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Author’s Note: ahhh i love dad!bucky and protective!bucky so much. Thank you for the request, babes! Love ya!

Warnings: a wee bit angst, fluff, pregnancy, baby!

Masterlist // Chapter 1 // Chapter 2


After seeing Bucky again and reuniting with him during the fall of SHIELD, the two of you had decided to get married. It wasn’t the most ideal situation, a tiny little service in an underground warehouse with just Bucky and your closest friends. Even Tony Stark was there and his fiance pepper, congratulating the two of you.

After the wedding, just two days in fact, you had found out you were pregnant. Of course, you had impeccable timing since the Avengers decided to break up and somebody had accused Bucky of bombing the UN which ended up killing a couple of people.

So, now you sat a small little belly caressing your features and yelling at all of them. You growl at Tony, a hand resting on your stomach making him go wide-eyed. “There’s no way that he bombed the UN considering that’s when I was telling him I was pregnant. Even if he did, how did you put it… have henchmen? There’s no way he’d endanger his own fucking newborn baby.” You ran out of that meeting in pure rage with Bucky following quickly behind, whispering about how you shouldn’t stress too much.

You sigh and nod, letting his arms wrap around your figure and lean into his chest, breathing in the sandalwood and cinnamon surrounding him. He kisses your forehead and rubs his thumb back and forth on your hip. “It’ll be okay, baby.” You nod and a small smile straightens out onto your face.

Fast forward to nine months later, you and Bucky had lived peacefully in a basement for a while. It was tolerable for a while but you were starting to get antsy. Then, Bucky was pulled to make a decision. Steve or Tony? Accords or no Accords? So, he chose Steve and not supporting the accords. He felt it was the right thing to do and you, of course, trusted that instinct. You give him a long kiss of goodbye, standing around the rest of the Avengers who chose Steve’s side. You were going to stay put in the warehouse since the doctor had told you that at any moment you could be going into labor.

All of them had left around four hours ago. You just sat, picking at your fingers and drinking a non-alcoholic bloody mary wish that you could have alcohol. You didn’t want to think about Bucky getting hurt. Especially not right now. You just couldn’t bear to lose or see him hurt.

The bloody mary in your hand drops to the floor and your hands immediately go to your stomach, feeling a very large contraction. Luckily, it’s gone for just a minute and you breathe until liquid rushes down your legs and onto the floor. You try and waddle towards the hospital bag but stop because of another contraction

You press a finger on the comm in your ear, “Hello? Hello? Can anyone hear me? I need help!”


The Avengers all walked up to each other, Steve and Bucky giving each other a glance. “You know, if you’d just sign them-” Steve puts up a hand and shakes his head. “Save it, Tony. I’m done following other orders.” They all become quiet and ready their stances until Sam straightens up at a very scratchy and hard to hear your voice in the comms.

“Hello? Hello? Can anyone hear me? I need help!” Bucky’s blood runs icy as he hears Sam screaming your name into the comm. “Sam? My water broke!” He could barely hear you but both he and Bucky heard it. They tell the team that you’re in labor and they let Bucky and Sam run. They ran as fast as they could to the warehouse and then shoving everything they needed in a car and rushing to the hospital.


You had the baby the next day at 6:00 am. She was a girl and you had named her Violet, after the color of the plum that Bucky had given you when he met you. Bucky caressed her cheek and a bright smile formed on Violet’s face.

Bucky eventually had to go back to see the Avengers, or what was left of them. Steve had become a nomad as did Sam. Natasha would come to visit the two of you a lot and only Tony would if Bucky wasn’t in the room (he was a sucker for babies but he wouldn’t admit it). To form a compromise and also so Bucky could go on without fears of hurting his family, he decided to go under and stop the pain until Shuri could find a cure.

The two of you had a beautiful house in Wakanda, goat farms surrounding the area. You thought he was happy and he reassured you that he was but he needed to do this. “But what about Violet? What happens when you’re gone in a goddamn ice cube and I’m here, left alone.” Tears pricked your eyes and Bucky’s face just broke. “Doll… I’ll be back before you know it.” You shook your head,

“And if you’re not? What if you come back and Violet’s in college and I’m a wrinkly old-” Bucky pulled you into a bone-crushing hug and caressed your face, kissing you lightly. “I’ll love you just the same. Plus, I seriously doubt it’ll take Shuri long to figure everything out. I give her two years max.” You giggle and nod, knowing that he’s right and that Shuri was the best of the best.

