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aww wholesome :))

  • lots of projects together
  • and definitely snack breaks where y’all have like a cute coupley date but you’re like exhausted and in lab equipment and it’s leftover cold pizza
  • but she’s still like.. sickly sweet with you. all that nasty stuff like feeding each other bites or lady-and-the-tramp-ing a spaghetti noodle
  • y’all met maybe at school? maybe at work? maybe in a high stakes world-hangs-in-the-balance situation? she was all stressed, running out of ideas, totally hopeless
  • but then you had an idea and she just- adlsjghalk heart eyes
  • the way the two of you would work together though, this synchronous, fast-paced almost dance around the lab
  • it’s like.. enrapturing, how you can communicate with each other with so few words
  • plane dates!!
  • soaring over the fields of wakanda, looking at the stars, general aviation style wholesomeness
  • she’d be super affectionate
  • and also almost surprised by your intelligence. all her life she’s been the smartest person in the room and she’s very used to it, but when you come along, it’s like this pleasant shock to the system
  • touchy and talkative, lots of gifts- not in that she’d spend a lot of money on you but if she sees little trinkets that make her think of you, it’s yours within the hour 
  • overall it’d be super nice and romantic, always communicating, always supporting each other and just general awe in each other’s wit and intelligence :))

thank you! I’ve never really “””written””” in this style before so I hope you like it! super casual and whatnot. let me know what you thought!

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Do y’all think Shuri ever watched Doctor Who and attempted to build the TARDIS?

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Shuri from Black Panther is going to super hell for gay crimes!!!

requested by: @pepperland-timelord

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Tony: Did you just call me a b*tch?

Peter P: No, I called you that b*tch.


Shuri: There’s a difference.

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I’m gonna go ahead and acknowledge that these would look trash on an everyday person and idk what homegirl on poshmark was thinking custom ordering it but IMAGINE this on Shuri.

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I would love to see Letitia Wright voice one of the companions in the next Dragon Age game or be one of the choices for the protagonist voice. She’s beautiful. She is talented. And I think she would sound amazing in the game.

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One bonus of being an adult is grossly misusing modern slang on purpose and watching people die inside.
A fine example: the other day, I pointed at a passing car and, while looking Peter and Shuri right in the eye, went, “Man, is that bae or what, huh?”
And the look on their faces was something I will treasure for years.
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Morgan: people who sleep without socks on make me worry.

Harley: people who sleep WITH socks on are not to be trusted.

Shuri: People who sleep are weird.

Peter: I was a sock once.

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Hi so I am going to be trying to write more, so I thought I would make a character list! I will try to do reader insert, and or ships

Who I write for:

IT 2017-2019

-Stanley Uris

-Bill Denbrough

-Richie Tozier

- Eddie Kasbrack 

I can write for the others, but hcs only





Marvel (Avengers )

-Peter Parker



Peterx shuri

Harry Potter

Golden Era:

-Ron Weasley

-Cedric Diggory

-Fred Weasley

-George Weasley

-Neville Longbottom

Marauders Era:

-James Potter

-Remus Lupin

-Peter Pettigrew (hcs only)

-Sirius Black

- Regulus Black





I am sosososo sorry that there isn’t much. if it is confusing, basically these are the characters that I am confident I can write one shots / series for. I can try my best to do like hcs ors something for other stuff like opinions but I am still pretty new at this. I hope that over time I can add to this list so bear with me here

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Pre-Orders opening soon!

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messy sketchy of how i’d imagine their mornings would go (’: 

might post more hc doodle type beats cause i have too many ideas living rent free in my head

the only reason rin is shorter than yukio is because for a few months yuri accidentally poured coffee in his bottle instead of formula 

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Peter’s POV:

After Cap and the rest of his team got away, I went to meet up with Mr. Stark. I saw him fly over towards a nearby field. I go that direction and see War Machine falling out of the sky. I can’t do anything about it because I just ran out of buildings to swing off of. I run in that direction so I can try and attach a web to him and try to swing off of Tony’s suit in the air. I run as hard and as fast as I ever have, but I’m still too late. He’s on the ground and Mr. Stark isn’t too far behind. He takes off the faceplate of Rhodes’s suit and has FRIDAY read his vitals. I stand there shaken along with Falcon, who even though I just fought, I could feel that we were both only worried about Rhodey. I seriously thought he was dead until FRIDAY said there was still a heartbeat. We waited for an ambulance to pull up to the airport and Vision carried him to it. We watched him be loaded up. I knew it wasn’t a good time, but Tony was walking away, so I asked him, “Can I ride with you to the hospital. I want to make sure he pulls through.” I thought I sounded fine, but Tony was acting as if I was crying.

He responded, “Yeah, kid, of course. Where’s (y/n) she needs to come with us since we need to find out what happened with Happy.”

“What do you mean where is she. Didn’t she go back to the hotel with Happy?” I ask in a panicked tone.

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“Psst…America’s bum.”

*Bucky continues to stare blankly*

*Shuri sighs* “Americium”


Headcanon: A bored Shuri teaching Bucky all the elements discovered since 1942.

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