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Writer’s Update

Not a new post or anything haha, I just haven’t really posted or said anything in a while so I’m just gonna put all my WIP’s here so you know what I’m currently working on.

Shu x Reader Angst (Undergoing Editing)

2nd Year Nazuna x Reader Confession (Still writing)

Knights & (TBD Unit) White Day HCs (Brainstorming)

I really just feel like writing Knights, especially because of the new upcoming event with Ritsu. I haven’t picked the other unit I wanted to add, but I’m not opposed to suggestions via asks. The default at the moment is currently UNDEAD though.

Also someone pointed out to me that I forgot to turn anon asks on (because I’m stupid) but they’re on now so feel free to ask away haha.

—mod yeona.

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Previews of the cards of the upcoming event have been released! This set features Kaoru Hakaze and Shinobu Sengoku from the units UNDEAD and Ryuseitai!

This event will begin 2/27 at 15:00 JST. Please look out for it!

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Previews of the cards of the upcoming event have been released! This set features Ritsu Sakuma and Arashi Narukami from the unit Knights!

This event will begin 2/28 at 15:00 JST. Please look out for it!

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souma + crush hcs

i cannot put into words how much i love souma. he is my everything, i am the sunflower that blooms under the warmth of his smile, i am the prisoner whom he has locked in a cage of simping and thrown away the key for, i am the picture of piety before his heaven-sent adorableness and grace. he is my love, my son, my heart, my beloved, my reason for being. being his full time simp is more than a feeling. its an experience.

  • his feelings hit him like a hurricane, sweeping him into a storm of unending daydreams and self-indulgent fantasies of his crush. a moment of thought about his friend gone too far, like he took a step off of a cliff while lost in daydreams, his mind is quickly consumed by brightly burning flames of love and uncontrollable infatuation.
  • upon realising his feelings, souma copes by becoming overly formal and way too easily flustered, basically going red as flames with the tiniest smile or physical contact from the target of his affection. it’s near impossible for him to flirt or make any moves, no matter how much his friends try to encourage him (he never admitted to having a crush but he’s so damn obvious they picked up on it anyways). he’s a good boy from a good household and, like tsukasa, shows his burgeoning affections via acts of chivalry and politeness
  • at the same time, he’s very defensive and protective of his crush— were they to be offended or insulted by anyone, he’d fly into a soumaesque rage of samurai dramatics, challenging the offender to a fight to the death for the honour of his beloved. yes, he forgets himself and calls you his beloved out loud, and only realises his mistake when you bring it up after dragging away from the confrontation (souma lasts 3 minutes before turning into a melting mess of cherry cheeks and failed words, then fainting).
  • yea getting souma to confess or hell even just. act normally around you. is a team effort from his friends, particularly akatsuki + adonis (and probably his 2a classmates because they love to stir shit up). kuro offers encouraging words, personally quite enthusiastic to see the ‘baby’ of their group grow up and develop a crush, even if souma’s so bad at handling it. adonis’ advice is surprisingly reasonable and mature, but souma’s just bad at remembering it when face to face with the person that’s sending his heart on a rollercoaster. natsume just sends him bad ideas he found on tumblr (luckily souma has already thrown his phone into the fountain 3 weeks ago after you called him cute and pat his hair).
  • souma’s most at ease when you can lure him into the lull of easy conversation, where he forgets his all-consuming feelings and his mind is instead occupied with talk of his family, cooking, swords, or akatsuki. his bright, animated smile is lovelier than the prettiest blooming flower, and it’s more than enough to get you to return the crush. souma doesn’t need flirting or charming— adonis’ advice of “just be yourself” really is the best bet for him.
  • HELP THIS POOR BOY. he’s so tender and wholesome and genuinely just so caring, his feelings of love are so pure and soft and nothing would make his lil romantic heart happier than being able to maybe hold and kiss the person he holds so dear. i love souma 💜💜💜
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꒰ ENSTARS ꒱ˀˀ ↷ ⋯ knights event icons!

can we talk about knights? i love them sm and i’m soooo happy that they finally have a song event!! i was hoping izumi would be 4* but anyway! stream little romance hehe.

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