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bubbly-moonwarrior · a minute ago
Ah, Mother's Day... or as my mother knows it:
Get Frustrated By Everything And Take It All On Your Daughter Day.
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yanollores · a minute ago
Ah yes, the "Can I send you a picture of my cock?" messages have begun.
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eluari · a minute ago
Tumblr media
Yria | Born to the Sea
Meet Yria, one of the side characters from Born to the Sea. I wanted to paint her for so long. So here is a quick portrait of her.
[Wip Tag | Caliyan | Laudan | Vaelen | Art]
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malewifer · a minute ago
hq kpoptwt au someone calls oikawa an ugly bitch he ratios them with his selfies only for iwaizumi to ratio oikawa's pics with "can you please stop proving their point you are so fucking embarrassing"
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lovemug · a minute ago
grrr i have one specific part of don't stop me now // queen playing on loop in my head like. okay pack it up fellas i put the beach boys 1983 reunion tour reprint tshirt on play barbara ann 🔫
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kosmo-mckogane · a minute ago
My dream dog is an Australian Sheperd; they’re easy to train, family friendly, and absolutely adorable and playful. Just the fur is an issue, and with my families allergies, we can’t have a dog or animals at all : (
Tumblr media
oh yeah that’s a cute dog!! it’s pretty fluffy, tho, so grooming might take some maintenance... 
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kyukyuhunnie · 2 minutes ago
Finding out huaiwei did WayV kick back on qcyn3 I am goofy floating in the pool.jpeg
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askvoltron · 2 minutes ago
To anyone: how would you categorize everyone in terms of bending arts from atla?
lance here! i’ll do my best
water: me (duh)
fire: keith, coran (lightning maybe?)
air: shiro, allura
earth: pidge, hunk
non-bender: adam, romelle
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gayboyadvance · 2 minutes ago
i love making series that are unmarketable
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divinerulerluvr · 2 minutes ago
You and Warren decide to make a sex tape
Pairing - Warren Lipka x fem!reader
Words - 1.8k
Warnings - smut, being filmed, stoned sex, some praising, sir kink, basically just really dirty because yeah, thigh riding
A/N - Honestly, I don't know what to say here so I'll just let you read the smut. Also, why is this gif so hot?
Tumblr media
- - -
“God, how much longer for you to set that thing up?”
Warren fumbles with his camera, trying to get it to click into the tripod stand it rested on. “Don’t rush perfection, okay?” he says to you, finally getting it to work. “Aha! Told you i’d get it,” he says triumphantly.
You roll your eyes playfully, looking at the Sony camera he had just gotten. Warren had been really into filmography recently. Ever since he stole the camera, he’d been fucking around with it and filming every single thing.
Warren smiles, walking to where you lay out on the bed after clicking record. “Do I look good? I want my first sex tape to look good,” you ask him.
He stands at the edge of the bed, reaching down and running his hand down your cheek, “You always look good. Especially in that cute red lingerie I bought you,” he says, his horny personality showing through.
“You stole it, baby,” you counter.
He grins, nodding proudly. “Easily,” he brags. You smile, running your hand down his bare chest and torso. You bite your lower lip as your hand reaches the waistband of his sweatpants, the sight of his boxers peeking out from the top of his sweatpants being awfully hot.
A soft sigh falls from your lips as you eye fuck his body. “You have a very nice body,” you compliment, your thighs pushed together. “Well, I’m blocking the camera’s view of you so are you done?” he says, turning to face the camera he stood in front of.
You shrug, smiling widely. He moves out of the camera’s way, running his fingers through his messy hair. He kneels on the end of the bed, leaning forward and looping his fingers under your panties.
Complying, you raise your hips up from the bed to help him get them off. A part of the lingerie was stockings being held up by little red garters with a metal heart on them. Warren liked that. Hence why he stole the lingerie set for you.
Tossing the panties aside, he glances at the camera before looking back at you. “What do you want me to do, Sir?” you ask, adding the name on playfully. You close your legs, looking at Warren from where you lay on the bed.
