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I love decision-based games like the ones of Telltale or Quantic Dream. So, I imagined the same thing with Sherlock.

Imagine this scene : (You control Sherlock) John works all night in the hospital, and you have to take care of Rosie. After a whole fun night with board games and read stories, Rosie is sleeping very well all night long. In the morning, when John should be arriving soon, Rosie plays quietly in the living room, while talking about the evening of yesterday. She then asks a question:

“Hey, can I call you ‘Papa’?”

This screen then appears:


What choice will you make ?

Tag with who you want play >:)

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Fuuraiki (PS1/PS2) official pencil board. 

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Wrestling Legend Andre The Giant Joins The WWE Undefeated Roster This Friday!

Wrestling Legend Andre The Giant Joins The WWE Undefeated Roster This Friday!

(Featured Image: WWE / nWay / Braun Strowman)

Andre the Giant, one of wrestling’s greatest legends, is heading to WWE Undefeated, and the ring is set to shake!

An icon of wrestling, Andre the Giant is the latest WWE Superstar to be added to the extensive list of wrestlers available in WWE Undefeated. One of the largest men to ever enter the ring!

WWE Undefeated is a mobile arcade competition…


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Publisher Autumn Games and developer Hidden Variable have announced that Skullgirls 2nd Encore downloadable content character Annie will launch in Early Access for PC via Steam in early March for $9.99, followed by a full release for PlayStation 4 and PC in May 2021. The add-on will also include a new stage and Story Mode.

In addition to Annie, at least three more characters are planned for release as part of the Skullgirls 2nd Encore Season 1 Pass, which will be available for $34.99. It will include:

  • New Playable Characters
  • Season 1 Pass-Exclusive Palette Pack
  • Skullgirls Original Soundtrack (including the new Annie track) – March 2021 ($9.99 separately)
  • Skullgirls Digital Art Compendium (fully updated) – March 2021 ($9.99 separately)
  • Annie – March 2021 ($9.99 separately)
  • TBA Character #2 – 2021 ($9.99 separately)
  • TBA Character #3  – 2022 ($9.99 separately)
  • TBA Character #4 – 2022 ($9.99 separately)

All character downloadable content will include the new playable character, new stage and music, 25-plus color palettes, and a full Story Mode.

While the unannounced characters have already been chosen, Autumn Games is exploring ways in which players who purchase Season 1 Pass can contribute to their release order (a voting system, for example). Depending on how well the Annie downloadable content and Season 1 Pass does, Autumn Games hopes to add more free stuff to the Season 1 Pass list of content, including a fifth new character.

A free update will also launch alongside the release of Annie, which includes bug fixes, quality of life changes, and balance adjustments.

Regarding other platforms, Annie is planned for release on Switch, but will not be immediately available “due to unique technical complications regarding the Nintendo Switch port.” As for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PS Vita, these versions will not receive Annie or the Season 1 Pass content, and cross-play between PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PS Vita versions will end following the release of the latest update.

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Nintendo - Animal Crossing The Nooks T-Shirt - Clothing - ZiNG Pop Culture | Source:

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note: g/n reader

˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ diluc:

✧˖ your first kiss with diluc wouldn’t happen right away, but that’s to be expected

✧˖ it was 6 months into your relationship, and the two of you finally had a day off together. with all your adventuring and his work at the winery- that was so rare. so you spent the day lazing around together… and that’s when the kiss happened

✧˖ you were the one to initiate it, shyly grabbing his chin and giving him a gentle peck- and boy did he blush. buttttt, he liked it! and didn’t hesitate to kiss you back

˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ childe:

✧˖ your first kiss with childe would happen pretty quickly, it was incredibly spontaneous and not planned at all- just like most of his affections

✧˖ it was about 2/3 months into your relationship when he proposed a date to a super beautiful and romantic restaurant in liyue. he had some spare time before he had to continue his work again, and he wanted to spend it with his favourite person

✧˖ after you had both finished eating and conversing, he’d reach across the table and press a gentle kiss against your lips- smirking when you got all flustered. and since that dinner date, kisses became one of his favourite forms of affection

˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ zhongli: 

✧˖ your first kiss with zhongli was again pretty unpredicted, but it made sense

✧˖ the two of you had been together for quite some time, and you were both enjoying a gorgeous brew of tea together. he was doing his usual- telling you stories back when he didn’t have a mortal form…but something was different. all he could focus on was your face, how relaxed and intrigued you looked.

✧˖ so he’d pause for a moment before leaning in, pecking you on the lips and pulling back to continue his story,,,,all whilst you were sat there like :0

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