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Someone’s watching from above by Vladimir Dimitroff
Via Flickr:
In the crazy chaos below (the station and its surroundings are one of the busiest spots of London) - nobody would look up and notice. The glorious Grosvenor hotel (now called Amba and somewhat less glorious) was there before Victoria station. Before railways there were canals, and this was a terminal on the Grosvenor canal. Even the station was originally called Grosvenor station, renamed Victoria not after the queen, but after the nearby eponymous street… Who cares? You arrive, jump into a cab (or dive into the tube), and leave the station madhouse behind as a brief and fast fading memory…

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Halloween isn’t the only time for ghosts and ghost stories. In Victorian Britain, spooky winter’s tales were part of the Christmas season, often told after dinner, over port or coffee - Michael Dirda

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We are all works of art. The point is that our real value make us more expensive or cheaper as we give meaning to it ourselves. The canvas is like our appearance from birth. It can be very rich, of high quality, but if the artist is not virtuous, it will not worth anything, since the painting will be ugly, the essence will be ugly. However, if the painter is virtuous, even an old rag can become a masterpiece.

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today I started and ended reading Teleny by Oscar Wilde(?). ok before reading I knew it is about gays but I wasn’t prepared for how much.. hey I loved it really and yes of course I was crying at the end ahhh man

i totally recommend if you fancy some literally p*rn and tragedy

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