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#angst prompt
meowsikbox · a day ago
whump idea for the mentally unstable
(that’s you, whump bloggers)
so like. imagine this.
whumpee wakes up in a cell.
their neck, arms and legs are shackled, and coming from their shackles are various chains, each going in a different direction. like a sort of spider web.
but the chains are slack. they’re basically completely loose. not restrained at all. they’ve just got metal around their neck, wrists and ankles. inconvenient but not really uncomfortable.
until they hear a buzzer. suddenly, one of the various chains around their wrists begins to tighten, and forces whumpee forward.
The chains are connected to sort of giant fishing line system- once activated, it reels the chains in the desired direction, and there’s a system dedicated to each chain.
the force causes them to stumble onto their knees. confused, they try to get up, only to find that the chains around their ankles have tightened as well. Before they can process what’s happening, their neck is yanked backwards.
they’ve been forced into a kneeling position- forced to sit on their knees, with perfect posture.
Soon the whumpee learns that different tones of the buzzer means different directions. Sometimes the chain around their neck is pulled upwards, forcing them to stand on their tiptoes to avoid being strangled. Sometimes the line forces them to the back of their enclosure, or towards the front, right up against the bars.
To avoid the agonizing tightening of the restraints, whumpee begins to listen to the sounds of the buzzer as if they were orders. Imagine the whumper’s delight as they walk in, finding the whumpee already sitting obediently in one of the various positions.
do with this what you will
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ssahotchsbitch · 21 hours ago
Prompt-ober - Day 16 - Sorry
Prompt from @prentisspoppet
Pairings: Aaron Hotchner X Fem!reader
Prompt-ober Masterlist
"I'm Sorry"
You were in your usual Monday morning rush; you head down to the ground watching your feet more or less take off as you race to the coffee shop.
The usual coffee shop was a hipster place, people would pretentiously write whatever on their laptops while drinking $15 coffees and $20 sandwiches.
You got your usual coffee with the assortments and all. Being an editor with a tight schedule, you were always in a rush.
With a ping from your phone, and your cardboard coffee cup in you other hand as you walked out of the overpriced coffee shop. Another scam email came through, you tried to read it, until you walked straight into someone.
“I’m sorry.” You immediately blurted out bending down to pick up your phone, to save it from the coffee spilt everywhere
“It’s alright, I think it was more my fault.” A deep raspy voice spoke.
You carefully stood back up examining your phone, “I should probably be looking where I was going.”
“You look like a busy person, I’m sure you had reason to be looking at your phone.” He chuckled.
Your head finally looked up to the man that you were talking to, god he was handsome. He had dark short hair, thin lips, chocolate eyes. The eyes were your favourite part, they look like they’ve seen a lot, but so do that bags under his eyes.
“I’m really sorry.” You pleaded.
“It’s okay.” He smiled, something that he probably doesn’t do anything
“Could I maybe… get your name and number so I can make it up to.” You smiled politely.
“Oh, of course.” He smiled, he reached into one of his jacket pockets, of his very fancy suit, which your thankful wasn’t completely stained with coffee, and pulled out a white card, “Here.” He smirked.
You took the card off him a read it:
Aaron Hotchner
Unit Chief of the Behavioural Analysis Unit
(804) 786-0000
“Your-“ You started to look up, but he had disappeared, so you dropped your head back down to the card to inspect the same writing. With the FBI shield behind the writing.
Least you knew what you were doing when you got into the office.
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mel-ixa · 2 days ago
Has there been an amnesia AU for TianShan? Perfect angst (and maybe comfort) material!!
He Tian lost his memory somehow (more angst points if its because he was saving Mo, maybe some thug took a swing at Mo and He Tian jumped in but took the hit to his head)
He Tian wakes up in the hospital with no idea who Mo is
Once He Tian is recovered, he doesn’t bother Mo anymore
Mo thought he’ll be fine with it but he realises he misses the way He Tian was constantly around and annoying him
Would Mo have to make the first move now?? Maybe he just shows up to He Tian’s apartment with food knowing that Tian can’t cook for shit and was probably living off takeaways from the past few months after recovery. Mo convinces himself its just to return the favour since Tian did jump in to save him in the first place
Does Tian start falling in love with Mo again?? Idk it’s up to you!! But my personal headcanon is that pieces of memories start coming back, especially when he ate the beef stew and it tastes so familiar. And when he saw the Polaroid picture he took of himself and Mo, it hits him like a brick!!
I feel like amnesia AUs tend to undo all the character and relationship development between 2 ppl so I don’t usually love it but just thought it might be a fun idea to explore given that Tian is mostly the one doing the chasing so far so what happens if he stops?
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villaininator · 2 days ago
when a villain redeems themself but as they were about to get accepted into the heroes' group, they were anhialated by one of the heroes who did not believe they became good
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somekidnamedkai · 2 days ago
Some cool writing prompts
There’s 50 in total
Feel free to use these in your writings if you please or request me with one
Section A - Fluff
“One more hug?”
“You’re too adorable for that.”
“I. Love. You. You. Dumbass.”
“You can draw on me.”
“It’s cuddling hour.”
“It’s not illegal to kiss me, you know.”
“You can hold me while you read”
“Beautiful. Amazing. Perfect. There’s so many words to describe you.”
“Oh hey! It’s the love of my life!”
“Let me take care of you.”
Section B - Angst
“I thought you loved me.”
“No! Don’t kill them!”
“Don’t leave! You promised you’d never leave!”
“Look at you wilting like a dieing flower”
“Point the gun at me. What are you waiting for?”
“There’s so much blood. Too much blood.”
“Let’s do a play. I’ll be Brutus and you’ll be Caesar.”
“It’s not my fault!”
“Stabbing me would hurt less than this.”
“Dont kill her/him/them! Please!”
Section C - Random stuff
“It’s real life wack-a-mole!”
“How are you that good?!”
“It’s all in the crack.”
“At least I didn’t get caught railing her/him/them”
“Are you crazy? Actually. Don’t answer that”
“Do you want to bet on it?”
“Why are decorating?” “Because Holidays are fun.”
“We’re not gonna talk about what happened last night.”
“This’ll be interesting. I’ll make the popcorn!”
“And this has been going in for how long?”
Section D - AU Stuff
Coffee Shop AU (listen y’all- imagine an otp with it.)
