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#lin beifong
mmm-cheif-beifong · 22 minutes ago
angstpril day nineteen: “Don’t leave me.”
CW: bad parenting that’s for sure
fic under the cut
“Mom?” Lin called into the un-decorated apartment.
“Behind you,” Toph replied, setting down a heavy box on the floor.
“Oh,” Lin turned back to her mother, letting out a small sigh of relief.
“What, you didn’t think I’d left in the five seconds you were in the bathroom, did you?” Toph laughed and punched Lin hard enough to leave a bruise.
Lin rubbed her arm , looking at her feet in embarrassment. After a moment of awkward silence, she turned to the door.
“Is that the last of them?” she asked, her gaze flitting around the mounds of boxes.
“Yeah,” Toph said, walking back out the door before pausing in the hallway.
“You coming or not?” She asked, barely turning her head back towards Lin.
“Uh- uh, yeah,” Lin replied, following her mother out and locking the door behind her.
They walked in silence down to the first floor, Lin only looking up to wave slightly at the receptionist before they stepped outside. Lin walked around the moving truck they’d rented to bring all her stuff to the new apartment, climbing in the driver’s seat while Toph took the passenger’s.
“Bet you’re glad to finally be in your own place, eh, kid?” Toph asked as she propped her feet up on the dash.
“Mom, can you not? This is a rental,” Lin scolded, reaching over to slap her mother’s ankle lightly.
“Spirits, sorry for living,” Toph chuckled and took her feet down, crossing her legs and leaning forwards.
“You didn’t answer my question,” she said after a moment of silence, leaning back against the seat again.
“Yeah, yeah, I'm glad to have my own place,” Lin sighed, tapping her left foot anxiously as they waited at a red light.
They were about halfway back to the apartment Toph had raised her in when the conversation died, and they remained silent until they got back. Lin parked the truck in front of the apartment building, drumming her fingers on the steering wheel as she waited for Toph to get out so she could bring it back to the rental place.
“What are you waiting for?” Lin asked impatiently after a few minutes went by.
“What are you waiting for?” Toph replied, crossing her arms.
“Wh- I’m taking the truck back to the rental place, I was dropping you off because I thought you wouldn’t want to come,” Lin snapped angrily.
“Seriously? Spirits, kid, you really are oblivious,” Toph let out a laugh and reached for her door.
“We’re not done with the truck yet, now come help me bring down my stuff,” she called as she stepped from the truck, stepping the door behind her.
Lin sat, her eyes fixed on the steering wheel for a long moment before she got out of the truck. She made her way up to the third floor apartment she’d shared with her mother and sister until the year before when Su had moved out, and had stayed in with just Toph until now. The walls were empty, the furniture and all the other things Lin hadn’t taken boxed up and ready to go. Lin stood in the doorway in shock, staring at her mother who was lifting boxes on small platforms of rock that floated after her.
“What- what are you doing?” her voice suddenly became quiet, her confident mask slipping.
“I’m moving out,” Toph said bluntly, pushing past Lin through the door and bringing the boxes downstairs behind her.
Lin took a few steps into the apartment, opening one of the boxes. Inside was an assortment of small items, but one caught Lin’s eye. She reached into the box and pulled out the small metal statue Toph had made many years ago. It was of the three of them, baby Su sitting on Toph’s shoulders while little Lin stood beside her, holding her hand tightly. Her eyes started to water as she looked at the statue, a single tear falling before she shoved it back in the box and forced herself to pull it together. She heard Toph walking down the hall and spun to face her when she stopped at the door.
“You didn’t think I’d stay here, did you? Alone?” Toph scoffed and took a step towards Lin.
“Where are you moving?” Lin narrowed her eyes and crossed her arms.
“I’m dropping my stuff off at your grandparents and then going wherever I feel like going,” Toph replied, walking past Lin and picking up a few more boxes with her earth slabs.
“You can’t just- I’ll be completely alone,” Lin stuttered before looking up at her mother.
“You’ll be fine,” Toph started towards the door again, boxes following her closely.
“No,” Lin cried, stomping her foot and bringing all of the boxes back to the floor.
“Are you really going to have a tantrum right now?” Toph turned back to Lin and leaned against the doorframe.