“Don’t worry, y/n. You won’t be going through motherhood alone.” You wipe some of the tears as you see Shuri, T’Challa, and Okoye behind you. You run up to hug them and thank them. You gasp as you see Steve and Sam walk into the room, Sam patting you on the shoulder. “Plus, we’re not gonna let Violet grow without her uncles, right?”

“Wait, you two are going to be in charge of taking care of Violet? I changed my mind, I’m not going under.”


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Shock Waves follows Miles as he attempts to juggle his studies at Brooklyn Visions Academy with his superheroic responsibilities as Spider-Man. However, when a devastating earthquake hits his mother’s homeland of Puerto Rico, Miles sets up a fundraiser in an effort to offer relief to those affected. Things take an unexpected turn when a new student’s father goes missing and Miles discovers the company sponsoring his fundraiser has something to do with the disappearance.

Miles Morales: Shock Waves is set to kick off the new publishing initiative next spring. Following Shock Waves, Marvel and Scholastic will release a graphic novel staring Kamala Khan from writer Nadia Shammas, as well as a new Shuri-starred comic from Roseanne A. Brown. Additional details regarding these OGNs are expected to be released in the coming months.

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I’ll see you soon (B. Barnes x W. Maximoff)

Pairing- WinterWitch (Bucky Barnes x Wanda Maximoff)

Part 2 to He didn’t deserve any of this

Other characters: Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, Vision, Sam Wilson, Corvus Glaive, James Rhodes, Thor, Bruce Banner, Thanos, Shuri (mentioned)

Genre: Angst

Requested a millennia ago by @danihow (You requested for it so long ago. I’m sorry. But I hope you like it.)



Originally posted by tmh-gloucester


Originally posted by vanessacarlysle

With a much clearer head, Bucky fought alongside Steve. Other people as well, but he didn’t know their names. He even met Thor. He had never personally met him. Only heard stories about him by Steve and Sam. And he bought along a tree and a raccoon. The raccoon was pretty cool.

But the outriders kept coming. And they were not afraid to die. Thor didn’t let any of them get much far. But, Bucky could almost see their chances of winning lessen. His eyes widened at the huge wheel-like ships of the outriders, crushing everyone on their path, outriders and Wakandan soldiers. He looked towards Steve. Steve was running, trying to dodge them and killing outriders, at the same time. Despite the circumstances, he smiled, before doing the same thing. But, the outrider ships did not stop. It was like they were alive and were rolling all around, trying to kill as many as possible. One of them seemed to have picked Bucky as its target. Bucky tried to save himself, but he found himself almost defeated.

An outrider knocked Bucky off his feet. Almost immediately, Bucky pushed his knife (dagger sounds like a very Loki word) into it, killing it instantly. But in that split second, the ship had gained on him. Bucky lay on the ground, eyes shut. He was about to die. Any moment, now. Bucky lay there for a minute. When nothing happened, he turned around. Red psionic energy surrounded the ship, stopping it where it was.


Bucky turned around. Wanda stood, her arms shaking, but she couldn’t let the ship go. Bucky stared at her.

“Stop staring and get up,” Wanda said. “It’s really heavy.”

“Yeah,” Bucky mumbled, quickly standing up. Wanda let the ship go, crushing a few outriders.

“There’s more,” Bucky said, as he went to her side.

“I didn’t notice,” Wanda sassed, but with a smile.

“What are you doing down here?” He asked.

“You all looked pretty helpless without me,” Wanda said, earning a slight smile from him. He had been smiling more often. Wanda wondered if he noticed, but thought it best not to bring it up.

“What about Vision and Shuri?” Bucky asked.

“Not of that will matter if we all die,” Wanda said, extending a careful hand ahead. When he didn’t resist, Wanda placed it on his shoulder, comfortingly.

“We’ll survive,” Bucky whispered. “And when this is over…can we…you know…maybe, you can show me around. Because I remember the world as something very different…so…”

“I would love to. And it’s called a date,” Wanda squealed, throwing her arms around Bucky. Bucky stiffened, and Wanda realized, slowly started unwrapping herself from the hug, but, Bucky pulled her back in. Wanda smiled a little. That was improvement. He abruptly let go of her, and as Wanda turned around, a few drops of blue blood splashed on her face. She blinked, as she looked at Bucky standing with his knife sticking out of an outrider.

“I’m looking forward to that date, so let’s try not to get ourselves killed,” Bucky said, slightly shy. “Sorry about the blood.”

