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The piece of advice Steve Harringon gave Eddie Munson about girls, and all the times he decided to ignore it
Tumblr media
Summary - Exactly what the title says
Warnings - Absolutely none, just fluff and probably some spelling/continuity errors
A/N - Based on this post by @loveronlineee, Will this is for you, I apologize for the rambling, please be aware I'm very high on pain meds writing this
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Tumblr media
Neither of them really knew exactly when it had happened, but Eddie Munson and Steve Harrington at one point became friends. It had happened sometime after their adventures in the upside down, all of that shared trauma worked really well for establishing a friendship.
Which now meant that now Eddie Munson could frequently be seen hanging around Family Video at any and all hours just to chat with Steve and Robbin, or Steve could be seen hanging out at the Munson trailer to share a beer.
Steve was clueless about a lot of things in life, but one of the few things that he really seemed to understand was girls, what they liked and how to properly ask one out.
He’d known you for a couple of months after you had started playing with the Hellfire Club, and ever since then you had completely occupied his mind every free and busy moment he had. And it was driving him absolutely crazy how much he was thinking about you, but whenever he talked to you he could never actually seem to tell you just how he was feeling.
Eddie would open his mouth, this big speech all planned out in his mind, where he would tell you how you feel but then there would be nothing.
“Eddie?” You asked when Eddie didn’t say anything
“You said you wanted to ask me something?”
“I was wondering if you could give me a copy of your character sheet? I kind of lost yours…”
“Again? Yeah, I’ll get one for you tomorrow-”     
It was another night of Steve coming around after work for a beer and a chat, it wasn’t much but it was something they both enjoyed more than they cared to admit to the other person.
“Hey Steve… how do you like- get so many dates?” The words coming out of his mouth were almost unintelligible, and his eyes were dead focused on the lip of his beer can, refusing and unable to look over at Steve where he was sitting just next to him.
“Are you asking me girl advice Munson?” Steve on the other hand had no qualms about looking at Eddie, and Eddie could hear the deep grin that must have been plastered to Steve’s face. “Is there… someone? A girl?”
“I knew I should have asked Robbin,” Eddie mumbled beneath his breath and let his head fall back in frustration, a heavy sigh escaping from his parted lips. “Forget it I’ll figure it out-”
“So, there is a girl!” Steve scooted closer to Eddie so he could nudge him in the ribs with his elbow.
“It’s easy all right-” Steve said as he pretended to ignore the death glare Eddie was giving him, “all you have to do is pretend that you don’t care, it’ll drive her crazy.”
“That sounds like a horrible plan,”
“It works trust me,”
“I’m starting to think this was a mistake,”
But Steve made sure to list out his most carefully crafted piece of ‘fool proof’ Harrington dating advice
“Just pretend like she doesn’t exist dude, it’ll drive her crazy you’ll see-”
Now Eddie Munson was not one to really follow advice, even if he did technically ask for it, especially when it sounded like horrible advice. And after just a little bit of contemplation he decided to forgo just about everything Steve had told him.
The first time Eddie ignored Steve’s advice, he left a note in your locker for you to find. It hadn't even been a full twelve hours before he collectively defied everything Steve had said.
The note wasn’t much, simply just a scrap piece of paper with his almost unintelligible handwriting scribbled across it, due to the past couple of months in Hellfire you were able to decode the mess of graphite on paper.
I think that you look really pretty today
It wasn’t signed, but that didn’t matter. No one else had handwriting like Eddie’s, and you could have picked it out of a million if you were asked to.
That was the day Eddie officially asked you out, and much to his delight you actually said yes.
The second time Eddie ignored Steve’s advice, was when he got you flowers for your one-week anniversary. He didn’t buy them, mostly because he didn’t have the money to do so. But he did pick them, painstakingly by hand and wrapped them up in paper to give to you.
In fact, he went against Steve’s advice on every small anniversary or celebration, always insisting on making it a big deal where he could pull the dramatics up just a tad bit more.
“Where’d you get these Eds?” You would ask as you admired the bouquet of flowers you were holding in your hands.
“Ms. Harris’ garden, but they were so beautiful I couldn’t resist.” He’d reply, with the biggest grin you had ever seen plastered on his face as he asked you if you liked them.
The third time was when he knew you had a really bad day and decided to sneak into your room,
He had parked his van a couple of streets from your house and walked the last bit, collecting small pebbles and rocks as he made the trek to your house.
Standing below your window he tossed them up, careful not to break the window. Throwing one, two, then three rocks before you finally appeared in the frame of the window, the soft yellow glow of your room illuminating you from behind, and to him you looked like an angel.
“What are you doing- are you trying to break my window?!” you whisper screamed down at him.
“Wanted to see you s’all, mind if I come up?” But it wouldn’t have mattered what you answered because he was already climbing up to your window, careful not to be too loud knowing your parents were most likely home.
“You didn’t seem to be in the best mood today,” Eddie said when he had finally finished his climb into your room, his heavy boots kicked off by the window still. “I’m not,” you replied, with your hands crossed over your chest.
“We can’t have that now can we?” Eddie spent that entire night with you, keeping you company as you fell asleep against him and whispering sweet nothings to you while he carefully carded his fingers through your hair.
“You know, I think I might be the luckiest person in the universe, even when you’re in a bad mood you’re still the most beautiful person I have ever seen,” Eddie whispered just as you were falling asleep in his arms.
The fourth time he wrote you a song,
You were sitting next to him on his bed, in his messy bedroom in the tiny run down trailer, your legs touching slightly as he strummed away on his guitar and you were lost in your book.
“Hey-” Eddie grabbed the book from your hands, tossing it to the side with little care as you protested, “I have something for you to listen to.” And you quickly let your protests fall cold on your lips as Eddie started strumming away at his guitar.
His fingers working expertly across the strings, you always loved watching him play, his face scrunched up just enough with concentration as he worked. But what surprised you that day, was when he started singing.
With his soft and velvet like voice Eddie sang to you the words he had been racking his brain for what felt like forever to him, he wanted them to be perfect. And while afterwards he insisted it was nothing, it still made your heart soar.
The fifth time Eddie asked you to prom
Eddie never expected to go to prom, or to be allowed to due to his constantly slipping academic performance, which had barred him his first two senior years. But this year graduating was the only thing left on his mind because there was no way he was going to be staying another year in Hawkins while you left.
He didn’t have much experience in exactly how to ask someone to prom, or really why there was such a big deal made around them. But it was for you, and he was willing to do just about anything.
Spending the entire night painting on the biggest piece of poster board he could manage to find, four letters and a question mark, the letters were a little shaky, and not clean by anyone’s measure.
P R O M ?
Maybe in the grand scheme of things it wasn’t much. But it was something he had done for you, and he hoped that would be enough for you to say yes, and luckily it was.
Eddie climbed up on one of the cafeteria tables, sign in hand and lifted high above his head as you walked into the room, he didn’t say anything but as his eyes met yours and he saw your smile creep onto your cheeks he knew you would be saying yes.
“Sooo what do you say? Go to prom with me?” Eddie asked when you finally walked over to the table, and he had successfully climbed down.
“Like I could ever want to go with someone else,” you whispered to him and threw your hands around his neck as you pulled him in for a kiss. It turns out, Steve Harrington doesn’t give bad advice, as long as you don’t listen to it.
Tumblr media
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are you mine tomorrow? (or just mine tonight?)
summary: "an idea you're friends with jack and you have something to do in atlanta so he asks you to stay with him. And you guys have to share a bed, even though you two sleep in the opposite sides you still wakes up entangled and while trying to get away his grip just keep on getting tight not letting you go"
just your classic friends to lovers trope hehehe
CW: friends to lovers, bedsharing, sex without a condom, PIV sex, creampie.
The cold from the tiled floor seeped into your bare feet. You stood in front of the mirror, gripping the porcelain lip of the sink and staring intently at your reflection. Sighing, you reached for the bottle of mouthwash, knocking some back and swishing it around your mouth, then spitting it out. You had mentioned having a job interview in Atlanta to Jack, just a passing comment while you were on FaceTime. He immediately insisted that you stay at his apartment, citing that he hadn’t seen you in forever. After some negotiating back and forth you finally gave in, agreeing to stay. It was only one night, it didn’t have to be awkward. Your long standing attraction to him could behave itself for one night, you thought. You were wrong. From the second you laid eyes on Jack in the airport terminal, the tension between you was thick. He closed the distance between you in his long strides and before you could think of a greeting he had wrapped his arms around you in a bear hug, lifting you off the ground. Your body felt like a live-wire as he pressed you close to him, surrounding you with his scent. That feeling stuck with you all day. The problems didn’t stop there, when you got to the apartment you realised they didn’t have a spare bedroom. Jack said he was going to sleep on the couch, so here you were in his bathroom, trying to decide if it would be weird if you suggested you share the bed. On the one hand, the bed was huge, and you felt really bad Jack would have to sleep on the couch. But on the other hand, you weren’t exactly dressed appropriately. You were wearing a faded lilac camisole and silky sleep shorts that were a couple sizes too big for you, so you had to keep hiking them up to prevent exposing yourself. You hadn’t expected to be potentially be sharing a bed with someone you were trying to deny your attraction to. Fuck it, you wouldn’t be able to sleep feeling guilty you had left Jack on the couch all night, knowing full well his tall frame would be cramped in the tiny space. You took one last look at yourself and steeled your shoulders, flicking off the light before you could change your mind.
You padded out into the sitting room, trying to make your presence known so you wouldn’t scare him. Jack was lying on his back, his legs sticking out over the arm of the couch as he watched a YouTube video.
“Whatcha watching?” you asked.
“Just some video about crypto.” he replied, not looking up from the tv.
“Cool….. so listen, I feel super bad about you having to sleep on the couch just because I’m like, forcing myself on you, so I think you should sleep in the bed.” you said in a rush, trying not to trip over your words. At this, Jack turned to look at you, his eyes roaming across your body, lingering on the strip of skin exposed between your cami and your shorts.
“Mama, I already told you, I’m not gonna make you sleep on the couch.” he said, shaking his head.
“Yeah, I know, I know. But Jack,” you hesitated, unsure if you should continue your sentence. “The bed is huge, we can both sleep in it. We can sleep on opposite sides and stuff, it doesn’t have to be weird.”
Jack continued to stare, the moment hanging heavy between you. “Are you sure?” he said, finally.
You nodded, rubbing the goose-pimpled flesh of your arms. “C’mon, I’m cold.”
Jack nodded, shoving back his blanket and standing up off the couch. He was wearing plaid pyjama pants, the drawstrings reaching down almost to his knees, and an off white tank top. You turned on your heel and walked to the bedroom before you could stare at him for too long. You could hear his heavy footsteps following you. Once you were in the dim-lit bedroom you made a beeline for the bed, climbing in and rubbing your legs against the silk sheets. Jack smiled in amusement at how your head popped up above the puffy sheets. He climbed into the bed beside you, his body stiff as he tried to stay as close to the edge as possible. He didn’t want to make you uncomfortable, or make you feel like he was taking advantage of you. You were the same, glued to your edge of the bed. You fiddled with your charger, making sure it was plugged into your phone, trying to avoid the silence that felt oppressive.
“Mind if I switch off the light?” Jack asked from behind you.
“Nah, go for it.” You said hurriedly, putting your phone down on the bedside table. “G’night J.”
“Night Mamas, sweet dreams.”
You thought it would take forever for you to fall asleep but the tiredness from your journey overwhelmed you and you were asleep in minutes. Several hours later you woke suddenly, surrounded by stifling heat. You jerked away from the warmth but didn’t get far. You realised you were wrapped up in two strong arms, one banded beneath your breasts and the other under your neck, big hand softly rubbing your outstretched arm. You wriggled around trying to remove yourself from the nest of his arms, embarrassed that you had possibly invaded Jack’s personal space.
“Where you going?” a deep voice came from behind you. You froze, completely unsure of what to do.
“I uhhh… sorry Jack, I must have rolled over to you in my sleep or something.” You babbled, trying to keep your voice even.
You felt, rather than heard him chuckle, the sound reverberating through his chest. “Why would you apologise? I want you to be here. In fact-“ he tightened his arms around you, pulling you flush up against his body. “That’s even better.”
You gasped, as you could suddenly feel the hardness of his erection against your ass causing you to involuntarily arch backwards to grind against it on pure instinct. Jack let out a little sigh and pressed his hips forward against you, moving one hand to your waist to control the movement. He pressed his lips against the crook of your neck, the hairs from his moustache tickling your skin.
“I can’t even lie to you baby, I want you so fucking bad.” Jack groaned, his voice still heavy with sleep. You were in shock, trying to figure out if this was just some hyper realistic dream your sex-deprived mind had conjured up. It had been… well, a while, since you had gotten laid. Not for lack of trying! You went on dates and made conversations on hookup apps but at the end of the day, they all fell short in comparison to Jack, a metric you couldn’t even help comparing these unsuspecting men to.
“You’re overthinking it.” He interrupted your racing thoughts, knowing you well enough to know how your mind worked. “Just let me make you feel good.”
You moaned, nodding frantically as his hand crept underneath the waistband of your shorts. His fingers trailed downwards, finding you already soaked. You must have been grinding against him in your sleep, you thought as a blush crept up your cheeks.
“Hmm, no panties? Was that for me?” Jack taunted, his long fingers running broad strokes across your pussy.
