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Modern Mother Goose-On The Loose [D] (The Forbidden Driveway)

The house was set high on a hill-
It had a windmill, in the yard, that stood still.
No one ever dared go up the driveway-
For there were tales, from back in the day.
Tales that said a witch lived up on the hill-
And she’d get you, if you ever got close to that
So everyone stayed away, and no one there was to
be seen-
Until the new boy in town, decided to go there,
on the recent…


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nothing extravagant but I need a visual for this at some point in my life 🤷🏼‍♀️

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im literally so mad. my birthday is in two days, and i have my ortho appointment today AND an x ray tomorrow. i hate it here, my teeth are gonna be sore on my birthday :(

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Happy Inauguration Day darlings!!! 🥳🥳🥳

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What if…

JC was really the one who made the soup he brought to WWX when WWX woke up after passing out?

And that explains the happy look on his face, when WWX said it was really good.

But he told Yanli to keep the fact that he’s the one who made it a secret because if it was not good, he didn’t want to be teased because he really tried his best.

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American politics is insufferable, but watching Trump leave with YMCA playing in the background is absolutely entertaining!

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I often dream about being a drug addict in a really messy apartment. And laying down on a dirty mattress with some dude sleeping on my chest. And i’m asking myself: How did I become such a Loser?

And in the next moment i feel happy because my life has a story. However I hate drugs, and would never do anything like heroin or meth or whatever. But still thinking about it gives me kind of pleasure and the total low point of my life gives me chill vibes, because nothing matters anymore. I lost everything so… whatever?

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I am tired of the internet i miss my friends i miss sharing space i miss vegging out i miss just existing with people i’m tired of this * **** ** *** ugh i miss the rhythms of life and not having to be intentional about time in the way we are now

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someone tell me why i get drunk and buy shit like this 


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ok well i caved and made a kpop sideblog so i wont be littering your dashes anymore hehe <3

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Oh, and I also found out today I can’t take time off the entire month of my birthday so instead of taking a long weekend like I usually do, I have to hope someone can at least switch shifts for the day of my birthday which, of course, falls on Mother’s Day this year making it harder to get anyone to switch with me because it’s a holiday. Oh, and my mom and I hate sharing a day because my mom assumes she’s losing her Mother’s Day to my birthday and I get to have to feel like she’s going to be salty about it and tip toe around her about it. This is also coming after Hopefully things turn out for the best since last year’s birthday was spent at home in lockdown during the early pandemic days and this year is kind of a milestone (I’ll be a quarter century, yay).

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Tuesday rave day

Versions YYC livestream

Nostalgic love vibezzzzz

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