“Someone needs to get to Vision,” Bucky heard Wanda say in his ear-piece.

“Vision was supposed to be with Shuri,” Rhodes said.

“Except for the fact that she’s currently kicking outrider ass,” Sam said.

“Guys, please,” Wanda said, sounding desperate. Bucky knew Vision meant to her what Steve meant to him. So, he quickly ran towards the clearing he’d seen Vision fly into, killing the outriders on his way. There were many, and it was an intense battle. He made it to the clearing to see Steve fighting some outriders, while Vision tossed a dead Corvus Glaive aside. More and more outriders kept coming.

“It’s like they’re Hydra but literal. Cut one head and two more shall take its place,” Natasha said.

“That probably wasn’t the best joke for the moment,” Rhodes said. Bucky rolled his eyes. He wasn’t made of glass.

Between the few chuckles and the sound of gun fire, the air suddenly shifted. Bucky felt it. He knew everyone else did too, because they stopped laughing. Bucky followed Steve’s gaze, to see a large man dressed in gold armour, walking through a blue portal.

“That’s him, Cap,” Bruce whispered into his ear-piece.


“Eyes up. Stay sharp,” Steve said, drowning Sam’s voice.

“Why is he so purple?” Bucky heard him, nonetheless. Natasha was the first one to charge at Thanos. Thanos flicked her away like she was a housefly. Everyone slowly charged at him. Natasha stood back up, attacking him, again. Meanwhile, Wanda rushed into the clearing. She looked, horrified, as Thanos tossed all the Avengers aside.

“Wanda, you need to do it,” a voice said. Wanda and Bucky turned around to look at Vision. Wanda shook her head. And Bucky understood why. He wouldn’t be able to do it to Steve, either. “They can’t stop him, but we can.”

Bucky decided to leave the two alone. He nodded at Wanda. Wanda knew that he was about to try his fate against Thanos, too. Wanda didn’t want him to go. But she nodded back.

Bucky ran towards Thanos, Sam and Natasha beside him, but they were all powerless against him. At this point, they were all just stalling enough for Wanda to destroy the stone. But they were a bunch of losers. They couldn’t even stall him.

Bucky just watched as Wanda held Thanos off while destroying the mind stone, and killing her best friend. This was the first time he had properly seen Wanda in full action. She was beautiful and powerful. Eventually, she destroyed the mind stone. The stone exploded, causing an explosion around the entire clearing. All of them fell back. Bucky lost consciousness.

When he woke up, he stood and made his way through the few trees and bushes, back to the clearing. Something was off. There was no fighting. Everything was eerily silent. He caught a glimpse of Thanos before he teleported back to whatever hellhole he came from. Wanda was crying beside Vision’s body. Bucky went to comfort her, but to his utter horror, his hand…disappeared? Disintegrated? Vanished? Bucky panicked slightly.

“Steve?” he asked turned his confused gaze towards his best friend. A few people turned to look at him. “Wanda?”

Wanda looked up at the soft whisper of her voice. Her eyes widened. Bucky disintegrated completely. No. He couldn’t have died. Wanda stood up and ran, more like stumbled, towards him. He was no more than dust on the ground.

“James?” her voice broke. He couldn’t die. They had a date. She picked the ashes up. Tears pricked at her eyes. Nat walked towards Wanda and placed a hand on her shoulder.

“He can’t die,” Wanda whispered.

Nat felt tear forming in her eyes, as she noticed Wanda was about to face the same fate. Wanda looked at her legs as they slowly disintegrated. Wanda had always been afraid to die. But she wasn’t. Not anymore. She looked at Vision’s grey body, and then at the ashes that used to be Bucky Barnes.

‘I’ll see you soon,’ was her last thought, before she disintegrated too.

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I have a headcanon that T’Challa and Tony get together from time to time to feverishly watch vine compilations in order to understand what the hell Peter and Shuri are talking about 

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AU: Into the Deep Blue

Shuri Fontaye: A curious merl hailing from Kristalis, she holds a fascination with the surface world above the waves. She is one of the mer to escape from Kristalis after an attempt was made upon the reigning  Khatankhaan’s life on the day she has a strangely prophetic dream of an ancient coven of sea witches sealing something away…  

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Peter *in Wakanda, picking up a heart-shaped herb*: Flower gleam and glow, let your powers shine-
Tony: *screaming and sprinting towards him* PETER PUT THAT DOWN IT MIGHT BE DANGEROUS
Shuri: I wonder what it would do to your spider dna???
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