“You’re nearly twenty-three, you’re taking over as Chief of Police for me, and you’re throwing a tantrum because I’m moving,” Toph shook her head and picked up the boxes again.
“Pretty pathetic if you ask me,” she muttered as she walked down the hall, leaving Lin alone again.
“It’s fine,” Lin whispered to herself, picking up a few boxes and moving down the hall.
It’s fine, she repeated in her head, over and over again as she helped Toph move the last of her things into the truck. Lin let out a sigh of relief when a man came up to them, confirming to Toph that he was the driver she’d hired to take her to the Beifong residence in Gaoling. Before Toph got in the truck with him to leave, though, she pulled her aside.
“Don’t go,” Lin pleaded quietly.
“Don’t leave me,” she continued, her eyes oddly dry despite the panic that was building in her chest.
“I can’t- I still need you. Please,” she stopped for a moment, searching her mother’s face for any hint of emotion.
“Please Mama,” she ended in a whisper.
“You sound like a baby,” Toph scoffed, turning around halfway.
“You’ll be fine,” she paused before adding, “Chief.”
Lin watched as her mother walked up to and got in the truck, staring until the truck was out of sight. She blinked a few times and looked down at her feet, furrowing her eyebrows before dragging herself to her parked satomobile. She got in, her movements delayed as she sat unmoving for a short while before starting the sato up and driving to her new apartment. She parked in the underground garage in a haze, the drive there taking both too long and not long enough. When she got up to the first floor, she was so out of it that she didn’t even acknowledge the receptionist, simply walking to the stairwell and starting the treck up.
She barely noticed as she unlocked her apartment door and stepped inside, locking it again behind her and turning to face the piles of boxes. It was only then that she realized what had just happened.
She left.
I’m alone.
Completely and utterly alone.
A loud sob escaped her throat and she sank to the ground against the front door. She pulled her knees to her chest and let her head fall back against the door, not trying to hold back her tears anymore.
“Mama,” she cried as the apartment grew colder and colder, night taking hold of the city.
She fell asleep there, her fear and loneliness giving way too exhaustion before long. Her body would yell at her for it the next day, but even if she’d tried she wouldn’t have been able to move herself to her unmade bed that night.
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dai-phi · 23 minutes ago
Tumblr media
a redraw of a lin piece i made around 9 months ago! never really liked the original
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aprettyweirgirl · an hour ago
Lin brings Izumi a green nightdress to wear when she is especially stressed. She has a small pillow made from the same material that stays in the middle of all the pillows.
Tumblr media
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aprettyweirgirl · an hour ago
Sorry I'm annoying you but
How do you think Azula reacted to Izumi dating Lin?
there's no way you can annoy me darling
Azula loves Lin but she's is very protective with Izumi and after the whole thing that happened with Isao, she got way more protective with Izumi
so after she found out, her feelings were really conflicted, wanting the best for both of them but at the same time worried for Izumi (she knew Lin wouldn't intentionally hurt Izumi, but considering her self-destructive tendencies, she could hurt her without knowing)
she tried to scare Lin to see if she was worthy of her niece, but that girl grew up with Toph so you can't scare her that easily
Azula ended up officiating their wedding
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aprettyweirgirl · an hour ago
Lin: *tearing up*
Izumi, softly: hey, what's wrong...?
Lin: nothing...
Lin: i just love you so much...
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butch-lin-beifong · 2 hours ago
Day Seventeen: Out of time
Gotta throw some season 1 Lin angst in huh
Later, she only remembers flashes of the pursuit—Amon’s airships bearing down on Oogi, the frightened faces of the kids, the horrifying weightlessness of leaping through the air while traveling Spirits knew how fast.
And for what?
She isn’t strong enough to stop Amon’s men from capturing her, the sharp jolt of electricity offering a quick trip into oblivion until she comes back to herself with her hands bound behind her back. The ropes put a strain on her shoulders she knows will take several days to fade, assuming she survives this. The thought is sobering; she knows her position in the city and her skill as a bender makes her a powerful target, but she does not yet know if her death or the loss of her bending would send a more powerful message to Republic City, if that is Amon’s goal.
She’s too disoriented to struggle when the equalists force her to her knees in the temple’s courtyard, but when Amon speaks to her, she knows it’s already over. It’s too late for her; the least she can do is protect Korra with whatever time she has left.
