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probablybadrpgideas · a day ago
"I am non-binary both when it comes to the binary of male and female, and the binary of life and death."
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vintagerpg · 2 days ago
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If you’re looking for a really Middle Earthy MERP book, look no further. Riders of Rohan (1985) is about as Middle Earthy as they come. Angus McBride’s excellent cover featuring two riders running down some orcs sets the pace. Unlike Thieves of Tharbad, which is sort of conceivable as a Middle Earth city while also feeling much inspired by Lankhmar and more suited to D&D, Riders of Rohan is a Middle Earth sourcebook in the way that is in line with what we expect a licensed RPG sourcebook to be in our current era. It thoroughly translates known literary material into game terms. There is some extrapolation (especially across the multi-millennia timeframe that MERP cover) but in general, this is recognizably and unsurprisingly Rohan. I kind of hate it.
It’s too rigid! Like, it is an enjoyable read of Tolkieniana, sure, but as an RPG book, there is no elbow room for me to find my own stories. The best material (and the focus of one of the brief scenarios) involves a school for jugglers/thieves guild, but it is also the stuff that feels least Tolkien. That’s why I prefer MERP stuff on the outskirts. While Tharbad might feel like Lankhmar, books like Hillmen of the Trollshaws and Dark Mage of Rhudaur have a chance (and largely succeed) at feeling plausibly Tolkieny while also being loose enough to actually play in without worrying about the canon (which, side effect, means they work pretty good as generic adventures).
Lots of nice art and maps though. Definitely worth a read, not so much a play.
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cat-cosplay · 3 months ago
Displacer Beasts > Blink Dogs.
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drunkengeekpod · 11 months ago
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The discussion in the Drunken Geek’s Discord:
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peternautico · 4 days ago
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Sacado de aquí
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bovel · a year ago
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A druidic warlock for sure!  When I sewed more of my LARPing gear I was a wizard and I had some cleric in me when my burnout was at it’s worst. What class(es) are you?!
EDIT: @greebers reminded me that I’ve got some strong Bard-tendecies when doing ESO dungeons over voicechat. @godlingmajora @katyspirit
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venusmage · 11 days ago
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“You aren’t cruel. Like he is.”
Who wants to pay me to only draw our d&d campaign 🥺🙏🌸 thx [party wizard belongs to @/wysterea!]
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alysshawke · a year ago
Me: *has to resolve a problem in DND*
Me: May I quick look over my notes on my phone?
DM: Of course
Me on my phone:
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spellarena · 3 months ago
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Greetings folks! Twisted River is famous for its twists and turns. The water streams change drastically, so no place in the river is safe to cross by foot. Once upon a time, it was a popular trade route, but a colossal warship blocked it after the Great War. Despite the enormous financial losses, no one removed the wreck just yet. There must be a reason why the ship still stands still. Will you find out what secrets it holds?
This week's map is "Twisted River". The map will be a great place to settle up a camp or for riverside skirmishes. A river provides interesting opportunities during combat, and smaller boats may be helpful for both escaping and chasing.
Grab boat oars, swim across the Twisted River, and explore the Abandoned Ship!
Adventure hooks:
A large, abandoned warship is blocking a major trade route. A local ruler offers an incredibly generous reward for getting rid of it. That raises your suspicions; removing the ship is indeed not easy, but the amount of coins he is offering is abnormal. He says it's an easy but tedious job. The boat seems abandoned, so you decide to take a look at what's hiding inside. Everything seems calm at first, but suddenly you find yourself surrounded by Lizardfloks. Ruler centrality forgot to tell you about this part of the quest…
You have been preparing all year to participate in the Grand Race of Ships. Unfortunately, your ship was destroyed during the battle with the Kraken. There is an abandoned ship by the Twisted River that you could "borrow." This time of the year isn't the best to travel through nearby woods. Something about the moon, magical rituals, and stuff like that; whatever. You don't want a whole year of preparation to go to waste, so you decided to take the ship no matter what.
As you travel along the river, you notice a letter in a bottle floating downstream. At first, you decide to ignore it, but involuntarily it arouses your curiosity. What could be hidden in that bottle? A treasure map? A love letter? If you want to discover this secret, you must hurry up. The bottle floats away faster and faster with every turn of the river.
"Twisted River" [33x62] has 8 map variants (plus grid, no-grid, JPG, PNG and PDF versions) and 4 assets (ready for Roll20, Foundry or your favorite VTT platform).
This map will also be available in a dynamic lighting version prepared especially for Foundry VTT for Patrons with tiers $10 and $20!
