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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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#hades game

!!! Absolutely!!! (She’s my favorite fury fight in the game!!)

She’s definitely a tough one to get used to her love language, due to her rough demeanor and interesting choice of communication, but once you’ve bonded, you have her in your corner for life! (And death)

She keeps eye contact while you comb through her hair, laying in your lap and staring up at you, unblinking as she lets you work. She probably grabs your hand and places it on her hair when you stop.

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More human AU roleplays! “Maurice” the reincarnation of Hermes got a little too bold with his dealings, should’ve listened to his business associate/scary weird mute goth (boy)friend who doesn’t risk their earnings on gambles like this

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With the Mirror of Night only being a medium for Zagreus to learn to harness his inherent powers over Darkness, would there be a tipping point where he doesn’t need it anymore? Or would it be a gradual change?

Also with those powers granted … would they be the end?

Or only the beginning?

(Not to mention what inherent but as of yet slumbering powers he could have from his mother’s side.)

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If you think about it, the exclamation “Blood and Darkness” could actually change to become the invocation to address Zagreus.

Because, looking at the Mirror of Night and that it is merely a medium for him to unlock his inherent powers,

He is the God of Blood, of Life - and also of Darkness.

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