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🦋 about me 🦋

meet firelordhesther!

you can call me hesther

this actually isn’t my real name, but a name i came to when i first discovered my interest in witchcraft and such, and this ended up being my witch name! i love it and every time someone calls me it my eyes twinkle hehe

not a minor

that’s right! i am a legal adult 😎 my birthday was this past summer, meaning i’m a cancer!! emotional mess, loyal to a fault


i have 2 little brothers who i help take care of every day, they’re Shit Heads™️ to the highest extent but i love them

✨some things i like✨

i very much enjoy writing, i have ever since i started high school. that’s when i knew i wanted to be an author, and that’s where my heart still is <3 if you guys are still around i’ll let you know what name to look for on the shelves hehe!! my favorite color is black, and i’m obsessed with mushrooms and snails + slugs, i just think they’re neat. my favorite animal is an otter 🦦!! i obviously love atla + lok, they okay a large part in who i am. my favorite band of all time is pink floyd, but janis joplin creeps up right behind them in second place

🤭some things i don’t like🤭

i don’t like slurpy mouth noises, they gross me out. i don’t like peanuts, or peanut butter, which is surprising to everyone in my area. i don’t like my regular clothes getting soaked in the rain and sticking to my skin, i have to be wearing something for that specific reason in order to enjoy it bc i’m weird. i hate when people interrupt me, one of my biggest pet peeves. i don’t like most kinds of chocolate bc they’re too sweet and i’m an old woman (not rlly)

interesting facts!

i have 1 tattoo!! i plan on getting more in the future and will keep you all updated as i go :) i played the clarinet for 3 years in middle school but quit bc my band teacher ruined the experience for me. my favorite candy is Nerds, and i have an obsession with bubble gum/chewing gum. i have 3 dogs whom are very neat and cool and funky and fresh. im not in college yet, but i will be sometime down the road.

if you have any questions or just want to know something about me don’t be afraid to ask!! i’m friendly, just slightly awkward :)

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Deep Roots Untouched By Frost
by acommontater

She dreams of places she’s never been and sees people she’s never met.

She refuses to get her hopes up.

(Maybe she hopes, just a little.)

Words: 7156, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Read Here:

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I’ve had a rough week so I’m going to post all the atla/lok thoughts I’ve had for the last few days.

Yes I know its only Monday what about it

I think about my children a lot because they are my escape from reality

you have been warned even tho you will inevitably see this after I’ve already posted all my trash (cuz most recent stuff goes to the top… yah)

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🐌 request guidelines! 🐌

a short list of things to know before requesting

  • i appreciate every request!
  • i am only human, and i’m still learning so please be nice :)
  • this is an 18+ blog
  • i do not write smut (yet) sorry!
  • i will not write about p*dophilia, s*xual assault/abuse + similar themes
  • some things may vary per request, and i reserve the right to deny a request should i feel uncomfortable and/or uninspired by it
  • i am not a poc, keep that in mind when requesting. i try to leave my x reader’s as nonspecific as possible so that majority of people can enjoy the fics, and i feel as if i can’t offer an accurate representation. support your local poc blogs!! 
  • if you want something specific, say it!! ex: gender of reader, nonbender/bender, bending element, angst/fluff/romantic/etc., specific storyline
  • if you don’t want an x reader, please specify
  • check out who i wrote, and what i write here!
  • please never be shy to request, i always look forward to seeing you guys’ ideas! i love all of my followers and anons
  • if you send a request that’s not on anon, and don’t want to be tagged, please say so
  • at the moment, my inbox is pretty filled up. i will be closing requests in the next few days. 
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Ok. I’ve been trying to find a way to articulate this for a while, and I hope this isn’t too controversial a take, but I am just astounded by the weird classist mental gymnastics one has to go through to establish Kuvira as the final boss antagonist in Legend of Korra. Like I understand the whole premise of each of the antagonists having a valid critique of society and just “taking it too far” but….

Amon was a Scooby Doo villain; tragic backstory aside, he had absolutely no business leading a movement surrounding the rights of nonbenders. Unalaq, at his core, was a spirity Scar from The Lion King, who was mad that even after he got his brother banished and disinherited, he still ended up with a more important role in world affairs than him. Zaheer and the Red Lotus were more interesting ideologically, but even if they had succeeded, it wouldn’t have created anything close the kind of world they had in mind. In fact, Zaheer learns this firsthand in season four.

 But then you have Kuvira, whose original sin in the series wasn’t subterfuge, regicide, or kidnapping a baby avatar, but rising above her station. She didn’t leave Zaofu for power or glory, but because she held a fundamental belief that people with the means and skills to help the defenseless also had a moral obligation to do so. This is a belief that was notably missing from Earth Kingdom elites like Suyin, who seemed completely indifferent to the plight of anyone she wasn’t directly connected to, and Prince Wu who (for three years) cared more about the halftime show at his coronation than his kingdom being ravaged by bandits and criminals. (Raiko planning to stack Wu’s government with his own yes-men, effectively turning the Earth Kingdom into a vassal state of the United Republic is another rant for another day) 

Now, this is not at all to say that Kuvira did nothing wrong. In light of what we see through the latter half of season four, that argument would be crazy. Prison camps are bad. Nuclear weapons are bad. Invading cities is very fucking bad. By the end, sis was definitely a villain, and that part isn’t up for debate.  