Soulmate AU (you have a black mark that shows where you and your soulmate will touch for the first time)
Modern AU (for those non-modern fandoms/series)
Supernatural AU (the characters as werewolves, vampires, mermaids, and others!)
Genderbended AU (hehe. This one’s kinda obvious. They’re the other gender)
Hogwarts AU (im a nerd okayy)
Arranged Marriage AU (do they love each other? or do they love another they can’t be with?)
Romeo and Juliette AU (when you can’t be together so you form a secret and forbidden romance)
Another Soulmate AU?? (you see in only black and white until you meet your soulmate)
Fake Dating (L I S T E N. When you aren’t dating for real. While one fall for the other? Who knows)
Section E - More Angst
“Just tell me you don’t love me. That’ll hurt less.”
“Of course you’re leaving. That’s all you can do.”
“I was by myself for god knows how along.”
“You can’t just come back and expect to be forgiven.”
“You said you loved me! You liar!”
“Why would you cheat? Why?!”
“Stop bleeding! You’re gonna die!”
“I miss you so much. Please come back.”
“I’ll never forgive myself if you do this/that.”
“If this was real, you’d be hurting.”
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whumpsorbet · 17 hours ago
Caretaker brushes their hand gently over Whumpee’s eyes, closing them. They can’t bear the blank stare any longer.
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yandeeznutz · 9 hours ago
I finally got your attention (2)
First of all thank you so much for the support everyone gave me. I didn't have the time to check daily but I'm suprised that the recent post blew up :).
Requested by @tenshi-san for a part 2
Zhongli x reader, Kaeya x reader
Warning: murder, angst no comfort, death, sensitive words , killed
You tried getting his attention just for him to take a rest seeing his situation gotten worst.
The man has been busy for the past months due to people increasing coming over the parlor. Of course you were worried for your dearest.
"Please, dear just take a res-" you tried telling him
"I TOLD YOU TO STOP BEING ANNOYING! I'M BUSY OK?!" he left the house with a thud and never came back since dinner.
You were worried for his health so you brought the meal towards the parlor but as caught on seen.
"Didn't expect Zhongli's lover would be here. Must be my lucky day to kill you right here right now" you didn't have the chance to call out for help due to the napkin covered.
And there your life ended...
A traveler soon noticed your bloodied body and brought you towards a healer.
The news spreaded that someone was killed again. Of course zhongli heard it from the parlor.
As soon as he went inside the office. Childe went to his office and tell something.
"Mr. Zhongli? Can I have your time for a moment?" he asked as he sat down.
"Go ahead, I have some time" he stated placing a tea.
"About (name)... -" he stated. "What about them? Don't tell me they told you to tell me they need attention?" he raged.
"No... It's.. About the murder last night.. (name) was the victim..."
The room went silent. Zhongli processing the words Childe left out. Impossible. You were at home right?.. You were??
Childe placed a food box. "They was probably trying to give this to you last night. Seeing your situation.. they’re worried..."
All because of his messy schedule, the lover he swore to be with til the end left..
He gulped.
"W-where are" he asked. Desperate enough to think you're still alive
“They’re..they’re not with us anymore..”
The home he will expect to go that was filled with love and care from you will be now dark and gray....
He took the chance to take in charge with your funeral. A way to see you one last time. Give the attention you deserve after the neglections..
They were also worried for the captain seeing he started to overwork and rarely goes out in his office.
The captain has been busy for the past months due to the workloads increasing. You are worried for his health so you took the chance to ask the knights about his health. 
“Kaeya, dear, please take atleast a short nap. Your body is starting to get fatigued,” you tried catching his attention.
Kaeya having problems now with his system he misunderstood you as if you want his attention and leave his work behind.
Are you really desperate for his attention that you want him to stop from his work? Oh he didn’t accept it. He slapped your face.
“Can’t you see I’m working hard for both of us and the city? DO YOU WANT US TO BE ATTACKED BECAUSE OF THIS ATTENTION YOU WANTED FOR WEEKS??!” 
“Kaey-” he slapped you again. 
“STOP. IF YOU WANT ATTENTION GO LOOK FOR SOMEONE ELSE” he shouted. He walked out and went towards the HQ planning to sleep there.
You thought he was stressed and just want some fresh air so you placed the meal inside the fridge and planned to end the day tonight.
You didn’t know that the treasure hoarders are attacking houses outside the city knowing knights rarely checks outside.
Your shared home was outside the city.
The house was big enough to fit some people and there you were ambushed.
People started to report and attack and called the knights for help. Seeing a fire is starting to grow and knowing it was the house the captain lives in called him.
Kaeya hearing the news ran as fast as he could thinking of your safety.
Seeing the people trying to stop the fire, he started looking for your figure...You’re probably far removing the smoke from your lungs.
“HEY I FOUND SOMEONE INSIDE? THEY’RE DYING CALL A HEALER!!” he heard someone shouted. He ran back towards the person and there he saw you bruised and burnt.
Weak and fragile....hand prints from the slapped and the ambushed..
“name..?” he called out.
“Hey it’s me..wake up’re out from the fire..” his breath hitched. You aren’t responding. People started to look a nearby healer just to save you. A commoner who saved and helped people is dying. And everyone tried to save you. gave up...
I'll try making more if I have the time <3
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quillsbestfriend · 2 days ago
Paint Me
Hero held his sketchbooks enthusiastically as he approached the giant white wooden doors of the art gallery. He pushed one door open and walked through the hallway. He admired each and every painting as he walked towards the room where he agreed to meet with the Scarlet, the most impactful artist of the city. Their artwork mostly focused on calling defaming government officials, depicting them in gory despair. The media hated The Scarlet, but Hero found them strangely fascinating.
Hero slowed down his pace as he noticed each of the red covered paintings. Nasty, really. But the details and the intricacy of it intrigued Hero, and he just wondered what was this person’s train of thought, so he, being fairly good at art himself, applied for an internship on some sketchy website, which was stupid, yes, but Hero didn’t have a sense of self-preservation anyways.
