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aretherestarsinhell · 2 days ago
every night, i think back
to what we had and where it went wrong
all my friends said, “he’ll hurt you”
guess i really should’ve known it all along
i wonder if i’ll see you someday,
flashback to when we first met in your lonely little town
i’ll smile tightly and say “you look good”
and i’ll get deja vu when you say, “you too”
god, i really should’ve known right from the start,
that someday you’d shatter my heart
and the only thing that break really did was break us apart
and the girl you love now, was she worth it?
are you happy with the life you chose?
maybe you hate me now, maybe you blame me for what happened,
but darling,
our shadows, they know what they know
-can you blame me for running? c.r.
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anap-antexa · 3 months ago
I fell in love with the thought of what we could have been
And I miss what we never had
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poetsbloom · a month ago
Young and female
I am young
I am female
There's so much I can't do.
I can't walk in the dark,
I can't go out in the mornings
Sunrises, sunsets, I can never enjoy them alone
I can't wear clothes that show too much skin
Because unwanted attention is then my fault
They tell me to bury keys between my knuckles "just in case"
And I dial 999 in dim lit areas
But how do I even know I'm safe then
Harassment lies in the hands of powerful people still, doesn't it?
Don't smile for too long
Don't seem too eager
Don't be too easy
Don't be too noticeable
But danger still strikes in those sun soaked days
In those footsteps behind me
In those hands that lack control
I'm a young girl after all
I'm powerless
And I am weak
I know that because I'm made to feel like that daily
For my own protection or not
I will always feel unsafe.
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concealthefeelings · 4 months ago
Despite it all, I still believe the fragments of our souls were molded of the same star
nothing collapses your lungs more than watching your soulmate let go. 
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