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Tumblr media
Author : jeonjkswifey
Pairing : husband!jk × wife!oc
Genre : hardcore smut
Warning ⚠️ : dom/hubby!jk , top!jk , soft!jk , master jk , soft/bottom/wifey!oc , cute oc , roleplay , cosplay , jk is a kinky mf , he hot tho, oc is a simo for husband jk , DDLG kink at its finest , ayo bitches 😭 , praise kink , degradation , manhandling , oc wants to get dicked down , pretty much PWP.
Summary : you and your arranged marriage husband are yet to discover many things about each other when it comes to your sex life, and Christmas is the perfect occasion to gift each other by fulfilling the others desires. Too bad, both of you are the shy kind, so maybe talking out loud about your kinks is not a very good idea ? Nevermind you both come up with an even better plan to explore each other.
Tumblr media
Getting married to a guy who's a complete stranger to you at a young age of 26 is not every girl's dream but for you like any other cliche story, you had no other choice, this marriage was a settlement, just that your father and his wanted to turn their business partnership into a family relationship.
So now what ? Married to Jeon Jungkook, the most eligible bachelor in the city, literally every business magazine has his face on their cover and why wouldn't they? He's a major business tycoon of the city. How did you get set up with him ? Coz your dad is one amongst the successful business tycoons too.
6 months into the marriage you already know he's Nothing like what people assume him to be. Looks hard to approach and has this stern and strict facial features but when he smiles the weather is so dreamy.
You don't regret anything, absolutely nothing. If you think of it, you have everything any girl would want in life. with all the basic luxuries and now that you have him it's more than basic. He himself is a luxurie. Love ? Yeah you both ended up falling for each other.
4 months after marriage he was on his knees for you in front of the sea shore confessing how much you matter in his life and how much he loves you and you just had to reply with a big yes that you love him too.
Sex life ? Active. Okay, very active if you're being honest. The day he proposed to you he asked if he could claim you as his and with all heart you said yes. Your body to him and his body to you were like drugs to you both. Like magnets of opposite poles you both were drawn to each other.
There is still a lot you need to know about each other but trust me there is progress every second. You have this wish of satisfying him to the fullest, you want to know what he likes what he doesn't what he wants to do to you what he wants you to do to him and no this isn't about his favorite color or his choice in food about that you can ask directly but about his interest in intimate topics you were too shy to ask.
So you came up with an idea. Basically each of you will write your sexual fantasy for this Christmas on a piece of paper and exchange your chits. 12 'o' clock and you can hear the muffled noises of crackers filling the surrounding 25th December Christmas is here and you too on the bed sitting right opposite to him.
"So did my baby write her fantasy" he asks voice so soft and comforting "yeah .. how about you" and now that you don't stutter too often he's happy you're comfortable around him "I did too" he hands you a box painted red with glittery green lid totally Christmas themed, you look at him with confused eyes
"my Fantasy is in this box want you to wear it for me can you princess" you smile and take the box and hand him your chit which has your wish on it. He's about to open it "wait- I- I'll go to change please read it after I'm gone" you sit up from the bed he tries to not giggle at your shy and cute state "alright".
In the bathroom you open the box, you can see a red and white bunny ears headband, black fishnet stockings a red skirt with fluffy white fur border, then a cute half sleeves top that has the fluff white border attached to all it's endings once the box is empty you see a small slip similar to yours in the box, when you open it you wanna scream.
It says "roleplay / cosplay / DDLG want y/n to be daddy's little girl for me and an obedient pup all for me to devour . Wear the bunny Santa cosplay costume and crawl to Daddy"
Here he reads the tiny slip his wife gave him with shivering hands "Praise / degradation / bulge kink, want jungkook to tame me, be rough with me, manhandle me and put me down to my place" he can almost feel his dick twitch in his loose pajamas is this what his small and innocent looking cute wife hiding behind her face ?.
It's been 15 minutes and you aren't out yet he's sure you don't take so much time to change. Maybe you're just hesitant. He's so excited to see you in the costume with bunny ears, the moment he clicked on the picture online he decided he's gonna buy it for you.
The skirt is too short, your ass cheeks on full display, and did you mention the white fur tail buttplug you found in the box ? You weren't functioning when you first saw it. He didn't even mention that in the slip, maybe it was a total surprise.
Using the baby oil in your bathroom as lube you slipped the metal plug in your butt hole, you'd be lying if you said it didn't hurt but the feeling of him tugging it in you made you clench around it in bliss.
He hears the door clicking open and his eyes are shining with excitement. He's already naked with just his boxers on. Trust me he'd remove that too but he wants you to do it for him. When you step out he feels like he did you dirty feels like he did a crime.