“I don’t- ah, Jack, fuck- I don’t wear them to bed.” you managed to stutter out as the pads of his fingers found your clit and began to rub circles around it. His other arm, still beneath you, reached up to roughly grope at your tits, pinching the nipples until you gasped. The pleasure was incredible, so many sensations at once that you were close already.
“Jack please, please, don’t stop.” you choked out, your body writhing as he maintained a steady pressure on your clit. His kisses against your neck became sloppy, open mouthed and wet as he brought you right to the edge. A bite to the crux of your neck tipped you over. Your body tensed, back arching as your mouth fell open in a silent ‘O’ of pleasure. You felt yourself clench around nothing, your pussy woefully empty. You slumped back down as your orgasm faded, shocks of pleasure still coursing through your core.
“Fuck me.” you said through shallow intakes of air, still trying to catch your breath. “I need you to fuck me.”
“You sure?” Jack asked, holding himself back from flipping you over and pinning you down onto the mattress. You nodded, still boneless from your high.
“Please, Jack.” you said pleadingly. You felt him move behind you, pulling his arm out from under you and gently flipping you onto your back. He stood up, flicking on the light and quickly pulling down his pyjama pants, allowing his heavy cock to spring free. Your mouth watered and you fumbled with your own pants, desperate to get them off of you. Jack got back into bed, situating himself between your legs, the head of his cock bumping against your wetness and causing you both to groan.
“I have an IUD, if you want to fuck me raw.” The words were out of your mouth before you could think about the weight they held. Jack’s eyes were heavy, his pupils blown with desire. He swallowed, looking down at your flushed chest, your own wide eyes, the pink wetness of your mouth as you panted.
“Are you sure?” he asked again, pressing himself against you, allowing his dick to slide up against your slit. You nodded, unable to form a coherent sentence. You just wanted him inside you.
Jack gripped the base of his cock and pressed into you, your tight wetness immediately swallowing him. It was unlike anything he had ever felt before, he felt like every nerve ending in his body was on fire.
“Oh Jesus fuck-“ he cursed, bottoming out inside you, his hips flush with yours. You wrapped your legs around his waist and your arms around his neck to pull him as close to you as was physically possible. His weight pressed down on your body in a way that was intoxicating, made you feel safe. He began to move, short little thrusts ending in him grinding into you. The pressure against your G spot was exquisite, causing you to clench down around his cock.
Jack kissed you, moaning into your mouth.
“Fuck, I’m not gonna last baby, you feel so good.”
You shifted your hips upwards, meeting his thrusts and causing him to slip even deeper inside of you. “Cum for me Jack, please cum inside me, I want it so bad. I need you to fill my little pussy up with cum so that you’re dripping out of me for days.”
Jack’s eyes went wide, his hips pounding against you as he chased his release. His thrusts faltered, falling out of rhythm as his eyes clenched shut and he let out a guttural groan. You swore you could feel the bloom of warmth inside as his cum filled you. You continued to clench down on him, intent on prolonging his orgasm for as long as possible. Finally his hips stilled against yours and he collapsed forward, burying his head against your chest. You giggled, brushing the sweat dampened curls away from his forehead as you listened to him struggle to regain his breath. Without looking up he reached his hand to gently cup your face, his palm warm and damp against you.
You eventually broke the silence with a groan as a thought occurred to you.
“What?” Jack murmured sleepily.
“Oh Urban is never going to let me live this down.” you said, shaking your head. Jack snorted, finally lifting his head to look at you with those warm blue eyes.
“Nah, he’s just going to make fun of the fact that it took us so long to get our shit together.” he laughed. “Now come cuddle me, I wanna be the little spoon.”
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tropes with each bts member (happy ending version)
wc: so short, like 500 words idk
pairing: bts x reader
a/n: this is so random, but these are the “tropes” i think i would have with each bts member, however i wrote it in second person, so if you stumble across it, i hope you enjoy!! i’ll be making a sad version too, because i am inherently a sad bitch and must wallow in angst at least once a day
Seokjin: best friend’s older brother
“we shouldn’t be doing this, Jin.”
“of course not.” *leans down and kisses you*
*pulls away from him, and lightly slaps his chest* whisper yells, “Jin!” but then you giggle and you pull him down for another kiss*
Taehyung: soft enemies to tolerable acquaintances to friends to lovers
“you know, your attitude sucks and you’re so fucking pretentious.”
*you cross your arms as you pointedly stare up at your arch nemesis. but taehyung only thinks you look cute all riled up bc of him. not that he would ever tell you that ofc. not ever.*
“you’re no ball of sunshine yourself, sweetheart.” *smirks down at your flustered face before he pats your shoulder and goes on his way.*
*you glare at his back until he his out of your sight (finally)*
Jimin: strangers traveling
“The whole point of me traveling was to take a solo trip and be by myself and reflect, but I’m glad I had the pleasure of meeting you along the way.”
*jimin chuckles before pulling you into him, and leaves a soft kiss on your lips*
Namjoon: frequent art museum goers
“You know, I love the Monet collection in this museum, but nothing compares to my favorite piece of his.”
“and which one is that?”
“Branch of the Seine Near Giverny (Mist).”
“I’ve never seen that one.”
*smiles over at him* “Oh, you must. I’ll have take you to see it, sometime.”
Yoongi: work colleagues to lovers
“good morning.”
“don’t talk to me.” *stares grumpily ahead*
“who pissed in your cereal this morning?”
“Careful y/n, you wouldn’t want someone to accidentally poison your coffee.”
*yoongi grumpily walks away, you trailing after to tease him more*
Hoseok: strangers in a shopping mall to lovers
“You’re not seriously thinking about getting that one, are you?”
*glares over at the strange man side eying the outfit you tried on* “and who might you be? The fashion police?”
“No, I’m simply someone looking out for you. Here, try this color on instead, it should go better with your complexion.” *sticks out hand to shake* “I’m Hobi.”
Jungkook: childhood friends to strangers to lovers
*little boy with round eyes shyly approaches you and sticks out his hand, which is holding a dandelion*
“I saw you scrape your knee, so I picked this for you.”
*years later*
“Jungkook, what are you doing here and why on earth do you have a bunch of dandelions in your hands?”
“well, I used to pick them for you when we were kids in order to cheer you up, so that’s what I’m doing now.” *sticks hands out with dandelions towards you* “I love you, and I’m sorry.”
part 2: sad ending version
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Tumblr media
A year after moving to Hawkins, your friendship with Eddie Munson has reached a fork in the road. Things don’t go quite according to plan when you confess your feelings, but there just might be hope for you two after all.
Eddie Munson x Female Reader. 18+ only.
Slow burn. Friends to lovers. Lots of pining. Drug use. Cursing. Fluff. Nervous Eddie. Virgin Eddie. Virgin reader. Eventual smut.
Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four
I do not give permission for any part of my work to be copied or published elsewhere without my consent. If you wish to share, I’m grateful, but please either reblog or link to the original post.
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Can I kiss u?
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Summary: In which u get jealous cuz your best friend yeonjun kept repeating the same video of a random girl dancing again and again. And he finds ur jealousy adorable.
Pairing: bff!yeonjun x reader
Genre: fluff, best friends to lovers
W.c: idk, just read ;)
Warnings: curses, confessing, kissing UwU, reader getting jealous so yeonjun teases her ;) +sry abt any Grammer mistakes, English isn't my first language
A/N: I'm writing it in my free time :) thinking of yeonjun and making fake scenarios with him helped in writing this imagine ;)
Tumblr media
U stared at him as he was scrolling throw his phone beside u on the bed, ignoring the fact that he looked so HOT and attractive.
"Yes baby"
This nickname is gonna be the death of u, why should he be that flirtatious when u already have such a weak heart?
"What are u watching?"
U wanted to start a conversation, cuz since he came to your apartment, all what u did was sitting on your phones and stealing glances at each other.
"Wanna watch with me?"
And before u could answer he was already laying on your lap, his head resting on your thighs, as he looked up at u with that pretty eyes
"Now we can watch together"
"Y-yeah for sure"
It wasn't the first time yeonjun layed on your lap, but each time he did that, u felt like u wanna climb up the window and start screaming that he is s o hot.
After a few minutes of staring at yeonjun watching with Yeonjun, he looked up at u with that frown on his face, u looked at him as well, trying to figure out what's wrong, until his hands reached yours to put them on his head.
He looked at the phone again happily after u started running your fingers throw his hair, it lasted too long that your fingers started hurting.
U took your hands off his hair stretching your fingers slowly, but the empty feeling on yeonjun head didn't help him with focusing on the phone again but looking up at u.
"I'm waiting for u to complete!"
He said naturally, as if his words weren't an arrow that hit your heart directly, why is he so cute yet hot?
"Oh .. I get it"
And then ur hands were at the same place again, yeojun's hair.
But yeonjun was focusing on something else, he was repeating the same video again and again, what did the video include? A GURL DANCING.
u felt the heat growing in your head as your grip on his hair tightened, but he didn't notice.
The same video repeating and reapeting and yeonjun isn't moving.
U yelled at yeonjun which made him flinch at the loud sound in his ears.
WTH? Did .. did u just show yeonjun that u are jealous? Omg what did u just do.
U watched as yeojun's screen shut and he got up and sat next to u, with that smirk on his face.
U started this y/n right? U are gonna get a lot of teasing.
Yeonjun's eyes stared into yours for a while, exploring it and playing on your nerve until he spoke.
Yeonjun approached u slowly, eyes never leaving yours, until he pinned u against the bed, getting closer and closer.
U looked at your side avoiding the eye contact, your hands on his chest pushing him away.
" I said why"
He finally spoke, after your faces were a few centimeters apart.
"What the hell do u mean by why?"
U collected all your power to form this scentence, abd putting a curse word at the middle to look stronger was a hard step which took a lot of effort.
"I mean why does my heart beat so fast just cuz u are a fuckin cutie jealous"
Silence, both your hearts are beating fast and both your eyes are locked, but the difference between u two is that your cheeks are red meanwhile he had that smirk on his face.
"I-I am not jealous, why should I be when u are my bestfriend"
Yeonjun's expression turned into an annoyed one when he heard your last sentence, he thought about something for seconds, then he suddenly approached u, and what separated u was your breaths.
"And why not? Why not when u already like me?"
"I-I don't"
"Then why did u get jealous when I was repeating the same video"
"Why were u repeating the same video"
Answering the question with another was a smart move, which made the smirk on yeonjun's face grow into a bigger one.
"I was lost in the feeling of your hands playing with my hair, and I wasn't even focusing what was playing on the screen"
Shit, now u are facing three issues.
he knew that u were indeed jealous.
Second, he got lost in the feeling of your fingers running throw his hair! THIS IS SO FUCKING CUTE.
Third, u have to deal with both of your flushed cheeks and your almost-dead heart.
"Then go away"
That's what u managed to spell, ignoring the fact that u were pushing him away but in vain.
Yeonjun's eyes stared into yours adorably, this time he couldn't spell a word, just staring into your eyes while his hands traveled from the bed sheets to your tiny waist, squeezing it gently.
Your eyes stared into his, u couldn't keep looking at the drawer beside your bed while u got a hot man pinning u against the bed, YOUR BED! and staring at u lovingly.
A few seconds passed, and his eyes traveled to your lips, staring at them hungrily, u got shy from his stares but kept looking at his expressions, exploring his feelings.
He bit his lips while his eyes were still on your lips, no one dares to spell a word.
U felt your cheeks burning and u could feel the drops of sweat on your forehead playing there.
"C-can I kiss u?"
His voice was hazy, and he was stuttering for the first time, what about the question he just asked? U couldn't do anything but nod silently.
Yeonjun's eyes sparkled as he saw u nodding, then he leaned in to press his lips against yours, they were soft just as what u imagined.
Yeonjun started moving his lips against yours slowly, being gentle yet passionate.
His grip on your waist tightened as he deepened the kiss, your hands found their way to his hair, tucking on it softly.
After the kiss got heated u both pulled away, breathing heavily after u were both breathless, but yeonjun's face never went that far, but instead, he rested his forehead on yours, staring into your eyes with half-opened eyes.
"U know that I like u, don't u baby?"
U giggled lowly as u heard his words, yeonjun couldn't help but peck your lips once again.
"I do"
"And do u like me, baby?"
U looked at his eyes for a while, still catching your breaths.
"I will think about it if u kissed me again"
Your last sentence was accompanied by a smirk and a small giggle.
Yeonjun smirked at u as well, his grip on your waist tightened once again.
"Such a naughty girl"
And then, he took u in another kiss.
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sparklefics · a day ago
Fire Escapades
Pairing: Teenagers AU! Bucky & F!Reader Set in the 40s
Prompt: Teenager!FReader getting shy about being naked in front of Teenager!Bucky for the first time.
A/N: So I didn’t really follow the prompt at all so this is basically a 40s! Teenager!Bucky & Reader. 🤷
I really liked this little thing, I feel like it has potential so I might write some more.
Warnings: none, just fluff
WC: 1,442
**Gif not mine
Tumblr media
James Buchanan Barnes was trouble and you knew that from the second he laid his eyes on you, not because he was a bad boy–quite the opposite. 
He was literally the guy next door. You met at school, but you'd seen him around the neighborhood before. One day after school was over he walked up to your locker and introduced himself, asked if he could walk you home. You were hesitant to agree but you made it clear to him that you'd be carrying your books, which he respected.
On the walk home he admitted that he was in fact your next door neighbor and he was just looking to make friends since he was new in town. "If you don't mind, I promised my ma, I'd pick up my sister Rebecca from school on the way back."
