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Pairing : Bucky x Plus Size Reader ; Avengers x Plus Size Reader

Warning : Language ; Angst ; Mention of Smut

Word Count : 1.2k

Disclaimer : I do not own the characters, nor the universe where they were created and interact in. This series/fiction is only for entertainment purposes.

A/N : I know it was long but I finally managed to come up with something. The next part will be the finale :) 


Originally posted by 3intheam

They nodded and your eyes landed on the prosthetics. “They’re gorgeous. Thank you”, you tell Shuri and T’Challa. For the first time you smiled in what felt like ages.

“When can I put them on? I have a revenge to plan!”, you exclaimed with a small smirk and dark eyes.

Shuri began the procedure of reattaching the prosthetics into your skin. “Are you sure? We don’t have to fi..” “I’m sure”, you replied with a determined voice. She took a deep breath before warning you it would hurt. “Ready?”, she asked to which you nodded. You felt the laser proceeding into reconnecting your skin and cells to the prosthetics and bit on your teeth, trying to conceal your pain but didn’t manage completely and let out groan mixed with deep and heavy breaths. The feeling wasn’t new though. The same procedure was inflicted to you by Hydra when they turned you into the Soldier. The only difference is that you didn’t asked for it the first time. The choice was taking from you. “Barrrrnss”, you whined. “What?” You closed your eyes and said through greeted teeth, “Bring me Barnesss”. Shuri nodded at the guard and she stepped out of the room.

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Part 4

Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Stark!Reader

Warnings: Protective!Bucky, Dad!Tony, Takes place during Captain America: Civil Ware, Pregnant!Reader, fainting, swearing, CANON DIVERGENCE!

Taglist: @chewymoustachio

A/N: Hey guys, I finally updated Not Him! I am planning on writing one more part (an epilogue). Let me know if anyone wants to be added to the taglist (or removed). Sorry if you have already asked, it’s been a while and I’m having some difficulties with finding it. Hope you all enjoy the update! 

—Xoxo Courtney


“This place is amazing!” You exclaim in awe. You hear a small chuckle and turn to see a teen girl watching you with an amused look on her face.

“Sorry,” you mutter, rubbing the back of your neck awkwardly. Of course, this girl was used to all this technology and probably thought you were an idiot.

“No worries, it is amazing after all.” She said giving you a sympathetic smile.

“Shuri, can you gather the healers, please? I have a new assignment for them.” T’Challa requests, the girl, Shuri, nods her head and quickly exits the room.

“The healers should have some ideas on how to remove whatever it was that HYDRA put in Mr. Barnes’s head,” T’Challa explains, leading the three of you towards a sitting room.

“Just Bucky please,” Bucky requests, he always got uncomfortable by being addressed by his last name. That was something you had learned almost immediately after meeting him.

“Thank you for all of this Prince T’Challa,” you say grateful for all his help.

“Please, call me T’Challa. And after all, it’s the least I could do for you. I am honored to be able to help you. You may stay in Wakanda for as long as you would like. I am already working on having you all exonerated of any so-called crimes. And I am working to have the UN pull the Accords. I have seen first hand the damage they can do. It is not worth it. I agree with the Captain now, the safest hands are our own.” He replies with a kind smile.

“As soon as we get Bucky sorted we’ll be off. We don’t want to put you out more than we already have.” You assure him, thankful for all that he has already done, and is continuing to do for you.

“It’s really no trouble.” He promises as Shuri walks back into the room, followed by a group of what you assumed to be the healers.

“We will need to examine you, Mr. Barnes-” says the women in the front of the group. She must be the Chief Healer.

“Bucky. Please,” He corrects, she nods a small smile forming on her face.

“We will need to examine you, Bucky,” she corrects. “But if what I am told is true it should be a rather simple fix.” 

“A simple fix?” You repeat in disbelief.

“Yes, in Wakanda we have very advanced technology and medicine. This is something we have encountered a couple of other times in our history. We took in a few ex-HYDRA agents, after a failed invasion about ten years ago. It was a little tricky to figure out at first. But once we did we were able to have them all rehabilitated in about 6 months.” She explains, puffing out her chest every so slightly in pride. 

