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#writing prompts
writing-prompt-s · 2 days ago
They told you to shoot for the moon because even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars. Now you’re floating in a tiny capsule in the cold dark of space, wishing you had a better understanding of metaphors.
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fun ways to introduce new characters
have your protagonist walk into them
have them walk into your protagonist
falling from the sky
they flirt with your protagonist in a coffee shop
your protagonist flirts with them first
your protagonist saves them / they save your protagonist
they fix your protagonist's car
find them hiding in a closet
find them making out with someone in a closet
eavesdropping on your protagonist
involved in a car chase after your protagonist
your protagonist mistakes them for someone else
they bond with your mc over how loud the neighbours are
OR they move in next door and are annoyingly loud and your protagonist is determined to teach them what good music is
they kidnap your protagonist for ransom
they accidentally commit vehicular manslaughter and your mc is the only witness
the barista mistakes their order for your protagonist's
pizza delivery man
walk in on their demon summoning circle
they keep trying to sell your mc something on a flyer
secretly your mc's long-lost sister *gasp*
online dating site
they mistake your mc for a celebrity and try to take pictures with them
taxi driver
your mc catches them shoplifting and tries to get them to return what they stole
or they see your mc shoplifting and get them arrested
friend of a friend
break into their house because they need a place to hide from the authorities
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screnwriter · 2 days ago
expressing love without saying i love you
“ you've changed my life. “
“ i would do anything for you. “
“ you know me better than anyone. you always have. “
“ marry me. “
“ i want to spend the rest of my life with you. “
“ you inspire me to do better. “
“ i want you to stay, here, with me. “
“ you are the good in my life. “
“ i feel safe with you. “
“ i admire you. “
“ so lucky you're mine... “
“ what did i do to deserve you? “
“ the best thing that has ever happened to me... “
“ i want you to stay, here, with me. “
“ you are the good in my life. “
“ this belonged to my mother. i want you to have it. “
“ you brought me back to life. “
“ i want forever with you. “
“ you're safe with me. you know that, right? “
“ want to move in together? “
“ you loved me back to life. “
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lavenderotpprompts · 2 days ago
December OTP Prompts
Ice skating
“You shouldn’t have”
Kissing cold noses
Family gathering
Hot chocolate with marshmallows
Silver and gold
“We have to hurry”
Day spent baking cookies
Wrapping paper
Evergreen tree
Snowed in
Frosted windows
The best present
“Here, take my scarf”
Twinkling lights
The night before
Holiday music
Sweet kisses
Sugar and spice
Late mornings
“May I have this dance?”
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flovprompts · 2 days ago
dancing prompts — part 2:
i exited the ballroom to take a breather (or because i was angry) and you noticed and followed me out because it's dangerous to be alone in the dark. seeing me safe, however, you think it's a perfect time to confess your love for me in the gardens
you need my help with tying your tie/necktie and we're so close, your neck is so warm and flushed; are you alright??
i've always seen you in casual clothes but man do you look good in party wear
the classic ’someone spilled juice on me’ except the room i'm changing in is the one you chose to hide from someone in the party but now we both ditch the party and have our own fun
we’re about to kiss during a dance but the music ends and you pull away and my chance is gone oh what if I misinterpreted your feelings?
i was dared to dance the rest of the night with you — my enemy, and I did so reluctantly but now everyone thinks we're perfect for each other and god there are rumours (and I don't exactly hate the attention...)
dancing in the dark, exploring each other's bodies intimately
you've found your handsome prince... except, your problems haven't disappeared and you don't truly feel happy
i'm really sad i can't go to the ball because i don't know how to dance but you offer to teach me (and i'm your crush)
alternatively, I don't have a dress and you offer to prepare one for me
dancing to our own music
we can't go to the main party for reasons but let's create a small party for ourselves where we dance to our favourite songs in the living room
we were hyped about the dance but it got cancelled, so let's create our own?
i pretend i do not know how to dance so i can spend extra time with you
rivals (maybe from different cultures) showing off their dancing skills to each other and pretending they don't like it
assorted dialogue prompts:
“trust me.”
