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oh, how i wish i was the daughter of the leader of a northern water kingdom, and that i was touched by the moon spirit as an infant, giving me life through its touch. i would live everyday knowing the moon was apart of me, the moon, so beautiful yet mysterious, completed me and kept me alive. i would fall in love with a boy, despite what was good for the tribe, for the people. a simple southern water tribe boy. however, one day, the time would come where i had to give up that part of me to save the moon. the one that gave me life and made me one with itself, could only be saved if i returned the gift it bestowed unto me. i would sacrifice myself, my future, my love for the southern “peasant”, to save the spirit that did the same for me. i would leave the earth and become the moon spirit, become infatuated with its beauty, power, and mystery. i would lose everything, but in return, i would become the one thing that is forever present in the sky. the strongest light amidst the darkness of night. that with whitch is adored and admired by everyone. so perhaps, sacrificing my life would be worth it just to become the moon.

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I have this theory that Avatar Kyoshi died in a fight. Like she lived to be 230 and theoretically could’ve lived forever. And, assuming that the avatar’s past lives appear to the current avatar how they looked when they died (Roku is an old man, Aang looks like he would when he died at 66, Kuruk looks in his 30s cause he died in his 30s, etc.) and Kyoshi still looks relatively young because she kept herself in a constant state to remain immortal.However, she’s wearing her makeup and battle outfit. I don’t understand why she would always appear in that get up except for 1. She was killed in battle or 2. It’s just that iconic. However I have no idea who could’ve possibly killed her, and you don’t hear about anyone terrorizing people while Roku was growing up, so I also think that she won the fight and then died of her wounds later. These are all just theories because Kyoshi lives in my head 24/7 rent free but I’m interested to see what you all think

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