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#writing prompts

Life Debt Prompts

1. “I owe you my life.”

“Well that’s not a whole lot is it? What am I supposed to do with that?”

2. “I owe you my life.”

“I don’t want your life. Keep it. Might come in handy one day.”

3. “I owe you my life.”

“Excellent. Are you implying I should kill you, enslave you, or claim this debt in some other colorful way?”

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okay so. this turned out way longer than i had anticipated it would, remy. like. wow. anyway. um i did end this a little early, so i may end up postina part two of this at some point, but this ended up to be 3.2k. this was not a drabble like i had hoped. um so have this. it was really fun to write.

The feeling is unlike anything else. It’s an odd sort of out of body thing where Eijirou can feel something change. His body doesn’t feel like his anymore. He can tell something is different.  His quirk doesn’t feel the same—there is an energy flowing through him that is different than the regular feeling of Hardening. 

His view of the villain is different and he can’t see Midoriya anymore. It’s like he shifted to the left just a bit more than normal and shrank a few inches. Everything shifting to fit his new view point. 

That’s when he looks to his right and sees him. He can see himself, face curled in confusion as he looks over at…him. He really needs to touch up his roots when he gets… back in his own body. 

He looks down at the body that’s not his and sees the familiar costume of Midoriya’s and suddenly he realizes what happens and he shoots his eyes at the villain again who is watching the two with a maniacal grin. He hopes Midoriya has caught up to what’s going on so he’s not just uselessly sprinting toward someone who switched their bodies and could probably do more damage to them. 

Or he was sprinting. Because he’s now facing the ground after tripping, not used to the way that Midoriya’s body moves and tripping within the first few steps. If he wasn’t in the middle of a fight, he’d find it funny, but his natural clumsiness loses hilarity in times like these. He climbs back up to his feet and starts running again, charging toward the villain. He chances a look back and sees that Midoriya still hasn’t moved from the spot he’s standing in, Eijirou’s body stuck in place and not moving. 

All in all, he doesn’t expect the body he’s in to keep moving, but he should have because he ends up running full force and tackling the villain to the ground. Despite the surprise, he still knows how to engage muscles and hold the villain to the ground until someone else is coming to help. 

As he’s getting used to Midoriya’s body and holding the villain down, he feels the same feeling from earlier. That same out of body feeling and suddenly he’s back in his own body and sprinting in a familiar way toward Midoriya to help, finishing the job he’d started in the other body. 

“Midoriya, bud. We need to get this villain to Detective Tsukauchi. We can figure out what’s going on with our bodies once we-” He doesn’t finish his sentence because for the third time in five minutes he leaves the body he occupies. He’s back to being in Midoriya’s body and Midoriya in his. Eijirou looks up at Midoriya and together they apprehend the villain. They go back and forth a few times on the way to where the police are stationed. Aizawa waits for them there. 

They switch again and approach their teacher in their own bodies. Eijirou lets Midoriya explain, lets him ramble away about what is going on until they switch again, and Midoriya continues from Eijirou’s mouth. The speaking pattern is enough for Aizawa to understand that it’s still Midoriya speaking, just coming from Eijirou’s body. 

Aizawa sighs, this probably just adding to the stress that he has to deal with. “The only thing we can do until we get back to the resources of the school is to wait. And even then, the quirk probably wears off with time.” He raises a hand to wipe down his face, looking exhausted. With his other hand, Aizawa points to a clearing filled with a lot of their other classmates, all in varying degrees of issues. 

From where they are, Eijirou can clearly see Kaminari bothering an annoyed Bakugou who is holding an ice pack to his shoulder. Momo is going around offering a blanket to Todoroki who looks like he is facing quirk exhaustion, ice crystalizing on his right side. The rest of the class wanders around the area in similar, but varying situations. Eijirou is tempted to go over to Bakugou and their group of friends that surround him, and he can tell Midoriya is in the same boat, but the weightless feeling us back before he’s in Midoriya’s smaller body again. He can’t go over to Bakugou as Midoriya without getting Midoriya’s ass handed to him, and he would rather not be beaten up until he can protect himself against it. 