Tumblr media
Sure he has seen you naked, many times but still you somehow looked innocent but now that he gives you this sexc Santa costume and you come out taking slow steps in it, your face still showing Innocence but your body ? Goddam ! Innocent who ? You look so fucking hot like this but you're walking to him, also according to your fantasy you like to be dominated and manhandle so why not
"tch tch tch I told you to crawl to me Bunny" you stop at your spot which is not very far from the bathroom door since you're taking slow steps.
Knowing there's no other option you kneel down, once your knees are in the ground you place your palms on the floor, on your fours now the way you bend forward gives him a clear view of v cut deep neck top and your boobs are spilling out, those thin white boxers aren't helping him hide his excitement one bit.
"You know how pretty you look like this ? Crawl to Daddy baby be an obedient bunny for daddy" you nod your head submitting yourself to him,crawling your way to him you can see the outline of his girth under the white restraints then the way he's sitting his vline looks so appealing and those thighs ugh should've even mentioned getting choked by those thighs in the fantasy chit .
For him everything is under his control. His girl has crawled to him all the way from the bathroom door to now between his legs at the edge of the bed giving him this puppy eyes, almost begging him to let her remove the last piece of fabric on him.
"go on sweet bunny if you behave then daddy is all yours" oh damn how are you supposed to misbehave now ? Attaching your dainty finger to the waistband you motion him to lift his butt a little up to get rid of it and he does, you slowly pull down the boxers that feel too tight now since he's grown so thick under it and when it reaches his knees releasing his length. feels so good for him he feels free it's like his dick can finally breathe.
He doesn't realises that his bun has already thrown the boxers away and his tip is already in her mouth, when he feels the wet warmth of your tongue his dick twitches in your mouth making you feel happy. He places his hands on your head softly caressing your hairs "baby so good for daddy want to pleasure me without me even asking hmm ?"
And for the first time you speak "yes want daddy to cum in my mouth and.." you stop kinda embarrassed "and what bunny ?" You look up in his eyes his tip till resting out of your mouth on top of your lips "and my pussy" he smiles "anything for my sexc Santa bunny"
He's trying to look all stern and calm but when your innocent eyes look into his and say my pussy the way his heart throbbed oh his dick did too you're making it hard for me bunny "daddy can I suck you please" oh well he asked you to be obedient but this is going to kill him "go ahead bun it's yours"
you smile and kiss his tip, within seconds he had his dick all warm and drenched, sticky and slimy globs of your spit following down his length mixed with his semi translucent yet white pre cum he was hard, so hard that his balls had tightened up ready to release any moment.
Somewhere in the between of your blowjob session you asked him to take control of your mouth put me down to my place oh he remembers that so he did placing both palms on either side of your small skull he guided you head up and down on his dick sometimes he'd completely shove his length in you until your nose touches the patch of the fuzzy pubic hair right above his dick.
He'd ask you to stay like that for a few seconds to feel his tip brushing on the back of your throat, sure you had a hard time but knowing how much pleasure it gave to him you felt satisfied.
"Bunny daddy's gonna cum and y-you are not gonna waste a single drop okay be a good brain dead bunny for me and drink it all up yeah ?" Oh how sweet those words sound rolling off his cherry lips you nod even with your mouth full of his dick.
Once he has all his balls emptied in you he pulls his dick out and asks you to open your mouth and in order to not spill even a drop of him cum you first raise your head eyes on the ceiling then open your mouth. He's so satisfied watching his wife determined to not waste his seeds.
He can swear he never loaded so much but the special treatment today made him fill your mouth till the brim "good now gulp it all baby" you close your mouth and drink it up then pull your tongue out only to show him your empty mouth "good bunny. On your stomach flat in the bed now" his voice soft yet demanding.
Laying flat on your tummy you push your ass up in anticipation to feel something, anything at this point such a cute slut "what does my pretty dumb whore wants ? Impatient isn't she ?" His velvety voice rings in the room and you nod your head not knowing where you got the confidence from
"ahhh god shit" you screech when you feel him pushing the tail butt plug deeper in your ass "hurts ?" You nod again "don't tell me you aren't enjoying" no wait you're ! "No daddy I love it please more" thank god he thought you'd like it if you wouldn't he'd be hurt.
He pulls it in and out of your pretty pink hole while doing so he can see his hands getting slippery and shiny and so does the plug and the scent of the baby oil fills his nostrils, he can't help but smile at you such a baby using baby oil as lube
"I'm sure your tiny hole wouldn't be able to take it without that oil isn't it bunny" he asks "yes daddy too big" you whimper " aww your slut is so small baby how are gonna take my dick if you can handle this" he wants you to cry ? "No please I want your dick please" you sob and that stirs his tummy up.
