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piplup99 · 13 hours ago
love was invented when Erika from Barbie as The Princess and The Pauper (2004) sang 'there is not one hair of you that i would rearrange' to her cat in the song The Cat's Meow
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worstloki · 5 hours ago
the way people will say Mobius was morally fine to torture Loki because it was his job with the what if i tell you New York was Loki's job for Thanos? now what?
#where do we go from here fellow individual#where do we go#where do we go when people decide Mobius is a pillar of moral righteousness who is innately good and sympathetic towards Loki#while Loki deserves to be punished and shown the light by the guy who low-modality muses over whether Loki 'can change'#when people decide this#as if Loki wasn't ever different#before or after this point in time#as if he was completely self motivated during the attack too#because he really just put so much effort into that endeavor didn't he#as if Mobius wasn't explicitly self-motivated through the show and he showed regret or understanding that his actions were ever wrong#the Loki show#i am SO confused at people deciding Loki has no moral ground over anyone because even in the show he doesn't force his opinion on others#the most he does is nudge their perception of things or explain his own#like#y'all notice that people decide Thor has more morals than Loki when it's pretty clear Loki's under pressure was doing his Thor rendition#people deciding Valkyrie has moral ground to judge Loki on or that Odin ever did#et tu Mobius?#lets talk about how Stephen Strange only sacrificed the stone when he knew that was their only shot at 'winning'#while everyone else doing so did not have that certainty#Steve 'we don't trade lives' Rogers#Natasha 'set a hospital on fire' Romanoff#Wanda 'knowingly torturing thousands for my Dreamhouse AU' Maximoff#do people not remember the entire start-to-mid section of what redemption arcs are? since you've got to have something to redeem on?#why does morality and how much of a villain they are and whether they can change only come up when the topic is Loki#specifically a character that had a bad year and worked on their redemption in the main canon timeline after anyway#like ??????????????#i am so confused#mobius saying 'maybe he wants to mix it up a little is that possible?' 'that's not how i see it' and 'you can be anything' isn't that great#ESPECIALLY considering WE'VE seen moments where he wasn't going death death kill murder evil laugh all over the place
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kda-chat · 3 hours ago
Evelynn: Is your pussy game STRONG or is your pussy game WEAK?
Ahri: Asleep because it's 2am...
Evelynn: WEAK.
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call-me-moo · 19 hours ago
I've never related to that LMM video of him going "Come on brain, think of things. Come on brain, be so smart" as his dog sits majestically in the background more than in this moment of my life.
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beggars-opera · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
Today on “I never learned what a metaphor is, so I’m going to insult strangers online that I don’t agree with”
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cinnaroll · 12 hours ago
i can’t believe it took me two seasons and half a hiatus to realize that Ivy is most likely a newt-frog hybrid of some sort
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kda-chat · 3 hours ago
Akali: My tummy hurts.
Kai'sa: Maybe don't eat nothing but candy?, I think my water was just stale.
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thedragonemperess · 17 hours ago
I wanna have the type of relationship where it looks like we're a couple because we do all the stereotype coupley things together but we're actually just close friends. Everyone thinks we're a couple, but nope, the closest we've ever actually come to being a real couple is sharing some french fries.
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iamalonewolf · 16 hours ago
Bu postu rb yapan beğenen herkes için tema vakfına bir adet ağaç bağışlıyorum! Haydi bakalım...
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toothlesshat · 17 hours ago
Light and Ryuk and Eddie and Venom are on two opposite ends of a very strange, very interesting spectrum.
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kda-chat · 3 hours ago
Evelynn: Babe, I need to tell you something.
Akali: What?
Evelynn: My titties are missiles.
Evelynn:[Titty missiles]
Akali, waking up from the man.
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radihoehead · 20 hours ago
can someone poke Dan and Phil with a stick please I’m deprived
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tattoedheartxbae · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i can’t believe this was one year ago :’(
she has my heart forever ♡ :・゚✧
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