So he stops Midoriya before they get any closer. “Please tell me you are already trying to come up with something to tell the class, cause I have nothing.” Eijirou can hear the panic that clearly shows in Midoriya’s voice that isn’t normally shown in his own. It’s very weird to hear someone else’s voice speak when he us, but it’s not something he can’t get used to. 

Midoriya worries his lip with his teeth before shooting a look to his own group of friends. Eijirou can tell he takes a moment to think and in that moment, Eijirou is sending his own gaze to his group and watching as Sero and Kaminari mess with Bakugou who looks seconds from exploding. Eijirou sighs, knowing it would probably be useless to send Midoriya over to solve that. 

Eijirou’s voice startles him from his thoughts, Midoriya starting to ramble. “Well we could just go to the respective groups as is and explain—which could lead to an explosion of sorts on its own, but it might be the one with the least drawbacks.” Eijirou listens intently, even as they switch again, Midoriya’s voice going back to his own. “Or now that we’ve switched again, we could just go and be with our friends and if we keep, like, swapping bodies, we could just try to fill in? The first one seems the best, the second one might be easier though, just because we wouldn’t have to deal with explaining.”

Eijirou doesn’t really have to think, so he blurts out the second option, just wanting the general comfort of his friends, even if they don’t know what’s going on. Midoriya cringes a bit but nods anyway. They both turn and run off in the different directions. Neither of them are ready to swap seconds before getting to the groups. 

Eijirou isn’t quite used to the smaller body or the sudden swaps yet, and he trips again, landing right in front of Todoroki,  who stares at him for a few seconds before offering a hand and helping him up, albeit a little confused. Todoroki’s hand is freezing still, so Eijirou pulls Midoriya’s hand away fast, not ignoring the way that Uraraka and Iida send each other lost looks. “Thank you, Todoroki.” He nods with gratitude and looks at the others who send him looks that ask “what the fuck are you doing?" 

Eijirou is so confused, but he can’t mention anything. Not without having to do a full explanation.  And looking back, maybe the first option might have gone down smoother, but it’s not like he can really do anything now. He can’t just run away. He’s gotta face this situation head-on, like a man! 

"How’d everything go with you guys?” It’s small talk and Eijirou is trying to break the tension that has built up, but he can’t do it like he normally does so it feels awkward. He doesn’t know how Midoriya usually does. The group around him just looks at each other before Uraraka shrugs and starts talking about the situation that her and Koda had found themselves in. 

Halfway through her telling, he’s back in his body, shivering slightly at the change in temperatures—from Midoriya’s fully covering costume back to his own revealing costume. It’s mostly odd because he goes from a calm group where he heard yelling far in the distance to being right next to the yelling. 

Kaminari is freaking out about something that Midoriya had said while acting as Eijirou and Eijirou can’t decipher the yelling so he just watches and laughs as Kami keeps freaking out. 

Instead of reacting to the things going on, Bakugou is watching Eijirou, squinting at him. Eijirou knows that look. It’s his “I am going to glare until I understand” look and Eijirou panics for a moment before sending a smile at him. If anyone is bound to figure it out, it’s Bakugou. He looks back at Kaminari who just zapped Mina’s horns to see if he could get electricity to flow between them, and then past them to watch Midoriya’s group. 

They were all talking about something, Midoriya’s expression going wild. Eijirou worried for a second that Midoriya was telling what happened to them to his group for a second before realizing that Midoriya wouldn’t do something like that. Not when he left the final decision in Eijirou’s hands. Midoriya wasn’t like that. 

Eijirou zoned back into what was going on, laughing at the way that Mina’s hair looks and at the same tried to think of something to continue whatever story that Midoriya was telling. He knew that it was only going to be a small amount of time that they would be able to get away with this before the rest of the groups found out. 

Bakugou showed up next to him and Eijirou shot him a sweet smile and went to him. “Hey Bakubro. Thought I’d bring the treat to you. Since you’re staring so much.” And Bakugou shakes his head and looks at him. Like directly at him and it seems that however this quirk works, it hates him because right after he finishes the sentence, he is sent out of his body and is suddenly confronted by the Dekusquad staring at him, waiting for Midoroya to continue whatever story he was telling. 

