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@ that anon who thinks sending me aang hate is doing anything:


[ID: Spongebob and Patrick guillotine meme.

The guillotine is in the middle of the image, patrick stands behind it and has his arms on the right footing. Spongebob stands on the left side, in front of the guillotine. a pineapple lies under the blade, simulating a head.

on the bottom left there is a text which reads ‘okay, get in.’ /End ID]

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its so funny when people comment uwu take this out of the zutara tag uwu when people talk how the southern raiders episode and zuko taking the lightning hit for katara should not be interpreted as romantic gestures bc it just undermines the actual meaning behind these acts and each characters growth

nothing about this statement is inherently anti zutara, they just spin it that way bc they cant see beyond their own ship

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