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#book quotes

He sighed. “Does it get tiring?”


“Always thinking you’re right.”

I smiled. “No, not really. It’s other people not realizing I’m right that gets tiring.”

-Kasie West, Split Second

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Oye! Que nadie te apague ese brillo increíble que tienes

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“You said I was a warrior. You told me that was my nature, and I shouldn’t argue with it. Father, you were wrong. I fought because I had to. I can’t choose my nature, but I can choose what I do. And I will choose, because now I’m free.”

- Philip Pullman, The Amber Spyglass

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<div> —  Jostein Gaarder (<i>Shopie’s World pg 52</i>) </div><span>Orang-orang dewasa menganggap dunia sebagaimana adanya. Mereka telah membiarkan diri terbuai dalam tidur yang memabukkan dari eksistensi mereka yang membosankan</span>
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“White, red, evil, green. What haunts these woods stays unseen

Dragons roam and take to air. Cut down those who are near his lair.

Eat your meat and drink your blood. Leave remains in the tub.

Bone white, blood red. Along this path you’ll soon be dead.”

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<div> —  Lady Danbury,<b> It’s in his kiss</b> </div><span>The mark of civilization is routine. (…) But the sign of a truly advanced mind is the ability to adapt to changing circumstances.</span>
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“Oh, here we go.” Ben scoots backward on the bed. We end up side by side, our backs pressed to the wall, and he tilts his laptop toward me.

It’s… a computer game.

“I made you a Sim,” he says shyly. “Look, that’s you.”

And there I am, center screen, tousled dark hair and button-down and a bow tie. It’s actually somewhat creepy how much my avatar resembles me. I know a little bit about this game, mostly because Jessie loves it, but the level of detail catches me off guard. It’s not even just the clothing or the coloring. Sim Arthur has my facial features. I blink. “Why do I have a green diamond floating over my head?”

“Have you never played this?” Ben asks. I shake my head. “Really?”


“Then this is going to be a big night for you.”

I force a grin, but my mind is whirling. So this is it. We’re playing The Sims. This is Ben’s big night.

We love Ben cockblocking himself with the sims because me too tf

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