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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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I love posts where its emails from professors saying some wild shit and then being like “mondays test is cancelled”

It reminds me of the Drugs in Society class i took where our little old lady professor explained that if she doesnt show up within 30 minutes to call her bc the only time she ever cancelled class was when her son literally died and her and her husband found the body

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Like how they took my creamer away from me (DARK CHOCOLATE WITH ALMOND) so you took my the one small thing away from me I’ll gonna make you regret everything… SO BE CAREFUL NOW!! If I flip out over something like this imagine if I flip out about something else way worse!! These are the facts idiotic folks

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I guess I’ll start by saying I’m really proud of my progress these days, theres still so much I have to improve on and I dont put nearly enough time in studying and practicing as I should, but in the past 6 months alone my art has really started climbing in quality.

Many of you flooded in after I started publishing paintings, I LOVE that, it was a method of digital art I was TERRIFIED of trying- I can tell my drawings lack something, my anatomy, shading is off at times and painting just seemed so much harder so I didn’t want to get into it, get frustrated, or fail and give up.

Im glad I waited honestly, I’ve learned a few things about layers and colouring that I apply to digital paintings but I’m also so happy it’s had such a positive response. I used the Among Us beans because they’re really simple shapes, and lets be honest, it’s a popular game, I knew it would get attention. But that’s exactly what I wanted, because fandoms are cruel and if my art wasn’t up to snuff I knew you guys would let me know.

I’ve gotten more notes on my Among Us icons than any piece of media I’ve ever posted online and I am seriously touched???
I’ve ever wanted to pursue art as a career, and I’m still not entirely sure what I will do for a living but it has been so… mind potatoing to see so many people enjoy some… honestly, really rushed drawings. I made Kayne’s icon (Yellow w cherries) on a whim because I love her and it seemed fun, and I have gotten so many comments- (mostly about the booty hitting the emergency meeting button-) I think it’s probably my greatest work X’^)

And I still look at it, and I cant believe that I made that, it’s so far from how I normally draw, its so much more dynamic and alert and I think taking out line art really helped me be more confident and flexible.

I want to make more paintings for you guys, I’ve been REALLY wanting to try painting my OC Charlie since I have no SFW pictures of her lakhsdasdhf woops… but also she’s a rabbit and I think fur would be super difficult but rewarding to paint!

So yeah… Im so sorry for the wall of text and this sappy introduction, I promise to be more chill from here on out but seriously, to everyone who has followed me in the last little while from the Among Us art thank you so much, I want to do more impressive things for you guys!

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tumblr is jus my little diary for all my little maladies and melancholies

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