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Tumblr paired up with Humans of New York to raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief.

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i think some cis lgb people need to realize that they dont relate to trans people in the same way we relate to them.

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tma is so much more dangerous than it looks because u think “all of my mutuals are listening to this thing now i might as well try it out” and then u look up and suddenly ur deeply invested in five seasons of gay horror, a improvised sci fi comedy where u have to brace urself for The Feet every five eps, a dnd campaign that’s been going since 2015, and a recently dead band of immortal space pirates that exist to spread queer tragedies and ur like how. how did this happen

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Io ammiro gli uomini che hanno il coraggio di parcheggiare vicino alle 500.
E’ quasi certo che se è una 500 e magari pure cabrio a guidarla è una donna.

Vi ammiro di affrontare il rischio di trovarvi la portiera rovinata a causa di codeste amazzoni travestite da fanciulle.

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