“So much for the poor, developing nation, huh?” Steve mutters with a grin, making T’Challa smirk.

“That was an old policy. We were very isolationist historically. We feared invasion and having our resources stripped from us. Now, however, that is changing. I intend to open Wakanda up to the rest of the world, my father had been heavily considering it before his passing.” T’Challa explained.

“Bucky, are you ready for your examination?” The Chief Healer asks, getting you all back on track. Bucky looks to you, uncertainty, and fear in his eyes. You give him a reassuring smile and a small nod of encouragement.

“Yeah,” he agrees, standing up and following her and the rest of the Healers out of the room. You watch him leave and you feel your chest seize in fear. What were they going to do to him? Was he going to be ok? You unconsciously begin biting your lip and pacing. 

After a few minutes of this Steve steps in to try and soothe you. “Y/n, it’s going to be alright. Bucky is strong, he can handle himself. Besides they are going to take excellent care of him.” Steve promises, gripping your shoulders gently with his hands. 

“Wakanda has the most advanced medicine and technology on Earth. Our Healers are excellent, you have nothing to fear,” T’Challa assures you with a kind smile. You nod in agreement but still feel your knees buckle and the blood leave your face. The last thing you see is both Steve and T’Challa sending you worried looks before it all goes black.


“I’m gone for ten minutes and she passes out?!” You hear a familiar voice shout accusingly. Your eyes flutter open and you turn your head towards the voice. Finding Bucky pacing, his hands running through his hair, one of his nervous ticks.

“Buck?” You ask, your voice still drowsy.

“Doll, you’re awake!” He exclaims rushing towards your side.

“What happened?” You ask, feeling confused. The last thing you remembered was Steve and T’Challa trying to ease your worries about Bucky.

“You passed out Doll,” Bucky replies, cupping your face in his hand, his eyes searching yours for any remaining problems.

“Why?” You ask still confused about the situation.

“Do you remember the last time you ate?” Shuri asks you and it’s then that you notice you are no longer in the sitting room. Instead, you are in what looks like a futuristic hospital room.

“Maybe before we left for Siberia,” you guess unsure. You had been a little busy lately, you hadn’t exactly been paying attention to eating.

“Before Siberia?!” Bucky choked, looking pale and distressed at your answer.

“I’ve been a little busy Buck,” you remind him in a teasing tone, hoping to lighten the mood. Which apparently doesn’t work because Bucky just glares at you. Looking around the room you see T’Challa and Steve watching you carefully, worry covering their features, and Shuri who is giving you a disapproving glare.

“You need to be more careful Miss Stark. In your condition, it is inadvisable to skip meals. If anything you need to increase the amount of food you are eating.” Shuri reprimands you.

“I know, it’s just been a little tough to remember that lately.” You concede with a sigh.

“Then I’ll help you from now on,” Bucky vows, his voice serious.

“How did your exam go?” You ask trying to change the subject.

“I know what you’re doing,” he smirks.

“Is it working?”

“For now. But we are going to talk about this along with some other things later.” He promises and you scrunch your nose at the thought. He chuckles at you before continuing, “They said they can start treating me whenever I’m ready, it should be anywhere from 3-6 months of intensive therapy.” 

“When are you going to start?” 

“Tomorrow,” he replies, a look of excitement crossing his face.

“So soon?”

“I want this thing out of me as soon as possible. Especially if we’re gonna have a little one around.” Bucky explains, placing his flesh hand on your still bumpless tummy.

“I love you Bucky,” you whisper, pulling his head down to yours, pressing your forehead against his.

“I love you too Doll,” Bucky replies before softly pressing his lips against yours.



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Marvel Headcanon #4

Peter’s biggest mistake in life was when he drank 19 redbulls consecutively and decided to bet Shuri that he’d web an entire wedding dress and wear it to the mall if he couldn’t teach Steve the concept of memes.

Sadly,Peter still can’t choose between open shoulder and a sleeveless.

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