

Come noi sappiamo la notte porta pensieri, angoscia, dolori, ricordi…

Immaginate 6 mesi di continua sofferenza.

Io ci vivrei una favola!

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The Best Supplements for Serotonin

The Best Supplements for Serotonin

The sun is shining.

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that it involved in feelings of well-being and happiness. It’s also great for helping with sleep, depression and memory. Not only will you feel better with the proper amounts of serotonin, you’ll feel healthier. Most of your gut is lined with serotonin receptors, and most serotonin receptors lie in the digestive tract wall. Eating a healthy…


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“Have you ever met someone so into you that things go from sensual to serious to funny, you laugh, you cry happy tears, you argue a bit.. she is the voice of reason, you are chaotic.. but she makes you smile a ton and in every way she is perfect down to the stuff that makes you mad. But not mad in an angry way, a way where you know she is right.. she makes you do and act in ways you never thought you would be and you know what? That’s part of what makes her truly perfect, perfect for you..”

I have that in her and she has love in me - eUë

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critical thinking essay 2 page. - Assignment Help

critical thinking essay 2 page. – Assignment Help

watching this 3 short video for critical Thinking essay. )Evaluation skill: Evaluation is associated with the ability to judge the value of material for a given purpose. The judgements are to be based on definite criteria. These criteria may be determined by relevance, purpose, statements, and numerical values or calculations. Please watch the video clips provided on Evaluating Logic Part 1,2 and…

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