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renniequeer · 17 hours ago
I am nearly 30 years old and I do not consume fiction so that I can be hand-held and taught a moral like a toddler watching educational television.
I consume fiction to be entertained. Which is what it is for.
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firyfox · 20 hours ago
Lemme get a scene where Deku has to fight Toga again and when he deflects an attack from her , she just grins and says 'what's wrong Izuku ? I thought crazy blondes were your type' and Deku is definitely taken aback by it but he's still only starting to be vaguely aware of his feelings so he's just confused as to why that threw him off like that 😳
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it’s so funny when a t/rf starts yelling at me in the notes of my own post and i click on their profile and see they’re an adult like ok queen have fun harassing a trans teenager online <3 feminist queen <3 doing so much for women’s rights <3
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fictifile · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Since I’ve been talking about things that made me laugh this chapter 😅
(until tomorrow, when I’ll cover all the things that made me nearly cry ✌🏼)
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g-a-y-g-o-y-l-e · a day ago
listen. if this is really It, ill respect that, because this show has more than earned my trust with its writing, but genuinely? i am not convinced, from a logic standpoint. One Page Is Not Very Much To Go Off Of, And Also The Guy Who Found It Is Maybe The One With The Least Interest In Researching Anything, And The Fucking Shocking Shot Near The End Feels Kinda Chestburster To Me. Okay Im Trying To Be Vague But Fuckit, More Under The Cut:
↓ only click if youre caught up on wwdits, im not spoiling this shit for anyone and you cant make me ↓
things we know:
-from the very beginning of this season, its been established that we dont know much about energy vampires
-laszlo, as much as hes proven his occasional thoughtfulness this episode, is still incredibly dismissive of research and paperwork, as has also been emphasized this season
-it was Just One Page. not a book detailing it- a page. all he had to do was tear one out. thats not much to go on, especially considering that traditional vampires dont even know all of the things that will kill them. remember the First Vampire rumour? and the ghosts of their human lives? even the vampires we're supposed to know more about have a lot of unfilled blanks, especially around the concept of vampire death.
-whenever a vampire has died previously, theres been two confirmed types:
1. the body is left at least partially intact, and the vampire returns (the baron, and possibly simon in the future, tho i dont think we'll see him for awhile still if he ever does reappear)
2. the body is Fully Gone, and the vampire is, too (every vampire guillermos killed, as well as the ones from the wellness cult, and like, countless others, turned to ash or similar substances)
colin, while smashed-in, is still very much "intact" by vampire standards.
and on that note- nandor clearly didnt expect his fist to cave him in like that. that means that normally, colins head is of a much stronger composition. and in just a few minutes, that composition underwent a rather extreme change internally.
remember how i mentioned chestbursters? i could also mention parasitic wasps, which seem not dissimilar to colin, lifestyle-wise.
what im saying is that i think colin may not remain the same humanoid, middle-aged-looking energy vampire he was before. instead, his former body may become a husk for his new self to burst out of.
a few possibilities:
dude straight up turns into a fucking insect
dude turns into a different sort of humanoid(?) cryptid- no longer an energy vampire, as that is just one part of the lifecycle (like caterpillars). maybe another sort of vampire?? the wildcard possibility is he turns human or into a traditional vampire, somehow
dude is reborn as an unnervingly younger colin robinson, fulfilling "young, dumb, and full of cum". imagine how weird it would be, a colin robinson who looks like, twenty years old. seems in-character for him to just Do That and make everyone else uncomfortable about it
he could technically produce a ghost, but i feel that new ground will be treaded here instead. weve already seen ghosts, after all, and wwdits is known for bringing New concepts to the table time and time again. he may produce a ghost, but i doubt thatll be It.
on a sidenote, colin returning after laszlos admitted his efforts and emotional attachment seems like itd be torture for laszlo. laszlo specifically does not show much earnestness towards anyone (possibly nadja excluded), does not seem interested in that sort of blatant emotional vulnerability overall, and only mentioned the energy spent on colin behind his back when he was reportedly dying. didnt even write a proper note for nandors super slumber, so emotional-vulnerability-avoidant he is. so i think colin coming back would be on some level uncomfortable for laszlo, which seems to match wwdits writing.