You're abruptly turned around on the mattress, now laying on your back and before you process anything he has his hands on your top but what is he doing? omg wait- he gets a grip on fabric of your top right on your breast and rips it apart like it tissue paper causing your boobs to spill out
he doesn't completely gets rid of the fabric instead he lets it hang beside your breasts attached with the sleeves you try to stay quiet but the moment his lips attached to your nipples you couldn't hold it back, that's when you let out all your whimpers and mewls "Ahhh daddy please" you cry only then he lifts his head up "what do you want bunny tell me"
"Want y-you" he smirks pecking on your nose "I know that be specific baby" god he can just step on you at this point "want you inside me want your dick to fuck me pleaseee can you" you whine during the last part. Oh his poor heart vibrating at your words.
He kneels down between your legs and spreads your legs raising your knees a little up now the skirt has riled up to you tummy and the flairs on the skirt are lying on top of its own waist band above your belly button but still the view isn't clear due to the fishnet stockings still he can see how drenched your bare pussy is all for him to devour .
He hooks his finger in one of the loops of the stockings pulling it apart ripping it open from your left med thigh till it's torn open till the whole of your pussy is out for a clear view again he doesn't bother to get rid of ripped fabric on the lower part still stuck to your limbs all he wants is your pussy and boobs out for a clear view "daddy that would've costed you"
you seem concerned looking at how almost the whole costume is ruined. He chuckles and says "the cost is all worth it look at yourself boobs spilled out from the ripped blouse, skirt riled up to you upper abdomen hiding Nothing then these stockings ripped apart and the shattered into pieces still hung on your limbs not been bothered to taken of you look like a perfect dumb whore, are you ready to be my fuck dool ? you absolutely look like one"
"Yes please fill me up-" before you could even get to finish your sentence you've been filled to the edge you can't even scream from the sudden stretch as your mouth's been covered with your husband's heavy palms.
Ones he's completely in you he gives you time to breathe and adjust, his eyes soften when he sees tears brim up in your eyes yet you don't ask him to stop moving his hands away from your lips he lets you breathe instead you whimper and mewl "t-too big h-hurts" damn he feels bad now.
"Sorry baby I got Carried away" he tries to pulls his dick out but when his tip is about to leave your warm hold you clench and clamp on it not letting him out he looks at you and you shake your head saying a small no, not letting him leave you and he pushes it back inside making you shut your eyes clenching them tight
"tell me when I can move bunny" his voice soft again "whenever you feel like" you reply what ? He's trying to be considerate and sweet here. It looks like someone is too adamant about being treated like a slut. Ok if that's how you want it.
He starts moving starting off with gentle pushes then slowly picking up his pace to ram his dick in you "this is what you wanted huh ? Acting all soft and dainty so I become and then tease to dick you down hmm ?" You look into his does eyes not looking soft anymore they're dark and full of lust
"daddy I-'' before you could complete your sentence you're interrupted by him spitting right into your mouth getting a hold of your jaw and he looks so hot with clenched jaws and gritted teeths "I told not to misbehave slut" but you didn't ? Still if this is how he treats you no complaints
Without any hesitation you gulp down his spit like it's your favorite candy such a submission from you makes him grow even harder inside your hole and he can feel you clench around him from the non stop thrusts "dumb whore wants to cum ?" And the tears slip out of your eyes
"yes Daddy please let me cum I promise I'll be a good bunny please let me cum" talking about bunny your bunny headband has loosen its grip and got down your head so he pulls it up and places it back on top of your head right in the middle "perfect bunny, next time I'll make you my rope bunny like the idea ?" Yes a lot but you just want to cum now
"Yes daddy love the idea I'll be your rope bunny but please let me come" you show him your teary puppy eyes this women " ok since you asked nicely I'll let you come" oh please you can even beg for him to let you cum at this point "yes daddy I-" you immediately stop not wanting turn him of or something
"you what bunny" he looks at you "nothing I don't want to spoil your mood" he shakes his head "you won't just tell me" you sigh and give up "I love you" omg please he wants to put you in his pocket and carry you with him all day
"I love you way much more baby and this will never turn me off alright makes me even hard when you go all cute for me" he whines thrusting in you capturing your lips between his "now come for me bunny" those words with few slow final thrusts is all it takes for you to release yourself on him and so is the same for him the moment your shudder under him he couldn't help but release his load in you though he wanted this to last longer but he couldn't hold it in.
