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mwko · a day ago
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The Secret World of Arrietty (2010)
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nicetrails · a day ago
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stimnasium · 11 hours ago
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Kidcore themed stimboard with primary colors for @froggypositivity!
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julieterbang · 4 hours ago
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inadazer · 2 months ago
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Ig: slimsense
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lungo · 8 months ago
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mwko · 21 hours ago
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The Secret World of Arrietty (2010)
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nicetrails · 2 days ago
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vanillaglosse · 8 months ago
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ttakahashis · a year ago
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4rba · 9 months ago
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randomencounters · a month ago
Random Dungeon Generator
Now you can randomly generate a dungeon for adventuring in, assuming you’re okay with a campaign where you’re equally likely to find a monster pit and a breakfast nook. It’s always bugged me that these forts and lairs and palaces are all called “Dungeons”, but that seems to be the accepted term for “place where you go adventuring”, so here ya go; the plot’s up to you, homeys
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For each room whose number of exits isn’t clearly dictated, roll d4 for number of obvious exits, roll d6 (1-5 no secret exits, 6 a hidden exit), d20 for location of each (1-6 forward, 7-12 left, 13-18 right, 19 up, 20 down), and d12 for the door (1-4 unlocked, 5-8 normal locked, 9-10 magically locked, 11-12 trap). The room contents will generally be dictated by the room’s description, but the DM can throw stuff in as needed. You can also roll for how many squares wide, long, and tall each room is if that sounds fun.
Throne room
Stairs to next floor up
Stairs to next floor down
Treasure chamber
Monster lair / habitat / pen
Monster breeding chamber
Orrery / observatory
Alchemy laboratory
Weapon storage
Armor storage
Stable / garage / carhole
Magic portal chamber
Divination/summoning chamber
Torture chamber
Dungeon (regular)
Dungeon (sexy)
(Looks in the official Dungeon Master’s Guide for a similar table) Salon? Like a hair salon or a nail salon? Oh I guess they mean like a parlor where you go to have fancy chats. One of those
Shrine to major god
Shrine to minor god
Shrine to owner’s ancestors
Shrine to celebrity
Hallway (roll d20 for number of doors)
Library / study
Map room
Gallery of ancestral portraits
Gallery of antique statuary
Gallery of trophies and conquests
Gallery of magical, haunted, and cursed objects
Gallery of some dumb shit that the owner likes to collect, like soda memorabilia or FunkoPops
Gallery of a weird post-modern installation
Crypt for an important figure
Crypt for family/ancestors of the owner
Swimming pool
Well for drinking water
Well where they keep and raise fish for food
Well where they keep and raise aquatic monsters
Trash pit
Lava pit
Spike pit
Acid pit
Ball pit
Conversation pit
Smoking lounge
Meat smoker
Concert hall / home theatre
Master bedroom
Unused guest bedroom
Private chamber of a cool teen
Private chamber of a lame teen
Private chamber of a teen that takes martial arts way too seriously
Private chamber of a cool old person
Private chamber of a religious ascetic
Private chamber of the owner’s personal attendant
Servants’ quarters
Servants’ breakroom
Healer’s chamber
Aviary / chicken coop
Apiary / vespiary
Dining room
Breakfast nook
Spice pantry
Liquor cabinet
Walk-in humidor
Saucery, which is apparently an entire room dedicated to sauces that they used to have in medieval castles
Still room / brewery
Wine cellar
Pickle cellar
Cellar full of creepy unfinished taxidermy
Cheese cave
Man cave
Calefactory / pisalis
Executive office
Middle management office
Cubicle-farm for low-level bureaucrats
Supply closet
Janitorial closet
Laundry room
Room that looks like it probably used to be an office or a study or something but now it’s just storage for, like, papers and old exercise equipment and junk that they keep meaning to donate to a thrift store. You know the rooms I mean, your parents probably have one
Exercise room
Lecture hall
Grow room for mushrooms
Grow room for poisonous plants
Grow room for unpalatable root vegetables
Grow room for exotic fruits
Grow room for “medicinal” herbs
Suspiciously empty room
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