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#writing prompts

Whumper held onto the back of Whumpee’s shirt, looking at Caretaker. “You have what I asked for?” They asked. 

“Yes,” Caretaker said, dropping the duffel in their hand and sliding it to Whumper. “Now give me back Whumpee.”

Whumper looked at Whumpee, shoving them forwards. “Pleasure doing business with you,” They said, digging through the bag. 

Caretaker started checking Whumpee for injuries. “Are you okay? Did he do anything to you?” He asked. 

Whumpee shook their head. “No… I’m okay… tired but okay…” They said, leaning against Caretaker. 

Caretaker nodded. “Good, lets get out of here.” They gently pulled on Whumpee’s arm, pulling them away from Whumper. 

A loud crack sounded, and Whumpee cried out. 

Caretaker barely had time to catch Whumpee as they fell, a dark stain blooming across their back. “Whumpee!” They glared up at Whumper. “We had a deal! I bring the stuff and you let me have Whumpee!”

Whumper lowered their gun. “I didn’t say in which condition they’d be in, or what happened after you had them.” They picked up the duffel and walked away. 

Caretaker had to decide on whether he was chasing Whumper down or staying and helping Whumpee, hoping they don’t die in the process. 

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Writing Prompt 566

(Hero) looked up at (Villain), a shaky laugh escaping their lips.

“A-Ah, (Villain)… I wasn’t expecting to see you here.” (Hero) said nervously, looking around the warehouse for a quick and easy exit.

(Villain) stared back at (Hero) in disbelief, hair sticking up and in rumoled pajamas as they held a knife in one hand.

“I-I live here, (Hero)…?”

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“That boy is playing a dangerous game with every glance he steals of her. He’s tempting fate by letting himself drift into her orbit and fall through her atmosphere. Doesn’t he know her heart is barren and nothing can grow there?”

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Writing Prompt 565

You sat in the chair, looking down at (Villain).

“And what brings you here to my establishment?” You ask, tapping your fingers against the hilt of your sword.

(Villain) looked up, smiling.

“I’m here to serve you, of course.”

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It’s coming back to them. They had gone through the motions a million times before and hadn’t remembered a single moment of it– until now. And gods, it hurt.

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“What’s your middle name?”

“You don’t have the clearance for that.”

“What is your mother’s maiden name?”


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“Being a vampire’s pretty cool actually, once you get over the two or three decades worth of second-hand embarrassment at hearing people have sex through the walls.”

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“How many times have you been kidnapped?”

“I was supposed to be keeping track?”

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A: “i need you and i will miss you forever but please vanish in peace”

B: “i’m NOT dead!”

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“It doesn’t matter what you’ve done for yourself; it matters what you’ve done tor others.”

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It all started with a trick.

Supervillains dressing up as heroes and tricking the public into trusting them.

For a while, it worked well, the public trusted them, thought them true heroes.

it worked too well.

To see people happy to see them, instead of being scared, to actually be thanked for doing the right thing, whatever plan they had before had slowly turned into a genuine wish to do good.

Now they are heroes, true heroes

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Feel free to reblog and use!

#1 - Rain: sadness, despair, cleansing/new life

#2 - Purple: royalty, bruising or pain

#3 - Spring: birth, new beginning

#4 - Dove: peace, purity, simplicity

#5 - Dawn: illumination, hope

#6 - Evergreen tree: immortality

#7 - Candle: light in the darkness

#8 - Hawk: sharp, keen eyesight

#9 - Window: freedom or lack thereof

#10 - Bones: strength, virtue

#11 - River: fluidity of life, freedom, change

#12 - Wall: separation between people

#13 - Mouth: indicator of character traits

#14 - Lightning: power and strength, spark of life/powers of fertilization; either life-giving or death dealing

#15 - Salmon: instinct, sacred wisdom

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prompt #12

A: “I don’t know who you think you are, but you can’t just barge into a patient’s room like this.”

B: “I really don’t have the time to argue with you, so I’ll just be blunt. Would you rather it be me to barge into this room, or a bloodthirsty being whose best idea of revenge is blowing up this entire hospital?”

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“Be gentle with the ones you love. They will be gentle back if they love you too.”

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“I said keep her safe, not drop a safe on her.”

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Of course, here you go!

- - - - -

“Oi, what’s up? You look like a war widow.”

“Do they think I’m annoying? Did I say something wrong? Am I- Oh, they texted back!!”

“You smitten fool.”

- - -

“That isn’t your mum-texted-me face.”

“What do you mean? I always smile.”

“You’re blushing at your phone- (gasp) IS IT (NAME)??”

- - -

“You…combed your hair?”

“Yeah! First impressions and all that.”

“Love makes you do crazy things, like use hair gel. Go fix your tie.”

- - -

“Heeeeeey um, I kinda…need…relationship advice.”

“Awwww, my younger brother is all grown up!”

“Stop that! Ugh, I’m not asking you anymore.”


- - -

“You’ve been out with (name) again?”

“…yes? Please don’t tell mum.”

“Fifty bucks and it never happened. Oh, and all the deets.”


- - - - -

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