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Omg guys…500 followers?!

I can’t really express any joy in a correct measure. I am overwhelmed! 500 people, without annoying bots. (♡´౪`♡)

I thank each one of you with all my heart.


Thank you, thank you so much! (〃ω〃)

You have made the blog what it is today and I am glad to have met such nice people here. Incredible friendships have developed.


Of course I will continue to support, reblog, post my thoughts, screenshots and gifs. Maybe also write little scenes about Frieza.

As much as my time allows and as much as I have motivation.

My motto will always be:

“All Hail Emperor F!”

And thanks to @zaphiregz for these wonderful pictures. They are perfect and you made them even more perfect in your style. (•ө•)♡

Frieza and his little chestnut. His little prodigy Kuriza. I really appreciate your work and will also always support you. <3 <3 <3

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