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Yay exciting ATLA news!! I am so excited.

Here are just a couple of things I have made and I’m selling on my Etsy:

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You don’t know true suffering until your appa pillow pet you pre-ordered gets delayed

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Andrew Garfield (400*640)

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Did another redraw for the avatarsona. Seems like nothing changed much except maybe for the outfit XD

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… and my background: with the exception of Piranha Part Two: The Spawning, I’ve seen all of James Cameron’s movies at least three times. Yeah, even Titanic (though the third time was against my will). Understand that simple fact about me first: I’m pretty much the guy’s target audience.

Kate and I went to see Avatar last night. As I told some folks afterwards, it’s a thoroughly enjoyable, fun movie, and I didn’t remotely mind the nearly three hour length, even wearing the Real-3D glasses. (In fact, there was no point in there where I so much as shifted in my seat and thought “Okay, you could have edited this bit out, Jim.” I enjoyed it all, even the Diaspora-esque ship the protag comes to Pandora in.

Those of you who know me know that I do not consider “in 3-D” a selling point for a movie: I’ve never once walked out of a show thinking “man, if only that had been 3-D, they might have had something.” However, thanks to an observation from Chuck, we chose to go to to the 3-D version, and I’m very very glad we did. Like Coraline, this movie uses 3-D intelligently.

Even those of you who don’t know me might suspect I enjoy a good story. Much has been said about the simple, damned familiar story of Avatar — I’ll admit that I’ve repeated the Dances with Smurfs joke more than once — but the movie reminded me that old, simple stories are a lot like old, simple words: they resonate.

Is it a great movie? I don’t know. It’s certainly good. There are no major plot holes I could see. The technology is brilliant and used well, and the setting itself is gorgeous. Kate and I talked about the different parts we liked for a solid half hour after we left.

And here’s what I realized this morning when I woke up — the thing that made me write this post: I want to go see it again. In the theatre. In the 3-D. I will, in fact, be a little sad if I don’t manage it. Take that for what it’s worth.

I was going to make a nice little list of all the various kinds of people who might like this movie, and suggest they see it, but here’s the bottom line: If you like movies, even a little, I think you should see it.

Like it or hate it, I think you should see it.

In the theatre.

Probably even in 3-D.

Man, those are some words I never thought I’d say again, after Coraline. Way to go, Cameron.


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shut up this is all i will be posting about

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😊 Rosalinda Genus (Sandy) - .::WoW Skins::.

- Genus head for Legacy, Maitreya, Omega and BOM

- 6 Tones available Pearl, Honey, Sandy, Toffee, Latte and Milk - Browless and cleavage options

Available at the Orsy Event

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I’m gonna be honest: I don’t really want a series of the new Avatar after Korra. I wouldn’t mind it of course, but I want to see more missing content from grown up Gaang and how they built up Republic city or the Krew as adults. Maybe a Kyoshi series or what happened to Azula after Smoke and Shadow. Adventures from the Kyoshi warriors. The Gaang kids (Bumi, Kya, Tenzin, Izumi, Su, Lin) growing up. Anything about the past Avatars. There is so much playground and it would be a shame to waste it. I wouldn’t complain, but there is so much more to explore

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Google is making the exact same macroeconomic mistakes Microsoft made, with its partners following dutifully in its finite slipstream. The similarities are astounding, and if unchanged, will offer a fantastic opportunity for another Apple to emerge.
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