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page 71 is here! Ava is..... not having a good time. Ava’s dolphin species (delphinus delphis) is accustomed to living in deep oceanic waters, and they do poorly in captivity - which is why you never see them in marine parks despite them being the most common dolphin in the world (hence their name - Common Dolphins!)
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Chthon by Piers Anthony, cover by John Jude Palencar (1987)
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Nexusroku Crypto Shaman
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It's Your Galaxy Too! by Joe Corroney
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Dune (2021) - Art by Matt Ferguson
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The Fallen by Maximiliano Moretto
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H.P. Lovecraft - The Colour Out Of Space (Virgil Finlay)
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ROBERT K. ABBETT John Carter Of Mars - Unused Cover
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Remembering #DennisHopper
May 17, 1936 - May 29, 2010.🕯
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One of my biggest issues in science fiction is when there's so much cool lore and potential but it was ruined by White Man Writing.
Let me give some examples.
The concepts in the Dune series are really cool. Humans use limited tech thanks to a robot revolution many centuries before. So instead of machine computers, they use living systems to solve complex equations.
That is fucking rad as hell.
But then it gets ruined by the story's political systems.
The reason there's an Emperor and royalty in these books is because Frank Herbert was a libertarian who believed that it humanity's nature was to always exist in a Vassal state.
Uh excuse me? The fuck.
And some might argue "but Paul becomes Emperor at the end and brings peace".
The issue isn't who is in charge but what system is used.
Avatar is also another great example.
Pandora is an amazing feat of creativity. From the floating mountains to the mycorrhizal network so complex it literally has a mind of its own.
So then why does the movie suck so bad?
Because James Cameron is the same asshole who nearly let Kate Winslet freeze to death and called it method acting.
So instead of a story about this fanatastic world, we get Pocahontas In Space.
Maybe it's just because im a star trek person.
Where humanity learns from their mistakes and goes out to learn and explore, not conquer.
Where they ask nicely if they can use local resources and are sure to offer the locals anything they like in return.
Where people from other worlds can chose to travel the stars or live as their ancestors did and both are seen as equal options.
Anyway here's some cool links on new amazing and ethical scientific breakthroughs:
Mining without digging
Mushrooms and bacteria that eat plastic
Artificial womb video (still just a theory but neat) plus the current science
Forest cities
Mushroom computers
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"Hi y'all, it's Chronomaster42, the only Youtuber with the ability to travel through, and control, time and space, here with another taste test. I'm here in 1976, and I'm gonna get some fries from Mickey D's before they changed the recipe, and then I'm gonna take 'em back to 2022, and get fries from the same McDonald's, so I can compare. Now, I've got my Nixon, uh, Ford? Carter? Era fries right here, so now I'm gonna"
*everything appears stretched and distant, and then the camera flies through space, through the sun, over millions of different Earths, past the faces of individual people in a thousand different timelines, splintered day by day, the long-dead alive once more, their varied futures lying before them. They appear to be screaming*
"annnnnd here we are, gettin' the new fries, today. I have to say, I like the old fries a bit better, bit more crisp, but Mickey D's fries are still Mickey D's fries, y'know? Anyway, I know some of you guys were freaked out at all the screaming time faces last video, but like, I'm used to 'em, and they aren't even audible to me? But y'know what is audible? That's right - Audible, use code -"
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Mehrdad Malek
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Do you understand? When I am done telling you these stories, when you’re done listening to these stories, I am no longer I, and you are no longer you. In this afternoon we briefly merged into one. After this, you will always carry a bit of me, and I will always carry a bit of you, even if we both forget this conversation.
—Hao Jingfang, ‘Invisible Planets,’ in Invisible Planets: Contemporary Chinese Science Fiction in Translation, tr. & ed. Ken Liu
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great-and-small · 4 months ago
This post is a reminder to all intergalactic citizens but especially those within the fixed universe to please be extremely critical of any “cute” videos that involve humans (bipedal hominid organisms from Earth, Milky Way, Laniakea)
I have noticed a significant uptick in viral content containing this species (probably thanks to Xarqrets Kain’s recent “Universe’s Cutest Aliens: Sol” series 🙄) and I am very concerned with how humans are treated to produce such content. We all love seeing cute human videos, so let’s break down how we can ensure the content we’re consuming is ethical!
Red Flag Human videos to watch out for:
ANY video featuring a human on a planet other than their native home of Earth.
These videos are particularly concerning considering the increasingly pervasive (and highly illegal) human pet trade. Humans are a remarkably adaptable species, but even those who appear well-adjusted to life on another planet are in great danger. Exposure to novel pathogens in humans are not well-studied and any human placed in a new environment could be at risk of death or corruption. These creatures are also highly gregarious and removal from their established social group on Earth can be detrimental to health and well-being. Responsible scientists will only remove humans from their planet as a last resort.
Be cautious of videos that show humans inside their homes
Access inside human domiciles is highly restricted to legitimate research studies only, and bootleg streams from illegally placed monitoring systems are highly unethical. If you are curious about how humans behave in their homes, please seek out streams from accredited research organizations that have collected footage by methods undetectable to humans!
Beware of content that shows captive humans engaged in dangerous situations
 Humans are illegal to own for many reasons, but one of the most crucial is that this species has a dangerous tendency to get into things they should not. Humans are pathologically curious, and captive humans (especially bored ones) WILL find the most dangerous place in their environment to “explore”. I recently saw a video circulating of someone’s pet human approaching a field of Termakhan, solely because it wanted to get a better look at them. I shouldn’t have to tell you how dangerous that situation was.
This one should really be a no-brainer by now but please do NOT share videos where humans are curled into a ball on the ground or producing excessively intense acoustic waves. These are signs of extreme distress in humans!!
 The unfortunate reality of most encounters with humans (by non-trained individuals) is that they are highly frightening to the humans involved. That “adorable” video of a human vibrating the air molecules around it to an extraordinary degree when touched is actually an example of a behavior that is now well documented as an extreme stress response called “screaming”. Just because humans display fear in a way we don’t immediately recognize does not mean they’re not distressed by contact with us.
There is plenty of safe and ethical human content you can find if you look, and there is really no reason to support videos that put this amazing species at risk! Instead, seek out videos of adorable humans exhibiting normal behavior in their natural habitat on their planet- walking along coastlines, interacting with other species’ on their planet, playing with their young (so cute!), sharing meals with one another, and so on. Do your part to limit the human pet trade and avoid media that endangers or distresses these creatures just to make a “cute” video!
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