Heavy breathing, panting chests, his forehead on yours, hands beside your head and your simply lying limp on the bed the room isn't cold at all filled with the heat radiating from both of your bodies "so good" you whisper in his ears and he can breath in contemptment " I know baby I feel so good too"
he looks at your worked out state and pulls out making your insides feel empty. He unzips the top from the back and removes your ripped blouse, getting it in between your legs he cleans your pussy and wipes away the excess cum spilling out of you while doing this he tries not to get hard again at the sight of your creampie .
Then he pulls down your ruined skirt and stockings and discards all the clothes in the dustbin beside the bed stand. Taking out your headband he places it beside the lamp and pulls the sheets over you and gets beside you wrapping his hands around your waist with your back facing him.
He places a quick kiss on your naps. You're looking at the the costume in your dustbin "I really liked it you know" you pout he can't help but giggle back to him sweet bunny side "I can buy you more baby rest now"
You turn him his eyes closed, you capture his lips in between yours and he replies fast making you giggle in the kiss "merry Christmas hubby" you whisper chant "merry Christmas wifey" he giggles nuzzling his large head into your chest.
The end
Tumblr media
- was listening to "love me back" by trinidad and it has me swaying my hips can't even focus on editing
• pls i love this yn she's the sweetest one I've ever written
-pls ignore grammatical mistakes (if any)
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Tumblr media
Cute and spooky
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Last night the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are attending the premiere of Top Gun: Maverick along with Tom Cruise at Leicester Square 🇬🇧
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220 days!
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regulus: did you eat the last of the chocolate off the christmas tree?
harry, with chocolate around his mouth: ...no?
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Christmas music makes me feel like everything is okay.
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The Yotsuba arc happened during the holiday season, and L misses the orphanage. Wammy always created the most magical Christmas atmosphere, with mountains of sweets, the largest Christmas tree he could find, decorations, and a celebration with all of the residents.
Light notices L looked down, and so he sent a message to Watari during work. They end up planning a small celebration since the investigation has gone pretty stagnant, and it could be a little pick me up. They end up having a fun time, with Matsuda especially creating a cheerful atmosphere and everyone deciding to give themselves a break. Even though they're Japanese and Christmas isn't as big for them, spending Christmas eve together as a team was surprisingly great.
L and Light eventually break away from where Matsuda was drunkenly singing English carols with the rest of the team was laughing and encouraging him, and have a little quiet time on the roof.
"So this is Christmas" comes on from a speaker, and L softly confesses it's one of his favorite songs, despite (or because of) the melancholy tone. As Light tipsily asks him if he wants to dance, a rare snowfall begins to flutter from the night sky. They rock together to the song, small white snowflakes tittering down to rest on their hair like little gems and kissing their exposed skin before melting into little droplets.
The Kira case seems so far away, as is their roles to it. L tries to forget the ominous future that seems to cloud everything, while Light denies that little voice in his head that doubts his innocence. They let themselves have that night, dancing together inside their own little world of what could have been.
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Tumblr media
december 19, 2021
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hello! I'm looking for a fic... It was around Christmas, and Crowley would stand outside a church to hear the choir rehearse. Eventually, Aziraphale found him and a woman from the church recognized him and invited him to the performance. It turned out that the church wasn't consecrated ground, so Crowley could actually go inside.
I hope you can find this, I'd love to read it again. Thank you so much! :)
Hi. This was in a previous lost fic post, and one of our followers suggested that it could be...
How an Angel Learnt to Relax and Rediscover Christmas by Jupiter_Ash (G)
Aziraphale has a complicated relationship with various religious holidays. Christmas was no exception.
(Part 1 guest starring other religious and non-religious holidays)
- Mod D
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Tumblr media
[ID: A colorful marker drawing of Kyle, Stan, Kenny, and Cartman from South Park in the style of three Photo Booth snapshots. Stan and Kyle stand behind Kenny and Cartman with a backdrop of pastel blue mountains and snowflakes. Kyle wears a blue and white Hanukkah sweater, Stan wears a brown sweater with a string Christmas lights design, Kenny wears a red and white knit patterned sweater, and Cartman wears a green and white striped sweater with a red collar and a picture of a red-nosed reindeer on the front.
In the first snapshot, Kenny points at the camera as if to tell his friends the photo is being taken, while Kyle and Cartman argue and Stan looks annoyed. The second snapshot shows all the boys smiling for the camera. They make silly faces in the last snapshot. In the bottom right corner is the artist’s signature. End ID.]
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
december is here and this cutie loves it (inkstaboy instagram)
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Mother Nature creating art at below -30° ❄️😍.
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you guys did it. you saved the horse. plinko no more. he is home.
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Gävlebocken Gogoat
Tumblr media Tumblr media
that is all
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I just wanna go to Italy and relax for a whole century
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