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#dark poetry
deadlypoetacademia · a day ago
reading something too relatable and getting goosebumps and out of blue saying "exactly!!". Like, how does everyone know everything about my life except me.
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fairydrowning · 2 days ago
"And sometimes I have kept my feelings to myself, because I could find no language to describe them in."
-Jane Austen
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alex-a-roman · 7 months ago
“Poets are romantic”, they say.
I write poetry because I cannot commit To anything longer than half a page Before I get sick of it On my bad days, I even rip apart the paper After I spill all my pain  So no, I’m not nice, don’t get too close  Unless you want a broken heart, Unless you turn the tables  Give me a taste of my own drug And maybe then I'd beg  And scream and pray for you to stay, Maybe then I'll wake up  And realize I wrote my life away. 
~ A. A. Roman
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dionyrtal · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
is there a way back home?
art by vincent van gogh. poem by dion anja.
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fairydrowning · 10 days ago
“She says: When are we going to meet?
I say: After a year and a war
She says: When does the war end?
I say: When we meet”
-Mahmoud Darwish
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lovebird-in-the-dark · 3 months ago
Hades To Persephone
Tell me you love me.
Tell me with your face of dainty spring
Show with your mind and soul of darkness.
Love me with the beast beneath your skin,
Let your rage,
With my darkness sing.
Tell me you do not regret,
For you lost everything when you came here.
Tell me I set you free.
Tell me that you were longing for this
For this new breath,
Tell me it was me,
That gave you happiness,
This life.
Because my dear Persephone,
My fierce wife,
And regal queen,
You are the storm that breaks me,
The life I need.
And if I have wronged you,
Forgive me, my darling.
My love, Persephone, if only you knew,
How deep it runs
My life,
My throne
All laid bare before you.
If you could do it again,
Would you stay?
Would you stay in this world you brought life to?
Say yes.
Say yes, Persephone,
For you are all I want,
All I wish for
All I need.
Say yes,
You'd do it again.
You'd break free of those
gold, jewelled chains.
That diamond choker,
Was still a noose.
A golden cage is still a cage.
The God of the Dead,
Who loved a goddess of life.
The fates might have chosen it,
This lovely thing we share.
This dance of dark and passion,
That no God would break,
Would even dare.
Say yes.
I would.
That's all I want to hear.
A little pre-Valentine's poem.
Love *shudders*
The only love I have is for my ships. And poetry. And books. And cake. And- just not people. Most people. Fuck it.
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alex-a-roman · 19 days ago
Can I?
Can I be an artist, a scientist, or maybe a prostitute? I want to see the world for what it is I want to sell my mind and body And rip apart your veil of make-believe; I know what hides behind closed doors I remember humanity all too well, More than it remembers me. 
Can I be a model, an actor, or a dancer on a scene? Just to see who will stand by me When I go down in flames, Fall apart and lose everything I want to know what you loved  Was it this body, this mind,  Was it how good I made you feel?
Can I be a lawyer, a doctor, or a shrink? Just to make my family proud, To show them that I deserve to live Because truth be told, when it comes down to it  All I want is to stand on top of a building  And tell you to go fuck yourself Because you never really cared, you never stood by me. 
~ A. A. Roman
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leptirchahar · 9 months ago
Disclaimer: Dark
Tumblr media
New Year's Eve. It flutters again, small movements, losing again, a feather or two. Slowly the momentum builds, my heart is sinking low. Again, my hands will be red. I will choke it; again.
I told you; I knew it; It will move again. But my reflexes are faster, my hands grip it through the wings, and nails digging into its belly. Oh, you small fierce & feisty Swift.
With the strings of useless shitty excuses I bind it again; even its wings. Unaware I cut it here and there, somewhere bruising, somewhere bleeding blue. I bind the limbs too.
Why are you making so much noise? My head hurts because of your shrieks. I fix its beak with hot glue. You look so sweet, darling Just like they want you to.
But remove that stare from your eyes, too much passion is dangerous for your kind. I paint its cheeks with makeup and bright pink blush. Wow, you look like a doll. Once again, you're secured.
Now I don't know how to wipe this blood off my hands with my wings tied and bloody blank fucking mind. I smile in the mirror once again with blank eyes.
I know you'll flutter again little shit of my heart, the very next year on the very same fucking night. I know I have to do it; all over again.
Tumblr media
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