You said you didn't mind making a stop as long as you got back home in time to help your mom prepare dinner. His little sister was so cute, shared the same blue eyes as her brother and that easy charm, she quickly had you wrapped around her finger. 
You and James became friends. You two would walk to school together, sometimes even share a milkshake at the diner down the block. 
You'd come to trust him with everything, even your broken heart after Gilmore Hodge stomped on it and you went home in tears.
You sat on the fire escape bawling your eyes out over Hodge kissing Dot right in front of you. You thought you were being quiet when suddenly you heard the squeak of Bucky's window being opened. "Hey, doll. Thought I heard you out he– Oh. What's going on?"
You dried your tears as quickly as possible but he still caught sight of them and jumped over from his fire escape to yours.  
"Nothin', just me being an idiot." 
"Is it Hodge? Did he- he was inappropriate with you?" 
You could tell Bucky was angry without even looking at him, if you looked at him you would break down and start crying all over again. "He's not worth it, Bucky." Was all you said but Bucky was seeing red by now.
"I'm gonna kick his ass." 
"No, you are not!" Before Bucky could jump off the fire escape and go look for a fight you stopped him— he'd been itching for a fight ever since he started boxing. 
You grabbed a hold of his hand and pulled him down to sit with you. Bucky never let go of your hand as you told him what happened with Hodge. He told you it was Hodge's loss for not realizing what an incredible girl he just missed out on. 
You two stayed out in the fire escape way past bedtime, when you bid him goodnight and went to open your window to crawl back into your room you were surprised to find it locked. You turned back to Bucky's fire escape but he was long gone. You stood there for at least five minutes mustering the courage to jump over to Bucky's and ask for help. 
When you knocked on his window he turned around and to your surprise he was midway through changing into his pajamas. You'd never noticed before but he was quite muscular, your friend. 
You remind yourself that Bucky Barnes is your friend after all.
"Doll, did you jump over?! Why'd you jump?"
"My window got stuck–and I–" You yelp as Bucky pulls you into his room. "Was going to ask for a blanket."
"A blanket? Doll, you're not sleeping outside, you'll get sick." He ushers you to sit on his small bed while he puts on a loose shirt. "Your mom's still working that overnight shift at the hospital downtown?"
You feel yourself overheating over the fact that you now know what your best friend looks like without a shirt– nice, he looks very much like a man. For some reason you cannot stop staring at his arms, which you never noticed before but now you want them wrapped around you. 
Wait! He asked you something.
Bucky rummages through the trunk at the foot of his bed for his favorite navy blue sweater, and gently drapes it over your shoulders and grabs a blanket to set himself over on the floor by your side. You two continue your previous conversation–from the fire escape– whispering. Bucky complains that he can barely hear you so with your permission he moves over to join you on the bed. You lay under the covers while he was over them, to preserve some 'decency'. 
Though, in all honesty, decency was out the window the second Bucky laid next to you as you two gravitated towards each other. You cuddled up with him as his arms gathered you into his chest, into safety. Bucky’s lips are practically glued to your forehead, it makes you all warm and gooey on the inside. He’s a charming and affectionate guy, he’ll often give you hugs and kiss your hand, but this feels different. 
You try to push him off you but he tightens his hold on you. "I mean, what's your mom going to think of me? Think about it! It looks bad and you know it Buck. James!"
"Your mom! She's gonna think we've been inappropriate!" You slap a hand to his chest, with his eyes closed he grabs it and presses a kiss to your knuckles. 
"Hm-hm, no. Ma knows my intentions with you are serious, respectful."
"She knows I love you, besides I'm waiting for your dad to get back from the war so I can ask for his blessing to–"
You don’t let him finish his sentence. "James, you love me?"
Bucky slowly blinks until he's less drowsy, a slow shy smile creeping on his lips and if the room wasn't as dark as it is you would see him blush. "Of course I do." He says as if it were obvious! 
Your heart beats so fast you're afraid it might combust. "You love? You love me. You love me…You never said anything, and Hodge–"
"I'm still gonna kick his ass for making you cry," Bucky interjects. “but I never said anything ‘cause Ma said that I should give you space, let you make your own decisions. If we’re meant to be, it'll work out.” 
"Your mom is a really smart woman.” You smile at him. For the sake of honesty you decide to tell Bucky the truth about what really happened with Hodge. “He was mad at me because I wouldn't kiss him. So he made it a point to humiliate and ridicule me. He even called me a prude. Jokes on him though, I mean, I am in bed with a guy who’s not even my boyfriend yet." You chuckled then sobered up, "I didn't kiss him because I didn't want to. Because I would prefer to kiss you."
"That can be arranged."
You halt him with a hand to his chest, "What ever happened to 'my intentions with you are serious'?"
"I seriously want to kiss you, Doll." Bucky admits.
You, in the blink of an eye, press your lips to his just for a second and immediately start giggling uncontrollably and hide under the blanket. 
Bucky yanks the blanket from you and takes a hold of your face, as if you were the most delicate thing he’s ever touched. He holds you so tenderly, in the darkness you manage to make out his eyes and his smile. “Can we do this the right way? Can I take you out on a date and kiss you?”
You want to tease him so badly but you stop yourself from doing it because of that sincere and determined look in his eyes. You find yourself nodding. “Yes.”
Bucky leans over and intwines your hands, bracing them by the side of your head. He gently presses his lips to yours in a soft kiss. When he pulls away he rests his forehead on yours, “I promise you, Doll, I will never hurt you.”
You let go of his hands and wrap your arms around his shoulders, “Oh Bucky.”
“God, you’re beautiful! I should tell you that more often.”
You two spend the rest of the night hugging and kissing each other. 
When morning comes Bucky is halfway on top of you, face nestled against your neck while you run your fingers through his gorgeous brown hair. 
A banging on Bucky’s door breaks your bubble.
“James Buchanan Barnes, get out here right this second!!”
“Oh no. She Buchanan-ed me, she knows you’re here.” Bucky groans. 
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Hey guys! The rewrite is here!
more art
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fitzs-trained-monkey · 9 hours ago
Little Favors
Tumblr media
Title: Little Favors
Word Count: I lost count
Warnings: !EXTREME FLUFF AHEAD! Y'all don't even get it. So much fluff. The only warning I can come up with is a use of the slut word and a couple innuendos because Kol. Oh, also, canon is whatever I want it to be.
Summary: You know what? Adventures in Babysitting. That's all you need to know. Let's see if you guys can spot all the places where the reader almost becomes aware of the supernatural! || Kol Mikaelson x reader || Here lies my Masterlist ||
A/N: This idea wouldn't leave me alone so here's this surprise fic in celebration of this account reaching 300 followers. Thanks to everyone who's supported me!
"Hey, do you wanna come over for a bit?"
You sent the text and bit your lip, hoping against hope that he'd say yes. Seconds later, your phone chirped with a reply. 
"Do you even have to ask?"
A relieved smile spread across your lips.
"Yeah, still do. Thanks tho."
"See you soon, love."
You raised a brow at that.
"How soon exactly?"
His response was almost instant.
Your head snapped up as the doorbell rang through your house. How was he always doing that? If you didn't know better, you'd think your friend was the Flash or something. Peeling yourself off the couch, you wandered over to the front door and threw it open. There, standing on your front porch, putting away his earbuds was the most handsome boy alive - or at least within the tiny town of Mystic Falls. You leaned your head on the door and lifted a brow.
"So what's your excuse this time?" You asked, suppressing a smirk. Kol just chuckled, dragging a hand through his slightly damp hair. Good heavens, he was hot when he did that. The sight set off a round of butterflies in your stomach. 
Kol Mikaelson had moved into town with his family about two months earlier. He was a senior at your high school, along with his younger sister, Rebekah. They were Irish twins or something - you didn't quite know the specifics. Of course, in a town as tiny as yours, Kol and his family quickly became the talk of the town and despite not being one for drama, even you could admit that there was plenty to talk about. The family was English, and wealthy and all of them were outrageously attractive. Honestly, your first thought about them had been something along the lines of: "What kind of wacky Twilight crap is this?" It was so weird and, as ashamed as you were to admit it, you had avoided the new kids at first.
Such a course of action had been extremely difficult, primarily because you shared four classes with Kol and he'd been seated next to you in all of them. What are the odds, right? But, wait, it gets worse! Every day, when you say down, Kol would greet you with a smile and attempt to start a conversation. With dark hair, amber eyes, and a square jaw - not to mention that crooked smirk - the guy was so gorgeous, you didn't even know what to do. Intimidated by his status, his good looks, and his excellent sense of humor, you just tried your best to pretend he didn't exist.
Well, it hadn't taken him long to get fed up with that act. So one day you'd walked in to see a note sitting on your desk. It was addressed to you and written in perfect cursive, because of course his handwriting had to be impeccable too. The note read: "Dearest Y/N, I'm sorry I exist. If there's anything else I've done to offend you, then you have my sincerest apologies. Now, will you please stop acting like you've seen me commit murder? I'd really appreciate it. Your neighbor, Kol." Unable to contain your laughter, you'd started a timid conversation with Kol and the two of you had hit it off pretty quickly after that.
You'd learned that Kol and his sister were simply two really nice kids just doing their best to fit in at a new school, nothing more than that. As you got to know him a little better, it surprised you that Kol desired you to be his friend. He was intelligent, talented, and beyond attractive - one of those instant popular kid types - he could have been friends with anyone, yet he chose you. No one ever chose you. Ever. You had spent your high school carrier being invisible, and you were good at it! So when the most attractive guy in the twelfth grade started hanging out with you, people started paying attention and rumors got rolling pretty quickly.
Were you dating Kol Mikaelson? That was the question everyone at school was trying to answer. To be perfectly honest, you had no idea. He'd asked you to hang out a few times at different places around town, but he'd never labeled it as an actual date. And sure, he flirted with you quite a bit but that boy flirted with just about everything with a heartbeat! As far as you were aware, he only liked you as a friend which was exactly why you were trying hard to hide your nerves right now.
"I know it's crazy, but I swear I was right around the corner when you texted," He said.
You narrowed your eyes. "Doing what, exactly?"
"Just walking." He shrugged, burying his hands in his pockets. "Trying to clear my head."
"Really?" You scoffed. "In the snow?"
He rolled his eyes. "It's barely snowing, but yes."
You hummed. "Right…"
"It's the truth, love," Kol said. He rubbed his eyes.
"Uh, huh."
"I'm being completely honest!"
"You better be," You said, grinning. "Otherwise, the only sane conclusion I can come up with is that you're stalking me."
"As gorgeous as you are darling, that's not the case." Kol snickered and stepped forward, leaning his weight against the door frame. He crossed his arms, looking down at you with those droopy, amber puppy-dog eyes that you'd been in love with for as long as you'd known him.
You swallowed thickly. That position perfectly accentuated his lithe body, for a high schooler, the guy was insanely well built. Ugh! And those eyes! Those eyes made you want to throw yourself at him or disappear and you didn't know which one.
"Well, good. 'Cuz that would be creepy," You replied a little quietly. Kol hummed and nodded.
"So…" He trailed off and leaned closer almost conspiratorially. "Do I get to ask why you invited me over to your house on a Friday night?"
You tugged on a loose strand of hair, twisting it around your finger. "I mean, you are kinda the only friend I've got…" The only other person you'd consider a friend was Matt Donovan and the two of you really weren't close.
"I know." He smirked. Oh, he really wasn't making this easy on you.
"So I thought I might ask for your help?"
Kol wet his lips and tilted his head innocently. Geez, he was so much taller than you. "With what, exactly?" He asked.
You tucked a strand of hair behind your ear and cleared your throat. "W-well my parents aren't home and-"
His brows shot up and he blinked. "I don't believe this…" A slow impish grin spread across Kol's face and he leaned closer, eyes raking your body as he loomed over you. "Y/N, are you propositioning me?"
If you had been drinking water, you would have done a spit take. You felt like your whole body was blushing and you might as well have looked at Medusa for how still your limbs became. "N-no! Uh… I-I-I… um…" What were you even supposed to say to that? Why did he have to be so attractive?! It really wasn't fair!
"Are you sure?" He asked, stepping that much closer. "Because I certainly wouldn't be opposed to it." You thought you saw Kol glance down at your lips, but you must have been imagining things. 
You twisted the fabric of your shirt between your fingers, struggling to find something intelligent to say. "That-that's not… I mean, that's not what I-" You sighed. "This would be a lot easier to explain if you came inside." You opened the door wide so he could come in, but he hesitated.
Kol raised a brow, almost surprised. "You want me to come in?" 
"Yeah," You mumbled. "Is that a problem?"
"Not at all." He shoved himself off the door frame and stepped inside, closing the door behind him. You stepped back a good four feet, trying to dispel some of the tension. He glanced over his shoulder, gesturing at the coat rack behind him. "Mind if I-"
"Yeah, sure."
He shot you a little smile and stripped his jacket off before hanging it on the coat rack. He must have noticed your bare feet because he took off his shoes too, kicking them next to the door. Then he turned back to you and cocked his head. 
"So, your parents aren't home…" He started.
"Nope." You shook your head. You couldn't seem to stop blushing. What was your problem?
Kol nodded, rubbing his lower lip with his thumb. "It's just you and me then?" He asked, taking a step closer to you again. His eyes were slightly hooded and there was something in them that you'd never seen before. It was… admiring, bordering on hungry. 
You shot him a nervous smile. "Well… not exactly…"
His brows drew together and he lifted his head a little. "What do you mean? Who else is here?" His voice was calm enough but he seemed almost suspicious. You didn't have time to wonder why.