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nudityandnerdery · 4 months ago
“So my new character is a warlock/bard multiclass who plays the concertina. He’s sworn fealty to a fae patron and specializes in targeting the luminaries of the realm, using his mockery and musical talents to take their fates and turn them into a parody of the life they once lived. Uh, yeah, so, that’s my character concept for Wyrd Al.”
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alphamecha-mkii · a month ago
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Star Wars: West End Games RPG - Platt's Starport Guide - A Mon Calamari Star Cruiser approaches Kuat Passenger Port
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probablybadrpgideas · 2 days ago
Roll a Dfuckton
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vintagerpg · 17 hours ago
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The Dragon 14 (May, 1978). The cover is by Steve Oliff, who went on to be a successful comic artist and digital coloring pioneer, probably best know for coloring the Epic Comics version of Akira. Obviously, I don’t own issues 12 or 13, but from here on it is a straight run to the 280s (circa 2001). Strap in! 
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thewizardsvault · a year ago
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Here’s some of our newest dice set designs. The purple, Ducklings of Doom are definitely my favorite. 
You can find them in my Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/TheWizardsVault
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borderland-ranger · 3 months ago
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drunkengeekpod · 9 months ago
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I have a lot of options on my phone...
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Okay, maybe a different one.
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There we are.
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izzypeazy-lemonsqueezy · 6 months ago
The Green Knight: A Fantasy Roleplaying Game
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oh my god oh my god oh my god
i'm crying
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warhammergoldenera · 3 months ago
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Picked up this boss the other day.
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nudityandnerdery · 3 months ago
RPG campaign idea:
Four players sit at a table. Each player finds image art for a character. Passes to the player on the right, that player picks an ancestry, class, and background. Passes to the player on the right, that player picks class abilities, skills, feats, equipment, etc. Passes to the player on the right, that player has their PC.
Alternate, potentially more confusing version: third PC makes class choices, fourth PC picks equipment, and then everyone start out playing with the character they chose the art for, but the DM has the character sheets and the PCs have amnesia. You have to find out your character abilities in game.
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npc-guy · 8 days ago
Human Witch
Oh, yes. Humans like power. Because in many ways we feel powerless. That’s probably true for most forms of sentient, mortal life. But power and control are oftentimes just illusions that we believe because it makes us more comfortable. This can also be applied to the witch (or warlock, for 5e D&D) and the bargain they make with a patron. You think you’re getting free magic, but really you’re promising to work for a powerful entity that may not care about your well-being. Arch-devils, abyssal despots, undead demigods- the list goes on for toxic supernatural employers. Some mortals probably think they can make it work out, but entities that can grant magic can plan far in advance and can have contingencies for contingencies for contingencies. And, of course, there are those who are aligned with their patron’s interests from the beginning.
But why be a witch instead of a cleric or something similar? Well, witches have access to some unique magic and powers, so that’s probably a draw. Plus, I think I’ve gone over the idea that a witch can be more incognito than a cleric with their holy/unholy symbol and prayers and such. So, human witch? Figure out why they want power and that can help inform how they can factor into a campaign.
Bryn Rhydderch [Patron: Deception]
Growing up in an orphanage can make a child desperate to achieve a better life, which is why they are often targeted by dark powers. But in Bryn’s case, it was actually a more neutral entity: an elemental water demigod. To allow Bryn safety from bullies and then bigots, this patron granted them power to avoid and evade as well as a bonded cat. Over time, Bryn has used this power while working as an agent for a relatively benign thieves guild as well as “liberating” orphans who are being mistreated. Of course, all of that comes with lawkeepers trying to take down what they see as a criminal with access to wicked magic.
Ghalib Nejem Al-Amin [Patron: Endurance]
The nation has a problem: assassins. Specifically, spellcaster assassins. Ghalib is a government investigator and a distant relation of the royal family, so he’s had a target on his back for some time. Thankfully, a spirit of justice noticed how dedicated Ghalib was and granted him powers of protection After accepting them from the owl this spirit sent as an intermediary, the harried investigator could reasonably survive an arcane ambush. Now Ghalib is looking for help in stopping the assassins and finding out who exactly put the hit on him in the first place.
Intan [Patron: Animals]
Boar demons are well known for representing gluttony, but a close second could be considered greed. Intan serves a greater form of such a demon who has granted them power over animals. Normally, animals are disgusted by demonic magic, but by granting power to a human the odor is masked. So, Intan uses her magic to make animals do her bidding. Whether it’s stealing, distracting, or actually attacking, Intan sees animals as tools to be used. How does that work with the viper that is acting as Intan’s familiar? Well, that’s a very… complicated relationship.
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