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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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“I ate in the land of the dead.

For I did not know that I could not go

Back up to the living again.”

More sorrow reigned, joy could not be feigned

Persephone had to return

To her dark love not from above

And this her mother did spurn.

Hades’ heart made tender, to her wishes he did render

When he saw the heartbreak of his wife.

So they made a deal to all the gods’ appeal

That would bury Demeter’s strife.

“For two seasons,” he said without treason,

“May Persephone walk above,

For the others that pass I simply ask

She will come back for me to love.”

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‪tfw you’re-a-major-olympian-with-grade-A-badass-distinction-and-good-lore-but-get-ignored-and-only-get-remembered-as-the-villian-in-your-daughters-“love”-story-or-as-the-boring-aunt-by-popular-media-even-though-you-had-every-right-to-be-angry-bc-your-child-literally-got-stolen‬-from-you-but-you-can’t-say-anything-because-you’re-reputation-got-downgraded-to-a-one-dimensional-angry-health-nut-mother-in-law-trope

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The fact that there’s a telephone wire that leads all the way to hadestown means that hades probably got a telephone tucked away in that house of his which means not only could he send seph letters if he misses her but he could also fucking

C A LL HER?? and hear hER VOICE??

But okay sure industrialization is a valid coping mechanism.

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Said little bi+ch,

you can’t fu+k with me
If you wanted to


Yes, I am shamelessly inserting a video I’ve edited as an inspiration for a set i’ve done. No really, im just so ecstatic that I have finished something other that a set here and that i’ve actually uploaded it.

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The stranger in the dark suit, whose face was dimly lit from the low lighting of the almost anomalous tavern, looked into the girl’s reddish-pink eyes with his own which were of pure glowing emerald. The pale girl looked as well with her doe-eyes. She approached him, slowly stepping closer before facing him properly while looking up.

“Ah, hello, sir…”

“Hello there, madam,” the man greeted back. “Ah, do tell me, dear, what brings you to this dark corner of the world?”

“In all honesty…I’m not sure. But something, I believe, led me here.”

The old god gave the mortal girl a smile, one with warmth yet it came from such a cold form. ‘What exactly was he smiling at her for?’ she wondered. Perhaps did he, too, believe that this meeting might have been fate? The man 

“I’m glad, then, that it brought you here to me.”

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