"Meow, Meow!" 
The high-pitched whine came from just behind you and his eyes flew wide. You smiled sheepishly and slid one step to the side. The boy dropped his gaze down to your feet. Sitting on the floor, poised exactly like a little kitten, was your baby sister. The two stared at each other for a moment before Kol threw his head back and laughed. It was a vibrant, sincere sound, full of light-hearted mirth. He doubled over, bracing his hands on his knees. Clearly, he found this situation rather humorous. 
"I'm sorry…" You hissed, biting your lip.
Kol waved a hand. "Don't be! It's completely fine." He tilted his head and knelt to be closer to the little girl's height. "Hey there, little one! How are you?"
"Meow! Meow!" Your baby sister responded. 
You nodded and shrugged. "This is my baby sister. Her name's Nora and she's a two and a half year old menace to society."
Kol snorted. "I don't know about that, darling. She looks pretty harmless to me." He waved at the little girl and she recoiled, hiding behind your leg.
"Meow, meow! Meow, meow!" She said, pretending to tremble. This was her newest little game. 
You sighed. "She's also a cat."
"Ah! I see," The boy hummed, keeping his eyes fixed on the little girl. He must have known she wanted the attention. "Is your big sister right? Are you a kitten?"
Nora nodded. "Meow, meow!"
"Oh, alright then. So, if you're a little kitten, then you'll probably want to sniff my hand so we can become best friends. Isn't that right?" He held his hand out as one does for a cat or dog. You raised a brow as you watched your baby sister crawl over to him. She sat up when she reached his hand and grabbed it, bumping her nose against his knuckle. Then she flipped it over and rubbed his palm against her cheek. He chuckled. "Hello, Nora."
"Purrr. Purrr." She said.
Kol grinned. "Awww! You're a cute little kitty-cat! Aren't you?" He scratched her chin a little bit before scooping her up so he could stand. 
"Careful," You warned. "She'll lick you too."
The instant you spoke, Nora stuck her little tongue out and licked his cheek. He blinked and you pinched the bridge of your nose, groaning. Much to your surprise, Kol didn't so much as frown. He just laughed, shrugging.
"Still better than, Henrik!" He concluded, wiping his face with the edge of his sleeve. You regarded him questioningly and he nodded, explaining. "Henrik was my youngest sibling. When he was this young, he was convinced he was a wolf cub. He would bite your legs, he would bite your fingers, and he would bite your face - it stopped being cute rather quickly."
You snickered, relaxing a bit. "Is Henrik much younger than you?" You wondered.
Kol's face fell and he rubbed the back of his neck. "Uh, no, actually… Henrik, um… He-he passed away some time ago," He said.
"Oh." You whispered, fixing your eyes on your feet. You were such an idiot! "I-I'm really sorry, Kol. That was a stupid thing to ask."
He shook his head. "No, it wasn't. I wouldn't have raised the topic if I couldn't handle the questions it was bound to insight."
Wow... He was really well spoken… His voice sounded like a snowfall: gentle, playful, and pure.
You blinked. "O-oh, okay. Um, well I'm sorry I asked you over here then."
The boy sent you a quizzical look. "Why?"
"I mean, it's not for fun," You pointed out, scuffing your toe against the floor. "My parents left me in charge but this time I just need a little bit of help entertaining and wrangling them…"
Kol tilted his head as Nora cuddled up against his shoulder. "Them?" He asked. Your sheepish smile doubled in intensity and you let go of a nervous chuckle. 
"Y/N! WHY ARE YOU FLIRTING WITH THE PIZZA GUY?!" A shrill voice pierced the air from one of the upstairs rooms. You flinched and Kol's face filled with understanding.
"Ah…" He nodded. "So, there's two of them…"
"Unfortunately…" You sighed, then took a deep breath. "I'M NOT FLIRTING AND HE'S NOT THE PIZZA GUY! NOW, GET YOUR BUTT DOWN HERE!" The boy in front of you flinched and you sent him an apologetic smile. "I'm sorry, Kol. She's eleven and I swear this is the only way to communicate with her."
"YOU'RE NOT THE BOSS OF ME, Y/N!" Your sister screamed down.
Kol glanced up there and huffed a laugh.
You sighed again. "I am so, so sorry."
"No, no, darling, it's fine. Seriously, stop apologizing!" He said. "You just shocked me is all. I guess I figured that screaming at one another was only the default language in dysfunctional families like mine."
The relief that flooded your body was palpable. "Really?"
"Of course," He assured you. "In fact, watch this." He shifted a hand to cover Nora's ear - the one that wasn't tucked into his shoulder - and looked up. "ACTUALLY, SHE IS THE BOSS OF YOU, UNTIL YOUR PARENTS GET HOME! SUCKS TO BE YOU, LOVE!  SO WHY DON'T YOU QUIT WAILING LIKE A BANSHEE AND COME SAY HI!" He finished shouting and shot you a wink.
You smirked, crossing your arms. "That was impressive." 
"Thank you."
A moment later a petite H/C girl came bounding down the stairs. She swung her weight around the banister and stopped right in front of Kol, staring up at him with scrutiny. She put her hands on her hips and spun to face you.
"Is this the boyfriend you wish you had?" She demanded.
You slid your tongue over your teeth, reminding yourself of all the reasons you shouldn't deck a child. "Ainsley," You addressed with a razor-sharp smile. "This is my friend Kol. He's gonna help me take care of you and Nora tonight."
Ainsley shot him a dirty look and turned to you. "I don't need another babysitter, I've already got you."
"Well that's a shame, because I'm not leaving for the whole night," Kol said, smirking. "And I'm afraid you got it wrong, sweetheart." He gestured to you. "See, she's the girlfriend I wish I had."
You flushed and tucked a strand of hair behind your ear - it was a nervous tick. Ainsley spun back to face him.
"You talk funny," She declared. 
"Ég get talað fyndnara," He told her with a smug smile. The foreign syllables rolled off his tongue effortlessly - almost like he'd been born speaking them. What language was that? The rough sound of it made your stomach attempt gymnastics.
Whatever it was, it made Ainsley giggle. "You're weird!" She said.
"Why thank you, love." He held onto Nora and dipped into a flourishing bow for her and she laughed again, clapping.
"Wanna come see my dinosaurs?" She asked him, bouncing up and down on the balls of her feet. "They're in my room!"
The enthusiastic gasp he made for her was very convincing as he placed a hand over his heart. "Oh, wow. I would love to come see your dinosaurs, Ainsley. But is it okay if I talk to your sister for just a second first?"
"Okay." She shrugged. "I'll go get 'em ready!" 
"Alright! You go do that and I'll be right up," He said. Ainsley squealed with glee and rushed back upstairs again. You watched her go for a moment before turning back to Kol.
"That was actually amazing," You marveled, staring at him with wide eyes.
He shrugged. "That was nothing, I-"
"No, no. You don't understand," You cut him off. "Ainsley hates everyone."
"Everyone!" You stressed. "She's at that stage where she knows everything about everything all the time so when she doesn't know someone she hates them and if they're in on her act, she hates them. In other words-"
"She hates everyone," He finished, nodding. "Bekah did the same thing, except she never grew out of it."
"I pity you."
"You should." Kol flashed you a grin and adjusted Nora in his arms. She made that little purr noise of hers and nuzzled him. He shrugged. "What can I say? The ladies love me."
You huffed a laugh and shook your head, focusing on the floor. "You don't have to stay if you don't want to," You said quietly.
The boy frowned. "What are you talking about, darling?"
"Well, I just-" You'd definitely made this seem like something it wasn't. Would he be mad? "I-I mean, you're not like… disappointed, are you?"
"Disappointed?" He scoffed and rolled his eyes. "Darling, I get to avoid my family and spend time with a beautiful girl. Why on earth would I be disappointed?"
Because for a second there you acted like you wanted me…
You pushed that thought away and shrugged, rubbing your arm. "I don't know… I-I thought-
"Woah, woah, sorry to cut you off, love. But what happened to your hand?" He demanded. You hardly blinked and Kol had somehow crossed the room. He was standing right in front of you, only inches away. You jumped as he reached to take your hand. "Easy! Easy now! I just want to look at it," He said. You bit your lip as Kol gently took your hand.
He trailed his fingertips over the reddened, burned skin, just barely skimming over the marks. Pain flared up in each one despite his best efforts and you hissed, snatching your hand away. 
"Darling, what happened?" He pressed, a little more urgently. "Did someone do this to you?" Something flashed in his eyes, something more than the usual mirth or amusement he offered you. It was intense yet soft.
"No, I, uh… I burned myself making muffins," You admitted. "It's fine. I'll be fine."
"This is why you wanted my help, isn't it?" He asked, the way he regarded you made you pretty sure he doubted your tough facade. "Because it hurts more than you let on?"
You sighed. "I didn't treat it right originally and now it's coming back to haunt me," You confirmed.
"I see." Kol raised your injured hand to his lips and pressed a feather-light kiss to one of the few unburned areas. "Tell you what, I'll help you with your sisters - entertain them, and get them to bed - then I'll help you dress and wrap that properly, alright?" He offered.
You shook your head, trying to laugh his kindness off. "You don't have to do that."
"I know," He responded. "But I'm going to anyway." Then he leaned down and planted a sweet kiss on your forehead, shooting you a smug and very knowing smirk before turning and climbing the stairs after Ainsley. "Alright! Let's see those dinosaurs!"
You followed him up and pointed the way to Ainsley's room. She sat there on the floor surrounded by dozens of tiny dinosaur figurines no bigger than an inch. Kol knelt next to her, carefully avoiding crushing any of them. 
"Wow, these are exquisite, darling," He said, picking one up to examine it. "The details are stunning. Where did you get them?"
Ainsley beamed. "I made them!"
Kol shook his head. "Nah."
The girl frowned. "I made them out of clay," She insisted. 
"No, you didn't."
"I did so!"
"You did not! There's no way you made these, they're just too fantastic," He teased, shooting you a wink while your sister wasn't looking. You chuckled and rolled your eyes at his antics. 
"I'm not lying!" Your sister rounded on you. "Y/N, tell Kol I'm not lying!" She demanded.
He turned to you expectantly and you shrugged. "She's not lying."
Kol's surprise was extremely convincing, even to you. "I can't believe this! Ainsley, darling, your work is fantastic!"
The little girl smirked and glanced back at you, waggling her brows as if she'd won some sort of competition. You took a deep breath, running your tongue over your teeth.
"Ainsley, are you gonna tell him all their names?" You prompted. You didn't miss the grimace that flashed across Kol's face at your words. There were so many little dinosaurs, that naming all of them would take a while. 
"Not all of 'em." Ainsley shook her head. "Just my faves."
"You do that," You encouraged with mock enthusiasm. Kol shot you a look that reminded you a bit of a captive being made to walk the plank and you just smirked.
The girl picked up each one to introduce them individually. "This one's Diplodocus, this one's Deinonychus, this one's Ankylosaurus, this one's Baryonyx, this one's Compsognathus, this one's Archaeopteryx, this one's Dilophosaurus, this one's Coelophysis, and this one's a T-Rex!" She announced with pride.
"Ah, I see." Kol took that last figurine from her, inspecting it. "Now, I can't say that I'm familiar with most of those names you listed, but I do know this one. In fact, I went to go see the first skeleton of one ever found in a museum a while back!"
"Wow!" Ainsley gasped. "How big was it?"
"Colossal!" He exclaimed. "I think one could eat you in one bite. Om nom nom!" He reached up and chased Ainsley with the figurine she'd given him.
"Ah no! I don't wanna be eaten!"
"Too bad, love. The T-Rex has other plans."
"Oh." She dropped to the ground and started twitching. "Bleh! I'm dead."
Kol laughed and glanced back at you, grinning wide. "So, now that this one's dead, Y/N, when do I get to see your bedroom?" His tone was perfectly innocent but the expression he wore was anything but. His eyes skimmed over your figure and you realized you were wearing your slightly revealing pajama shorts. You knew you were blushing and he seemed excessively pleased with himself as you struggled to find something to say.
"Hey! I'm not really dead," Ainsley complained. "I was just pretending!"
Kol winked at you and turned back with an incredulous expression. "Really? Oh wow, that was extremely convincing. You should become an actor."
"Maybe I will!" Ainsley grinned, picking herself up off the floor. "Oh, and you can keep that by the way."
"I can keep this?" He affirmed, holding the T-Rex figure. Ainsley nodded. "Thank you! What an honor, lovely. I will cherish this gift for all my days." He stood and ruffled the little girl's hair in a casual gesture, but Ainsley didn't seem to like it very much. She recoiled from his touch like she'd been burned, jumping back and slapping his hand away with a yelp. She drew away from him, wrapping her arms around herself.
"Y-you're cold," She hissed, regarding him with a suddenly distrustful glare. 
Kol was quick to back off. His brows drew together and he raised his hands non-threateningly. Confusion swam in his deep brown eyes. "Am I?" He wondered. He held his hand out to you.
You didn't feel anything out of the ordinary. His hands were soft and you supposed they were a little cool, but not cold. Not odd. A thin scar bisected his palm diagonally and you wondered where he'd gotten it. You shook your head. "Ainsley, what's wrong?"
"He's cold!" She insisted. "Don't you feel it?"
You shrugged. "He feels fine to me and Nora seems pretty chill." The toddler was still sitting cozy in Kol's arms, meowing happily. "Maybe you're coming down with something?" You suggested. 
