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Currently listening to Dream Boy by Waterparks on repeat for this next fic and It makes me fall in love with the battle boys even more. I would like to give each hugs and kisses because they’re very sweet and deserve it. 

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The only reason I haven’t tried to commit unalive since the pandemic started is because the hospital needa those bed’s for covid patients

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heyy fox!

yeah, i’m not in the priority groups either but i think starting to vaccinate these groups is a huge step to going back to normality 🥳

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i told my boyfriend to watch golcha’s teaser and he -

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no one likes and that’s fine w me

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This weekend has been filled with much needed mental and emotional self-care. Today, I am thankful for my family, who has always showered me with love, I am thankful for Minh, who is always here to feed me, walk Sadie and help me get through the day even when he doesn’t understand what I’m going through, and for my close friends who listen to me wallow and process and cry and laugh and go crazy, who are always there for me even after seasons where I have seemingly disappeared altogether.

Journaling over the last few days has really helped me process all of the feelings and thoughts I have swimming around in my head. Sometimes I feel so much, I think I’m going to explode or breakdown from the amount of anxiety it can give me physically (inability to eat, physical weakness, inability to sleep, talk, etc.). But writing down how I feel, what I think, what I’ve reflected on, and how that self-reflection makes me feel, always brings me a great sense of peace - even when I am still sad. It is often one of my first steps towards acceptance and closure.

Today, I am thinking about how to move forward, past my sorrow, to heal and grow from this pain. I want to take active measures, mentally and emotionally, to both process my sadness and focus on the reasons we broke up, which I do think are still valid and hold true and will help me remember that we made the right decision to split, despite how much I regret not having a chance to get to know him better.

I felt an incapacitating sorrow yesterday, as I shared, but towards the end of the day, I was listening to worship music and I re-read parts of Tim Keller’s, The Meaning of Marriage, tried to watch a couple church services, and reminded myself that God brings people into our lives every day, for reasons unknown to us, but for our mutual benefit and His Glory.

Today’s sermon from New Year’s weekend was about Galatians 3:15-29 and learning how to bring our sorrows before God so that we can lament to Him and with Him, instead of relying on ourselves to get through hardships or, worse yet, compartmentalizing our pain instead of doing the hard work of processing it. I can’t say I’ve really tried to do this before - I so often fall into the trap of relying on myself to work through my pain alone - but turning to God is something I would like to learn to do more and more in my life. 

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In a bit of an art block.

I can draw, but everything I draw looks like crap to me. I’m happy with literally almost none of it.

I can’t draw human faces to my liking, I can’t draw my self-sona’s face to my liking, I can’t draw basic anatomy or wings or mouths or expressions of any kind or even frickin’ eyes to my liking.

I can’t doodle or simplify things either.

I desperately want to be able to draw to relax, for fun, anytime I’m board, but how am i supposed to enjoy it when none of it looks so much as passable?

I’m not looking for polished. I don’t really even like polished in my own work, My goal is to be sketchy and expressive and loose, more about emotion than anything, but I can’t kriffing do any of that. I can’t even express my frustration with the situation through art because I can’t. kriffing. Draw. EXPRESSIONS.


I’m pretty sure it’ll pass. Eventually.

Now excuse me while I try a million more disgustingly disappointing attempts at the thing I want to devote my life to.

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It should be a fucking crime that the Cracker Barrel nearest to my home is 2 hours away. A fucking crime.

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My favorite part is going to be redesigning what the gang wears.

I always play a bit fast and loose with timelines when I write, even though the Sly Cooper series takes place in the 2000s. So…the technology should feel more modern.

I want to give Sly an updated, emo/edgy sort of look to him, but still staying practical. (Not too many chains or baggy clothes, if any at all.) He’s a thief, after all, and his clothes need to be tailored to that. But I wanna have fun with him, too, since this is dark Sly Cooper, and one that’s more…adult.

I still need a good last name for Murray. His bloodline is definitely not as “pure” as the Cooper or Wildemire line, but it’s still an important lineage because of their role in other gangs. But I think more “pure” lines would look down on him.

I’m also playing with including the Contessa in my AU somewhere since she’s my favorite…but I might have to save her for the sequel. 🤔

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I know this is my last semester ever but can my professors stop asking me to do things

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Originally posted by peraltiagostyle99

Thank you all so much for sharing and encouraging and DONATING! We reached and surpassed the goal in 3 days I am FLOORED.

I’m in the process of transferring the funds, and will be buying the tablet as soon as it transfers over. You guys are the BEST.

This is not only a huge relief for me financially, but was a big boost for me as an artist. I put myself down a lot, thinking “this isn’t good/creative enough,” “they’re just little drawings” but to know you guys like those little drawings is so encouraging to me.

Thank you thank you thank you.

I’m going to be mailing out the sketches soon and I’m taking down the original post so I stop getting donations.


If you want to support me, commissions will be open once I get the new tablet. :D

I was also thinking about doing some charity sketch drives in the future. I’ll have to figure out how to get that set up.

Thanks again!

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The Masks We Choose to Wear –
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Besides “The Heiress” episode, and everything that happened to Din and Grogu, I now have a terrible experience on sea. Just wanted to see the cute whales but the whole journey was so overwhelming I couldnt handle and just started panicking 😭

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Welp, just found out my pepére’s dying of covid. He got sent home with hospice care. There’s nothing they can do for him except try to make him comfortable. Thank you, 2021, for already upping 2020.

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not my friend clowning me for not knowing how to fix a leaking pipe like im gay and fatherless what more do you want from me

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Hey you! Yeah you! You want to send that art request to your favorite artist but are too nervous to do it??? To talk to that mutual you’ve wanted to befriend?? Well this is the sign that you should send it in!! Get that bread

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