theres a small chance colin robinson just returns as The Same Guy, which seems more practical special-effects-wise, but also i think we were Just Shown that wwdits special effects are fucking bold and powerful, in case there was any doubt before
individuals in the main four have left and returned time and again- i think this may just be colins turn (as a member of the main five). maybe hes really and truly gone, but its worth noting that we still dont know much about energy vampires, in a way that indicates that more learning Will happen. its possible it wont happen through colin, but like, thats as good a place to start as any.
regardless, its possible we will learn more about colin in the meanwhile, through whatever passes as a funeral for him, so im looking forward to that.
maybe hes well and truly dead! but consider how much is left to know- the barons story seemed much more wrapped-up, as did simons, and the baron has already returned, and simon like, Also Might At Some Point, His Death Was Unconfirmed At Best- i think colins got a ways to go before he well and truly dies for good permanently and doesnt come back as anything else.
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tarvek-sturmvoraus · 2 days ago
12yo timmy: i think dogs should vote
bruce, soaking up the will to live: so true bestie
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solena2 · 2 days ago
I think some people in the Dream SMP fandom really need to get their heads around the fact that suffering is not inherently virtuous.
Yeah, this is about the torture thing.
Dream getting tortured in prison doesn’t make him more redeemable. It doesn’t make him a better person. It doesn’t make him “worthy of saving”, half because he’s still a fucking bastard and half because if you’re only saving the worthy you’ve missed the point.
Yeah, Quackity torturing him is fucked up.
No, it’s not gonna turn him into an iddle widdle twauwmatized baby who just needs wuv and affection fwom technobwade.
Like, first of all that’s not how trauma works. It doesn’t universally make people quieter, more submissive, or prone to crying softly until they’re “fixed” by your hot white protagonist of choice.
We had all this discourse about not romanticizing trauma when Tommy was in exile, is it really so hard to apply it to Dream?
Second, him being tortured doesn’t fix what he’s done. He’s still the guy who systematically isolated a 16 year old so he could abuse him easier, built the skeppy cage, and organized the final control room, among other things. No amount of being tortured makes that more acceptable, because that’s not how it works.
Being punished for a crime does not make the crime go away. Dream has shown no sign of wanting to make amends with the people he’s hurt or improve as a person, and he’s not going to grow a moral compass from being whacked with an axe a couple times a day, that’s fucking stupid.
I dunno, maybe I’m rambling, but...
You guys know that the statements “this is a fucked up guy who should never see the light of day again because he would immediately start pulling shit” and “wow torturing him every day is kinda fucked up” can coexist, right?
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firyfox · 2 days ago
Deku exposing his simping self on laughing gas when he gets wisdom teeth out or smthn - like , Bakugo is helping him out of the operating room and Deku is walking along leaning on Katsuki while clinging to his arm and Deku is just high off his ass going 'hng Kacchan'zz armss'r so big n strooonng 🤤'
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anxiouspuddle · 2 days ago
is there like a Jennifer’s Body fandom and where do I sign up
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enigma-the-mysterious · 2 days ago
Athos: There are three ways to do something. The right way. The wrong way. And the Aramis way
Porthos: Isn't that just the wrong way?
Athos: Yes, but it's much faster
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darrellcharm · 22 hours ago
Literally what is the point of not posting your simblreen treats publicly after simblreen ends. Why are you doing this. Many people are busy working weekends and might not have the time to search your blog or energy to look for "obvious" treats after working all day. Or they might have ADHD and legitimately can't focus enough read your wall of text for a specific word, or be autistic and struggle with this sort of game. Idk it just seems almost passively malicious, if not actively mean spirited, not to make your cc publicly available after simblreen is over.
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okay look especially if you’re cis you have got to stop platforming terfs. i know it’s fun to debate them or whatever but at the end of the day they’re not gonna change their minds and all you’re doing is platforming them and making your trans followers feel unsafe. if you see a terf being a fucking asshole like they always are, block and report, and go support an actual feminist or a trans person. literally just block and report. 
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