“let me guide you.”
“keep your hand on my waist.”
“don't look at the floor, look at me.”
“do you trust me?”
“take my hand.”
“will you do the honor of dancing with me?”
“I'd like to have you as my dance partner.”
“will you be my dance partner for the ball?”
“lead me.”
“oh, name, you look so beautiful!”
“you look ravishing!”
“it is a shame no one will dance with you. people really do have bad taste.”
“are you nervous?”
“i’m a little nervous.” ”don’t worry, so am i.”
“don't be. I'm right here.”
“let's ditch the party.”
“your cheeks are so red.”
“this dress is too tight!”
“I'm not going to the ball wearing this!”
“you have outdone yourself once again.”
“i prepared an extra dress in case of emergencies. i think it will look really pretty on you.”
“my feet hurt so badly. please help me escape, [name]!”
*growling sound* “is that...?” “my stomach? yes. i'm famished, don't judge.”
“oh my, all that glitter!”
“you've decorated the hall wonderfully!”
“the hall is breath-taking !”
“what are we dancing to?”
“you totally made up this song, didn't you?”
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Dialogue Responses
"How are you?"
"Fine." (A lie)
"I'm fine." (Honest)
"I have been better."
"Not that bad actually."
"Why would you even care?"
“I've been feeling worse before."
"I feel like I should ask you that."
"Well, it's so nice of you to ask..."
"I'm doing quite well at the moment."
"Probably a lot better than you look like."
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defectivehero · a day ago
prompt #243
“You’re, like, kind of a shitty hero,” the villain’s new sidekick squinted at the hero, fidgeting nervously. “I mean- the sheer amount of property damage you’ve caused is astronomical, not to mention your behavior towards others.”
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casualwriter · 12 hours ago
Dialogue Prompts: “Again…”
1. “You’ve done this before.”
“Then you know what my reasons are.”
2. “You again?”
“The universe sure wants us to meet, huh?”
3. “So… we’re stuck.”
“It’s your turn to come up with a solution.”
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prompts-in-a-barrel · 2 days ago
“Do you need anything? Aspirin? Another pillow? Are you hungry? I’m going to make you some soup.”
“Soup is for sick people. It’s just sprain, babe, and we both know it was an accident. You don’t need to fall all over yourself to make it up to me.”
“I know, I just wish I had been paying better attention, is all.”
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deity-prompts · a day ago
Tumblr media
“I’ll get the usual”
Fake ivy
Under the weather
“It’s not too late to do your New Year resolutions”
Listening to a song you haven’t heard in years
Ladies’ choice
The finale
“You really proved me wrong”
“Why were you there in the first place?”
An emergency axe
“There’s the boom”
A hand pressed to a forehead
Final draft
“We need to go to the emergency room”
Artificial colour
“For now”
Neon lights
An inconveniently broken egg
“Stop talking about them like they’re dead”
“I’ve wanted to show you this for a long time”
Novelty keychains
Coffee with too much sugar
New traditions
“Pop the champagne”
An abundance of yellow
Saying goodbye
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writing-prompt-s · 39 minutes ago
The courageous hero foretold to defeat the dark queen instead falls in love and marries her, settles down and has a kid, you. Years later, you're awkward parents send you off to university, and the "new" dark lord attacks the city and kidnaps you without realizing who your parents are.
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novelbear · 2 days ago
otp prompt #9
A: "You got me flowers?"
B: "Yeah, aren't these your favorites?"
A: "They are, but I told you that years ago when we first met. How the hell did you remember?"
B: "It makes you happy, of course I would have remembered.."
