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transcendencism · 3 minutes ago
theron, concussed and just happy to be alive: my plan worked perfectly
hyroh, who just had his favorite, custom-built speeder bike wrecked and is trying desperately to not be obvious that that doesn’t even fucking occur to him right now because right now theron is Hurt: what’s the matter with you
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taylorswiftrulestheworld · 11 minutes ago
Born This Way (General: Alex, Sam, and Willie, JATP)
Author’s Note: Just a short drabble about Sam and Alex talking about the days they came out, and when Alex told Sam about coming out to his parents, Sam told him she’d accept him no matter what. Tagging (don’t feel you have to read this if you don’t want too): @zackmartin, @perhapspearl, @captaintommyvega, @dr-rigatoni, @meangirlsx, @soni-dragon! Enjoy!
we're all superstars "How did your mom react when you told her that you liked girls?"
"Willie, she's doing homework: don't bother her."
Sam smiled as she glanced at the two boys, who were sitting on her bed, and she can't focus if Willie and Alex were here.
Sam thought about the day she came out to her mom that she liked girls:
She was twelve at the time, and during dinner, she blurted out that she liked girls, and she was scared that her mom would be mad.
Her mom was quiet for a moment, and Sam watched as she got out of her chair, and came to gave Sam a hug.
"I love and accept who you are and if you ever want to talk about it, I'll always be here."
Sam looked at Willie.
"She hugged me and told me she accepted me and loved me no matter what."
Sam looked at Willie again.
Willie looked at Alex.
"Tell her what you told me."
Alex looked at Sam, and she could tell he was anxious about telling her.
"You know I grew up in a religious family, and after my parents found out I was gay, they basically disowned me. Told me as long as I like boys, they didn't want to stay in contact with me."
Whenever Alex told her about his parents, she got angry:
Alex was so sweet, and she loved having him as a friend who kept her out of trouble.
Sam sat down in the middle of Willie and Alex, and she looked at Alex.
"I'm going to tell you what my mom told me when I was twelve: I love you and accept you, and if you ever want to talk about it, I'm always here."
Alex smiled.
"Thanks, Sam."
Sam smiled as she hugged him.
"You're welcome, Alex."
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blitzrodeo · 17 minutes ago
Arthur Morgan be looking like Joel from The Last of Us.
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bigfootswashingmachine · 21 minutes ago
Not to use fighting words but caramel isn't that good
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froglegsz · 24 minutes ago
tbh i rlly wanna know what u think azuma’s career would be. i hc azuma as a great pastry chef/baker but as much as i like baker azuma, i don’t think he’d be a full time baker
- 🍯
respectfully. unemployed.
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solarsought · 25 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Zyla shouldn’t be doing this she only worries herself when she does, gets more upset. Still she can’t help it she is staring at herself in the mirror with her hands over her growing stomach. How much longer can she hide this? Hopping from mission to mission and wearing looser robes wouldn’t work forever. What happened when she had the child or if the council found sooner?
She can’t think about it long because she looks up sees the Captain standing there. Her eyes go wide and she turns to face him only realizing how stupid that was. She wraps her robes back up trying to figure out what to tell him. “You can’t just knock Captain I can’t hear. I- you have to think something to catch my attention I’ll hear if you ask to come in with your mind not if you speak it.” She explains before she takes in a breath. “I should have explained that we haven’t worked together before my apologies. I hope everything is alright- with the ship I mean. Is that why you came by?”
@orarad​ // mother’s day starter
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gayleafpool · 27 minutes ago
no but the way every time nico ended up tainting his own reputation and making himself seem disloyal or just hurting himself in general it was because he was making stupid decisions in order to please other people. he lied to percy and brought him to the underworld because hades asked him to and promised that nothing bad would happen so nico just believed him. he lied about the two camps because hades told him to. he’s always trying to earn hades’ approval and acts without thinking in order to attempt to achieve this. or when he attempts to find the doors of death himself and gets pulled into tartarus... he was doing that to try to help percy. he even says that that he was doing it in the hopes that it would make percy love him. he volunteers to take the statue with reyna and hedge because he knows the seven don’t like him all that much and he wants to do something useful to earn their approval. bc he does think highly of all of them!! he looks up to each of them!! i think the dislike and mistrust other people have toward nico is not entirely unfounded because yeah nico is NOT actually that trustworthy and it’s because he naive and will make bad decisions in order to gain approval and acceptance. and i think 99% of the time nico does not realize these decisions are bad because he doesn’t truly think someone he loves and trusts would try to manipulate and use him, even when it has happened time and time again. he doesn’t really learn from that. and unfortunately it makes him into a type of person that people don’t exactly want to be around, even if it’s not completely his fault.
