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divinejuka · 14 hours ago
Astro Observations: Celebrities with the 15 degree:
(I noticed that many of them have it in fire signs, Uranus, Pluto and Neptune and these placements are been seen as dangerous and criminal stuff, so before I start, let me tell you that I have 5 times this degree and mostly in empty houses and two of them are in Pluto and Leo, so stop with these theories because there is no way that all of them are criminals lmao, the only person that makes sense here is Chris Brown. So stop feeding your subconscious mind with terrible ideas. Thank you)
Tumblr media
To be honest since you all say that this degree is about crimes or whatever, I Googled some celebrities that obviously they have done shit and they didn't even have it once, so lol.
Justin Bieber: 5 times
Adele: 1 time
Selena Gomez: 1 time
John Cena: 1 time
Rihanna: 3 times
Lana Del Rey: 6 times
Harry Styles: 1 time
Taylor Swift: 1 time
Jhope: 1 time
Billie Eilish: 3 times
Louis Tomlinson: 1 time
Zayn Malik: 3 times
Iggy Azalea: 2 times
Kendall Jenner: 2 times
Travis Scott: 1 time
The Weeknd: 1 time
The Rock: 1 time
Liam Payne: 3 times
Cardi B: 1 time
Olivia Rodrigo: 3 times
Tyler, the Creator: 1 time
Megan Fox: 1 time
Charlie Puth: 1 time
DaBaby: 1 time
Noah Centineo: 1 time
Millie Bobby Brown: 1 time
Ed Sheeran: 1 time
Wiz Khalifa: 1 time
ASAP Rocky: 1 time
Joseph Morgan: 1 time
Miley Cyrus: 5 times
David Beckham: 1 time
James Charles: 1 time
Bruno Mars: 1 time
Demi Lovato: 1 time
Calvin Harris: 1 time
Halsey: 2 times
G eazy: 1 time
Shawn Mendes: 1 time
Psy: 1 time
Kobe Bryant: 1 time
Yungblud: 1 time
Chris Brown: 3 times
Ally Brooke: 1 time
Joe Jonas: 3 times
Charli XCX: 3 times
Madonna: 1 time
BIA: 1 time
Steve Aoki: 2 times
Stephen King: 1 time
Austin Mahone: 3 times
Isaac Newton: 1 time
Cameron Diaz: 2 time
Cameron Dallas: 1 time
Dr Phil: 4 times
Adam Sandler: 1 time
Adam Levine: 1 time
Prince William: 1 time
Kesha: 1 time
Gayle King: 1 time
Cole Sprouse: 2 times
Winona Ryder: 1 time
Caleb Mclaughlin: 1 time
Jay Z: 3 times
Grayson Dollan: 1 time
Shay Mitchell: 1 time
Pink: 1 time
Jack Black: 2 times
Tyga: 1 time
Elton John: 2 times
Lil Yachty: 1 time
Jamie Foxx: 1 time
Cher: 1 time
Gordon Ramsay: 3 times
And so many more..
Tumblr media
Okay so let's focus on the ones who have the orange or red card (3+ times):
✨ Lana Del Rey: 6 times ✨
Okay the funny thing with Lana is that we have some smiliar things related on the birth chart but we don't look alike at all. (8th house placements, Saturn house, Degrees, Neptune etc) However, let's talk about the 15 degree. 6 times it's a lot, and it doesn't mean that she is a criminal lol. She is a very private person but according to her songs, aura and quotes she has been through a lot related with relationships and personal stuff like self-image or something. Her music is very honest and people react brutally sometimes. I mean, she may be too honest but she doesn't lie about her experiences, and she uses a lot of strong language in a very sensual way and this is seen as bad. But I like her, I don't know about you, her aura is very calming and I find her funny too. So, is that a problem?