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screnwriter · 8 hours ago
Hi, I don't know if you've done this before but can you do a enemies to lovers with fake dating prompts? Thanks :)
enemies to lovers — fake dating prompts
“ you fucking hate me. “ “ hate is a very strong word. “
“ would you just do me this one favor? “
“ maybe this will be a chance for us to see that we're not so different after all. “
“ if you want to kiss me, all you have to do is ask. no need to orchestra this whole ordeal just because you're too afraid to admit what you want. “
“ it's one weekend. “ [beat] “ is the sight of my face really that repulsive? “
“ you're too much of a wimp to be honest about what you want. “
“ don't flatter yourself. you're simply nothing more than a means to an end. “
“ what better way to piss off my parents than to date the one person in this world they would actually consider driving over? “
“ with your mouth on mine, there's less bullshit coming out of it. so i guess there's that. “
“ don't fucking speak, or you'll ruin everything. just sit there and look pretty, and maybe hold my hand. “
“ don't be such a grump. you should be honored. “
“ considering how you treated me last night — you're lucky i didn't kill you, so unless you want that to happen, why don't you shut up, and do this one thing for me? “
“ remember that time you stabbed me, left me to die? yeah, you owe me one. “
“ clearly, you're desperate. otherwise you wouldn't be here. “
“ i can't stand the sound of your voice — let alone the thought of kissing you. “
“ if i give you ten dollars, will you do it? “ “ i think that's an entirely different service, but sure. “
“ just kiss me. “
“ you? protective? boyfriend? “
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otpcompendium · a day ago
Vampire A takes mortal B to a vampiric coven gathering, but everyone keeps mistaking B for being the vampire of the couple.
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flovprompts · 8 hours ago
secret relationship prompts: getting caught & confronted
requested by: @screnwriter ; [ cw: one mention of drugs ]
“ oh my! ”
“ where were you last night ? ”
“ i saw you with that lady yesterday. ”
“ i'm fed up with your lies. ”
“ tell me the truth, now. ”
“ you are full of lies. ”
“ stop making excuses. ”
“ i saw you. i saw you two together! ”
“ what is your relationship with her? ”
“ tell me . ”
“ you're the worst at keeping secrets. how long did you think you could fool around and make ridiculous excuses without me noticing it? ”
“ you're dating them? them?! ”
“ i can't believe you're serious. ”
“ i can't believe it. ”
“ i'm disgusted by you. ”
“ are you in your right mind? ”
“ are you mad ? ”
“ tell me why you would date someone like them! ”
“ i thought... i thought you were better than that. ”
“ i can't even begin to understand why you would get into a relationship with her. ”
“ you couldn't have gone for someone better than that? ”
“ why'd you have to go for her?” 
“ you've got bad taste. ”
“ you're a real mess. ”
“ how long? ” [a confused pause] “ how long have you two been in a relationship ? ”
“ and how much longer will you keep this a secret? ”
“ i’m telling mother about this. ” “ no, please don't ! ”
“ what will you do if your family finds about this, huh? ”
“ how long do you think it's going to take before your family finds out ? ”
“ i don't want them to find out, okay?! ”
“ tell me it's not true! spare me from depression! ”
“ i wish i'd known when you were born that you were going to betray me like this. ”
“ i never expected this from you. ”
“ have you hit your head? ”
“ are you in your senses? ”
“ are you doing drugs? ”
“ what have i done to deserve this? ”
“ i raised you like my own child and this is how you pay me back? ”
“ why would you betray us like this? ”
“ you've disgraced me. ”
“ our reputation will be ruined. ”
“ we're going to be the next talk of town. ”
“ you will make a fool out of us. ”
“ you have made a fool out of us. ”
“ have you no respect for us? ”
“ we expressly forbade you . ”
“ i'm so disgusted i can't even — ”
“ you will cut all ties with her . ”
“ no more. you will stop this now, you will stop meeting with her. ”
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defectivehero · a day ago
prompt #242
“Well, safe to say I am never doing this again,” the villain remarked, looking down at the hero they had just captured.  “Doing what?” the hero asked, wriggling in their bonds. The villain turned their back on them, whispering to themselves.
“Falling in love.”
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casualwriter · 2 days ago
Dialogue Prompts: “Thank you…”
1. “How can I ever thank you enough?”
“You want a list?”
2. “Thank you—”
“Don’t you dare.”
3. “This… is for me?”
“Oh thank the heavens. It’s hideous.”
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