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always grateful to Sisyphus… ^^

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Also happy 6 months of sulking to the Mr Underground man. Happy 6 months of living it up on top to the Outdoor girl.

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i was admittedly doing a rare no-heat run since my main objective was to rob and fight charon (alas, the damned money sack didn’t spawn on this run), but holy crap have i never had such a ludicrously overpowered build.

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From our review of Hades Speaks! A Guide To the Underworld By the Greek God of the Dead, by Vicky Alvear Shecter and illustrated by J. E. Larson, in which we hail the illustrations for bringing the underworld to life (as it were).

Hellfire and damnation: my collection of vintage depictions of life in hell.

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when you sort the dead, obviously you must look your best

dress inspiration is from @/lindafriesen.couture on instagram

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Hades likes to hear about Persephone’s adventures, even (and perhaps especially) when they’re ghoulish.

So you don’t need to know the backstory to get the joke, but there are *two* relevant backstories here.

First is the myth of Osiris and Isis. After Seth killed Osiris and dismembered him, Isis reassembled him and sewed him back together, except for \*ahem\* his manly bits which she never found. At some point in her journey, she stayed with a family disguised as an old woman and attempted to make their child immortal by passing it through the sacred flame. When the mother saw Isis putting her baby in a fire, she quite reasonably freaked out and stopped Isis, which made Isis angry because of the ingratitude. (Gods, amirite?)

Second is the Hymn to Demeter, which is the basis of most of the “Taking of Persephone.” The majority of the Hymn to Demeter is, essentially, retelling Isis’s story looking for her husband, but with Demeter in the role of Isis while looking for Persephone. I imagine Isis feels ripped off.

In this text message, we find out: 1) Isis does not appreciate that Greeks attribute to Demeter what Isis did, and 2) Isis was not a great seamstress.

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was playing around with silhouettes for an assignment, and I thought it would be fun if they had like a Dusa mode. Escape the underworld again.

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No thoughts, just Road To Hell playing on someone’s restored 1930s radio

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Hades: Well, aren’t you all a rag-tag group of adventurers with unclear goals and good hearts! Oh, let me guess: you’re out to save the world!

Orpheus: Well, actually, that sounds like a pretty fair assessment.

Persephone: More or less, I guess…

Hermes: That sounds awesome! Let’s do that!

Eurydice: I’m new here, but I am open to the concept.

Workers: I thought that’s what we were doing, guys, come on!

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the difference between me and eurydice is that if patrick page asked me to stay with him in the underworld, i would do it without second thought. i dont care if my husband sang me a special song, id leave him for patrick page in a heartbeat

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Hades: Stars above, I hate people.

Thanatos: But you love us, right?

Hades: If I could replace all of you with animals, I would.

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Looking for Friends

I’m trying to branch out and find more people to talk to. I’m just really awkward and don’t really know how to take that first step. If anyone would have interested in talking, I’d really like to.

Some of my interests include:

  • Camp Camp: I ship Danvid, Jaspvid and Jaspdanvid. And of course I’m a sucker for the dadvid dynamic.
  • Steven Universe: Old or future, I still have a deep love for that show. And as everyone knows, massive Kevamie fan.
  • Hades the game, and just media that displays Greek mythology in general. I could listen to someone talk about it for hours, and I just really adore the game.
  • No Straight Roads: I love the characters, the art style, and I have a soft spot for 1010 in particular. Anything to do with the game, I’d be happy with discussing.
  • Identity V: I just enjoy the characters and play it every day, so I’d also be open to teaming up in the game. No guarantee I’ll be any good on a team but I try.
  • Animal Crossing: I play New Horizons every day, so I’m happy talking about villagers, sharing aesthetic images or island visiting.
  • Little Nightmares: The first is one of my favorite games ever, and the sequel could easily be another. I love talking about the game, discussing theories, trying to decipher lore. Anything and everything.
  • I also enjoy discussing about ideas in general, and I try and be as supportive as I can of other people’s creativity. I’d love to hear about any story your working on, any original characters, and help you with them in any way. I’m also pretty hugely into games.

In general, I just like talking to people. Hearing what they’re passionate about. I hope this reaches someone interested.

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