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Someday this poor man(known as Nigel)will find his friend(Gavin.) If you or someone you know have any information as to the whereabouts of “Gavin” please contact the local authorities. (May have been last seen in Rhodes, Saint Denis,Blackwater, Macfarlane’s Ranch or surrounding areas.(between you an me I believe both Nigel and Gavin are one in the same.)

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In Undungeon, you will possess an ability to implant organs into your character’s body. This will provide you with various benefits, from stat bonuses to unique skills.



\EXPLORER: dissect enemies to salvage organ samples that can be later used to create implants

\MACHINE: fix equipment, hack terminals and communicate with machines

\RIPPER: damage bonuses for destroying dead bodies of your enemies

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Does anyone have reccomendations of fandom to join that’s relatively new?

One that doesn’t have been going on for years and doesn’t have many stories/games/seasons/albums?

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may I ask for a overwatch matching please? I'm a really antisocial girl around 5'1 but when out with people I'm usually as kind as respectful as i can be, but if i really dislike someone or something i can and will throw hands (I kill spiders with my bare hands). I'm also the type to do everything at my own pase which is very slow since intend to prefer to draw, listen to music and not rush it and once given an order I will do so until I'm specifically told to stop. I like all genders as well.

Yo! You can definitely get that matchup! You seem super cool and chill to hang out with- and you’re super brave for being able to touch spiders! I hope you like the matchup!

I match you with: Widowmaker!


Originally posted by ultra-m00n-blog

I can see you two getting on super well! Firstly, she’d adore the fact that you’re willing to throw hands if someone is rude to you- it’s admirable! She loves how short you are, and will often shower you in compliments. Your respectable nature is important to her as it shows you’re a genuine and polite person. She loves the fact that you take things at your own pace and don’t rush the process, it’s always important to spend time on things. She’d love taking you on little dates to her favourite ballet shows, as well as spending time at home baking and painting with you. You two would make an awesome pair!

Thank you so much for your matchup request! I hope you have a lovely weekend, and make sure you stay healthy!

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“Deep within the Sacred Forest lies a haunted mansion, inhabited by the spirits of those who lost their path in the woods. Beneath its walls, a vengeful phantom is waiting.”

I tried to make a gothic, horror-like drawing of the boss of my favourite dungeon in Zelda games. 🖤

One of the reason the Forest Temple from Ocarina is still my favourite is because it recalls so much the gothic literature (and Little Women). A haunted mansion, ghosts, moving rooms, cursed paintings, nice courtyards, a phantom in the basement: this dungeon has everything I love and ask from a ghost story of the 19th century. Although in later games there are objectively superior dungeons, both a esthetically and in the layout, none of them gave me the same feeling of being constantly followed, nor has the same eerie and yet romantic vibes.

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