She just crossed her arms and huffed, glaring at Kol. You glanced at him and he shrugged, scratching his neck. The atmosphere in that room was incredibly awkward for a solid minute before you cleared your throat. 
"Who wants to play a game?" You asked, desperate to clear the tension. One could have cut it with a knife. 
Kol raised his hand. "I'm up for it! Ainsley?"
She scowled. "Do I have to?"
You sent her another sharp, forceful smile. "Heck yeah, you do, sunshine."
The little girl lifted a brow in challenge, putting her hands on her hips. "What's in it for me?" She demanded.
"Ah yes, the negotiator," Kol snickered. You sent him a scathing look and he quickly tried to cover his laughter with a cough.
"We can watch a movie after," You decided, turning your attention back to your sister. She hummed and pretended to inspect her fingernails - you were pretty sure she'd seen that on TV somewhere. Annoying as she was, that little brat was going places. "I'll let you pick?" You offered.
She flicked her eyes up to yours. "Emperor's New Groove?"
"Whatever you want," You sighed, rubbing your temple with your good hand. Kol was still trying ridiculously hard not to laugh.
"What about your hand, Y/N?" Ainsley asked, grinning like a satisfied Cheshire cat. "How will you play with us?"
You glanced down at the flaming red and pink marks that crisscrossed your fingers and palm, stretching up to your wrist. They stung and burned on their own, moving just made them worse. You frowned. "I guess I'll just have to watch you guys play."
"Oh, that's too bad." She didn't mean that one bit and you had to lean back against the door frame to keep yourself from throttling her. Ainsley shot you one last devilish smirk before rounding on Kol. "Do you know how to play Gin?"
"As a matter of fact, I do," He said, smiling amusedly. "Is that what you'd like to play?"
She nodded vigorously and swiped a deck of cards off her bedside table. "I'm gonna kick your butt!" She giggled.
"Is that so?" He hummed, shooting you a grin. You sent him a thankful one in return.
Nora sat up against his shoulder. "What about me? I wanna play!" She whined.
"But if course!" Kol exclaimed. "You're going to be on my team and help me beat your sister." 
Nora gasped and nodded. "Meow! Meow!" She chirped. Kol chuckled and kissed her forehead lightly. 
"There's a sweet little kitten."
"Why don't we go downstairs so you guys can play at the table?" You offered before they got anything started.
"That sounds like an excellent idea," He agreed. You shoved off the door frame and started for the stairs, glancing back to see Kol reach for your sister's hand. "Come on, Ainsley. I won't bite." She hesitantly took it and you turned back before he could see the smile that spread across your face.
Thirty minutes and eight rounds of Gin later and Kol seemed to be regretting his decision to play with your little sister.
"How?!" He demanded after her eighth consecutive win. "How is this possible? How are you rigging the deck when I'm the one shuffling?"
"Told you I was gonna kick your butt," Ainsley said smugly, leaning back in her chair.
"This shouldn't be statistically possible," He muttered. In his lap, Nora stood up and "pawed" at his chest, meowing in pity.
"Statistic probability does not apply when Ainsley desires to win a card game," You supplied, ruffling your sister's hair as you stood.
"It's uncanny," He agreed, nodding. You weren't aware of Kol's eyes lingering on you as you stretched, reaching your arms over your head. Wandering over to the pantry, you opted to search for a snack the four of you could enjoy during the movie.
"Say, Ainsley darling, have you ever played Poker?" Kol asked as soon as your back was turned.
"Kol!" You warned.
"Sorry, darling!" He called back. He lowered his voice to a whisper. "Wanna learn?"
You snorted and spun around on your heel. "Kol Mikaelson, you are not going to teach my little sister to play Poker!" You lectured, trying your best to contain your laughter.
"She'd be a bloody prodigy, love!" He defended. He too was struggling to keep a straight face.
"Uh, huh. A prodigy with a gambling addiction."
"A gambling addiction? With me as her mentor? Inconceivable."
"The image of you mentoring anyone terrifies me to my very core," You deadpanned. "Ainsley, go put something on and if Kol ever tries to teach you anything, run for the hills."
"Got it," She replied, hopping out of her seat and running off towards the living room.
Kol leaned against the counter, folding his arms as he watched you search for some junk food. You selected ice cream - holding the frozen tub felt glorious on your burns. His eyes never left you for a second and the faint smile he wore never faltered. You stood on your toes to reach for some bowls off the top shelf and felt your cheeks burn under his undivided attention. Setting the bowls on the counter, you took a breath in an attempt to settle the butterflies that were using your stomach as a bloody airport. If you turned to face him, you knew you'd lose your ability to speak, so you feigned nonchalance.
"You're staring," You pointed out in hardly more than a whisper. 
Kol hummed. "Am I?" 
"You are." You nodded, trying to keep your pitch from rising. "What is it back there that's got you so interested?"
You could hear the smirk in his voice. "Definitely not your legs."
His comment lit your cheeks on fire and you buried your face in your hands. Why did he have to be such a cheeky bastard?! 
You turned back to face him, biting your lip and crossing your arms over your chest. "You just can't stop yourself from making those sorts of comments, can you?" 
Kol grinned. "I don't exactly try," He said.
"Of course, you don't." You sighed, tucking a strand of hair away from your face. "And I assume you just shamelessly flirt with all your friends."
He shrugged. "Pretty much."
"Good policy." 
Especially if your intention is to keep this socially awkward bundle of anxiety guessing every second of the day…
You smiled thinly and turned back to start scooping ice cream into the bowls. You gripped the ice cream scoop in your good hand and tried to transfer some of the surgery goodness but only succeeded in pushing the tub around on the counter. The burns on your left hand flared with pain as you absentmindedly attempted to use it and you whimpered, biting your lip to keep from crying. A frustrated growl escaped you as you glared at the frozen treat. 
Kol's hand wrapped around yours, gently lifting the scoop from your grasp. "Let me help you out, love," He coaxed. His voice was as soft as snow - the kind you make angels in. 
You sighed. "I can scoop ice cream, Kol. I'm not a complete invalid," You insisted.
"I know," Kol hummed. He swept your hair over your shoulder and ran a hand down your arm. His touch felt like lightning across your skin. "But you are in a lot of pain."
You glanced at the burns covering your hand. They stung and seared constantly. "Yeah…"
"Then move over and let me help you," He pressed, leaning on the counter next to you. He stared you down and you tried your best to stay strong but those soft amber eyes drilled into yours and you lost.
"Fine!" You relented, backing off. He smirked and took over. 
"So how's the hand holding up?" Kol asked. He paused and cleared his throat. "Still the same or getting-" He cut himself off with another cough. "- getting worse?"
Your brows pulled together and you frowned. "Pretty much the same," You answered. He nodded, coughing into his sleeve a few more times. You blinked, starting to worry. "You good?" Kol sent you a thumbs up but kept on coughing. You reached up to touch his shoulder and he flinched away from you. "Kol?" You moved around to face him but he doubled over, coughing more frantically. You couldn't see his face. Was he in pain? What were you supposed to do? 
"I-I'm fine." He waved you off, straightening back up after a moment. His voice was strained and he looked extremely uncomfortable. "I'm alright."
"You don't look fine," You said.
"I-I just…" He trailed off.
"Kol?" He didn't respond.
For a moment, he just stood there, watching you. Kol tilted his head to the side slowly. His brows were furrowed but his eyes were far away and there was something in them. You didn't know exactly what it was, but it made your skin crawl. You didn't like it. He swallowed thickly, wetting his lips. His hands were wrapped around the counter's edge and his knuckles were white. Was he having a seizure or something? What was his problem? He took a shuffling step backward, blinking rapidly. 
"KOL!" You snapped your fingers in front of his face and he jumped.
"Yeah? What-what is it?" He shook his head as if trying to clear something away.
You stared at him with wide eyes. "Do I need to call 911?" You demanded, voice rising. 
"No." He shook his head. "No, it's just a-a dry throat… I'm fine. I-I can handle it."
Why did he sound like he was trying to convince himself?
You raised a brow. "You sure? 'Cuz I did not pass my CPR class…"
Kol huffed a laugh, smiling wryly though you didn't get the joke. "Yeah, I'm fine. Can we just… Can we open a window or something?"
"Uh, huh… sure." You nodded slowly, giving him a last once over to be safe. You edged over to the window above the kitchen sink and shoved it open. The air outside was freezing from the snowstorm but you could hear Kol's sigh of relief. He muttered something under his breath.
"Heilagt helvíti, ég er of svangur í þetta…"
It was that language again, the same one he'd spoken earlier. You weren't sure how you knew but you were positive of it. The way it rolled off his tongue was too natural to be something learned. It had to be a native language… But wasn't he from England?
You wandered back over to him again, more than a little worried. "You're absolutely positive you're okay?" You asked, placing a gentle hand on his arm.
He nodded and maybe you were reading too much into it but his smile seemed oddly tight, almost forced. "Of course, I am."
You bit your lip, rocking back and forth on your heels for a moment. "Do you want something to drink?" You offered.
His eyes flicked towards you for a split second. He clenched his jaw, nodding. "That would be nice. Thank you." He cleared his throat again, rubbing at his eyes.
You drummed your fingers on the countertop before grabbing a cup from the cabinet and moving to the fridge. You opened it up and glanced over the contents. "So, we got milk, orange juice, grape juice that tastes like wine, grape juice that tastes like grape juice, apple juice that Nora may or may not have attempted to chug out out the bottle, or - the good ole' family favorite - water," You listed. "What do you wanna have?"
You weren't prepared for his response. It was so quiet - hardly a whisper - and you were certain you weren't meant to hear it.
Your whole body tensed and you blushed like mad. 
"W-what was that?" You called over your shoulder. Don't turn around. Don't turn around. Don't turn around.
"I said milk is fine," He spoke up a little louder.
He lies…
Or maybe you were just going insane.
You ran your tongue over your teeth, trying in vain to calm your rapid heart rate. "Okay." You pulled the gallon of milk out of the fridge and kicked the door shut with your foot. 
"I'll put this away," Kol said once he was done with the ice cream. 
"Thanks." Yeah, your heart rate wasn't slowing down any time soon.
"Not a problem, darling." He brushed past you to tuck the ice cream away.
Once you finished pouring the milk, you turned to pass it to him. "Here's some-" The words got caught in your throat. He was standing a lot closer than you'd expected, watching you with a smirk that set your cheeks on fire. You snapped your mouth shut and just shoved the glass towards him.
"Thank you, darling." Kol took it from you, which was a relief because your hands were trembling so viciously you might have dropped it at any second. He leaned back against the counter, looking as perfect as ever and you dropped your eyes to your feet. "Are you alright, love?"
You shrugged. "Yeah, I'm okay. Why?"
"You seem rather agitated tonight - stressed," He observed.
"Well, I did burn my hand."
Kol frowned. "No, I don't think that's it."
You swallowed, your throat was suddenly as dry as a desert. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that the hottest boy in a one-hundred-mile radius is standing in my kitchen drinking milk. You thought. Perhaps it would be best to tell the truth, he always seemed to know when you were lying.
"I mean, it's just that you're the best friend I've had since kindergarten," You blurted out. 
Kol raised a brow. "I am?"
You nodded. "You are. A-and I'm kinda freaking out, because we don't even know each other crazy super well and yet, here you are, at my house, helping me take care of my borderline insane sisters." You let go of a breathy laugh, though it sounded rather forced. "I know you'd probably rather be, like, anyplace else but I didn't have anybody else to call and I just want you to know how grateful I am that you came."
You hadn't realized before that exact moment that you'd never really seen Kol smile. You'd thought you'd seen it, but those glimpses had never been the real thing. When Kol smiled - really smiled - it took your breath away. It was bright and warm, the kind of smile that makes everyone else smile too.
"You don't have to thank me," He claimed with a slight shake of his head. "But I do think I know how you can repay me…"
You crossed your arms over your chest. "And how is that?"
He shrugged. "Say it again."
"Say what again?"
"That I'm your best friend."
He nodded enthusiastically. "I've never been anybody's best friend before."
You rolled your eyes. "I don't believe that for a second. You must have had loads of friends before you moved here."
"Not really, actually. I annoy people."
"Well, you don't annoy me. Most times."
"So that makes me your best friend?" He pressed.
You opened your mouth to say the words he so desperately wanted to hear but someone cut you off.
"WHAT'S TAKING YOU GUYS SO LONG?" Ainsley shouted from the living room.
Kol's response was immediate - premeditated even - as if he'd been waiting for her to say those words. "LEAVE US ALONE! WE'RE MAKING OUT!" He yelled back, grinning like a maniac when Ainsley started gagging obnoxiously.
You smacked your forehead and sighed. "You're gonna get me in so much trouble… and we didn't even do anything!"
"What are friends for?" He shrugged. 
"Best friends," You corrected.
"Right." He smirked. Placing a hand on the small of your back, he guided you towards the living room. You stiffened at his touch. Oy vey, you were so obvious, but you couldn't help it! Kol leaned down to your ear as you reached the living room. "Relax, darling. It's just me."
That was the problem.
"Ooh! Ice cream!" Ainsley cheered. Nora, who had been sitting on the floor, looked up from pretending to lick her arm… at least you hoped she was pretending. Both girls hopped up to take the treat.
Kol held the bowls out of their reach. "Ah! What do we say?" He asked.
"Please?" Ainsley begged with her best doe-eyes.
"Very good, darling." He passed her the ice cream. "Nora?"
The little girl reached up. "Gimmie!" She demanded.
Kol glanced at you out of the corner of his eye and you just shrugged. "I don't know where she learned that, but it wasn't me!"