He opened a door and walked inside Scarlet’s studio. He looked around before walking towards the desk, and peering over the sketches. Oddly familiar sketches. His curious nature overtook him, and he grabbed a fistful of the papers as he noticed how he knew all of the places depicted on them. That was the alleyway in which Villain got the upper hand and managed to pin him against the cold wall. That night, Hero went to a bar and his drink was spiked. It was an unfair fight anyway. Hero’s jaw clenched as he remembered how weak and incompetent he felt with his arms pinned above his head and his chin harshly held in Villain’s calloused fingers as she murmured in his ear threats he didn’t remember. He shivered.
He continued to see the drawings, and his spine ran cold. He gripped the edge of the desk to keep himself steady, when he saw a drawing of him, not him him, just Hero. He rapidly organized the papers sprawled on the desk and left everything as if it was untouched. He quickly walked towards the door and opened it to leave, but his eyes met those daggers that planted him to the ground in terror as it fullu hit him… the gory images, detailed downfall of people high in power, the twisted images Hero once was curious about…
Scarlet is Villain.
“You’re here early.” She smiled at him sweet, her pearly white teeth contrasting her red lips. He gulped.
“Yes, I am very grateful about this internship but I don’t feel fit for it anymore. Thank you so much and my apologies.” Hero walked towards the door, but her hand stopped him abruptly.
“Sorry, but I have already turned so many talented artists down, and your work seems very promising.”
“I’m flattered really but this was a misunderstanding. I’m not that good.”
“You compromised my time.”
“I apologized.”
“I know how you can make it up to me.”
“Be my muse.”
Hero’s heart picked up speed. He slightly blushed and hid his face, but Villain immediately held his chin.
“Such a pretty face.” Villain brushed strands of hair from Hero’s face, making Hero’s breath hitch. This couldn’t be happening.
Villain guided Hero on his daze, and sat him on a wooden stool. She brought an empty canvas and placed it in front of him, and some acrylic paints. She sat down in front of him, only the canvas between them. “Relax handsome.” Hero fought against himself to not roll his eyes at the comment. He felt his face grow hot.
“Yes, that’s exactly the look that fits you.” Villain commented. “Maybe a bit more of this-” She stood up and walked around Hero’s stool with an intense gaze. Soft fingers touched Hero’s scalp, catching him by surprise, making him suppress a tiny gasp. Villain softly ruffled his hair, then delicately moved her hands down Hero’s neck until his shoulders. Villain began to undo the knots on hero’s tensed shoulders, those that carried the weight of the world. “I want you to look relaxed in my painting.”
“Then just paint me relaxed.”
“I only depict reality in my paintings.”
How ironic that these were the hands of a mass murderer. Hero suppressed another shiver as Villain applied the right amount of pressure on every knot. He felt guilty for enjoying it.
“So are you painting me or is this a massage session?”
Villain chuckled at his comment.
And so villain did, relishing in how gorgeous the unscathed face of their little, knowing hero, looked under the lightening.
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gaiaofgriffonage · 2 days ago
my everything
Tumblr media
pairing: kili durin × (gender - nuetral) reader
genre: fluff / comfort / a little angst
warnings?: minor swears? kili being soft 🤍
translations: sanazyun-perfect love / gehyith-little dove / amralime-my love/
summary: When a few unkind words spoken from a stranger spark y/n's doubt in their own worth it's up to kili to make things right again.
author's note: (aa hi loves! this is pretty much my first fanfic to publish, so please excuse the awkwardness!! I also did this on mobile because my computer is broken. so that's why I don't have the keep reading tab thingy)
Darkness was falling over Middle Earth, and you and a few members of the company were shambling your way through the murky evening towards a dimly lit shack quite a bit out of reach.
The shack as it so happened, was actually a tavern, a very small one at that, but a tavern nonetheless. It had been at least thirty minutes, or what seemed like hours, since Thorin had sent off you, Kili, Fili, and Ori to scout the building, and hopefully bring back some food. Bilbo, who had also insisted on tagging along in "the hopes of being reminded of a casual life," as he so called it. Was muttering a bit, out of breath, you weren't feeling so exceptional either.
"I really am starting to miss the ponies," you announce, referring to the fact that they had been left in the care of the others to rest up for the journey that would continue in the morning.
You adjusted the mantle draped over your shoulders, it seemed to grow heavier every step you took, and your muscles were already furious at you from the neverending mishaps of evading trolls, climbing mountains, and slaying goblins.
"I do think we're already there at least," Ori offered hopefully, five sets of eyeballs glance ahead and breathe a collective sigh of relief, you'd all made it to the pub.
"You know if I was a bit less dignified I'd race you lot inside,"
You give the dark haired dwarf a pointed look, and cross your arms.
"And what gives you the idea you are dignified?" Jested his brother, you snort a small laugh and Kili feigns offense, his hand over his chest.
"Well in that case we might as well get a bit of a move on."
"We all need to stay out of trouble, and stay together!" You shout at them as you watch the two siblings bolt off, Ori half-jogging behind them.
"Youths," Bilbo muttered, but there was a good natured lilt in his voice, you nodded and gave him a tired smile. The two of you then civily followed the others up the splintered steps and towards the large oaken door.
You swing it open with a tug, the wood being significantly heavier than you expected, but you manage to, and warm yellow-orange light pour over as you both step inside.
The scents of candle wax, spiced mead, and herbal loaves flood your senses, while genial laughter and raucous yells fill the atmosphere. You easily spot the three young dwarves across the tables and near the back where the barrels of mead which have been brewing for Mahal knows how long.
You begin weaving through the sea of sprawled out ankles and overturned benches to reach them, your hobbit friend seems to catch on rather quickly and follows suit, in a bit more graceful manner.
"Kili Durin I really hope you're finding food for everyone right now," your gloved hands tugging the hood of your Dwarven lover, gaining his attention, and surprise.
"Sanazyun! Hello!" Kili exclaimed, giving you a large, and rather guilty smile. You huff softly,
"We're here to get supplies, nothing else." He nods, taking your hand and giving it a gentle pat.
"I haven't forgotten, Ori is retrieving it as we speak, Fee and I wanted to bring refreshments too, everything will be fine!" He reassured you. You silently wonder if the mere amount of coins you had left from the trolls' cave was enough to suffice for both nourishment and beverages. The young prince must've read your mind for he turned on his heels before giving you a reassuring glance, "I'll go check on Ori first, we'll be back to camp in no time."
"I hope so," you admit, watching as he easily maneuvered through the crowd of wanderers to help a poor Ori who had been left with quite a handful. You lean your back against the bar lipping and sigh, your eyes already squinting to find Bilbo, you couldn't afford to lose anyone, especially in this sort of situation.
