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INDIA9550 by a Psychiatrist’s view
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the world is in tears pain has taken on a new meaning it reminds us how fear anxiety and loss are shared by all of humanity We are truly more alike than not PURI

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Rob Woodcox
Here for the queer and Mother Nature
México City | NYC | LA
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robwoodcoxphoto Ghosted (self portrait series); over the last few years I’ve been noticing a growing phenomenon that has led to it’s fair share of disappointment. I get involved with someone, or maybe I just start to interact, and suddenly they disappear, stop responding, etc, no form of communication to make things clear. Being an empath and using communication as a form of appreciation and respect, this was really getting to me and causing pain. Spending a lot of time alone recently and more relaxed than usual has been a treat. I’ve been able to process personal things and go back to my roots. I’ve realized that, in this lifetime, all I can do is choose my own actions. I can surround myself with people who communicate and treat me in a way that shows love. The people that ghost, who knows what they may be going through- I simply wish them the best on their own journey. What made me hurt before has become a realization of my own strength and worth independent of others, and always remembering how beautiful and strong my community is despite not every relationship working out how I dream. We get to choose how we respond to life; I no longer have time to live in worry or fear, I choose peace and strength.

Much love to for modeling and being my partner for this series.
Assistants: @michelleluisce, @arianacastellanos_, @sukisphotos

Process: this was shot over 3 days in my living room to allow the flowers to wilt; I used a few techniques to make the flowers decay faster for the purposes of this concept. Lighting by my fave @profotoglobal @profotousa


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