He looked back down at the toddler. "I'm sort of tempted to give it to her, because that's a very assertive attitude."
"And that's bad parenting."
"He's not my dad!" Nora said. "Now gimmie!"
"You have to say please, kitten," Kol insisted.
"Gimmie it please!"
"There it is," He said.
"Now!" She commanded.
"Alright, alright!" He lowered the bowl into her greedy little hands and she squealed in delight. His gaze shifted from the toddler to you and back again. "That one's going places," He announced.
You rolled your eyes. "Tell me about it." You sat down on the couch as Ainsley started the movie and Kol moved to sit beside you. Stretching his arms and legs as he settled in, his arm just so happened to wrap around your shoulders. You smirked.
"I know." He winked.
About halfway through the movie, the doorbell rang. You had no clue who it could have been as your parents weren't supposed to be back until tomorrow. Both you and Kol got up to answer it and you waved a hand.
"It's okay, I've got it," You said.
"Well I'm coming with you." You shot him a questioning look. He shrugged easily. "There are some serious creeps out there, darling. I just want you to be safe."
“Takes one to know one,” You teased, walking backward towards the door.
“Exactly,” He replied. Then his expression sobered just a little bit under the dim light of your foyer. Kol’s humor was usually arrogant or self-deprecating in one way or another but that expression told you that there was something underneath that. That boy was by no means insecure, but ego and pride aren't the same as self-esteem. His honest opinion of himself wasn’t a positive one. You didn’t like seeing that.
“I don’t know how you do it.” You rolled your eyes, chuckling. Your tone was easy because you’d never been too great with people. You always said the wrong thing when you tried to be genuine, so you favored humor instead. "How can you manage to be so egotistical while also being self-loathing, and yet secretly kind all at the same time? You’re like some wacky combination of Emperor Kuzco and Shrek."
“Oh is that what you think?” He said, shoving your shoulder playfully. Kol scrunched up his face. "I was a perfectly nice guy and they ruined my life for no reason!" He quoted in a perfect imitation of Kuzco's American accent from the movie. That sound made you uncomfortable for some odd reason.
You squirmed a little. “Okay, first that was excellent. Second, never do that again please."
“Aww! Thank you, Y/N/N. It’s always good to be appreciated,” He continued in that American accent. 
“Ewww. Staaaahhhp!” You complained with a feigned gag.
“Stop what?” He poked you in the ribs.
You jumped out of his reach, smacking his hand away. "That!"
"I have no clue what you're talking about." He cheekily grinned. Ugh! It was so cute… but the accent was still terrifying.
"That voice!"
"What? Does my impression of a stupid American bother you?" It was even more unsettling when he was insulting Americans while talking like one. He skipped ahead of you, blocking your way to the door and you laughed.
"Yes! It's gross, you're not meant to be American."
"Would you prefer Français?" He asked, switching accents. "May I offer you a baguette? Perhaps a croissant?"
You snorted. "That's worse, and culturally insensitive!" You pointed out.
"Italiano?" He waggled his eyebrows, smirking as he swapped accents again. "Rome is an impressive city."
"Ugh! No!" You cringed. The doorbell rang a second time followed by a few incessant knocks. "I know! I'm coming, keep your pants on!" You called at the door. It was only a few feet away, but Kol was blocking you.
"Wha' 'bout Sco'ish?" The boy swapped again. "Sco'ish is a'plen'y o' fun. When a true bloody Scott gets a'talkin', ya' can't even tell what them's a sayin'. I mean, is moose loose in the hoose or are ya' wantin' to go'in grabb'a bagg'a chips, pal?"
You blinked, completely clueless as to what he'd just said. "What?" You cackled, shaking your head. He spoke so rapidly, and none of his words even sounded like words. "How are you doing that?"
Kol shrugged. "Eh, I've traveled. Picking up accents is a… hobby of sorts,” He said, reverting back to his natural silk-like speech.
You narrowed your eyes, quirking a brow. "Kol?"
He hummed, tilting his head innocently. "Yes?"
"Are you stalling?"
"Nah...'Course not." His smile thinned almost invisibly. 
"Cool. Now, will you let me get to the door please?" You asked, crossing your arms.
Kol swept his tongue over his lower lip, watching you for just a moment. His expression was something soft with a twinge of fear - or at least you thought that’s what you saw, He replaced it with a smirk before you had a chance to remember it. “As you wish,” He muttered, finally moving out of your way.
“Thanks,” You said as you moved past him. You couldn't see why he was trying to stall you. Maybe this was a byproduct of having lived in such big cities as he had. Crime rates were high in places like London, Moscow, Paris, or New Orleans. You'd never had to worry about that, nothing bad ever happened in Mystic Falls. You found it sort of sweet that he was so worried though, standing directly behind you like a bodyguard as you looked through the window at who was outside. You smiled. "You can relax, man. It's just Matt."
Yet, he didn't relax. When you twisted the knob, Kol quickly wound his arm around your waist, swiftly pulling you into his side. You blushed furiously, cracking the door open just slightly to keep the warmth inside. The snowstorm had gotten significantly worse.
Matt Donovan stood on the doorstep, hands shoved in his pockets against the cold as he shivered. He didn't have the money to afford a good coat to keep him warm, but he smiled at you with more warmth than anyone else in town ever had - aside from Kol of course. He was friendly but the two of you just weren't close. The blond had only ever been your friend out of proximity. In a town as small as Mystic Falls, it's a little hard not to get to know your neighbors from across the street.
"Hey, Y/N!" His teeth were chattering violently.
"Hey, Matt! Move it or lose it 'cuz I'm closing this door," You stated dryly. Opening the front door just wide enough for him to slip inside, you slammed it shut again as soon as he was in the clear.  Kol's grip on your waist tightened as Matt stepped over the threshold and you bit your lip, pretending not to notice.
“Oh, hallelujah, it’s warm in here!” The blond-haired quarterback relaxed almost immediately once inside, closing his eyes and sighing. "You're an actual angel, Y/N/N," He said.
"Naturally, but what's the reason this time?" You smirked.
He groaned. "My payment was late by one day and the electric company shut my heat off."
You hissed in genuine sympathy. "Geez, sorry dude. That sucks."
"Tell me about it," He huffed. Matt opened his eyes and smiled at you. Then his gaze shifted to Kol and he startled, taking a step back as his eyes flew wide. "What the- Kol?" He sputtered.
Kol waved. "Hey there, mate."
Matt's face drained of color and you blinked, glancing between them. Weird.
"Y/N, what's he doing here?" Matt questioned. His tone was icier than the storm outside.
"Indentured servitude," Kol replied easily. You huffed a laugh.
"I lured him here under false pretenses and roped into doing my bidding," You explained, smirking. "Why?"
Matt's eyes remained glued to Kol. "No reason." Yeah, there was definitely a reason all right. A tense silence lingered in the air for a moment.
"So… Did you need something, Matty?" You wondered, rocking back and forth on your heels.
He blinked and shifted his attention back to you. "Yeah, no, um… yeah." He shrugged, gesturing vaguely. "I was just wondering if I could borrow your, uh, phone charger. Mine kinda… broke."
"Of course!" You chirped. "I'll go get it while you wait here, yeah?" 
"Yeah." Matt's eyes drifted back to Kol as you were speaking. You glanced back at Kol but his expression was carefully, perfectly, unreadable. What was that about?
"Okay… Right." 
Kol's arm around your waist was rigid but you tapped his hand twice and he let go. His fingers traced along your back as you moved away, pressing firmly into your skin. His hands were still cool.
You tried to shake the odd behavior off but couldn't help listening in on their conversation as you climbed the stairs.
"Speaking of things that break, how's the hand doing?" Kol asked casually. "I heard that was quite the injury you had a while back. Multiple contusions, eh? Nasty business that. Especially for a… quarterback was it?"
"Nah, I'm fine." Matt waved his hand, though his voice was oddly tense. "It wasn't as bad as it looked. Actually, I'm more interested in Y/N's hand. What happened there?"
Kol laughed, but you knew it wasn't genuine. "Ah, yes. That was a little misadventure in the noble profession that is baking, believe it or not."
"Wow, that's crazy," Matt said flatly. 'Yeah, I-I don't believe it."
"Don't you?"
Satisfied that their conversation seemed somewhat normal - aside from the obviously forced civility of it - you ducked into your room and retrieved your extra phone charger. You also grabbed a blanket from your hall closet because you knew Matt didn't have enough. Then you went back down the stairs. 
Your two friends were right where you'd left them. Matt was glaring daggers and Kol's smile looked a bit more like a jaguar bearing its teeth than it did an actual human expression of happiness. The animosity simmering between them was thick enough to warrant a Dr. Suess book.
"Here ya' go, Matty," You said, dropping the items into his arms. "Phone charger and a blanket because Virginia law is stupid!"
There was relief that he didn't want to show when he smiled at you. "No, no. Y/N you don't have to give me this, just the charger is more than enough."
"Well, you might as well save your breath 'cuz I'm not taking it back." You smirked.
"You're a lifesaver." He chuckled.
You winked. "I know."
He sent you a grateful smile, but it didn't reach his eyes. "Well, uh, thanks. Have a - have a nice night." 
"We will," Kol chimed in.
You almost missed the scowl that flickered across Matt's face, it was there for a second and gone the next. Then he turned and opened the door. You held it open as he stepped out, Kol trailing your steps like a shadow. His arm wound itself securely around your waist again, squeezing lightly for a moment. The gentle pressure made you dizzy, but it was gone just as quickly - you must have imagined it. 
"I guess I'll see you later," Matt said with a small wave. You flashed him a smile.
"See ya." You expected him to just go, and he moved to leave, but he stopped. Just as you were closing the door.
"Y/N!" He called out at the last second. 
You cracked the door open just enough to enable conversation. Kol's fingertips pressed in at your waist just slightly more - almost possessively… but that was just ridiculous. Right? You shook the thought away.
The blond's eyes flicked to Kol one last time before landing on yours. There was something in them, it was desperate but reserved. Like there was something he was begging you to understand. But he didn't tell you what it was. He just said:
"Stay safe." 
You nodded. "O'course." 
Then he turned his collar up against the wind and stalked away through the snow. You thought you saw him shake his head as you closed the door. How odd.
You hadn't realized you were holding your breath until the door clicked shut and you released it, leaning your head against the wood. 
"That was so weird," You mused, just trying to make sense of it. "What's his problem, am I right?" You huffed breathily. Kol just shrugged.
"I haven't the faintest," He replied, shaking his head. "Vicious small town paranoia perhaps?"
"Maybe, I guess." You shook your head, baffled. "But Matt's usually just nice to everyone." You stood there, worrying your lip as you tried to puzzle it out to no avail. Your friend pulled you away from the door and your thoughts a moment later.
"Really?" Kol's arm around your waist dropped lower, his hand resting like a ghost's on your hip as he accompanied you back towards the living room. "That's the strangest thing. He's always just seemed to hate me. I don't even know what I did!"
"Huh. Weird." You gave up on trying to figure it out and shrugged. Returning to your place on the couch to continue the movie, Kol once again took up the spot next to you but he didn't let go. He leaned back and took you with him, holding you close as he guided you to lay across his chest. You were hesitant to curl up with him. What if you were misinterpreting this? Your fears were quickly swept away, however, when you felt him tug your body closer.
"What are you, a stiff?" He chuckled, tucking your head under his chin. "I want you to lay down, love. Now, come here." He dragged you closer and this time you went with him, letting yourself get comfortable. Kol pressed a sweet kiss to the crown of your hair and you shivered.
Holy crap, this was a cuddle.
Kol was cuddling you. 
Your cheeks flared unreasonably warm and you prayed for him not to notice your heart racing faster than a rabbit's. He probably would, you could certainly feel it. 
"What's this for?" You wondered, trying not to let your voice tremble. You thought you did rather well.
"Mmm. You're warm," Kol mumbled into your hair blissfully, curling himself around you a little. 
"Well I have other blankets, you know," You pointed out, snickering. The boy's hand found your good one and tangled your fingers together.
"True," He acknowledged. "But none of them would be near as effective."
"How do you figure?" 
He shrugged a little, rubbing circles into the back of your hand with his thumb. "Well, the average human's standard body temperature is ninety-eight degrees and there's two of us. Add that together and that makes one hundred and ninety-six degrees. Simple!"
You snorted. "Yeah, well I'm ninety-eight percent sure that's not how that works."
"Of course that's how it works!" He scoffed. 
"You guys are gross," Ainsley muttered, shaking her head.
"Meow, meow!" Nora climbed up onto Kol's lap and curled up into a little ball, clearly not at all bothered.
"Plus a cat," Kol added. "That makes two hundred and ninety-four degrees."
"You're full of it," You sighed.
"Oh absolutely."
By the time the movie was over, Nora was fast asleep and Ainsley was well on her way there. Kol, you were pretty sure, was two and a half sheets to the wind himself and, if you were being completely honest, you too could feel the figurative wall approaching fast. Yet, you didn't want to move. You were beyond comfortable just where you were. Too bad your absolutely platonic cuddle puddle couldn’t last.
You knew this crush on him was stupid. You knew that.
You weren't a fool. Kol was your closest friend and you knew his reputation better than anyone. The boy was a troublemaker and a notorious flirt - a well-warranted reputation. The number of girls you knew he'd slept with was too high to count, not to mention all the others you had no clue about because you weren't exactly what one might call in the loop. Sure, all those other girls were complete sluts anyway, but that wasn't the point.
The point was, that wasn't you.