Todoroki was staring the most intensely and almost felt gross to send the red and white haired boy the same grin he’d just given Bakugou, just with Midoriya’s smile. 

“I um… I forgot where I was…” He said, smiling even wider in Todoroki’s direction. Eijirou could tell something was up between Midoriya and Todoroki. He was going to do his best to be a good wingman and he hoped that Midoriya got the same message about him and Bakugou. If not, that was fine, he just hoped that Modoroya was a good bro about this. 

After someone gave some clarifying clues to where Midoriya had left off in the story, Eijirou tried to continue the best he could. It was difficult, thenstory feeling patchy and he knew that Midorita friends weren’t dumb, so they could see and hear a difference between the storytelling. He was glad when he was back to sitting next to Bakugou, blinking softly before smiling. 

It seemed like Midoriya, in place of Eijirou, was able to get Bakugou talking about some dish that sounded amazing. He listened with his full attention, growing hungry with every detailed sentence about how the dosh was supposed to taste. He admired the tiny smile that showed up on Bakugou’s face. 

“You’re going to make it for us one day, right, Bakubro? Like fuck, dude. That sounds so good.” Eijirou leans against Bakugou just a little bit, nudging him gently.

There’s a small thing of relief that peaks into Bakugou’s eyes that only Eijirou would be able to pick out. “Okay, good. It’s you, Shitty Hair. What the fuck is going on with you and fucking Deku?” His voice is quiet, but Eijirou looks around them anyway, making sure that nobody was really listening. 

“Got hit with a quirk. We told Aizawa, but we didn’t want to panic any-” Has Eijirou mentioned that he fucking hates this stupid quirk? Because it swaps them at the worst moment, and he knows that Bakugou won’t take the half-explanation that he got. He’s put into Midoriya’s body when it seems that Iida is scolding Midoriya about something and he cringes a bit. 

He waits a little bit, the swap sending him back to his body and back to his friends. He notices Bakugou staring at him again and nods, Bakugou’s eyes linger a little longer than necessary and he blushes. 

The switching happens all the way back to the dorms. Everybody is still shaky from the attack, quieter than the ride up, but there is still the restless energy of twenty teens. 

Eijirou and Midoriya sat together on the bus, not wanting to end up in the same position as before. Eijirou was a little surprised to find out that they had more in common than they first thought. Determined to be heroes to become like their idols, to save people when people can’t save themselves. That and they both have crushes on their best friends. Midoriya’s crush on Todoroki is deep, deep enough that he rambles most of the trip about the other boy.

And Midoriya hears more about Eijirou’s thirst for Bakugou that he ever needed to hear about his childhood friend. 

By the time they get to the dorms, Eijirou has heard enough about Midoriya’s love for todoroki to be set on being Midoriya’s secret wingman. The body swapping may not be totally ideal, but until they know how to deal with it, why not make the most of the situation? 

Plus now, if they weren’t before, they’ve both got a new friend. Midoriya is nice and though the rambling isn’t something that Eijirou has had to grow used to happening all the time, it’s something that he can get used to. Midoriya is a strong person and Eijirou is sure they’ll make great friends.  

Midoriya is also extremely caring and kind and so driven. Eijirou can almost feel a crush forming, but he knows that Midoriya is set on fire and ice. That and Eijirou might develop crushes all the time, but they fade fairly quick, drowned out by the friendship between them. So he doesn’t spend too much time thinking about what could be and starts planning how he could land Midoriya a boyfriend. 

He knows Todoroki’s personality, but he doesn’t know how Midoriya and Todoroki interact as friends, so he plans as well as one who knows nothing can.


The next time that their bodies are switched, Eijirou starts with small flirts, a way to gauge how far he can get. It seems fairly successful with Todoroki’s left side lighting up with a blush, the smell of light smoldering filling the lounge of the dorms. 

He meets Midoriya’s—his own—gaze from across the lounge. Eijirou can see himchaking his head and getting ready to get up before Midoriya sends his own glance to Bakugou. And fuck. He can practically see Midoriya’s own plan form in his eyes. 

