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I literally cannot hold my attention to something I’m interested in or already know about for more than half an hour like even just 30 minutes is pushing it

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馃尮 馃尮 馃尮 馃尮 馃尮 馃尮 u might be my biggest tumblr tickle crush 馃尮 馃尮 馃尮 馃尮 馃尮 馃尮 u seem like a blast to tickle!


aww thank you so much!!!!!!

and aw lol ‘a blast to tickle’ skkddeaaadghshj shhh

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alright so I’ve been dealing with some insurance stuff cause I got in a wreck the day before my surgery and since my dad’s name is on the car and he knows car stuff (layman mechanic) I put him in contact with the adjuster

good news: they worked it out so my car wasn’t totaled and the company is giving my dad the money to get the repairs done and I don’t have to stress

bad news: I called my dad and expressed my gratitude because this is a huge help. thing is he basically twisted my arm trying to get me to call myself his daughter

him: this is something that what kind of person does

me: a dad

him: for who?

me: his child

him: what child?

me: youngest child

him: what child?

me: ….

him: his daughter?

me: ….

him: daughter?

me: sure

then he laughed and said we were making progress. no. now I just feel upset and manipulated by his generosity

I know this is so minor and people deal with much worse but it makes me really sad and angry. before he didn’t know he was misgendering me. now he does and he wants me to do it to myself. no

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I know things could be way way worse. I’m thankful for my health and safety and everything. People are dying it’s fucking scary but selfishly all I want is my job back. I’m falling apart.

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scrolling through Twitter and again hear this nonsense about russians that had never suffered from the russian government…( ᐕ )

I`m so tired from the internet and tons of racist idiots in it
and the most funny is all this bullshit about Stalin, communism and etc.
Bitch I`m 18 year old student, I never lived in this time  wHaT dO You want from me ???  

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This was the year I was supposed to get back on my meds. I have no idea how I’m going to do that now.

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I talked to my friend about this the other day, but I’ve been thinking about my romantic orientation. I’m asexual so nothing changes there, but I’m romantically attracted to guys. This was fairly simple before I accepted my nonbinary identity because I was like “oh heteroromantic, cool.”

But I’m nonbinary trans-masculine and I’m like… ¿gay?

It doesn’t feel like the right label. Maybe it’s imposter syndrome, feeling like I’m “actually a girl” and just pretending to be nonbinary but I know I’m not. I’m happier than ever since I changed my name and started transitioning.

Maybe it feels like the label belongs to my sister and my best friend instead. I don’t know.

All I know is that I don’t have one for my romantic orientation and that’s okay but it’d be nice to know.

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You should talk to me then and we should be friends 😂. I live an awkward existence and am really chill so I like to say I’m easy to talk to lmao 😋

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I literally feel just like I did in 8th grade and that was the worst time of my life. 

-Can’t eat

- Desperate for attention

-anxiety thru the roof

- wanting to self-harm

-wants to be skinny REALLY bad

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Hello angel, hows your day been so far?馃グ

Hi bb! I’m exhausted! I’m zooming with my students constantly, but it’s all good. They’re all freaking out because they need to register for classes next week, and they don’t read the emails I send lmao, but it’s all good because at the end of the day I enjoy talking with them and checking in.

How are you doing? We staying safe? 

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It‘s so funny how everyone is trying to complete easter & sakura challenges on AC and here I am selling them things cause I have 0 chance to finish them with my 2 days playtime 😂

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Hey, send me some soft Geraskier headcanons? Please? Work today is really hard. So far five customers have treated me like dirt and I’m just tired and scared (I have a bad immune system) and I know they’re upset about delays in getting in and out on their shopping trips, but I’m doing the best I can. I’m the only one here for the deli right now and I’m only one person. I can only do so much at one time. I’m tired. And I might cry so :’)

Sorry for venting and I’m sorry about delays in writing. I have a lot of ideas but when I get any time to write I feel so, so drained. I can only ever get a couple pages out at a time.

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!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! graduation present shoes!!!!

i mentioned to my mom that i really liked these shoes, and i kept mentioning it, but i didnt think she was gonna get them but she did!!! she just called me today like go check for packages and i open it up and here they are!!! these are the best!!!

maybe the world doesnt suck today :)

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