You may have been a nobody, but at least you had no delusions about becoming something more - someone popular. You didn't want attention and you didn't need it. Especially not from a hundred or so underage wannabes with self-esteem issues. No thanks! 
You weren't going to throw your dignity away just because Kol or any other boy wanted something. You were worth more than that and you knew it. You weren’t going to lower your boundaries for anyone and you knew Kol knew that already.
So why did he put up with you at all?
See, that was the question that had you doubting. You meant nothing to anyone. No one would care if he screwed you over - doing so wouldn't bring him any sort of sick praise or status, though he didn’t seem to crave those things like every other high schooler did. So why make the effort to talk to you? Why would he go out of his way to help you tonight if he didn't care at least a little bit?
This was all so confusing. You didn't want to think about it anymore.
"Look at that, bedtime," You announced quietly. Kol stirred underneath you and you sat up, raising a brow as he rubbed at his eyes.
"I wasn't sleeping," He claimed, jabbing a finger at you. 
You snickered. "Yeah, yeah… just resting your eyes, right?"
"Exactly." He grinned. You rolled your eyes and detangled yourself from the boy's arms, much to his disappointment.
"You know who's not resting her eyes though…" You trailed off, tapping Ainsley on the shoulder. She slapped your hand away drowsily. 
"Iss' not bedtime… I’m-I'm not tired," She protested, slurring.
"Liar." You smirked. "Come on, you gotta get up so you can go to bed."
"I'll sleep here," She argued.
"No, you'll sleep in your bed."
"Too late."
You grimaced and Kol spoke up from behind you, tapping Ainsley's leg.
"Come now, love," He urged. "Don't make me carry you."
She shook her head. "You can't carry me, I'm a big girl."
"I can and I will," He warned.
You sighed. "Kol, don't. You'll hurt yourself."
"Oh, how wrong you are, darling," He whispered into your ear. You blinked, startled by his sudden proximity.
He settled his hand on your back and rubbed a few comforting circles before slowly, experimentally, sliding it lower. His fingertips danced along your spine, down to the base where he stopped.
Kol lifted his hand away and adjusted his grip on Nora who he had already scooped up. Holding her in one arm, he bent down and used his shoulder to hoist Ainsley up too. She naturally wrapped her arms and legs around him like a little Koala so that probably made things easier. Though it made it no less surprising to you as he began climbing the stairs a minute later with little to no effort. Together, Ainsley and Nora must have weighed about a hundred pounds and Kol wasn’t an athlete as far as you knew. So where the hell was he pulling that kind of strength from? You shut your gaping mouth and followed after them.
You arrived on the second floor just in time to watch Kol tuck Ainsley into her bed, covering her with a few extra blankets in light of the winter storm. Nora hadn't woken despite being moved and she was quickly tucked in a well. 
"Meow, meow," She mumbled.
You offered Kol a smile from your position in the hallway and he just rolled his eyes, turning out their lights as he shut their bedroom door.
"That was adorable," You voiced under your breath. 
"I bet," He hummed. "Your turn, darling. Let's go fix that hand."
You groaned. You'd been dreading this the whole night. What if treating your burns made them hurt worse? Wouldn't they just go away on their own after a while?
"What if I changed my mind about that?" You tried, lamely attempting to hide your burned mess of a hand behind your back. 
He shot you a very pointed smile. "Not an option, sweet thing. Now, where do you keep your first aid kit?"
"My bathroom," You sighed, pointing. 
"Thank you." He placed his hands on your shoulders and pushed you along though you didn't exactly fight him. You just complained more than anything.
"My body, my choice right?" You huffed, walking through your bedroom doorway and immediately turning to enter the bathroom. 
"In any other scenario, absolutely." The boy smirked, closing the door. "Unfortunately this is not any other scenario and you will take care of your body even if I have to do it for you."  
You huffed and rolled your eyes. Using your good hand, you hoisted yourself up to sit on the counter. "This is gonna hurt, isn't it?" You asked wearily, watching him search for the first aid kit.
"Just a little bit," He assured, pulling the kit out of the towel closet. He opened it up and started rummaging through the thing.
“You lie.” You deadpanned.
“Indeed,” He hissed, offering you a sympathetic smile. “Just trying to ease your nerves, love.”
"I think this is a violation," You grumbled.
“Well, in that case, shame on me," He replied cheerfully. The boy grabbed a spray of some kind out of the kit and held it in one hand, offering the other to you. "Might want to hold onto something for this next bit."
You were in no way prepared for the pain that came next. Kol sprayed the chemical solution in your arm and you bit back a scream. The burns stung. Your eyes welled with tears and you kicked your legs out, nearly crushing the poor guy's hand in your grip. He tried his best to keep you calm, muttering encouragement the whole time while you verged on hysteria.
"Kol? Kol, that hurts! Please don't do that, it hurts!" You hated letting anyone see you cry, but this was the most pain you'd endured in years. "Kol, please? Please, it hurts so bad. Just stop. Kol please stop!" You sobbed quietly. 
From the expression on your friend's face, you would have thought that hearing your pleas hurt him as much as your burns hurt you. He looked guiltier than you'd ever felt.
"Shhhhhh, shhhhhh. Darling, it's alright," He soothed. "I'm almost done. Just a few more seconds, love. You're doing so well." His voice was shaking. You blinked away tears but they seemed incessant on falling. "There, that part's finished," He breathed what felt like an eternity later.
You choked down another sob and focused on your breathing. The scorching sting in your arm began to fade bit by bit as Kol pulled out bottles of aloe and antibiotics. He sighed deeply, unable to meet your eyes.
"I'm just trying to help you," He said quietly. "I'm sorry I caused you so much pain."
You nodded, slightly more rational now. "If not you then it would have been someone else later and that probably would have hurt worse," You reasoned. Your smile was tight but genuine. "I'm kinda glad it was you. I probably would have Spartan kicked anyone else."
"I'm honored," He snickered. Kol grew quiet as he shifted his attention to gently applying the aloe and antibiotic onto each of the burn marks. He was very careful and extraordinarily gentle as he wrapped the area in bandages. 
"Where'd you learn how to do this?" You wondered, watching him with fascination.
The boy smirked, shrugging. "I was a dumb kid," He admitted. "Got hurt a lot." He secured the outermost layer with a few hooks and sighed. "There, almost as beautiful as you."
You rolled your eyes. "Kol Mikaelson, are you flirting with me or yourself?" You demanded, feeling uncharacteristically bold.
"Definitly you." The boy's lips twitched up into a crooked smile, as he leaned against the counter next to you. “I have been for quite awhile. Would’ve thought you’d notice.”
You blushed, bowing your head to avoid his amber eyes. "Believe me, I’ve noticed…” You hesitated, forcing a laugh. “I’ve watched you flirt with everyone."
"I know; yet, no matter what I try, I just keep on running back to you. It’s the strangest thing. Anyone else and I’ve never looked back or looked twice. But when it’s you, I can’t seem to stop myself… and I don’t think I want to.”
Your lips pressed into a thin line and you shook your head. “Kol, d-don’t do that. Please? Don’t make me sound like… like…”
He tilted his head. “Like what?”
“Like…I-I don’t know!  Like something I’m not!” You scowled.
“Like special?”
“Yeah.” You looked up, nodding. “I don’t like liars, I-I can’t stand a liar, Kol. So just-just stop, okay? This here, w-what you’re doing right now, it-it isn’t funny.”
You froze. Suddenly you didn't feel so bold anymore. He was so close to you, hardly an inch away. Your throat felt too dry to talk. 
The boy frowned. “No, darling, I’m not-”
“Not what?” You interrupted. “Not trying to chat me up? Make me feel all special just because my parents aren’t home and you think that means I’ll make some sort of exception for you? Well, the answer is no. I guess this is what I get for choosing the wrong friends.” You tried to hop off the counter, but Kol stepped closer to you, positioning himself to stand between your legs.
“That’s not what this is,” He said. Kol leaned closer, resting his hands atop the counter on either side of you. “Darling, I’m not trying to hurt you.”
You rolled your eyes, trying to fight off the blush invading your cheeks. “Right. As if there’s any other reason someone like you would ever acknowlage someone like me. I don’t think I’ve ever qualified as special in my entire life.”
"I don't think that's true," He murmured, sweeping your hair over to one shoulder. "I tend to avoid ordinary people." 
"Then why are you here?" You demanded in a dry, derelict whisper. 
His brows pulled together and he frowned slightly, but it wasn't directed at you. "There's… a lot of reasons, I think," He said. "I-I'm not all that good at telling the truth, especially when that truth evolves… well… me. But-" His voice trailed off and he swallowed thickly, seeming almost pained.
His lips twitched up into a nervous smile as he glanced away. “You mean more to me than anyone else becasue when I’m around you I don’t feel alone. I feel at peace. My world has been crashing down around me for as long as I can remember and I’ve always been running, or hiding, or fighting for my life. But when I’m around you and you’re happy, you-you smile at me and I can pretend that-that I’m normal and that everything’s alright.” He bowed his head, smiling thinly. “I’ve always hated depending on anyone for anything, but when I’m holding you, things calm down. Its quiet wherever you are and I can just live in that moment, where the only thing you ask of me is the very thing I want.” Kol looked up at you through his lashes and you could never resist those soft amber eyes. “Why would I seek the company of anyone else when I know you’re the only one who’s ever sought mine? Darling, it’s not your body that I want… well, it is but-” He cut himself off with a sigh and a slight laugh. “What I’m trying to say is, I want you. I want you because you’re my best friend and I want more.”
You blinked. You hadn't been prepared for a full blown confession… and that one didn't sound very platonic. He had you trapped between his arms and you couldn't run even if you wanted to. But why would you? You would never run from him.
You bit your lip, there was no going back to anything if you asked what your heart wanted to know. "So, y-you really like me? As, you know, more than a friend?" Your command of the English language was legendary.
Kol grinned. "What more would you have me do? Propose?" He laughed. "Or would you prefer I just make out with you right this very second?" 
Blushing deeply, you cleared your throat and twisted your fingers together nervously. "It's not my fault… I mean, when you're a senior in highschool who's never been asked on a date, you learn to ignore anything that might be considered a hint," You admitted. "'Cuz it just never is."
"I see…" His voice trailed off. Kol paused for a moment and you felt your cheeks color as his eyes skimmed down your figure. He made a slight movement towards you but stopped and met your eyes. "May I?" He asked in a much softer tone. The playful gleam you usually found in his eyes was replaced by something much softer. It was soft like cotton; yet there was something hungry in them too.
"What?" Your voice was hardly more than a whisper. 
"May I touch you?" He clarified. 
Maybe he was lying. Maybe he only wanted you for your body. Maybe he would throw you away once he realized you wouldn't give in to him like any other girl. Maybe he just wanted to use you.
But if any of that were true, he wouldn't ha've been there for you when you needed him. 
You smiled softly. "Yeah." He smiled.
Keeping his eyes on your face to watch for the first sign of your discomfort, he settled his hands on your waist. When he moved them, he did so slowly - achingly slowly - smoothing them tentatively, hesitantly, over your hips to the backs of your bare upper thighs. You should have worn longer shorts, but you didn't object. You didn't do anything. You didn't know what to do. 
Your heart was racing and you couldn't breathe properly. 
In one swift movement, he dragged you in close - dizzyingly close - pulling you into his chest. The boy leaned down and rested his head on your shoulder, nudging his nose against your throat lightly, almost teasingly but you got the feeling that there was more to it than that. His touch felt like snow before the cold sinks in. The pressure of his fingers on your skin set your senses on fire as Kol squeezed your thighs in a gentle, precise grip. Your eyes fluttered closed. He traced his hands over your side, up and then back down, and then Kol squeezed again. His touch felt… good. Like aloe on a burn. Yet, addicting like the rush of adrenaline. 
"Do you like that?" He hummed. His lips were at your ear and you were hyper-focused on him but your brain refused to believe it.
You nodded. "Is this real?"
His grip on your thighs tightened and he leaned in closer, skimming his lips over your throat. "Exactly how obvious do I have to make my intentions before you believe them to be genuine?" He whispered, almost pained.
"Pretty freaking obvious, apparently," You laughed. 
Then you felt it - a tiny feather-like pressure, soft and sweet against your pulse. Your breath hitched and Kol pressed his lips against your throat again. You shivered and felt his lips twist into a smirk at your reaction. 
He pulled back and captured your lips in a soft, adoring kiss. His hand slipped beneath your shirt, setting fire to your skin though his hands seemed colder than they had been a few hours ago - almost unnaturally cold. Kol broke away from your lips, smiling blissfully for a moment. When he came back again, he slid his tongue along your lower lip, asking sweetly. You granted him his request and holy criminy that boy was an insanely good kisser. Every time you flinched at something he did, he would squeeze your waist tenderly, reassuring you that he would never hurt you.
"How's that for a hint?" He asked smugly. 
"Pretty good," You laughed, taking a moment to catch your breath. Kol pressed a kiss to your temple and pulled away. "Wait-"
"Nora's crying," He informed you.
Your face fell.
"Of course she is."
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I Wish I Were… || TASM!Peter Parker x female!reader (Part 2)
Summary: After accidentally listening to your heartbreak song, Peter realizes he needs to make things right with you before you push him away forever. 
Word Count: 2.3k
Warnings: Mostly angst but also has fluff, friends to lovers, idiots in love lol
A/N: I’m sorry for taking so long, I hope you guys like it! And thank you to everyone who read the first part and requested a part 2 :)
Read part 1 here!
