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moonlit-sunflower-books · 3 months ago
writing should be fun.
make oc playlists. spend hours on moodboards that have no purpose. write self-indulgent fluff that’s never going to be published. scribble three lines of poetry in the back of your history notebook. draw fanart of your own characters. write stupid dialogue that your publishers might hate. start new wips that you might never finish but write those three chapters that make you happy because if you don’t write them, who else will?
writing shouldn’t always be about “will publishers like this” or “i have to reach this word count” or “how do i get the most likes”.
have fun with your writing.
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froglesbianwriting · a year ago
Tumblr media
congrats if you’ve ever written a fanfic over 110k words you’ve written an epic 
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moonylupinhasdemonpox · 16 days ago
ok but dismantle the idea that you should finish your writing as quick as possible. some of my favourite books (stand-alones. with series i cannot choose) were written over the span of many years. the secret history was written in 10 years and the same with the song of achilles. all the light we cannot see took 9 years to write. almost every fan fiction takes the span of a few months to create and even then they aren’t perfect. lotr took 16 years for tolkien to compose. jkr took six years to write the philosophers stone. victor hugo wrote les mis in the space of 12 years. yes, many good books and stories are written over the course of a few months, but everyone’s different and it might take some more time for you. all im saying is that all these amazing books have changed and shaped literature and they weren’t written in a day. so take your time, it dosent matter if your work dosent turn out to be a masterpiece, you can perfect it day by day until you’re satisfied. don’t feel compelled to rush
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thewriterswitch · 8 months ago
My writer brain: Write something
Me: Which wip?
My writer brain: None of them.
Me: Do you have a new wip idea?
My writer brain: No
Me: Then what am I supposed to write?
My writer brain: Write something
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homesteadchronicles · 2 months ago
In case you need to hear it from someone: you have my full permission to enjoy works of media that are not considered “good”.
Not everything we love has to be of the highest quality. If that low-budget, slapped-together, hot mess of a story/show/etc. hits home with you? Love it. Talk about it. Be unapologetically thankful for it! 
And for us creators? May we remember that even our worst works can still be beloved by someone who needed them.
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homesteadchronicles · 29 days ago
If you’re getting overwhelmed with the scope of your artistic endeavors, ask yourself: does it have to be this big?
Ask yourself whether your story needs to be that long, whether your artwork needs to have all these components, whether your dish needs all these embellishments. Small does not mean insignificant. Basic does not mean bad.
Manageable can be masterful.
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homesteadchronicles · a month ago
One of the best feelings is when something finally clicks with a character you’ve struggled to write and you’re just like “oh, so THAT’S who you are!”
It’s like recognizing that - surprise! - the alleged stranger in front of you is actually an old friend you’ve known your whole life. Now you know how to tell the world all about them.
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i think the most exciting thing about writing is that you never actually know what's going to happen next. even when you plot things, there are always plot twists you didn't see coming and lines of dialogue you didn't expect and you do genius things accidentally and it's like no matter how much you write, you never run out of ideas.
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