The sensation of losing her bending is like her heart skipping a beat, uncomfortable and too-heavy, and the sensation of the earth beneath her fizzles and fades into nothing. She gasps, suddenly aching, empty of something she never recognized had been such an integral part of her until now.
And then they simply leave her there on the ground in the rain, no longer a threat now that she has been ‘equalized’. That chills her to her core more than even the rain can, and it’s the harsh voice of one of her captors that replays itself over and over in her head until she is finally found.
The great Chief Beifong, finally run out of time.
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umbrumturtle753 · 2 hours ago
Izumi: I heard you retired.
Lin: yeah I heard you stepped down.
Izumi: Iroh is ready. No more police force for you?
Lin: No I trained them well.
Izumi: I guess we have some free time.
They stare at each other.
Lin jumps forward and Izumi catches her. The hug is tight and long, and long overdue
Lin: Ive waited so long for this.
Izumi: I’m never letting you go again.
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umbrumturtle753 · 2 hours ago
Izumi : come back to the fire nation with me and stay a few weeks.
Lin: you know I cant. I’m very busy.
Izumi: I could go over your head and tell the city council that I need you for official business
Lin:... that would be an incredible abuse of power... you already did it didn't you?
Izumi: We leave in two days. Its good to be the queen.
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aprettyweirgirl · 3 hours ago
lately i’ve been weirdly obsessed with imagining lin with different hair colors idk like blue, red, and white are my favorite
ohhhh i like the white one
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wingbeifongsgirl · 3 hours ago
Alien (Day 15)
Tumblr media
This is a dnd au where Lin is an alien, also the first day of my April writing challenge. If you want aesthetic made, just shoot me a ask or DM.
Tumblr media
Lin & Y/N
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Earthbender & Nonbender
Alien Gray Detective
Human Alchemist
Tumblr media
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firelordzumi · 4 hours ago
A little comic based on the incorrect quote "I was left unsupervised" 😁
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
//please do not repost thank you
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klara019 · 6 hours ago
Angstpril day 19
Don’t leave me
(check tags for tw)
Kya idly opened her eyes. She noticed the light coming from the kitchen. “Weird,” she thought and rolled over under a soft sheet. Her hand fell on the cold side of bed when she tried to embrace her wife. She frowned and looked at the pillow laying near her hand.
“Very weird,” she whispered suspiciously and sat on the edge of the bed.
The sun was still down, the sky was dark with a little orange reflection near the horizon. The night was crisp and wet.
Kya rubbed her sleepy face and headed towards the kitchen, where the light was coming from.
“Lin?” she said more consciously. Her hoarse voice was a bit worried.
“I just wanted a cup of tea, go back to sleep, I will join you in a while,” she smiled a little.
Kya sighed. She knew Lin better than anyone. She immediately recognised the lie.
“I also wanted a cup of tea.”
Lin blinked with confusion.
“It’s the middle of the night…”
“So why aren’t you in bed then?” Kya folded her arms with tryumf.
The earthbender gave a sigh.
“Because I wanted some tea?” she raised her eyebrows. She was aware that she wouldn’t convince Kya to let her alone.
“No, Lin, you hadn’t wanted it,” she looked deep in her eyes. Lin swallowed. “You still have those nightmares, am I right?”
She nodded nearly noticeably. Kya came closer and gave her a secure hug. Lin tilted her head to the right and rested it on Kya’s arm. She didn’t notice when tears started to run down her face.
“You need to face it, Lin,” she touched her chin and forced her to look at her. “I will be waiting for you in the bed.”
Kya turned around and was about to go but Lin caught her hand.
“Please, don’t leave me.”
She said emotionlessly.
“Those nightmares… They aren’t about Amon anymore,” she took a deep breath. “They are about you. I’m scared that someday you will leave me like everybody always did. I don’t want to be alone again, Kya. I don’t want to lose you.”
Kya squinted.
“How could you even think that I would leave you,” she took her other hand and clasped their hands together.
“Let’s get back to sleep, you look like you’re going to collapse.”
Lin nodded.
She would go anywhere Kya guided her to.
