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writing-prompt-s · 2 days ago
If you hear a human ask, "What could go wrong?" Do NOT involve yourself. If you hear one ask for their beer to be held, leave immediately. If you encounter a man named "Murphy" that no humans seem to see, RUN.
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screnwriter · 2 days ago
love confession starters
“ hey, give me two seconds. i need to talk to you. “
“ you’re blushing. it’s cute. “
“ just listen, all right, and stop laughing. “
“ you want to kiss me, don’t you? “ “
“ i’ve been trying to talk myself out of it. “
'' what is it that you're trying to tell me? ''
'' so you better listen, because i will not repeat myself... ''
“ you’re cute when you’re nervous. “
“ you don’t get it, do you? “
“ i love you, that's all. “
'' i don't want to spend any time apart from you. ''
'' just spit it out. ''
“ i know you're busy, but it's important. “
“ you have no idea how much i love you, do you? “
“ i like you. i really, really like you. ''
'' i really need you to know that [that i love you]. ''
“ wait, you knew? “ “ you haven't exactly been discreet... “
'' i love you. ''
'' so, do you... love me back, or? ''
“ do you have feelings for me or something? “
“ i think i'm falling in love with you. “
“ tell me it isn't true. “ “ i can't. “
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lyralit · a day ago
fifty ways to get to know your characters (and how to write them)
what is their name? and how does this fit their character?
last name?
do they have a middle name?
name a song that describes them
what are their pronouns?
gender and sexuality?
do they like someone romantically?
list five words to describe them
what about five dialogue tags to use consistently on this character?
what is their motivation?
do they consider themselves a good person?
colour that describes their personality
MBTI type
enneagram type
character they're based on
person they would bring down whilst dying
person they would kill if they had the chance
character they would get along with if they were in the same universe
character they would hate if they were in the same universe
artist they would listen to
artist they would hate
give them a theme song
make them a playlist! (see my other post for songs to put on that playlist, here)
make them a mood board
assign them an aesthetic
what are their strengths?
what about fatal weaknesses?
the one person who can convince them to do something they're stubbornly against
who would they kill for?
what tropes do they fall into?
fatal weakness (food edition)
book they would definitely read
language besides their mother tongue they would (have) learned
murder accomplice
thing that makes them go weak at the knees
most obscure thing they HATE
while we're there, biggest phobia
are they (would they be) a book or movie person?
are they a romantic
childhood experience that defines an aspect of their life
what is their age?
birth sign? / zodiac?
what constellation would they be
name a famous myth could they would have been the main character
old or new soul
assign them a smell
assign them a smell they like
can they swim?
street smarts or brain smarts?
what is this character's purpose to the plot?
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creativepromptsforwriting · 5 hours ago
Angsty Question Prompts #2
Some angsty dialogue prompts for your next story!
"Is this all there is to life?"
"Don't you miss me anymore?"
"Why am I never good enough?"
"How many times do I have to say it?"
"What could be so terrible that you can't tell me?"
"Is this not what you wanted?"
"Why don't you just leave me alone?"
"What other secrets did you keep from me?"
"How can you let them do this to you?"
"When did we lose sight of what was important?"
"Why don't you understand how much you've hurt me?"
"Have you ever tried to get help?"
"Why do I feel like you're still lying?"
"When will all of this end?"
"How can you live like this?"
"Would you say that it was worth it?"
"Are you even listening to me?"
"Is this the last time I will see you?"
"Why won't you let me help you?"
"Is there anything else you would like to tell me?"
Part I
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prompts-in-a-barrel · 2 days ago
“You had to know I would come back for you someday.”
“And just how in the hell was I supposed to do that? Precognition?”
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deepwaterwritingprompts · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Text: The more teeth she collected, the longer and sharper they grew, the more the village whispered. “Another one. After all these years.” 
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i-write-whump · a day ago
Whump dialogue prompts:
“Ok, I know you had to push through that, but now that it’s over, it’s time for you to rest. Come on, let’s get you home. You need to get some sleep.”
“Are you sure that you can handle that? You’ve barely been out of the hospital for 2 days, you need to take it easy.”
“Honestly, it’s really not surprising that you passed out. How exactly did you think staying up for that long would go?” “Ok, we really need to get you to an actual doctor. This looks infected, and that's more than I can handle here, you need actual, professional help.” “I know you hate accepting help, but you don't really have a choice at this point. You’re too weak to even stand, so letting us care for you is the only option you have.”
“Go take a nap, _________. You look like you haven't slept for a month.”
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coffeebeanwriting · 2 days ago
How to Introduce Your Protagonist
Typically, your first chapter(s) are going to be introducing your protagonist. These chapters will be your protagonist in their “status quo” or normal life, just before the inciting incident occurs (which launches your character into the story/adventure).
Here’s a guide on how to introduce your character in a strong, memorable way.
1) Place your protagonist in a place and time, ASAP. 
