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Katara: We need to distract these guys
Sokka: Leave it to me
Sokka: Sky Bison have six limbs and are therefore insects. Discuss.
Toph, Suki, and Zuko: *Immediately begin arguing*
Aang, watching in horror: Oh this. I don’t like this. I don't like this at all.
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fanonical · 19 hours ago
zuko: long ago, i could see out of both my eyes equally well
zuko: then, everything changed when the fire nation attacked
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Not a day goes by that I don’t wish that AtLA had ended with no canon pairings among the Gaang because they’re fucking children and the friendship and community that develops between them is more important than teenage crushes. I love AtLA but pairing off the characters like that at the end was a fuckin’ rookie mistake.
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bigboldblog · 2 days ago
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The new blog avatar image 👀
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shxdowgirl-edits · 2 days ago
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nguyen013 · 11 hours ago
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Bonus Inktober 2 Day 27: Spark The best wonderful days being in love while vacationing in the spirit world. You can say that they make a beautiful couple. Korra and Asami cosplay and pose reference by @rizzyun and @rachasakawa
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hellozucchinihere · 2 days ago
Katara: I currently have 7 empty notebooks and I have no clue what to put in them. Suggestions?
Sokka: Put spaghetti in it.
Katara: I’m currently taking suggestions from literally anyone but you.
Aang: Put spaghetti in it.
Katara: I’m currently taking suggestions from anyone but you two.
Toph: Put spaghetti in it.
Katara: I am no longer taking suggestions.
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daily-mai · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Buy From the Ashes: A Fire Nation Recovery Zine!!! 
Myself and 54 others from all over the world worked super hard on bringing together all the angst and hope and beauty of the Fire Nation into a chonky book with some glorious merch! Come enjoy it with us! 
For more info, see @recovery-zine!
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fanonical · 2 days ago
sokka: for halloween, i'm dressing up as appa!
katara: i'm going to be the painted lady again!
toph: i'm going to be the blind bandit
aang: and i'm dressing up as zuko!
zuko: ...i'm going to be someone who's tired of all of you
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low-budget-korra · a day ago
Why gay Mako is one of TLOK best Headcanon
First of all, he never really liked Asami. He thought she was gorgeous as he should but if you re-watch Book1 you will realize that he never really cared about her, he never had feelings for her. And why? Because he was in love of Korra, every time he seemed to care about Asami like when he said "I'm with Asami" or when he got mad when Korra was suspicious over Hiroshi, it was all about Korra and never Asami. It was all Korra being teasing, jealous, immature over his relationship but never really about Asami.
Mako only went to comfort his girlfriend after Asami realized her father was trash, after Korra tells him to. He also was way more worried about Korra disappearance that he ever was with Asami emotional well-being after all the shit from book 1
But then why he dated Asami? Two reasons
1.Hiroshi was sponsoring the team so i imagine he felt that he should retribute that in a way. Asami was beautiful , rich, and femme(this info is important) so date her wouldn't be that hard. And why he must felt like he should repay her and Hiroshi like that? Boy grew up in the streets, nothing comes for free there.
2. This scene.
Tumblr media
In this scene we can see that even though he really has some interest in Korra he doesn't feel like invest in that, even knowing she also shares this interested, because in his words "she is more like a pal" So the fact that Korra ain't femme and don't perform femininity in the way society expects, in the way Asami does, is a real obstacle for him to finally admit his feelings for Korra.
And wtf is that?
Now, this is the interesting part. What If Mako was gay or bi, and didn't accept himself - i also imagine that the streets was ruthless and he had to be all macho and shit- and that's why he feared about what people would thought if he dated some more masculine girl. Let's not forget that he also performs some type of hypermasculinity, something his brother doesn't feel the need to and Bolin is straight, like, really straight. Bolin is the type of cool, sensitive and harmless straight dude that mostly only exist in media. And is funny because, cuz of that people assume he is the gay brother. Careful with those stereotypes fellas. Moving on
Because in our world, when people are in closet and don't except themselves, some of them shares this type of mindset - that comes from the fear of being spotted as gay and all the consequences that comes with it. Let's not also forget that words like "who is the man/woman in the relationship?" And "You like woman/man, so why are you dating a person who behave and dresses like the opposite sex should?" Sadly still exists.
