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Difficile de dire ce qu’il y a de plus fidèle à l’esprit du chanteur de Joy Division dans ce live des Irlandais de Girl Band : la dévotion des musiciens, qui torturent de simplicité leurs instruments avec la même concentration qu’un orchestre de classique ; le nihilisme assourdissant qui en découle directement ; la petite chemise trop propre sur elle du chanteur Dara Kiely ; son chant glaçant et désespéré ; les mécaniques de répétition, qui virent à l’obsessionnel ; un peu tout ça, au final.

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The Silfra crack in Iceland is a rift between the American and Eurasian tectonic plates. In some parts of this freshwater rift, a diver can touch both continents at once! Divers love Silfra because the water is so clear that you can see more than 100 yards ahead of you.

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The Valhalla Murders: Several seemingly unrelated people are found brutally murdered in various Iceland locations. An enigmatic Norwegian detective is called in to help the Icelandic police force find a connection among the victims – besides being slain by what appears to be a serial killer who slashes the eyes of his victims post-mortem. This is the first Icelandic series to be featured on Netflix. It is based, with the usual artistic license taken, on a real-life incident.

Recommendation:Very Good Watch
Season Strength:Good
IMDB Score: 7.1
Rotten Tomatoes: 88%
Season 1 Start:  2019
Network:Ruv, Netflix
Originating Country: Iceland

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