He grins, actually liking the name. “Touch yourself for me,” he instructs you. You smile, nodding obediently. You trail your hand down your chest, skimming over the lacy bra you wore and down your stomach until you reach between your thighs.
You spread your legs, causing Warren to drool at the sight of your pussy. Your fingers find your clit, causing you to gasp softly at the feeling.
Warren runs his hand up your leg, watching intently as you pleasure yourself. Your back arches off the bed, your fingers slowly picking up pace as you indulge in how it felt. You roll your head on the pillow and look at the camera, smiling as you see the red blinking light on it.
“You’re gonna… jerk off to this in the future. Am I right?” you comment, your ragged breathing making it difficult to speak. Warren nods, chuckling like a perv. A very, very hot perv, though.
Warren becomes tired of just watching and leans over you, pulling you into his lap. You giggle, your legs saddling his thigh. His hands hold your back, keeping you in place as he kisses you. You impatiently kiss back, turned on by the camera that films the two of you.
You grind your hips down on his thigh, your fingers threading through the shaggy hair that covers the back of his neck. You pull back from the kiss, your head falling back slightly as you continue to ride his thigh.
“You’re so fucking hot, Y/n,” he admires, his hands moving down to your ass and squeezing. You smile, heat rising through your body. “Get that joint,” he instructs.
You lean back, grabbing the joint and the lighter from the nightstand beside you. You place it between your lips, Warren taking the lighter and pressing the flame to the tip. You inhale, your eyes on his as he pulls the lighter back.
Exhaling the smoke deeply, you pass the joint to Warren as you continue to ride his thigh. Your breathing grows heavy as Warren puffs on the joint, blowing a steady stream of smoke into your face. You inhale his smoke, smiling happily as he places the joint back between your lips and allows you to inhale as he keeps it in his hand.
Your hands rest on his shoulders, exhaling your smoke as you moan quietly. “I’m so fucking horny,” you comment. Warren smiles, letting you take another hit from the joint and taking one for himself before he wraps his arms around your back and moves you so you lay on the bed, him over top of you.
Giggling softly, you reach your hand up and push some of his hair from his face. “I really like you,” you say. He smiles, settling comfortably between your open legs. “I really like you, too,” he replies.
He leans back, pulling his sweatpants off as you unclasp your bra and toss it onto the floor. You look at the camera, smiling at it and sticking out your tongue.
“What’re you doing?” he asks as he settles back over top of you. “Smiling to future you who is probably jerking off to this,” you tell him, moving so that you could kiss him. He kisses you back, his clothed boner rubbing against your pussy.
His hands find your breasts, squeezing them in his palm as he always does. You go straight for his boxers, pulling them down. Warren chuckles into the kiss at your eagerness, his hands trailing down your chest and going directly between your thighs.
“Your skin is so soft, angel. I could touch you forever,” he whispers, his lips grazing over yours as he pulls back from the kiss. “I’m fine with that,” you reply, looking into his beautiful eyes.
He quickly locates your clit, your body jolting as he just barely touches you. You moan, your head falling back against the pillow as he spreads your wetness through your pussy. “I knew you’d like being filmed,” he comments slyly.
You smile weakly, whining as he pulls his hand from between your thighs. “Such a needy thing,” he says. You run your hand down his back, only to drag your nails back up to leave a trail of scratches behind.
Your eyes go to between your bodies, focusing on how he pushed slowly into you. You suck in through your teeth, never quite used to the feeling of him filling you up.
He pets your hair, his eyes focused on how beautiful your face looked as you adjusted to his dick. Your nails dig into his shoulder blades, your walls tightening around his dick. “Relax, baby,” he says softly, feeling your chest heave against his.
Bottoming out in you, he slowly draws his hips back and thrusts into you. Your breath catches, your legs wrapping around his waist.
“God, Warren,” you pant as he picks up a steady rhythm that was both sensual and rough at the same time. He was good at that. You push your hips up against his, wanting to be as close to him as possible.