Tumblr media
✨ Justin Bieber: 5 times ✨
Justin have talked a lot of times of his difficult life and not only after fame but also his childhood years. He has been a lot. Dr*gs, cheating, rumors, internet hate, youth Traumas, bad beliefs, dark things, has been arrested etc. He has also been through a lot of difficulties with his mental health. However, I can't blame a fucking degree. Like, come on. That's a scam lmao. The most of the people who have this degree are famous and recognized. If this degree is really negative then it may give difficulties like this, but not crimes, come on. That's extra
Tumblr media
✨ Miley Cyrus: 5 times✨
I haven't heard something bad about her to be honest. I have only heard that her behavior sometimes it's extra or something and I still find it stupid because if she is happy then it's not your business to talk about her expressions, and if you find her extra then just ignore her. So I don't know what should I say here.
Tumblr media
✨ Doctor Phil: 4 times ✨
So there are a lot of rumors about this man. He is involved in psychological research and he has been involved with criminals too (if I'm not wrong), but I haven't heard that he is one. However, many people claim that his show is fake and that he has mistreated many people and guests. So I don't know. But I won't blame his degree for his insecurity.
Tumblr media
✨ Rihanna: 3 times ✨
So Rihanna is an iconic woman who is also very talented, beautiful and savage. Her music is mostly sensual and sassy and her supporters love her very very much. She is also very honest. However, we know her past and how she suffered from her ex's evil hands, but she has also talked about this and has said that she has forgave him. So what should I say here? Being sassy is a crime?
Tumblr media
✨ Billie Eillish: 3 times ✨
Billie has talked multiple times about being hurt from certain people and about some broken friends, and if I am not wrong she has also talked about b*llying and also Internet hate. Many people have hated her and have talked shit about her appearance (body shaming) and whispering type of voice. But on the other hand she is one of the most loved and liked artists of the world. So, what should say here too?
Tumblr media
✨ Zayn Malik: 3 times ✨
Oh my God Zayn's music 😍 yeah anyways, so Zayn is also very loved and liked by the world. People know that his songs are mostly sensual and he always writes about love, s*x and mental health. He is seen as someone who is very private and dark. I think he has anger issues and his mental health is also unstable. Also, currently he was blamed for v*ol*nce and bad language. However, he said that this is not true and the world also believes the same. To be honest my intuition says that he is innocent and that he only talked badly because the way it happened was very weird but I am not the one to judge.
Tumblr media
✨ Liam Payne: 3 times ✨
Liam is also loved and liked. I haven't heard anything bad. The only thing I have heard is that he is not a good father and to be honest I didn't take it seriously because not posting your kid doesn't mean that you are not a good parent, for God's sake don't be that rude to people. If he is bad for him, but as long as we have no idea about that let's not assume that it's true.
Tumblr media
✨ Olivia Rodrigo: 3 times ✨
Olivia is also liked and loved and now is one of the most famous young artists on the world. She writes music about how angry she is with the world and about love. And it's good since she can express herself. So, no bad thing here too
🤡 Chris Brown: 3 times 🤡
I don't like you man, we all know, next
✨ Joe Jonas: 3 times ✨
I have heard many things about Joe but I am not sure because I don't really follow him or something. I remember that people used to say that he is rude and he has talked in a very bad way to Taylor because he wanted her or something, I have no idea.
✨ Charlie XCX: 3 times ✨
To be honest I have no idea. Her music is sassy and popular and she is unique. However, I have no idea about her life. But I haven't heard something bad for her on the internet.
✨ Austin Mahone: 3 times ✨
I used to listen to his music when I was like 14 hahah. And I liked him but to be honest I didn't like his vibe. HOWEVER, I only heard once that he is rude sometimes. But not something dark or something critical. And let's not forget that he grew up from that time so he probably changed, since he was a teenager too.
✨ Jay Z: 3 times ✨
I think there were some rumors for Jay Z about cr*minal stuff, but I don't know if it's true. However, he is one of the most rich rappers. There are also rumors about ill*minati lmao. I have no idea.
✨ Gordon Ramsay: 3 times ✨
People like him a lot because he is savage, funny and sarcastic. And I haven't heard something bad for him too.
So yeah, thank you ❤️
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vomitingwords · 3 months ago
"And I never thought that I would crave for always more than forever." she said. "Beautiful feelings for always. Always—even if I wouldn't live forever."
Consistency was never easy // ma.c.a
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