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#talk to me

I’ll be up probably all night tonight working on Maribat March. I got an eight hour nap after work so I’m not missing out on sleep or anything, I just lost track of time and now I’m gonna be writing for several hours since my brain is Awake. Soooo! If you guys wanna talk or message me any questions or prompts or anything, now is the time to do it since I’m already in writing mode.

And maybe I really wanna talk to people that I don’t live or work with for a change, lol.

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I don’t have much to say besides I’m tired and I’m not ready for the week to start.

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Depends on the game but yes 😬

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sorry i just really like my shirt today ok 👽

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Anyone to talk?

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Need answers forreal….what do you do when you realize you’re just not good enough for someone you’ve been with for years and have children with?

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hi i wasted this makeup

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Honesty hour: send me a question over the next hour and I have to answer truthfully✨

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Hey friends! What’s a way to make some side income during this pandemic? Preferably from home with flexible hours, and can work in the US. I’d appreciate any DM’s about it xo

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