"So, what's a group like you lot doin' out in these hills?"
You turn around to face the ashen faced bar-tender, his greasy hair was plastered to his forehead, and he was giving you quite the unnerving half smile.
"Just on the way to visit some family," you replied curtly, reiterating a lie that you had heard Thorin use more often than naught.
"You're part dwarf?" He prodded, sounding disbelieving, sounds more like you're all on a little quest of some sorts."
"And is there a problem if we are?" You were already tired, hungry, and overly anxious you absolutely did not need confrontation. Not on this night, and not in this state. But the man seemed hellbent on causing you to lose your temper. You sent a pleading look to Fili, hoping he'd come to your aid, but you realize he was no longer beside you. He must've went over to help Kee and Ori. Leaving you alone with the oily tavern keeper.
"Well then what'd do ya do? What's your part of the lot?"
You didn't really quite know how to answer that, you hadn't exactly chosen to go on the quest. You had just been a friend of Radagast the Brown, who in turn was a friend to Gandalf the Grey, and from that he had shown up on your door offering adventure and perhaps a little gold. But you had found yourself with much more than that just this far on the journey.
But that led back to the question that was pointedly asked of you. What was your purpose?
Bilbo was the burglar, sure he complained quite a bit, and didn't act as overzealous as the others, but he was remarkably helpful in a tight squeeze and seemed far more promising then what'd everyone first expected.
Thorin was the heir of Durin, and the rightful King under the Mountain, Kee and Fee were his own heirs.
Even Ori was a wizard with a quill, with both words and drawings. He could even use a sword for better than worse.
"Your silence answers for you," chuckled the barkeep, and you're shaken back to the present time. "So are you like a mascot or somethin' then?"
Without controlling your tongue you admit honestly "well no, I'd suppose that'd be Bilbo." And you meant it in the most friendliest of ways.
"Then you're kinda useless than," he shrugged, "you're not even doin' anything now."
You quickly snap your neck around to glare the man square in the eyes, you open your mouth to say something but you couldn't find any words. In a contempt of anger you slam your elbow against the wood of the shelf in front of you, but to your dismay one of the glass bottles on top of it wobbles, then descends to the floor, shattering immediately. You can subconsciously feel every eyeball turn to smolder into your soul, and it didn't help the barkeeper began spewing curses, and accusing you of "started a fight did they!" or "they tried to hit me over the head with a bottle!"
You stand there frozen as a few patrons begin stalking towards you when a sharp yell rings out behind you.
"Y/N! Hey! Over here!" You make a break towards familiar voice and Kili grabs your forearms, you could feel his gaze looking you over for injuries. When he sees you're fine he nudges your shoulder with a smile "ey' what happened to staying out of trouble?" He said lightly, but you couldn't find the courage to meet his eyes.
"Sorry," you almost whispered, he shook his head, his brows furrowed.
"Don't be, let's go grab Bilbo and be rid of this place. He wasn't giving you trouble was he?" He asked referring to the arse of a barkeeper, you wanted to say yes but you decided against making even more of a scene. So you just shake your head in reply.
The two of you are met by Ori and Fili who hold two wooden slabs of bread, cheese, and sausage, Bilbo was holding a very small barrel of some unknowable liquid, and was looking remarkably suspicious of its contents. You heard him murmer something along the lines of "this is not how you're supposed to brew it but heavens knows how long ago it was brewed."
Your mind was still a bit hazy from the embarrassment of earlier, you hated a creep like him had gotten to you, but your doubt still trickled down your spine and clouded your head space. You decided being helpful would clear your mood a bit.
"Ori I can hold that for you, you've got far too much in your arms right now," you said thoughtfully, your friend gave you a thankful smile as you took a tray from his hands. Unfortunately the moment it was in your grasp you realize you had underestimated it's weight and the whole wooden platter crashed to the ground, food and all. A horrified gasp ushered from you and the hobbit, who if you hadn't known really do take meals quite seriously. Your embarrassment was burning your body now, and you looked down at the awful mess you had just made.
"You're kinda useless then,"
The previous words echoed theough your skull, and now your truly believed them. Look what you've done.
"I'm so sorry!" You cried out, your face was hot with dread; you knew every soul in the full little tavern was glaring daggers at you. They might've as well been shooting arrows into you from all sides, you thought.
Panic was already forming a lump in your chest, but before you could do or say anything more, not that you really had the nerve to that is, a gentle hand took your own and led you towards the door.
The moment you stepped out into the night you felt the blistering heat of tears you so desperately wished wouldn't fall.
"You looked like you needed some air Gehyith, and I was right I believe."
"Kee, I'm so sorry." Your words tumble out awkwardly, and you slump to sit on an unearthed stone. You angrily wipe away a few stubborn tears that had trickled down your reddened cheeks, and felt miserable in both body and soul. You partially expected Kili to scold you or say you might as well call off any hopes of ever courting after Erebor was reclaimed. The night was already disastrous, it might as well happen too.
"Are you alright Y/N?"
You continued to avoid his gaze, looking down at your trodden boots, and the frozen grass below them.
"Kili, am I worthless?"
The question had been gnawing at you for eternity. Far before slimy barkeeps, and far before embarrassing accidents of spilling food. It was something you'd always doubt, your own worth. And you silently wondered if that's what everyone saw you as. Feeble, incompetent, something to take pity on.
You watched the dwarf's eyebrows scrunch up in deep thought, confusion strewn across his features. At first he looked shocked, then angry, then a look of sadness washed over him.
"Y/N" he murmured your name softly before you felt the gentle touch of his hands as they cupped your face, his thumbs wiping any of the remaining tears away. He shuffled closer until your noses nearly touched, you could smell the scent of metal shavings and earth, and you could see each other's breath in the frigid night air.
"Amralime, why would ever ask a question like that?" He asked firmly,
You sighed, "because I tend to mess everything up."
"Do you know how many times I mess up? Every day? Or how much Fee does?" You'd almost laugh at the thought of him bringing his brother into the conversation. But you still felt dreadful, so you just gave him a small smile. "Is this because of what happened in there? Did someone say something to you? Was it because the food? Ori and Bilbo will sort everything out as we speak," he assured you, you sighed again and took his hand looking into his eyes.