So with that we can say that Mako could have some internalized homophobia and didn't accept himself. And that could go with him being gay or bi. But here is why I think he is gay and not bi: The fail of the relationship with Korra
In theory, after he accepted this part of himself, who feels attracted by the somewhat masculine. The relationship with Korra should just grow stronger and healthier (just like Korrasami when they acknowledge and accept their feelings for each other) but it didn't. And why is that? Because in book2 he didn't care. He was with Korra but he didn't really care about the stuff that was going on with her, he was more focused on other things, on himself and his career
Okay but until that can just be life pulling them a part. But remember when i said that he care way more about Korra disappearance in Book 1 than he ever cared about Asami in that season? When he acted exactly like that again? When people kidnapped Prince Wu. Hella sus
But what about the scene in book 2 where he said we wish him and Korra didn't have broken up? Well, because the end of that relationship would be the second relationship with woman that had fail and a turning point, a no return for him and the relationship he had with both of them and that's scary. And even though it was all messy, i have no doubt that he loved and care for both Korra and Asami, just not in the straight way, you know what i mean.
So my theory and headcanon is: Mako is Gay. He had a difficult time trying to accept this part of himself and did what was expected of him as a man. He slowly started to accept this part of himself to the point where his relationship with Korra wasn't good or usefully anymore, it was going nowhere because it was one sided. So they broke up and of course he was awkward when he was with Asami and Korra because of all that happened in book 1 and 2, and after all the year - the 3 years where, as far as we know, he did nothing but take care of Wu - i think he was fully aware and accept his sexuality and i think Wu may had help cuz c'mon, Wu is all over the place, he is loud about his feminine side and makes no apologies about it. That may have made Mako realized it was okay for him to be gay, and all that.
Ps: But he could be bi tho, i just think it fits more him being gay. Anyway, is just a headcanon
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Miles Quaritch cheering you after a bad day would include :
Tumblr media
(Woooo more prompts! Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/credit to the original owners.)
-Him noticing how tense you are or how annoyed you had gotten from the others working with you and purposely sneaking by you and guiding you to a quieter corner
-Him definitely pointing out how annoyed you seem and asking you teasingly if you need some stress relief, before pulling you closer by the waist and kissing you deeply
-Him gladly pinning you against the wall and leaving hickeys all over your neck and chest, grinding against you, making you feel how hard he is and of course teasing you about needing his help
-Him eagerly reaching past your waistband or hiking up your skirt/dress to tease you, definitely working you up and relishing in how wet you are and making you hear yourself, doing so until you can’t take it anymore
-Him definitely taking off your panties and stuffing it in his pocket as a keepsake, getting you all riled up before he decides to kneel before you and eat you out
-Him definitely being eager when it comes to eating you out, hiking your legs over his shoulders even whether you’re standing up or laying down, showing off how strong he is as he holds onto you and lifts you up, lapping at your cum as you’d shudder in your climax
-Him stretching you out perfectly with his fingers beforehand, making you beg for him before he gives into any of your pleas, needing to hear you say that you need his help
-Him gladly picking you up and fucking you against the wall, setting a harsh yet slow pace to make it last and for you to relish in it, loving to hear you being so grateful and feel you clinging onto him for dear life
-Him at times even bending you over or turning you around to keep fucking you, gripping your hair and giving into whatever you need to get that stress out, making sure to leave handprints on that ass of yours
-Him making sure to finish inside of you and whispering to you about how it looks like you’ll have to go back out there and act normal, definitely making the rest of your day a little more interesting
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