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Second Year - Project One Part A:

My final set of posters towards our presentation to Forpeople, in the end, our group decided on a different format for our posters.

With my designs, I kept in the London icon and on the left added in three lines which mimic the tube lines found on underground maps, I also coloured these to represent stations near the icons. I also added the slang in quite a central location along with the ‘our ends’ logo and the slogan, ‘speak our language’.

Our aim with our outcome to this brief was to educate people within London about MLE and be able to gain better understanding of slang words from conversations and allow the bridges to be built between communication.

Forpeople loved our presentation and said they were glad we chose something that wasn’t too cliche. They also noted our use of the tube being the physical thing connecting people along with our idea.

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Second Year - Project One Part A:

After more discussions, our idea shifted towards focusing on MLE (Multicultural London English) slang and building bridges between different communities and cultures in London, the capital. We each chose some MLE slang words and each created posters before deciding a route we all liked. 

For my posters, I wanted to explore the focal attractions of London, combined with the urban/grunge feel associated with London itself. I chose ‘peng = positive’, ‘safe = sweet’ and ‘blud = friend’, aiming to produce a set. With the London icons being Big Ben, the London Eye and the Gherkin building.

I used a silhouette and drop shadows to create the effects which I feel link to the urban nature very well. We used the tag ‘our ends’ at the start to show people being in a collective area (with a member of my team creating a logo for this). We then decided to use design references from the London Tube as this is a huge feature for connecting people through transport. I showed this through replicating tube map lines around my work.

We presented work to our tutors and made final alterations to our work before presenting to the design agency.

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