"But they shouldn't have to, I should fix everything, it's my fault. I just make things harder for you all. What's even my purpose in all this?"
"What's my purpose in all this?"
He avoided your question by asking his own, you frowned at him.
"You're a prince, Kili."
"And?" He prodded,
"You're an archer, and you're Thorin's nephew, you're a good warrior, and"-
He abruptly interrupted you by clicking his tongue and taking your face once again in his hands, his palms slightly squishing your cheeks. You attempt to frown at him but you assume it looks rather ridiculous with how he seems to bite back a smile.
"You are the one who needs cheering up, not me."
"No I don't." You assure him, and with another wave of guilt sitting on your shoulders you added, "I'm just pretty useless."
Now you expected Kili to say something hopeful or at least make a joke from how the conversation was going but nothing on Middle Earth could have quite prepared you for an attack embrace from your Dwarven lover. One moment you're sitting on a rather large stone, as he's kneeling in front of you, and the next he's tackled you to the earth, until you're resting on his chest caged between his arms.
"Kili Durin??" You exclaim, not out of anger nor fright but rather surprise instead. You struggle a bit, shifting against his grip but unfortunately dwarves are remarkably strong, and it didn't help his archery made him even a bit stronger.
"Kili what if they all catch us?" You worried, he simply hummed against your neck.
"That's entirely up to you, my dear Y/N. For I am not letting you go until you stop attacking my favorite person on Middle Earth."
You caught onto who he was referring to rather quickly but you decided do jest just a bit.
"What ever did I do Thorin?"
"Well there was that one time you did put his sword on that tree branch that was just a wee bit taller than him."
"That was your idea!" You now felt laughter bubble in your chest, and the levity of the situation seemed to make you release that long breathe you didn't know you were holding in.
"True, but I was not the one who placed it up there, you are the tallest in the company." He tutted, and you let out a snort of protest.
"I am taller than Thorin by at least an inch or two, it's not like I'm an elf Kili."
It was his turn to chuckle, and you both seemed to rest in a comfortable silence for a bit. You looked up at him, admiring how his features, even in the dim glow of moonlight, were still ethereal. His dark hair was tangled around his face like a halo of shadows, and his eyes glinted with fondness, you couldn't really help but nuzzle into his chest.
"Y/N?" He echoed your name as if it were a prayer to the Valar.
"Hm?" You asked blinking up at him,
"Please don't ever say you're useless again. I hate seeing you hurt, and when you say things that are hurtful to yourself I really don't know what to do." He admitted sounding conflicted. "You're amazing, and who cares if you are a little clumsy here and there everyone is! You're kind, and clever, you're great with braids, you can even ride a full grown horse! Even if you're still basically dwarf sized."
You swat his nose and he laughs merrily.
"But really, I'm going to need you to promise me, and I can help you too. If you're ever feeling down just tell me. You've always helped me when I'm sad so please"-
The loud expression of someone clearing their throat caused both of you snap your necks up and gaze forward, to meet the eyes of an almost frightenedblooking Ori, a glaring Bilbo (who was the owner of the throat-clearing voice) and a beaming Fili who's expression seemed overly proud.
You and the young prince couldn't really do anything but stare at the company like deer in the middle of a crossfire.
"I swear to the gods this isn't what it looks like." You manage to spit out worriedly,
"I don't even know what this looks like," Ori admitted.
"Ha, my little brother isn't so little anymore! You two really are betrothed, you know if you ever need some pointers I'd gladly give some advice and"- Bilbo shut the dwarf up by squarely elbowing him in the ribs.
"Actually," stated Kili, who pulled you to your feet and stood beside you, smirking a bit at your blushing. "Y/N here said they felt useless, so I had to talk some sense into them." He said simply.
The company looked a mixture of relieved and disappointed (only Fili), and their voices overlapped a bit. Mostly with exclamations and disagreements until Kili had calmed them all down.
"Everything is fine now, right?" He turned to you for approval and you nodded, brushing some dusty snow off your tunic and straightening the creases in your mantle.
The five of you then began back up the sloping, muddy hill towards the forests. Where, if you squinted enough, you could make out the wispy, billowing smoke of the fire Thorin had blazing. Ori holding one tray of food, (for as it turned out Fili had managed to get them all thrown out of the tavern barely fleeing with what the had.) That soothed your nerves a bit too, since it seemed the bad luck was mutual, not just preying on you.
You carried the barrel, with Kili behind you, watching your footing so the slush didn't cause you to slip and hurt yourself. You gave him a fond smile and he'd scrunch his nose at you whenever you turned around to look him. Everything seemed normal again, or as normal as a journey to a mystic mountain could be at least.
"You know sometimes, I believe people put a bit too much weight on talents and exceptional things." Said Bilbo a bit a matter of factly. He was toying with his pipe as he walked beside you, looking rather pensive. "But I think it's the everyday things that prove someone's worth. How you enjoy things that delight you, how you treat your friends, etcetera. I've never been fond of the whole being perfect business, mind you."
"Thank you Master Burglar." The Hobbit smiled a small, awkward smile and nodded his head. He then hurredly pattered off as you reached the woods,
"He's off to see someone isn't he." You mused out loud.
"Indeed he is, and I do believe it isn't his pony." Kili added, you both chuckle to yourselves, and you slip your hand into his large one.
"Hey Y/N, I've got to ask? What really happened in the tavern? Something bothered you, I know you pretty well, you have to admit." He egged on, and you knew how stubborn the dwarf prince could be, so you figured you might as well be out with it.
"Well actually that barkeep sort of started everything." You admitted, barely noticing Bombur who relieved you of your barrel duty, and Ori's of his.
You did however notice Kili's face tense up, so much you thought for a moment he actually resembled Thorin Oakenshield himself.
"He did what?"
"Well, I mean yeah, he was all nosy with the questions about us. And then he brought up how I was kind of useless." You shrugged, realizing how silly it all sounded, and feeling better by the minute. That was until you saw the face of your dwarf, who looked about ready to kill a man.
Suddenly he turned on his heel and began rushing down the rock slope.
"Kili where are you going??"
"To kick someone's arse!" He called back to you.
