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Dark Star (1974)

“They’re not lost in space, they’re loose!”

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The Navy vs. the Night Monsters (1966)

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3rd from the Little Green Rabbit Friends from Mars box

More from the box I painted for Mom. Crowds are a bad idea at this scale.

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small shadows on white:
a geometric catalyst, the dimension
a sci-fi fantasy.

the laws of physics are a mere suggestion,
like the list of equations, cold hard equations,
in the dead of space.

but there is no dead of space,
only the absence of matter;
a vacuum, the raw attraction of particles

and a small ship with a manifest
destiny of outward expansion.

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Free illustration - rubble, destruction, debris, ruins, science fiction

Free illustration – rubble, destruction, debris, ruins, science fiction

Science fiction illustration 「The world of the end」
Free illustration – rubble, destruction, debris, ruins, science fiction
Please click on the image. It opens download screen in a new tab.
Science fiction illustration drawn with colored pencils.
Resolution 72dpi, save format JPEG, size vertical or horizontal 1240pixel
JPEG image (color)

JPEG image (texture – cracking)

JPEG image…


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Into The Storm: Man Vs. Tornado

Into The Storm is a disaster film directed by Steven Quail. The film recounts the devasting effects of a tornado on a small town in America, thriller seekers, researcher and horny teens all get caught up in its destructive wake.

In many ways the disaster move genre is very like the shark attack sub-genre in horror, you know what you are getting, they all play out pretty much the same barring a…


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“Alien Lore Origins - Prologue StarBeast - What Came Before Alien - The Beginning of Alien History”

The amazing odyssey which led to the creation of the cosmic monstrosity known as the Alien.

I recommend you sub to Acid Glow’s channel. He provides a broader perspective to what led to the creation of the Xenomorph . Alien is much the product of un-filmed scripts, old sci-fi films, sci-fi classic literature which (of course) includes H. P. Lovecraft’s cosmic horror books. All of which make the film much more enjoyable and horrifying.

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Anyone on this big blue site have some upbeat sci fi movie recs? I feel like sci fi is often classed into horror or like… a depressing outlook and I want to watch something with good vibes. Think The Martian, that’s my current aspiration.

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<div> —  <b>Yoss</b>, interviewed by Juan Vidal at <a href="">Remezcla</a><br> </div><span>in a time where things like science, technology, and even society are growing increasingly faster, sometimes I believe sci-fi is the only kind of narrative that can accurately describe the strangeness of the present. When you write a realistic novel, it becomes a historical novel the moment it gets published.</span>
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