It’s almost as if there is a challenge set between them after that, Midoriya doing anything he can to involve Bakugou while also complimenting him endlessly in a surprisingly similar way to how Eijirou does it. Somehow Eijirou finds himself flirting with Todoroki in ways that he didn’t even think about when he had his own crush on him (let him live, Todoroki is incredibly manly and very powerful. Most of 1A has a crush on him). 

By the end of this “challenge”, they can both tell that the quirk is already starting to wear out. Eijirou assumes because of a time constraint, but when he mentions this to Midoriya, he can tell that Midoriya already has a different hypothesis to why it’s already wearing off on the first day. 

“It feeds on our energy. This quirk works on how much energy the affected has. I assume it usually wears off within the first day, but with the criminal’s luck, the quirk would work better with someone like Kaminari, who will stay up due to too much energy flowing through his system. It’s downfall would be someone like Aizawa or Shinsou, people who can sleep all they want, but because of their own quirks, they never have actual energy to expend. It’s pretty interesting.” The ramble is only a few seconds but it has Eijirou spinning in the same kind of way that one of Bakugou’s lectures would have him. 

“So…. we are back to just being in our own bodies tomorrow?” He doesn’t admit that he is confused right out, but he thinks that the small turn of his head and the furrow of his brows gives him away. He does try to figure out what Midoriya means and he gets somewhere, but nowhere all at the same time.

Midoriya nods, his face splitting into a small smile. Eijirou also nods. “Does that mean that we should try and do something that will, like, use up whatever energy we have-” He’s broken off of his own sentence with a big yawn followed by the familiar feeling of them swapping again. This time it feels like all of his energy is sapped from him, draining him down like a phone on 30%. 

He yawns again and they switch bodies once again, robbing him of even more energy. He can feel his body moving sluggishly. There is a moment of panic that comes from the draining of energy, the knowledge that this quirk is making both of them incredibly tired and knowing that he can’t get to anyone safe enough to actually feel okay falling asleep so suddenly.  

So he can tell that he looks terrified the moment he and Midoriya pass out in the middle of the hallway. His body feels like an anvil dropping, only a tool for physics to abuse. Eijirou feels so bone deep tired, he can’t even activate his quirk to save the landing from hurting him. 

He can’t tell if what follows is a dream or not, the days events playing back at him. He can’t tell because Midoriya is looking at him with big, panicked eyes that feel too real to be in a dream, screaming at him that something not normal is going on. The only thing that tells him it’s not real is the fact that he can’t say anything, his mouth opening with words he wants to yell, but nothing actually moving or leaving his throat. 

Instead of switching bodies, not being limited to his own being, he’s now trapped forever, nothing of his reaching the outer world. He watches as his hands fade, the texture and feeling blending solidly into his skin tone. He watches as his legs transform into a plastic replica of themselves. 

Maybe the dream is another effect of the quirk. Maybe it’s trying to tell him something, but he doesn’t care if it is. He just wants out of it. He wants to be back to his life. He wants to hug Bakugou again and be forced off of him. He wants to be himself. 

He feels a sharp nudge in his arm. It’s not much, just a small elbow jab, but it’s enough for the color to be slammed back onto him. To start spreading over his skin. 

Soon enough, everything is back to how it was. He fits inside his body again. And he closes his eyes for one of the briefest moments before he’s opening them to a dark room. A dark room that isn’t his, but it feels safe. 

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Writing Prompt 481

(Villain) chuckled, placing a hand on (Hero)’s shoulder, gently squeezing it.

“Oh (Hero), you certainly are a marvel.” (Villain) said, gently kissing their brow.

(Hero) blushed, looking down at the ground.

“I am?”

“Of course you are, darling.” (Villain) responded, hugging them and rubbing slow circles on their back. “I’ll always be here for you.”

(Hero) hugged back, a soft smile on their face.

“You promise?”

“I promise.”

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Starry Night

Lying down on our grassy lawn,

Stars arranged like they’re drawn,

Little fingers intertwined,

Playing on loop Seeing blind.

Then, you stand up to light your cigar,

That’s when I see a shooting star.

I see your face through lighters flame,

And realize both are the same.


Attempt at a prompt from @creativepromptsforwriting ’s December prompts.

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