"What in Mahal's name is that boy doing? Kili!" Thorin roared looking properly over everything at this point. And Fili stood beside you watching his brother make a mad dash back where they had just departed from. You stare at the blonde, knowing full well what he was about to do, he grinned, and then he followed suit, running off into the dark.
The night ended with Thorin dragging his nephews by the backs of their tunics back to camp, and now you all huddled around the fire. Mostly everyone was nodding off to sleep, having listened to remarkable stories, and having eaten a proper amount of food. While you and Kili lay on your backs staring out into the sky.
"I'd like to answer your question from before you know. On what you mean, at least to me."
You turned over to face him, "and what is that? What am I to you oh Prince of Durin," you asked softly. He smiled but looked uncharacteristically solemn.
"You're my everything."
With the lightness of starlight weaving through your chest you filled in the remaining space between the two of you. And you fell asleep resting between each other's heartbeats.
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emswritingprompts · 6 months ago
101 ways to say i love you
firstly, tysm for 101 (actually 103, haha) followers! when i started this account i honestly had no intentions of having so many of you lovely people take interest in me, but i'm very grateful nonetheless! this is my gift to you all, and, again, thank you!
i've seen a few other posts like this, but i wanted to go ahead and make my own! this is going to be completely different from the others that i have seen as well, so there's a lesser chance of duplicates for those of you who really enjoy these!
"You don't have to do this alone."
"I won't let you do this alone."
"I'll always be by your side."
"I'll get that for you."
"Let me bandage you up."
"I want you to be a part of my future."
"Here. You look hungry."
"Come here, I'll carry you."
"I fed your pets while you were away."
"Is something wrong?"
"Is there anything I can do to help?"
"I have an extra ticket... Would you like to go with me?"
"I saw you looking at it last time we were in the store together, so I got it for you."
"Stay with me."
"Thank you for making me smile."
"Your smile is beautiful. I want to see it more often..."
"I want to kiss you."
"You have a beautiful soul."
"No... No! Come on, I can't lose you!"
"You make me feel safe."
"Don't let me go."
"Give me a brush. I'll fix your hair for you."
"I want you, and only you."
"Your hands are too cold, I'll warm them up."
"Kiss me."
"I know you don't feel great, so let's stay home today, okay?"
"You're so beautiful."
"Hold me. Please."
"You're family."
"Marry me."
"I took care of the laundry already."
"Go back to sleep, (term of endearment)."
"I'll protect you."
"Take care of yourself."
"Let's take a break and relax."
"You're the first person I think about when I wake up."
"You smell so nice."
"Let's move in together."
"I wanna know everything about you."
"Don't leave yet."
"Let me see your scars..."
"I remember when we first met..."
"Here's your medication."
"I have a surprise for you."
"I bought this for you. It's in your favorite color..."
"Your skin is so soft."
"I would do anything for you."
"I'll help bring in the groceries."
"Last night your feet were really cold, so I found some of your socks and put them on you."
"I would go anywhere with you."
"You're cold, take my jacket."
"I promise."
"You're so golden."
"No one has ever made me feel like this."
"I missed you... a lot."
"Come back soon."
"I got us matching shirts!"
"I know you can do it."
"I'll never forget you."
"I've waited so long for this..."
"You look like something's bothering you... You can talk to me if you need to."
"We make the best team."
"I'll hurt whoever did this to you."
"You didn't deserve that... You deserve so much better."
"I want you to meet my family."
"I want to start a family of our own..."
"Your back is so tense. Would you like a massage?"
"This is my favorite picture of us."
"Don't hurt yourself again..."
"You should be more careful."
"Hey, your favorite movie is on. I'll get the popcorn."
"You've never let me down."
"I saw that you were almost out of shampoo, so I went and got some for you."
"You're overworking yourself... Please take a break."
"I named my little plant after you."
"It's an honor just to know you like this."
"I didn't make you uncomfortable, did I?"
"I never imagined that someone's heartbeat could sound so amazing."
"What was your childhood like?"
"You looked so cute when you were little."
"You look just like your mom/dad."
"What happened to you?!"
"Does it hurt?"
"I'm sorry."
"I love waking up next to you."
"Don't be scared. I'm right here."
"Have you been drinking enough water?"
"We can look out for each other."
"I'd like to take you on vacation one day, just the two of us."
"Are you sure you're ready?"
"You're so funny."
"Do you want to help me fix dinner tonight?"
"You don't have to pay me back."
"No, you're sick. You're not doing chores until you're better."
"Your voice is so relaxing."
"Text me when you get home safely."
"I found this meme that I think you'll like. Wanna see it?"
"Can I give you a hug? You look upset."
"I'm yours."
"I love you."
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meowsikbox · a day ago
another whump prompt
character A is not human, character B is.
A forgets that humans are not immortal, as they were raised with other nonhumans, and none of their human friends had ever been hurt before. A doesn’t realize just how bad the situation is when B is injured
They only remember when B becomes unresponsive, and A realizes how much blood they’ve lost… and that they aren’t healing. Their eyes widen as they realize how light B feels in their arms, and how vulnerable they really are.
They had always seen B as a strong, carefree individual- so much so they assumed that they were just as strong as them. B had always seen themselves as weaker than A- and they had never fathomed that B would go down like this.
They had forgotten how fragile humans really were.
And A won’t wake up.
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lazyprompts · 2 months ago
"Shh, it's okay. I'm here."
"I'm not leaving you, [name]."
"You're not alone, I promise."
"You didn't do anything wrong. There's nothing to apologize for."
"C'mere, let me hold you-"
"Sure, we can snuggle if it will make you feel better."
"Here, hold my hand."
"This is gonna hurt like a bitch, but I have to stitch up that wound."
"Show me where it hurts."
"I know you're hurt, [name]."
"Let me take care of it, alright? You need to rest."
"I'm here to take care of you, [name]."
"There's no shame in crying. I promise."
"Let me take care of things for once, alright?"
"Don't worry, it'll get better soon."
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kingsmemes · 2 months ago
𝑹𝑷 𝑴𝑬𝑴𝑬 :    ways to react to an injury. pt. 1  * change pronouns as needed. [ my / your ] is dependent on the receiver.