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alab211 · 7 hours ago
Angstpril day 19 - “Don’t leave me”
"Hey, hey Lin, hey," Kya slurred into her phone. "Listen, do you happen to know where I live? Cause, like, I can't find it." "I'll be there in ten minutes. Don't move," Lin answered shortly as she put on her coat and left the house. She was visibly pissed off, but that's nothing new. Kya's been pissing her off basically everyday. And vice versa. Their relationship has been... pretty difficult recently. They both are still recovering from the trauma after Zaheer and the rest of the Red Lotus. Instead of finding comfort in one another, they pushed each other apart. Truth be told, both of them were thinking about a break up. When Lin saw Kya on the pavement, she parked the vehicle and got out. "Hi," she said with hands in her pockets. "Do I know you?" Kya asked suspiciously, still slurring. "Yeah, you do," Lin answered resigned as she approached Kya and started walking her to the sato. Then Kya recognised her. "Oh, Lin. Yeah, yeah I know you." Lin helped her get into the sato, circled it and went behind the wheel. After 10 minutes into the ride Kya started talking, "Lin, Lin listen to me... You listening?" Lin didn't answer, but Kya kept talking. "Listen, it's been soo long since we talked, don't you think? I mean, I know we're not really... great together recently... but I'm thinking it'll pass, y'know." Lin stayed silent, but her eyes watered. Kya kept going. "Just... don't leave me... okay?" Lin looked to her right and noticed Kya was staring at her. "Sure," she answered unconvinced. "Cool," Kya said turning her head, "cause I still like you. And love... yeah, I love you." Lin felt tears stream down her face. "But I don't love you anymore," she thought.
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chaoticnerdsstuff · 8 hours ago
Me to all the milfs in LoK:
Tumblr media
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aprettyweirgirl · 8 hours ago
there’s not enough budget for a real title, so we’re just calling it Linzumi part 6 
i know i've wrote some of this already but i do whatever the fuck i want ewe
every time Lin ends severe injured in the hospital, Izumi leaves someone in charge for some days and leaves to RC to see her and probably get mad at her for being so fleckess
Izumi's bed has way too many very comfortable pillows, but for some reason Lin stills rather sleep on Izumi's chest
Lin hates seeing Izumi worried for her, so she never wanted to tell her what happened with Suyin on Zaofu
but then, when they were getting ready for bed the first night, Lin got off her tank top and Izumi saw the bruises and bandages, she asked Lin and they had a 5-hour-long talk about it
(it wasn't as nice as it seems, Izumi was pissed off)
whenever Lin has nightmares related Amon, she feels the need to lay down in the floor to feel the earth beneath her
if Izumi wakes up with her (which normally happens) she sits with Lin, reading and holding Lin's hand until she ends all the process. All in silence
Izumi would hug Lin and won't let her go, that woman is weirdly strong
Iroh had horrible nightmares as a child, so he was always accepted in his mom's bedroom (also Ursa but this one is not about her)
Lin didn't told Izumi she lost her bending until after she got it back, that argument ended with them crying and shouting at each other probably the most intense in their relationship
both of the Firekids were trained by the Kyoshi warriors, by Ty Lee's and Lin's influence and Ursa can do the Kyoshi make up perfectly
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katdemedi · 10 hours ago
“Chief, this is Saikhan do you copy?” Saikhan’s voice crackled from her office radio. Lin grunted and walked into her office.
“This better be good Saikhan. I just got home and would like to enjoy my last day of vacation.”
“I’ve got the Avatar here for you.”
“Korra. Welcome back.” Lin said, with a small smile. Ask and you shall receive. “I assume Asami is with you as well. Tenzin has requested a family dinner upon your return home. I’ll let him know you’re back. Tonight. Air Temple Island, 6pm.”
“Uh yeah. That should be fine.”
“Now don’t call me again Saikhan. Beifong out.” Lin clicks the radio back onto the receiver and walks into the living room. “How does tonight sound?”
“For our announcement?”
“Yes. Tonight let’s tell your family.”
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umbrumturtle753 · 11 hours ago
In Zaofu
Lin: You are a horrible sister.
Suylin: whatever no one even loves you.
In the firenation.
Izumi: I sence a disturbance. My secret wife needs me.
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iam-chief-beifong · 12 hours ago
Kya: You're pretty cute when your actually being nice!!
Lin: What am I when I'm not nice?
Kya: Hot as F*CK
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