Make sure to ground your protagonist to a location as quick as possible. Even if it’s just a sentence describing their surroundings. You don’t want them floating aimlessly in the reader’s mind.
• Where your protagonist chooses to spend their time can reveal a lot about them in just the first chapter.
Example: A princess who is in disguise. She’s enjoying drinks in a bar downtown. This reveals a need to get away from her duties and to just be a normal civilian. 
• What your protagonist is doing in this setting will also help in showing who they are.
Example: At the bar, she’s the best dart player, always hitting bullseyes despite being drunk. This might hint at a hidden skillset of being a great marksman.
2) Build suspense by withholding information. 
“He walked with a limp and a permanent scowl, the pain always reminding him of that fateful day.”
Instead of telling the readers right away how he got the limp, withhold that information and let the audience wonder a little bit. Reveal it later on for a satisfying connection of the dots.
3) Give your protagonist a goal.
Don’t confuse your readers by not defining a clear goal for your protagonist. Make sure your characters main motivation is declared early on.
Suzanne Collins does this by reiterating through the first chapters just how much Katniss does for Prim. Protecting Prim and feeding her is Katniss’s priority— so much so, that she refuses to run away with Gale.
Therefore, when she volunteers as Tribute in her place, we understand why. We know what her goal is: protecting Prim. We understand why she won’t give up during the Games.
4) Introduce them while they’re doing an Action. 
Is a starving girl hunting for her impoverished family? Does a cocky pilot try showing off, only to nearly crash and get kicked out of flight school?
Introduce them doing something within their daily routine. Reveal their personality through their actions. You only have so many pages to really sell the reader on why they should follow your character’s story... so make it count! Don’t have them wandering aimlessly or doing something super mundane that doesn’t tie into the story.
Instagram: coffeebeanwriting
Tumblr media
📖 ☕ Official Blog: www.byzoemay.com
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shywhumpauthor · 3 days ago
May 18th- “It’s getting late”
[reading | duct tape | asphyxiated]
Cw: kidnapping, trunk, restraints, blindfold, gagging
Whumpee let out a muffled scream, kicking their bound legs against the carpeted inside of the car’s trunk. Tears dripped down their flushed cheeks, soaking through the dark strip of fabric tied over their eyes.
Duct tape wound tightly around their entire body rendered them relatively immobile, leaving them to squirm and sob. It pulled at their skin, wound much tighter than necessary.
A cry of pain tore from their lips as the cat hit a pothole, their head hitting against the car’s floor, but the sound was muffled by the gag over their lips, a long strip of duct tape that looped around their head a couple times. They could only imagine how painful that would be to get off their hair.
“Shut up back there!” An angry voice yelled from inside the car. Whumpee flinched, letting out a small sob as they screwed their eyes shut under the blindfold.
The entire car shook with the force of the bass as Whumper cranked the stereo to drown out their cries.
Oh god, they were fucked.
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marlynnofmany · a day ago
I just heard that a nickname for Hephaestus, the Greek god of blacksmithing, is "sooty god."
Somebody please write a story where Cinderella gets a patron god. They’d get along so well.
Cinders; soot. Mistreated by stepfamily (made a servant in her own home); mistreated by Olympians (thrown off Olympus because he was born disabled). 
Maybe she impresses the prince by crafting something more epic than a shoe. Maybe she just leaves and starts her own blacksmithing business, with no need for a man. Maybe she gets vengeance. 
I’m just saying, there’s potential.
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daily-prompts · a day ago
Prompt 1854
Magic, but it’s like the water cycle! It flows from one area to another. it can dissipate from where it’s put. It can be pulled from the atmosphere. There are large reservoirs of it, and areas with none of it. It can condense. There’s no new magic, it’s all recycled.
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writing-prompt-s · a day ago
You're a retired villian. You've been enjoying your peaceful life, but now a bunch of new villians are terrorising your land, and the heroes seem powerless against them. So you take up the mantle once again. After all, if you want someone properly killed, do it yourself.
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screnwriter · 23 hours ago
a small list of forehead kisses i need to see more of
forehead kisses to ensure everything will be okay
pulling away from a kiss, placing your lips on your lover's forehead
forehead kisses that simply say ''i'm here for you'' because nothing i say will mend your pain
a forehead kiss as we hug: you pulling me closer and me nuzzling my head into the crook of your neck
male characters being kissed on the forehead
an exchange of forehead kisses. you kiss me on the forehead. i kiss you on the forehead. repeat. our friends and family think we're disgusting but we don't care
trailing kisses from your lover's forehead to their lips (or vice versa)
forehead kisses without reason. we don't need reasons. kiss the forehead
a quick kiss on the forehead when tending to your lover's wounds, grateful they're home safe and back in your arms
it's too early in the relationship for good night kisses, but forehead kisses is a good substitute
a forehead kiss that reads ''i love you, but you know damn well [insert character flaw]''
having to stand on your tippy toes to reach your lover's forehead
a kiss goodbye on the forehead, you're unrequitedly in love with me and i'm telling you to let me go
kissing your friend's forehead because platonic affection <3
supposedly we hate each other, but when i show up at your door looking for comfort, you extend your arm and offer me a hug. as i wrap my arms around you, my tears soaking your shirt, you can't quite help but to lay a kiss on my head
silent forehead kisses because we've had a pretty bad argument, and neither of us are currently in the right mindset to talk it out, but i want you to know that i love you, and we're going to get through this
kissing your lover goodbye on the forehead instead of the lips, because the only thing that's going to keep me from missing you to death until we (hopefully) reunite again is the thought of finally collecting that kiss we didn't share from you (and if we kiss each other goodbye, it feels like the end of something)
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Imagine Your OTP #481
Person A, whispering: "Could it be that... that I was wrong?"