‘ how did they find your weakness? ’
‘ don’t leave me, please. ’
‘ i still need you. ’
‘ that’s a lot of blood. ’
‘ oh my god! are you okay? ’
‘ here, let me help you. ’
‘ try not to move. ’
‘ no, no, no, no. ’
‘ it’s not supposed to end this way. ’ 
‘ this can’t be happening. ’
‘ i told you not to go in alone! ’
‘ you idiot. ’
‘ you were given very clear instructions not to go and do exactly what you did. ’
‘ damnit, stay here. ’
‘ you need to leave! ’
‘ i can handle this on my own. ’
‘ i don’t need your help! ’
‘ keep your fucking eyes open. ’
‘ we don’t have time for this. ’
‘ patch yourself up. ’
‘ ha! you’re going down that easily? ’
‘ i thought you’d have more fight in you. ’
‘ i can’t believe i actually landed that hit! ’
‘ don’t tell me you’re giving up already. ’
‘ i don’t often like to get my hands dirty... but seeing you like this makes it worth it. ’
‘ this is revenge. ’
‘ bleed for me. you owe me that. ’
‘ i’ve been waiting for years just to see you fall. ’
‘ finally. it’s MY turn to watch you ache. ’
‘ i would say this is the end of us, but this is just the end of you. ’
‘ PATCH. ‘  - [ my / your ] muse starts to heal / bandage [ mine / yours. ]
‘ RUN. ’ - [ my / your ] muse runs to [ mine / yours. ]
‘ STOP. ’ - [ my / your ] muse stops dead in their tracks. 
‘ DOWN. ’ - [ my / your ] muse falls to the ground. 
‘ ASLEEP. ’ - [ my / your ] muse sits with [ mine / yours ] while they rest.
‘ WAKE UP. ’ - [ my / your ] muse shakes [ mine / yours ] awake. 
‘ HAND. ’ - [ my / your ] muse clasps a hand over [ mine / yours ] to keep from screaming.
‘ KISS. ’ - [ my / your ] muse grabs [ mine / yours ] and kisses them. 
‘ DIG IN. ’ - [ my / your ] muse goes in for another hit / stab. 
‘ GRIN. ’ - [ my / your ] muse grins at [ my / your ] muses injury.
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person-1n-progress · 11 days ago
Prompts To Hurt Your Characters
1. “You are the reason I’m still here.”
2. “I’m bleeding.”
3. “It won’t stop.”
4. “You don’t understand.”
5. “We are not the same.”
6. “Something has to be done about this.”
7. “I’m tired of cleaning up your messes.”
8. “You are just boring.”
9. “It was all a big joke.”
10. “I will always be better than you.”
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delilahfairchild · a month ago
corruption arc prompts + dialogue
i tried something
you are too power-hungry to stop. you can finally step out of the dark and take your crown. the world can be yours; it will be yours.
your lover has sacrificed your best friend/sibling for "the greater cause." you didn't care if your faction would win, you just want everyone you love to come home. and now one of them just sacrificed the other for a cause you didn't even believe in
your lover betrays you for the crown. at the moment you thought that peace has finally arrived, the person whom you love the most stabbed you in the back, choosing his conquest over your love. you were left in filth, but you will show them who is more wicked.
not betrayed, but you are left alone after the conflict. you sacrificed yourself for the cause, but no one care. they all left you. you were nothing but a puppet, played with when useful; discarded when convenient.
in an attempt to yield god-like power, you didn't know it would destroy your heart and soul. your conscience is now rotten and you turn on your faction
you have a strict moral code that your teammates and loved ones refuse to understand. now you have made your final choice. they called you "corrupted"; you call it "necessary."
a tragedy had left your heart shattered in its wake. unable to accept the pain, you joined the dark to seek salvation, turning vicious during the way
poverty is a bitch. you are now killing people for money to provide for your needs, and you are quite liking it
you said that you were just making your lover's killer pay, why are you hurting other people too?
"i have waited so long for my crown, i will not let anyone has it again."
"why, why did you do that?" "i have to, love, it was for the right cause." "so i am not your right cause then? so my family doesn't matter to you then?" "less than what i am fighting for."
"i am sorry for everything. you can still join me." "what is done it's done. and if you thought i will join you, go fuck yourself." "darling-" "no, no listen. you broke me, and hell i will let you go away with it"
"where is everyone?" "they left." "why did they leave? we are still here. their soldiers are still here." "no, we are not soldiers, we are discarded puppets, and we are not useful to them anymore." "then we will show them that we can fight."
"you thought the light in my soul was enough, but god you were wrong"
"i can't recognize you anymore." "you wouldn't"
"i swear a vow; i would kill them, even if it brings my downfall"
"you left me behind. i would be happy to drain the life from your eyes"
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arsonicperson · 6 months ago
A bunch of prompts
I cant add a break, I'm on mobile, someone help- anyways, there are prompts containing smut and abuse after the possessive ones, you dont have to read it if you don't want. Also, send in a number and I'll write a short drabble, les go.
"Aww, you've got a milk mustache"
"Did you cut your hair? It's so fluffy and cute!"
"Can you help me with this? I keep messing up"
"You should sing the other person's part, this is a duet after all"
"Why do you wear such big clothes, it's too adorable, you possess too much power"
"Ya know what? You're a pillow now"
"If you don't wake up I'll start tickling"
"We should go look at stars!"
"Were you always so cute?"
"You have ice cream on your nose"
"You said you would stay safe! Getting shot isn't staying safe!"
"You weren't supposed to hurt (him/her/them)! Just me! I deserved it more!"
"Why is it so hard for you to love yourself?"
"Please, taking this will help you, I promise" || "You never keep promises"
"No, no no no, you can't die yet!"
"I still need you! Don't walk away, please!"
"(He's/she's/they're/etc) a traitor. A liar. A cheater. Obviously this never meant anything to (him/her/them/etc)."
"Why did you leave..? Why did you leave?! Answer me, dammit!"
"What's wrong with me..?"
"When the sun comes up, we won't have any memories of each other. Say what you want now"
Crackhead energy
"Dude why the fuck are you covered in cake"
"No, hey, get off the table!"
"Wanna see how many fruit snacks in my mouth?"
"Wait, stay like that, I'm gonna make you into a meme"
"Do you think I can do a backflip off the bed?"
"Splash me with water again and I'll get the water guns!"
"Each time you say my name I think 'Oh god not (him/her/them/etc) again.'"
"Babe, you remind me of candy. You're always so sticky"
"Ew, no, don't kiss me! You're covered in paint!"
