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idk if anyone’s ever heard of Mythic but it’s basically Lore Olympus the Musical

like this is the opening number and it’s literally one of my favorite things ever

theres a really sweet duet between Persephone and Hades and if I had any talent at all I’d make an animatic

so yea, check out Mythic, it’s become one of my favorites

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Zagreus when he sees Cerberus after dying

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Okay so, first of all, I haven’t played the game, just spent a couple of days on watching videos on youtube, reading fics, and doing some research on wiki and such, so my knowledge isn’t the best. But my subconscious is always on the lookout for possible torment so. Here goes.

We’re gonna focus on Thanatos and how perhaps he’s been affected by the whole ordeal with Sisyphus.

Most versions of the myth are pretty vague but I managed to find something that basically says that Sisyphus tricked Thanatos into showing him how shackles forged by Hephaestus worked and while Thanatos was explaining it on himself (yeah, I know, I’m sure he knows it now too), Sisyphus shackled him. Then, he put a collar on his neck, taunted him, dragged him home and locked him in a closet. For a month - until Ares decided it was no fun when soldiers weren’t dying (also, nobody was dying - sick people, headless, bloodless, old - everyone was suffering, and on top of that people started starving because they couldn’t kill animals; also, to be fair, the gods did try to make Sisyphus release Thanatos but he refused). And so he broke into the house and liberated Thanatos, and then Sisyphus tricked Hades again, but that’s a different story.

So. I mean. Kinda messed up.

And I kinda thought:

  • What if Thanatos has lost trust in people and retreated into himself, causing him to be seen as more aloof and cold?

  • What if he wears that huge collar to remind himself that he chooses to put it on and remove it - and also to remind himself not to make a similar mistake ever again?

I mean, that’s a pretty massive collar, isn’t it? No other character has anything similar. Collars in general? Yes. But nothing of that scale.

  • What if he’s so dedicated to his work to show that nothing similar will ever happen again, to prove himself to Hades?

  • Hades thought Zagreus would try to torment Sisyphus:

I mean, Hades isn’t an idiot and knows Zagreus and Thanatos have a strong bond. Perhaps that was why he assumed his son would torment Sisyphus - to take vengeance for his friend.

  • Lastly (and that’s pretty much a headcanon), I kinda figured his sleeping pattern must be all over the place. So what if he takes on so much work to keep himself from sleeping because he has nightmares?
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I like how after Persephone turned into a bunch of butterflies when kissing Hades, we started creating the most elaborate theories about what happened to her.

When in fact she was just nervous and excited (…and horny).

*Persephone and Hades kiss. Persephone turns in to butterflies.*

The fandom: HOLY SHIT! I bet it was her mother. Her mother knew she would have a connection with Hades and would make Persephone return to her if they ever kissed. Demeter is going to keep Persephone locked away and Persephone will have to double tap the ground for Hades. He’ll take her away, but Demeter will think he kidnapped her. Hades will have to protect Persephone from Demeter. Then, Persephone will feel so safe with Hades that she’ll tell him about Apollo and Hades will beat the shit out of him. Persephone and Hades will get married and have kids.

Persephone: hehe we’re kissing… gods this is amazing… I feel like I’m flying… wait… oh fuck… I DIDN’T MEAN THAT LITERALLY… NOOO!!

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Are you tired of your candles dripping each time you light them? Or having them drip onto your workspace when you don’t want them to?

Try soaking them in a strong salt solution for a few hours. Dry them well afterwards. This should prevent them from dripping the next time that you go to light them.

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Me: Which is the best weapon?

The Entire Hades Fandom: *various overlapping arguments*

Me: Which God has the best bonuses?

The Entire Hades Fandom: *various overlapping arguments*

Me: Who’s the best waifu?

The Entire Hades Fandom: *various aggressive overlapping arguments*

Me: Is Cerberus the bestest boy who deserves all the pets?

The Entire Hades Fandom: *immediately* Y E S

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