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joealwyndaily · 29 minutes ago
Jemima kirke tagged Joe in her latest ig post 😂
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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onett-savior · 30 minutes ago
Tumblr media
                                  “Take that leap and SAY GERONIMO!                                                                      SAY GERONIMO!” 
Indie Ness from the MOTHER // SMASH SERIES. READ RULES before interacting.    ASK // RULES 
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thesquipproject · 34 minutes ago
it doesn’t matter how much i’ve planned/outlined a story. if you think i know what i’m going to be posting when i sit down to write you’d be dead wrong
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teakturn · 36 minutes ago
Octavia Spencer is the only actress that has a range that could compete with Viola Davis and Meryl Streep yet she CHOOSES to star in some of the worst movies i've ever seen.
And the wildest part is that she's great! She never misses. But these projects....
It can't be for the check. They can't be paying her that much. It's either her management or she's living like Robert De Niro and J***** D*** aka paycheck to paycheck
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windyqs · 42 minutes ago
Anyway, I feel like people who say views don’t equal quality are usually the people who have millions of views and comments with every fic, so it’s sort of hard for them to be put in the perspective of someone like me, and since I have low self esteem, yeah, I equate none of my stuff doing well with sucking. And I don’t really think my writing is good in the first place, so the views thing kinda just cements it in my mind.
#personal#anyway this was in reply to a comment but I felt it smth I could say here too#idk if there’s any little ones out there following me like me but I feel#if there is you can get where I’m coming from people who say all this stuff#they usually have millions of comments and views and love so it’s sorta easy for them to think that stuff doesn’t matter but#I’m sure they are right but there’s a dif perspective too mine and I feel like sharing it#they are probs right that it doesn’t equal quality but put yourselves in our shoes for a sec too#and I know it’s not just me cuz I had a couple people relate to my authors note beforeand say that#I can’t speak for artists since I’m not one but thats why reblogs are so important to them cuz it’s sorta like views and just likes don’t do#anything#in my case reblogs are comments and honestly I can deal with a fic flopping more if I get comments but if neither happen then yeah I focus#on the views as my source of you know affection for a fic#I know it’s just a click and anyone someone you hate can click it but when you don’t get many comments and kudos that’s what I tend to go#too#I know it’s selfish to crave attention for smth I took the time I wrote cuz no one owes me anything but I do you know and so#this is just my perspective#and having people literally say don’t read Gonkillu huge huge accounts on Twitter I’mjust I’m really tired and sad#and it’s true anyone who cross posts on a03 or just does it in the tags#out stuff isn’t read nearly as much but maybe I don’t want to lie and tag stuff killugon just so someone will read it#I love Gonkillu and I’m proud of it so the fact that I’d basically have to hide who I am just so I can get more of that affection I want#it sucks I have to choose and I’m going to choose not lying cuz I don’t like killugon#by little ones I mean smaller accounts ect
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glitched-ships · 43 minutes ago
Me: haha yeah im just crushing a bit on her yk
Also me: *already calls her my girlfriend in my head*
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happypuppys · 56 minutes ago
:[ i feel rlly bad rn im sorry if im not like how i usually am
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scummy00 · 58 minutes ago
Tumblr media
caught in the act! their crime: being swag
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potatoes-is-are-food · an hour ago
8, 21, 58?
Played any sports?
Noooo I'm really bad at athletic stuff unless it's rock climbing
Plans for the weekend?
I had to go to mother's day dinner with a bunch of family and my uncle screamed at a waitress so that was fun :/ I have Mondays off though so I'll relax tomorrow!
Favorite weather?
Snow and rain! Thunder and dark and gloomy so I can bundle up inside just makes me feel so cozy 😚
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