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#legend of korra

Lin: I’m having a child.

Mako: Oh wow congrats!

Lin, slamming adoption papers on the table: It’s you.

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Kya: You have to pick your battles Lin.

Lin: I’m full of rage and I’m picking all of them

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[about Pema] What I mean, when I say annoyingly perfect, is that there is nothing annoying about her perfection. It's vulnerable and endearing... and that is annoying as shit.
Ahh... you like her...
If I didn't have to hate her, I'd adore her.
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I wouldn’t put it past Toph to have simply crafted her kids out of stone so realistically that the spirit world was like “welp, gotta give this a soul I guess”

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My LOK headcanon is that Kuvira’s actions had good intentions and were planned to be peaceful at the beginning, right after she left Zaofu, but something bad happened in Ba Sing Se, maybe an ambush by bandits where they managed to kill civilians and zaofu guards from her team. After that, grief for failing those who trusted her forced her to plan more offensive actions.

Also while I’m at it, I believe Zaofu team wasn’t the only one working in Ba Sing Se. Possibly Ba Sing Se guards joined and other small towns sent reinforcements. Kuvira took charge and after she proved her aptitude for the role while stabilizing Ba Sing Se, she was advised to accept the offer to take place as the Earth Kingdom’s provisional leader and fill the void of power, giving earth kingdom citizens a sense of hope and stability.

However, her early failure still haunting her, combined with power increasingly going to her head, resulted in several of the questionable *cough* fascist practices of the Earth Empire.

ALSO don’t tell me she didn’t have people influencing her (like Guan who was willing to brainwash people BEFORE the fall of the empire) to create concentration camps and commit war crimes. I just can’t believe someone who grew up in Zaofu, a peaceful city with citizens of several backgrounds, and working as the guard captain with other benders (like seen in the fight with Zaheer in book 3) would simply turn into a racist sending fire/water benders into concentration camps.

(I mean, the entire reeducation camps thing was never fully explained although it was a clear parallel to nazi concentration camps)

And, no, I’m not defending her actions, I just think many things happened during the 3 years the timeskip didn’t cover and those things shaped her personality and her actions and I think it’s interesting to think about it.

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Ice Prince - old_and_new_friends - Avatar: Legend of Korra [Archive of Our Own]
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like or reblog if u save or use

© malecbane

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Thinking about how the official atla YouTube posted this a few weeks before they announced Avatar Studios

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The next Avatar after Korra couldn’t care less about their duties and keeping balance, and instead uses their cool bending abilities to create trouble purely for personal gain and entertainment. Can even go full villain.

This is a wake-up call for people that they cannot rely on one special individual to solve all of their problems. The nations unite to hunt the Avatar down and put the end to this chaos they bring. The world ends up more balanced and united than ever.

It’s up to interpretation whether or not this was the Avatar’s intended outcome.

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I’m very happy that LOK was put on Canadian Netflix just in time for my birthday. I know I have a VPN, and the DVD’s, so I could watch it whenever I want… but I gotta support my girl by watching a few episodes before work 💙

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My Avatarverse Ideas…

what i wanna see more of

  • first and foremost, AZULA REDEMPTION
  • How Zuko got Druk and training him
  • GROWN UP GAANG (including suki of course)
  • Katara and Aang raising Bumi, Kya, and Tenzin
  • Some Uncle Sokka and Bumi interaction
  • Aang, Sokka, and Zuko being best bros
  • Katara and Suki being best freinds while also bullying sokka
  • Toph and Zuko sharing a lot of stuff in common. Being the two rich kids in the Gaang, and both having mom and daddy issues. also being the definition of “be gay do crime”
  • Some more Sokka and Zuko interaction of them being best friends to lovers
  • Izumis coronation of becoming fire lord and the whole Gaang being there
  • Some more Sukka, Zukka and Mailee crumbs please? 🤲🏾
  • Katara or Sokka becoming SWT cheif or ambassador
  • Toph teaching Lin and Su how to metal bend
  • Katara and Zuko friendship
  • Grown Aang and Sokka being dumbasses together
  • Zuko being Korra’s firebending master
  • Tenzin getting his airbending master tattoos and having a ceramony like Jinora did but only with the Gaang and his siblings
  • Grown up Sokka with little Korra
  • Korrasami 👏🏾 wedding 👏🏾
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Bolin my beloved

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Chief Lin Beifong is more stubborn than an elephant-koi. Despite decades of working together, Saikhan can never seem to get Lin to leave at a decent hour when there’s still work to be done.

It doesn’t take long for Saikhan to realize she’s seeing someone, a healer, no less, when Lin starts leaving at the end of her shift.

Kya and Saikhan get along very quickly once they learn they share the goal of making sure Lin is taken care of.

Sure, Saikhan’s reasons were work related and Kya’s reasons had to do with her love for Chief Beifong, but that never got in the way of their many plots to keep Lin alive and well.

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My version of the next Avatar, named Ayumi.

  • Ayumi is a non-binary avatar. Pronouns are she/they;
  • Assigned male at birth;
  • Born in Republic City, but their family is mostly from the Earth Kingdom;
  • Twenty years old;
  • Extremely loyal to Avatar Kyoshi;
  • Able to bend glass;
  • Will restore their connection with the other Avatars;
  • They live in the present days, 21th century;
  • Canonically bisexual.

[ID: At the center of this digital art, there’s Avatar Ayumi bending air, earth, fire and water while their body is off the ground. The four elements are flowing around them. The Avatar is gritting their teeth, apparently angry. Ayumi is wearing a t-shirt with a blazer over it, trousers and a pair of boots. Right below the drawing, there’s a title that says “AVATAR: Ayumi”]

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Originally posted by eclipse-valkyrie

Okay, guys, look. I wanted to make a Korra appreciation post cause, you know, Korra. And I was going through Gifs to see which ones to include and found that.

You cannot convince me that Naga here is not the cutest. Look at that face! I’m melting 🤍

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Apparently I need to watch Avatar then Korra

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