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#unrequited feelings

Feelings [Pt. 1]

I know that once you’ve realized

The feelings that I tried to hide

Hidden behind weakened walls

That didn’t really work at all

You’d probably say goodbye

Without a hug, without a smile

Leave me all alone

With the damage for awhile

I should have been more cautious

With my words, I wasn’t safe

To jump to conversations

I didn’t think was bait

I took them anyway

And it led to my demise

Should’ve read the warning signs

Embedded in your eyes

I’m surprised you didn’t notice

I barely had to hide at all

When will this be over?

I don’t have the time to fall

In love with you

I think I might be in too deep

And I may have

Lost some sleep

•Written: Nov. 11th, 2018•

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There is a lot I would like to say

but every time I open my mouth,

nothing ever comes out.


I would like to tell you how beautiful you look,

that my heart flutters from the little things you do.


I would like to ramble about how your voice sounds like

a glass of warm milk tea on a cold night.


I would like to tell the world how much I adore you,

how I’ve never met someone quite like you,

someone whom i have never met but feel so familiar,

someone who hates what I like and loves what I don’t.


You’re really weird, you know?

But you’re my kind of weird.


I want to be able to tell you all that.

I’m sorry I couldn’t.

I don’t think I can ever.


Because you have eyes for someone,

who is apparently,

not me.

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My crush: *compliments me*

Me, externally: oh wow.. that is so sweet! Thank you so much!!!

Me, internally: *already on my knees* *begging* please shut the fuck up. I love you but stop. You need to shut that beautiful mouth of yours. I can’t fucking take it!!! Don’t ever say anything nice about me ever again!!

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i need you to need me back

a playlist of songs that remind me of someone i love who probably no longer loves me back.

the highlight of this playlist is “necromancer” by joy again. when we first started our relationship, he sent me this song and it described us almost perfectly. it’s a form of bittersweet nostalgia in my eyes.

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can’t you just leave me
can’t your face stop
haunting my dreams
i try and i try to run away
but you’ve got me wrapped
around your finger

you lure me in
and cup me in your hands
you whisper in my ear a simple
“happy birthday”
like any other good person

but it doesn’t matter whether
anyone else would do that

it came from you

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Look at you, so ugly of jealousy | JohnTae/DoTae

Summary :

Johnny chuckled as he saw Doyoung directed a glare toward him

It’s not like it was his fault, he’s already too late.

Taeyong is already his, Doyoung can’t do anything to snatch him away.

Genre : Light Angst, Unrequited love, One-sided Love

Tags : Heartache, Jealousy, Unrequited Love

Pairing : Suh Youngho | Johnny/Lee Taeyong, Kim Dongyoung | Doyoung/Lee Taeyong

Wordcount : 779 

Read HERE Or On AO3!

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I met my crush’s girlfriend tonight, she seemed pretty nice, which doesn’t surprise me because the guy I like is such a sweetheart I couldn’t imagine him dating anyone who wasn’t a super kind person themselves. 

I’m kinda a jealous person but I’m trying to unlearn that. I refuse to be the type of girl that hates other women solely for dating someone I’m interested in. Ideally I will continue becoming friends with this guy, eventually get over him, and then befriend his girlfriend as well. Because I always want new friends. 

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Saying I loved you was the worst thing I’ve done

It gave you the right to say you needed time

sitting here watching you flirt with everyone’s son

And drinking their gifts of vodka flavored lime

I told you I loved you so you kissed my best friend

You didn’t care it would shatter every aching bone

Instead you said “I hope you will be ok in the end”

But can I move on when my heart is still on loan

You were not the first that this has happened with

So maybe it’s my fault that I don’t violently rush in

But why rush you acted like loving me was a myth

Yet I am no monster that has done any great sin

Maybe it’s that I am not chiseled like the other

I apologize for the lack of abs and defined muscle

But you said I didn’t need to be anymore buffer

thank you for all the hopes it was a great hustle

I can’t be the backup plan once you’re done kissing

I know one day You will stop being the one I’m missing

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i find it so funny i don’t even go to real people anymore. when i’m feeling sad i anonymously tell like 100 other people i never even talk to😂😂😂 wtf

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“Tarde una hora en conocerte y solo un dia en enamorarme. Pero me llevara toda una vida lograr olvidarte.”

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Being able to express myself here and in my songs is the only thing keeping me sane. I have too many things to say that if I didn’t have a safe outlet I’m pretty sure I’d go crazy.

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