But what often doesn’t get discussed is the fact that President Raiko and the other world leaders were not in the dark like Bolin. They knew what was going on and did not give a flying, aquatic, or stationary fuck what Kuvira did as long as she was serving their interests. Let’s not forget that these same world leaders did not bat an eye while the Earth Queen, a birthright monarch and member of the world elite, had the Dai Li do much of the same—if not worse—to citizens of Ba Sing Se in her name. 

In series (though not by viewers), Kuvira was only coded as villainous after she denounced a monarchy that had been objectively horrible for years and whose heir was totally unfit to rule at the time (no offense, Wu. I still love you bby). In fact, despite her various actual crimes, the cardinal sins the season focuses on with Kuvira are her defying Suyin and usurping Wu, which imo were some of her better decisions. The narrative seems to be suggesting that she was just objectively wrong to question her “betters” and was doomed to go bad because she didn’t stay in her place. 

The class politics are just so weird here. 

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I find the idea of Sokka being a council member nearly as unbelievable as Toph being a cop. No way Sokka would be happy sitting behind a desk all day in Republic City.

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Watched LOK and even after weeks I think the saddest thing for me is the lost of fun for the air nomads.

I know the importance we saw of it was from the perspective of a 12 year old so the games and stuff would be more heavily weighted and in Korra they were trying to not loose everything so some things would fall through the cracks but the lost of the importance of fun and games was heartbreaking.

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Young!Linzin (my own version) and Older!Linzin for a series au that’s much more interesting in my head. I like Pema I really do in LoK (Not to mention she could’ve been OP if the creator’s had balls) but like give us an actual reason as to why this power couple wouldn’t have killed it in the show instead.

Lin isn’t an officer because that universe doesn’t exist in my head. Toph instead stayed as a metalbending/earthbending teacher which Lin then followed (by the boar on her outfit, honouring her family roots though). Also, Bare Feet! Because ofc she would have that to better her siesmic senses. She protests for equal rights in Republic City because I think it would’ve been a better intro to Amon’s agenda through a likable character (You know, if you want to pull the BS that he wasn’t a loon still). Also, a sword! Because why the benders have no other weapons in the series when clearly they need them is a mystery. She still has her scars because Suyin still marks her.

***If you like Suyin, ignore this because I don’t and think she deserves more ire for her actions in the series. In my head for this one, Suyin 180° on Toph by joining the police force (They are mainly corrupt and violent) and marks Lin during a protest forcing her to leave Republic City and start Zoafu to run from consequences (much more in fitting with the character personailty in my view).

Tenzin remains mostly the same but I gave him hair because why did he HAVE to be bald like Aang. Come on guys, personal choices for a new era of benders. I tried to give him darker skin so he looks like he sprouted from Katara as well because the show couldn’t do that either. However, I’m not as well practised as I’d like to be so let me know if it might need changing. I like to think Tenzin wore water tribe outfits before he became the leader of the air nation, hence the blue all over Young!Tenzin. Also, Staff on hand! Because, again, really needed!!!

They either have kids or they don’t, I don’t care about that. Also, GOOD PARENTS, NO TRAUMA BECAUSE WHY DID WE NEED THAT. IT DIDN’T ADD ANYTHING

(Click for better quality)

Feel free to download

Like/reblog (with credit) if you use please!!!

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Wow, yet again I have to ask how anyone can claim the police in Legend of Korra are any less awful than real life

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Is this the same anon from last time? If it is, I thought we were done, buddy. And if you’re not the same anon from last time, meh. I’ll still answer you. I know I’m technically supposed to ignore you, but I’ll be honest, I have fun answering asks, even hate ones.

Korra being a better Avatar and person than Aang actually boils down to personal opinion. I do agree that Korra deserves better, especially because she gets the most amount of unnecessary hate from the fandom, but you don’t have to put down Aang to uplift Korra.

While you can have your own opinion on who is a better person, there is no denying that Aang is a good person. He always found it in his heart to forgive, and do what was right, even if it was also what was hardest to do. It’s a bit late here and I’ve typed up more elaborate responses to Aang hate anons before, so feel free to look through my blog for that if you’re actually interested in reading those. Korra is also a good person, there’s no denying that either, she was so kind and compassionate and selfless. Both Aang and Korra are good people. You don’t have to say that one of them was bad, it’s perfectly okay to acknowledge both are good.

On the opinion of who’s the better Avatar, now that, like I said, boils down to personal opinions of each person. However, I can say this: both Korra and Aang were very, very powerful Avatars who accomplished a lot of good feats, and did many powerful, amazing stuff during their lives. Both of them. And also, does it really matter who was more powerful? I don’t think it does.

And I disagree with your last statement. I think Aang deserves a lot. He had to basically give up his childhood to save the whole world. He is a twelve-year old survivor of genocide. He was the last of his kind, literally. His culture was almost lost, more than once. He is a kind, thoughtful boy who always had it in his mind to do what was right. He deserves so many good things.

Dear anon, I say to you what I said to the last Aang-hating anon, in case you are not the same person: stop. Sending unnecessary hate to blogs is bad for your mental health and the mental health of others. It will not bring you any long-term joy, it will only make you more bitter and resentful. And you may actually hurt people, even if it wasn’t your intention. I strongly suggest that you take up a hobby or a healthy way of letting out negative emotions.

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