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Lin: Everytime I talk with you people it gets more and more absurd

Kya: You say ‘you people’ like you’re not already part of this family. Well, I’ve got news for you, love. You’re already on the Christmas card!

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Kya seeing Lin’s abs: Please, stop playing with my feelings

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yes hello excuse me but “orpheus” by sara bareilles is a korrasami song

like it’s literally Asami’s POV waiting for Korra for 3 years when she’s recovering in the South Pole

i don’t make the rules sorry

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i can't be the only one who protects her curls at All Costs. If I don't look like a prettier version of Shirley Temple at the end of the day, I'm passing away
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Lin, *staring at Kya’s face*: So pretty…

Kya: What was that?

Lin: SHITTY I said you looked shitty

Kya: Oh you little-

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Korrasami over the years. Over the past 3 years, every March 3rd I’ve drawn the last scene from LOK to see how I’ve improved. The top is from today, 2nd from 2020, and so on all the way to 2018. I think I’ve improved so much this year. 2018 took me about 30 mins, 2019 took me 2 hours, 2020 took me 4 hours, and this year took me 10. Theres a more detailed post on this drawing I’ve just posted to my Instagram, Legendtrohn.

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Bumi: Truth or dare?

Lin: Dare

Bumi: I dare you to kiss the hottest person in the room

Lin: Hey Tenzin

Tenzin, blushing: Yeah?

Lin: Can you move? I’m trying to get to Kya

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Forehead kisses sketchy doodles 

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if asami didn’t make you question your sexuality did you even watch legend of korra??

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Hey! Thanks for the ask! (Also, thanks for the fic rec earlier this week; I really appreciate it!)

As always with these kinds of posts, I preface this with a statement that I am not in any way justifying Kuvira’s actions in book four; I’m only speculating about the factors that may have brought her to that point.

I always thought her descent into authoritarianism and war crimes would have been more of a gradual thing. When Kuvira first landed in Ba Sing Se, I imagine she had no intention of staying in power past the end of her term as interim president. For this reason, her general strategy was to to push through as many reforms as possible as quickly as she could so that the next ruler wouldn’t be able go back to the way things were under the Earth Queen. This approach — along with a number of feats including defeating bandits and petty warlords and reversing natural disasters — won her the love of Ba Sing Se and much of the northeastern part of the kingdom, who would continue to sing her praises even after the fall of the Empire. However, it also earned her a lot of powerful enemies. 

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Mandalorian Kuvira


I had this idea since finishing season 2 of The Mandalorian and I finally got the motivation to draw it. This is my first time posting art here, I’ve only done writing so I hope you guys like this. (And yes, she also has lightsabers. Not a Jedi though, more towards a grey Jedi or even not really using the force at all, just using them as weapons.)

Progress photos below the line

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Sorry, I’m not doing drabbles currently. I don’t have the energy. Maybe someday.

Like I’ve said before, I’m not color blind, so I don’t really have many headcanons for this because I don’t know what it’s like. From what I can guess, Bolin would have protanopia, which is red-green color blindness. He mostly sees yellows, browns, and blues. He first realized this when as a kid his mom would ask him to bring over his clothes (which were mostly green) for the laundry, but he’d accidentally bring over Mako’s, which were red. (this depends on the shades, of course.)

For personal taste, he wears very neutral colors, but he smiles and nods when Opal and Asami insist on dressing him in green, since they say it’s his best color. But in terms of decorating, he loves using contrasting lights and darks and crazy patterns like zigzags. He has the most eye bleeding curtains, but he thinks they’re snazzy.

One time, due to Spirit World shenanigans, Bolin ends up separated from his body in the spirit world for a very short time. But because color blindness is caused by the body, not the mind, he can see full color when his spirit is in the spirit world. The first thing he sees is a mushroom, and he screams because it’s purple and he’s never seen purple before, whAT IS HAPPENING?! Once Korra and Jinora sort things out and get him back in his body, everyone thinks he’s had such a traumatizing experience, but really he’s just so overwhelmed at purple.

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I love how the feet turned out :3. Mako’s next!~

This drawing was requested by @princeasimdiya12, thank you for this request! I learned how to draw abs better 😂 

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International Womens Day Celebration day two: favorite female-led show → The Legend of Korra

“Even though we should learn from those who came before us, we must also forge our own path.”

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Hey, I just created an instagram account for my fanart pieces! I’ll eventually load it up with all my work so far in here. Hopefully I get to interact with you all more quickly and daily (maybe?).

Instagram: @eli_sebel

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I’m trying out a new art style, and decided to start off with a modern Jinora, featuring the little spirit that helped Korra in season 2.

Honestly, I’m loving it. :)

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Kya: ooooohhhhhmmmmm

Kya: i feel a lot of sexual energy coming from you

Lin: kya we just literally had sex

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