"I love you but please, stop pouring glue all over my hand."
"You heard that, right?"
"It's too dark, we can't go in!"
"There's something big here, we need to go!"
"I don't like this..."
"Stop it, it's gonna hear us!"
"Can you please be quieter, I don't want to wake...whatever it is."
"I thought those batteries were new, they're already dead?"
"If you're over there, what's holding my hand?"
"Did you see that?!"
"That thing is going to kill us!"
"Hey, hey, shhh. It's okay now."
"Look, we're safe, okay?"
"I know it hurts, but I'm trying to be gentle"
"Did you have a nightmare? Come here.."
"Shh, shh, no more crying.."
"Do you wanna talk about why you're sad?"
"Don't worry any more, I've got you."
"Look, see? Just a small scratch."
"I think you're (beautiful/handsome/etc)"
"I still love you, okay?"
"Nobody is going to save you."
"Don't even think about trying to escape!"
"You're crying? Seriously? Pathetic."
"You really think (he's/she's/they're/etc.) going to save you?"
"You're trapped. Stop trying to escape."
"Look, the more noise you make, the more I'm going to hurt you."
"If you don't start listening, I'm going to hurt (him/her/them/etc)!"
"You're so gullible, thinking I'd let you go!"
"For that, don't even think about food today."
"By hurting them, I'm hurting you. It's a win win!"
"You're mine."
"I don't want you talking to (him/her/them/etc), you know (he/she/they/etc.) like(s) you."
"Why don't we stay home today? Just us. I don't want anybody else seeing your beautiful face"
"This (girl/guy/person/etc) that used to bully me went missing, do you know about it?"
"You're mine. I put my name on you to prove it!"
"If anybody else tries to flirt with you, there'll be hell to pay."
"Please, I need you. You don't understand."
"(Him/Her/Them/etc)? (He's/She's/They're/etc.) not even worth a thought!"
"You're my property, and I'm not letting (him/her/them/etc) steal you away."
"I love you more than anything."
"Fuck, you look so hot tonight."
"I need you to be quiet for me, okay?"
"Please, please, no more teasing, (title).."
"Hey, we're in public."
"You are so cute when you beg for me like that.."
"Do you want me?"
"If you want more, beg for it my baby."
"Aww, you're wearing this just for me?"
"Lovely, will you be my good (boy/girl/person/etc)?"
"Bad (boys/girls/people/etc) don't get rewarded."
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gwenapple · a month ago
[Villain] could still hear [Hero]'s pleas as they begged them to spare their life. Tears bubbling from their red rimmed eyes, desperately screaming as they grasped the edge. They had only scoffed, kicked them off the cliff and made their way to their date with [Lover].
Now [Lover] had stood them up, not answering any of [Villain]'s calls or texts. Sighing as they clicked the phone to the life, they stared at the screensaver of [Lover] kissing them on the cheek. They were so careful to keep them out of their secret antics, far from the explosions and knives that went by.
Never did they see [Lover] and [Hero] in the same place.
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tommymcartney · a month ago
warnings: It’ll include dialogues too.
“I’ve never been in love with someone but you, always you.”
“What are you talking about? We are best friends!”
“C’mon, what are you guys even talking about? We’re nothing more than friends” “Well, what was that kiss another day then?” “A friendship kiss…?”
“Are you… jealous?”
“Did you just kiss me?”
“One last thing before I go, you really didn’t notice all those signs I gave to you?”
“If I stay here tonight and sleep by your side again, I won’t be able to control myself, not today”
“You’ve always been more than a friend to me, I just didn’t had the courage to admit it, and now I’ve lost you”
“Do you remember? When we were twelve? We promised to marry each other, being honest, I always hoped you wouldn’t broke this promise”
“I think I messed things up, I’m not in love with her, I’m in love with (Y/N)”
“We should stop pretending” “Pretending?” “That we’re just friends”
“I want to ruin our friendship”
“We’re only friends, stop being a pain in the ass” “Well, he wasn’t talking about you as a friend yesterday” “He did what?”
“I don’t care about who’s she’s hanging out with, she can do whatever she wants” “Even if she’s hanging out with your archenemy?” “I beg your pardon?”
“So, for how long are we gonna pretend we don’t love each other more than friends?”
“You’ve been my best friend for all these years, and I’m really grateful for everything you did to me, but I can’t stay here watching you fall in love with someone else, because the truth is… I’m in love with you”
“Everytime I look at you I feel my heart breaking, because I need you, desperately, and you never notice”
“Am I an end-of-party love to you? ”
“Don’t cry, you don’t need to hide your feelings, I feel the same”
“Well, since we were kids I planned to marry you someday”
“I’ve been waiting forever to hear that”
“Sometimes I allow myself to imagine a future where we are together, a future where I can hold your hand and bring you closer and when I’d smile to you, you’d call me ‘love’, a future where I am more than a friend ”
“Yes, I’ll clean your mess once again, I’ll do it, but not because we are friends, because I am fucking in love with you”
“There’ll be a day where I’ll look at you and all this pain will be gone”
“Fuck, I’m sorry okay? But I can’t hide my feelings anymore”
“Are you really blind enough to not see the sparkles in his eyes when he’s staring at you?”
“Did you just… wait, you love me?”
“Dance in the rain with you will always be my favorite thing in the world, cause in those moments, I feel like you love me back”
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whumpsabyss · a month ago
TW: implied noncon
• Whumper leaks the footage of whumpee being tortured to the press after whumpee escaped. Everyone sees it. Whumpee can feel the pity in everyone’s stares. They can’t walk down the street without people whispering. Caretaker saw it, too. They are constantly checking up on whumpee, infuriating them. Whumpee has no chance of a private recovery. Everyone knows what happened. Everyone saw how they begged and pleaded. Everyone watched as they broke.
• Caretaker might receive a disk in the mall with a letter. The message reads ‘You’re never getting them back.’ Caretaker quickly watches the tape. It contains whumpees battered body curled up in a ball. When they see whumper approaching they immediately get to their knees. Caretaker turns it off once whumper begins to take off whumpees shirt.
• Maybe whumpees friends get an invite to a livestream. It’s of whumpee tied to a chair. Whumper holds a knife, smiling. “Why don’t you tell your friends hello?” Whumpee glares at whumper. “Why don’t you go to hell?”
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