Your chest presses against his, his hand finding its way to your wrists and holding them bound above your head. You moan softly, your noise being cut off as he kisses you again. The kiss was sloppy and slow this time, his tongue exploring your mouth.
His lips trail down to your jawline and starts to make sure to leave hickeys on your neck and collarbone. You moan, a smile on your lips as he fucks you. “Warren…” you pant out, your eyes watering.
“Call me ‘Sir’ again. It’s hot,” he says into your skin.
“Yes sir,” you reply, weaving your fingers through his hair.
Your response lit something in him and he flips the two of you over, laying on his back and keeping himself inside of you as you settle on top of him. Understanding what he wanted you to do, you start rocking your hips back and forth.
His fingers dig into your left hip, his right hand grabbing the joint and inhaling it. You start bouncing up and down on him, your hands placed on his chest for balance.
Your eyes flutter shut, your lip stuck between your teeth as you try and reach your orgasm. “Fuck,” you curse, not sure if you could last longer than two minutes. Warren lays back with a dazed expression, his eyes focused on your tits as they bounce with your movements.
Just on the edge of an orgasm, Warren decides he wants to switch positions and gets you back under him. You giggle softly, laying back on the bed as Warren starts to thrust into you again.
He grabs your hand, placing it on your lower stomach and holding it there. “You feel that?” he asks, referencing how his dick thrusting in and out of you was visible in your lower stomach. You nod, pressing your lips together as you feel your legs quiver.
Using the hand he had placed on top of yours he pushes down just slightly. You exhale shakily, your pussy clenching as he presses onto your lower stomach.
“Sir, I’m so close,” you pant pathetically, writhing on the bed underneath him. “Mm, how can I say no to such a good girl?” he smirks, his tone enough to make you cum already. “You can cum,” he whispers, his lips grazing your ear.
His fingers lace with yours as you cum, a suffocated moan leaving your lips. Your hand grips his, your entire body vibrating with pleasure.
Warren soon follows, cumming inside of you as you were in the midst of your high. You shiver, your hand still tightly tangled with his. Warren’s thrusts slow and he soon pulls out. You watch tiredly as he grabs the camera, too drained to even bother.
He pulls your legs back open, the camera pointed directly at your pussy that was filled with his cum. You chuckle, letting him do what he wanted because you knew he wasn’t going to do much with this video.
“All mine. See, I even claimed it,” he comments jokingly, running his fingertip over your hypersensitive clit. Your body jumps and Warren chuckles.
“Stop being stupid and come cuddle with me,” you say, watching as he turns off the camera and sets it on the nightstand. Warren gets into bed finally, pulling you onto his chest. You tangle your leg with his, your fingers lacing with his as your head rests on his chest.
“‘Night,” you say, already half asleep. Warren plays with your hair, his eyes looking at the ceiling. “Goodnight,”
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captain-konami-code · 2 minutes ago
I wish Sakura really did have a huge forehead as opposed to everyone just saying she does. Something about a woman having an obvious physical flaw that doesn’t get “fixed” at any point in the story (coughhermionecough) and still being considered attractive in-universe. I want that.
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be-not-afeared · 2 minutes ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: The Terror (TV 2018) Rating: Explicit Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: James Fitzjames/Solomon Tozer Characters: James Fitzjames (1813-c.1848), Solomon Tozer, Francis Crozier (Mentioned) Additional Tags: Canon Compliant, Set before episode one, There is honestly not much of a plot here, Just two men who know they're hot hooking up on a boat, that's it that's the fic, Sexual Content, Hand Jobs, James Fitzjames' praise kink Summary:
Solomon Tozer is having a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. Luckily, James Fitzjames is here to turn it around!
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dwindlingspace · 2 minutes ago
where do you usually read orv? i’d like to know !!!
it's available in the Webtoon app! but i read it in tachiyomi coz Webtoon is sooo behind. and if you wanna read the light novel, it's available in Webnovel app
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