Person B:
Person A: "Oh, thanks, B. I almost doubted myself there for a second."
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hi jana! i missed you so much :) Hope you're good enough.
i came here to asking you hogwarts prompts. I just check your master prompts and can't find about this topic. And i want a topic about love at Hogwarts. They could be enemies, best friends or in same house. Can you help me about that?
Thank you already, have a nice day <3
Hii :)
I think I had one ask about something like this before, but I also couldn't find it. I don't write often for specific fandoms, because I'm often not in that fandom.
But I did read all the books as a child and I watched the movies. So I'll try to remember what Hogwarts was like.
Hogwarts Prompts
Their potions master decided that the students needed to be better at team work and assigned teams on the first day and is not willing to change the teams for the rest of the school year.
There is a new student in their house and everyone is confused, because there was never a student who decided to change schools in the middle of the school year. And some are more intrigued by this than others.
A lot of wizards and witches are not that interested in the muggle world and there are not a lot of students in this year's Muggle Studies who actually take it seriously. But Character A needs to pass this one and realises quickly that Character B is their best chance for a tutor.
It wasn't easy to be an athlete at Hogwarts if you're not playing Quidditch. So a group of students from each house decide to start a football league at their school.
These are basically just ideas I had while thinking about Hogwarts and you can just include romance, like making the captains of two of the football teams butt heads on the field, but like each other outside of football.
If these sound strange for Hogwarts or wouldn't work I apologize, because while I like it well enough, I'm just not an active fan.
Have fun and have a good day!
- Jana
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prompts-in-a-barrel · a day ago
“I’ve recently been fascinated by a human cultural phenomenon know as ‘birthdays’. Might you enlighten me?”
“Well, it’s not a universal human cultural thing, but sure.”
“Excellent. Firstly, what kind of animal is a ‘cake’? Secondly, what is significance of slicing it?”
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deepwaterwritingprompts · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
Text: “Her hair? She won’t let us cut it for anything. Says her brain in is there.” The caretaker gave a strange, nervous chuckle. 
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ghostly-prompts · 2 days ago
Prompt #270
Shattered by grief
Reforged in anger
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bebx · 7 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Ao3 writers are the strongest Avengers
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2soulscollide · 6 months ago
E.A. Deverell - FREE worksheets (characters, world building, narrator, etc.) and paid courses;
Hiveword - Helps to research any topic to write about (has other resources, too);
BetaBooks - Share your draft with your beta reader (can be more than one), and see where they stopped reading, their comments, etc.;
Charlotte Dillon - Research links;
Writing realistic injuries - The title is pretty self-explanatory: while writing about an injury, take a look at this useful website;
One Stop for Writers - You guys... this website has literally everything we need: a) Description thesaurus collection, b) Character builder, c) Story maps, d) Scene maps & timelines, e) World building surveys, f) Worksheets, f) Tutorials, and much more! Although it has a paid plan ($90/year | $50/6 months | $9/month), you can still get a 2-week FREE trial;
One Stop for Writers Roadmap - It has many tips for you, divided into three different topics: a) How to plan a story, b) How to write a story, c) How to revise a story. The best thing about this? It's FREE!
Story Structure Database - The Story Structure Database is an archive of books and movies, recording all their major plot points;
National Centre for Writing - FREE worksheets and writing courses. Has also paid courses;
Penguin Random House - Has some writing contests and great opportunities;
Crime Reads - Get inspired before writing a crime scene;
The Creative Academy for Writers - "Writers helping writers along every step of the path to publication." It's FREE and has ZOOM writing rooms;
Reedsy - "A trusted place to learn how to successfully publish your book" It has many tips, and tools (generators), contests, prompts lists, etc. FREE;
QueryTracker - Find agents for your books (personally, I've never used this before, but I thought I should feature it here);
Pacemaker - Track your goals (example: Write 50K words - then, everytime you write, you track the number of the words, and it will make a graphic for you with your progress). It's FREE but has a paid plan;
Save the Cat! - The blog of the most known storytelling method. You can find posts, sheets, a software (student discount - 70%), and other things;
I hope this is helpful for you!
(Also, check my blog if you want to!)
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