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Over the past five years I have been lucky enough to travel to Europe four times. London, Paris, Rome and Edinburgh in Scotland. Each has its own ambience and atmosphere but every time three major ideas come to my mind about Europe that seem to be a constant when I compare it with the United States.

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This is an easy one. I can’t stress how much better the food is in Europe compared to the United States. I’m not just talking about the dishes and types of cuisine. I mean the quality of the food. You never know what people mean when they say “processed foods” until you go to a place that serves everything fresh and in season. Even something as simple as a cheeseburger from McDonald’s in Paris tastes ten times better than anything you can get here in the United States. It tastes like actual beef! It does give you a better appreciation for the food ingredients that are used and the simplicity in which the are used in the dishes.

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When I was in Rome I remember looking at the temples in the Roman Forum that were thousands of years old. It does put the word “old” into perspective when buildings and monuments in the United States are 100 - 200 years old if that. I also notice that Europeans have a better appreciation for the history of their countries. It might be a bit different if in the United States a person could look out my window and see a castle that is a thousand years old or walk by a church that used to be a temple that is from the time of Christ. Once you travel to Europe and come back to the United States, your definition of old definitely gets tweaked a bit.

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WE NEED BETTER PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION IN THE UNITED STATES! Especially when it comes to trains. I don’t understand why trains are not used more in this country. Maybe the highway system made it easier to travel. But, it is so easy to get on a high speed train and travel from one city to another or even one country to another all over Europe. The best part though is the price. You can get all around Europe by train for cheap! Hopefully, the United States will get a better train system some day, but don’t hold your breath.

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