Tumblr media
That night—the night that had changed everything for you—was spent with racing thoughts, unable to get Peter out of your mind; tossing and turning, your body aching to be in the arms of someone you couldn’t have. Your chest felt constricted, unable to expand enough to fill your lungs. It felt like your heart had been punctured thousands of times over by tiny pins. It felt like your whole body was heavier than usual, making it harder for you to get up from your bed. That strange, new feeling was something you couldn't name because it was unlike anything you had experienced before. It was difficult to place a name on it, but eventually, you figured out what it was. You had read about it in books hundreds of times and listened to many songs about it, so you thought you understood the emotion pretty well. But nothing could prepare you for the crushing sensation of unrequited love. Seeing and hearing about it was much different than actually experiencing it. 
As the night went on, the pain became too much to bear. Would that feeling ever go away? How could you ever look Peter in the eye and not let the overwhelming sense of despair crush you? You knew that you needed to stay away from him to heal from such a deep wound. Seeing him again would only make matters worse for you. Eventually, the flow of tears slowed down and you drifted off to sleep.
When you awoke the next morning, your tear-stained pillow only served as a reminder of the heartache from the night before. It made you solidify your plans: you had to stay away from your best friend before the pain would break you. Self-preservation—something you had never been good at but would now have to master. Now, as you look out your window and watch the golden rays of the sun give a bright color to the clouds, a single teardrop falls from your eye. Saying goodbye to the person you loved the most would be easier said than done. 
“Come on, please pick up,” Peter mutters as he holds his phone to his ear. It rings once, twice, and then goes to voicemail. 
“Hey! You’ve reached y/n. Leave a message at the beep, and then wait by your phone until I call you back. Could be minutes, could be years. Beep!” you laugh. 
“Y/n, please pick up. It’s been days since I’ve heard from you. Why did you disappear that night of the festival? If you’re mad at me, it’s completely fine. But please, I just need to know you’re okay. You have no idea how–” a beep cuts him off. He sighs and runs a hand through his hair. 
A notification pops up on his screen.
Hey Pete. There’s a showing of that movie you like so much, Back to the Future, I think. Do you wannna go tonight? <3
His heart drops as he reads the name of your favorite movie. It was something reserved for the two of you. Other friends had their own special songs, but the two of you had a special movie. He had told Gwen about it only because he was so eager to share as much about himself as possible. At the time, he was only thinking about winning her over. He thought that his taste in movies and music would impress her and it certainly had. But he now regretted ever mentioning that to her. 
I can’t tonight Gwen, sorry.
Oh, when will you be free?
I’m not sure.
Are you feeling alright?
Well, just let me know if you’d like me to come over. I could bring your favorite snacks.
Just when he thought he couldn’t feel any more guilty. He liked Gwen very much. Her bubbly personality was captivating to him. She made him happy, but not like you did. He had been thinking for the past few days, really analizing the way he felt about you and the way he felt about Gwen. He had been crushing on you since that day you had stood up for him in the third grade. But as time went on, he realized you would never see him as more than just a friend. Which explained why he decided to flirt with other girls; he had hoped to move on from his silly crush because he couldn’t handle losing your friendship. He had hoped to find that with Gwen, which is why he decided to ask her to be his girlfriend. What he didn’t expect, however, was your reaction to the situation. Never in a million years would he have guessed that your feelings went beyond friendship. Was there a way to fix what he had done? Could his wish finally become true, a life with you by his side as his girlfriend rather than only his friend?
As he remains seated on his couch thinking about you, the ringing of his phone brings him out of his reverie. When he sees your name on the screen, he quickly answers the call.
“Hey,” you whisper. 
“Hey,” he breathes out, relieved to finally hear your voice. “Are you okay? Wait, that’s a stupid question. Of course you’re not okay. Look, I just want you to know that I’m really sorry for what happened that night at the fair with Gwen. But you shouldn’t have–”
“Wha– What are you talking about, Peter?” you stammer, your heart pounding. How could he know about the way you were feeling? You hadn’t said anything to him. Had he somehow figured out that you liked him? Was he about to reject your feelings once and for all?
“You know what? It doesn’t matter. I just called to say that I think we shouldn’t be friends anymore,” you continue without missing a beat. “I just don’t think you need me anymore,” you laugh humorlessly. 
“What the hell are you talking about, y/n? How did you even come up with that idea?” he asks angrily.
“It doesn’t matter. You’ve been avoiding me these past months.” 
He scoffs, “That’s not true.”
“Really? Then why have you canceled our plans so often? You seriously can’t tell me it wasn’t because of her.”
A moment of silence follows. “See? You can’t even deny it because you know I’m right. I’m just making things easier for the both of us,” you say. “Anyway, that’s pretty much it. I’m sorry for being such an inconvenience. I hope everything goes well for you. Take care of yourself,” you say in a broken whisper. 
“Wait y/n, I’m–” he says but is quickly interrumpted by the sound of the call ending.
He stares at his phone is disbelief. 
Had he just lost you forever? His best friend, the love of his life—how could he ever go back to his “normal” life without you in it? You were his rock. You stood by him when he struggled through the loss of his uncle; you were there every time he had come home bloody and bruised after his night patrols. You were there for every birthday; for every accomplishment and for every disappointment. You made him laugh until his stomach ached and he couldn’t breathe anymore. And it was all because he couldn’t bring himself to be truthful about the way he felt. 
Three months had passed since you and Peter had last spoken with each other. Peter sat on the top of the Empire State Building, thinking back to the conversation he had with Gwen days after your last conversation. 
“Oh,” she said after he explained everything and confessed his love for you. “I guess that makes sense,” she said with a small smile. 
“You knew?” Peter asked in surprise.
“Well, a few months after we started talking, which was right after you stopped bragging about how great your movie and music taste was,” she rolled her eyes while she smirked, “all you could talk about was y/n. About how great she was, how she liked doing this and she liked doing that. I just didn’t put it together until after the night of the festival. The way you went after her right away and became suddenly very distant made sense. You were in love with her,” she said as she shrugged. 
“I’m so sorry, Gwen. I never meant to hurt either of you,” he said in a broken voice. Even Gwen could see just how badly Peter felt about the whole situation. 
“I know, Peter,” she reassured him as she placed a hand on his arm as a way to comfort him. 
“Don’t worry about it. Just make sure she’s fine, alright? Give her time, of course. But make sure that she knows how you truly feel about her.”
“I will,” he whispered with tears in his eyes.
“We can remain friends, right?” she asked in a timid voice.
“Of course we can,” he said as the two shared a small smile. 
He did give you your space. For about two weeks, anyway. After that, he just tried to reach you by call, text, and even went as far as going to your apartment every day. But you never answered. It was like you were a ghost. For three months all he could think about was you. Your laugh and the way your eyes lit up when you talked about something you were passionate about. Your angelic voice as you sang your original songs. How your eyes looked when the sun hit just the right angle. How he often had trouble concentrating on what you were telling him because all he could think was how your lips would feel against his. 
He sighs as his mind comes back to the present. He puts his mask back on and launches himself into the air, shooting a web at a building and heads back to his place. As he swings from building to building, he looks down to the streets once in a while to check that everything is as it should be. Then, the sight of a familiar jacket catches his eye. You were well hidden from most people, in an alley that most would not bother to even look at. Hope begins to creep up on him, knowing that this was his chance to make things right. Then he hears your muffled sob. Concern and worry replaces any hapiness he had felt upon seeing you.
He drops to the ground on the opposite end of the alley as to not startle you, but fails miserably. You scream when a tall figure enters your peripheral vision. 
“It’s me! I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you, y/n,” Peter says as he approaches you slowly. 
You turn your head and quickly wipe your tears in an attempt to hide the fact that you were crying just a few seconds ago.
“No, it’s okay. I’ve just been really jumpy lately,” you mutter. You turn your head and finally look at him. You both stare at each other for what feels like years before speaking. 
“Y/n, I’m sorry for being such an awful friend. I’m sorry for being so distant and avoidant for months. It’s just that…I was so in love with you that it scared the shit out of me. I was scared that you wouldn’t feel the same way so I looked for happiness in other people, like Gwen,” he rushes out in a single breath. “But it never changed the way I felt about you. I just didn’t have the guts to tell you and I’m sorry for that. I’m sorry for not telling you I liked you too.”
You stare at him in shock for a few seconds. “That you liked me too? How the hell did you find out that I liked you in the first place?” you ask.
He blushes underneath his mask and brings a hand to the back of his neck, a nervous tick that was pointless because all he could feel was the spandex. “The night of the festival… well, I–I was just worried about you, so I went to your apartment. You didn’t open the window, which worried me even more. I went in and heard you singing one of your songs.”
Even though he hadn’t taken his mask off, you could tell he was embarrased by his tone of voice. 
“Oh,” you mutter, feeling the heat rise to your face.
“Sorry, I know I shouldn’t have done that, but you left without saying anything and–” he is cut off by the feeling of your arms wrapping around his waist.
“I’m sorry for shutting you out like that, Pete” you say into his chest.
“It’s alright. I’m sorry for hurting you like that. You didn’t deserve it.”
You look up at him. “I guess we’re just two idiots in love, huh?” you laugh.
“I guess we are,” he snorts with laughter. He looks both ways before he grips the bottom of his mask and pulls it off in a swift motion.
His brown, doe eyes look into yours, showing the depth of his affection. He takes your face in his hands, holding you as if you were a precious gem. He tilts his head towards you, kissing the corner of your mouth. 
“I love you so much. You are everything I’ve ever wanted. You’re more than enough, love,” he croons.
“I love you too,” you whisper as your his lips brush against yours. Your eyes flutter to a close and your lips finally meet his. 
It was better than you could possibly imagine. Like heartbreak, no amount of fairytales or songs could have prepared you for the love and happiness you felt with that kiss. It was a kiss of reconciliation, love, and full of hope for a future together.
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Budding Romance
Tumblr media
Chapter Three A Friends to Lovers/Enemies to Lovers Series Pairing: Steven Grant x Female Reader, Marc Spector x Reader, eventual Jake Lockley x Reader. Word Count: 2773 Summary: A simple tour leads to something not so unexpected. Content Warning: Talk of embalming, quick car chase, alcohol consumption. Requests or Prompts you'd like to see are gladly welcome. Series Masterlist * Previous Chapter * Next Chapter (In Progress)
Closing his door, he smiles as the one beside him does the same. [Name] now stands out in the hallway with her usual backpack filled with what he can only assume is paperwork.
"Good morning, Steven!"
Nearly fumbling, he's glad he doesn't drop the second coffee cup he'd been balancing as he holds it out for her. She takes it and they begin toward the elevator. Another daily routine of theirs.
"My savior. Think I'd pass out without my caffeine fix." "You know you can get addicted to caffeine, right? I don't think that'd be very good for you."
She chuckles as she presses the bottom floor button in the elevator before stepping back to stand beside him.
"Then that would make you my dealer, bringing me coffee every morning. Thank you for that, by the way. It's very nice to start my day to." "You're very nice to start the day to."
Her cheeks flush at the compliment as he smiles shyly. They exit the elevator once it reaches the ground floor and begin their way to the bus stop. Since it's Monday, now begins their discussion on if dinner was still planned for tonight and if so, what sounds good.
"I was actually thinking that maybe, if I'm not stuck doing inventory, I could give you that tour I promised?"
It felt like a long shot to offer her a tour, originally having thought that she only agreed to be polite, though the way her face lights up has him thinking otherwise. He can't help but stare in awe as her eyes appear to be sparkling with joy, simply beautiful.
"The one you promised after our third dinner?" "Yeah, but you don't have to say yes or anything. It won't hurt my feelings if you don't-" "Of course I want to, Steven!"
She grips onto his forearm in order to reassure him.
"I've been waiting for you to bring it back up. I just didn't want to seem pushy or anything." "I'd be more than happy to show you around." "Great, I can't wait."
They board the bus, keeping close so that they're not rudely pushed apart. Instead of dozing off, Steven keeps a conversation with her going throughout the ride, the anticipation of later today already digging deep.
"You'll meet me at the museum after work?" "Absolutely! Now get off before the driver decides he's tired of waiting for you."
He does as she says, turning back to the bus to wave at her one last time before it takes off. [Name] gets off at the next stop as she always does. She walks about two miles before turning into an alleyway and climbing up a wall after making sure the coast is clear. She'd rather be safe than sorry when it comes to her identity. Reaching the rooftop, she removes her bag and begins pulling off the clothes that easily hide her suit from view. Sometimes she feels bad lying to Steven about her job in engineering, but it was for his own good.. or maybe her own. If he ever found out, she doesn't know how he'd react and the thought of it causing him to leave is the main reason she hasn't told him yet.
As much as Steven loves working at the museum, the incredibly annoying people have started to get on his nerves. They act so incompetently, like they know everything when in reality, whatever they're saying is improbable and insane. Some days he wants to head home as soon as possible or even leave early, but not today.
"Now, I know I'm a bit early, but I've just been so excited all day."
[Name] stands on the opposite side of the counter with one of the happiest smiles he's ever seen and he can barely believe it. No one ever wanted to listen to his ramblings, let alone be happy to hear him go on about pyramids and gods.
"Really?" "Really! I get my own little tour from probably the most knowledgeable person of Egyptian history in this building." "I'm sure the tour guides know just as much as I do, if not more." "Bologna."
Looking around, she's glad when she doesn't spot his boss. That woman needed to lay off, but she won't say that aloud. The last thing she needs is to get in a fight with his boss only to get him fired.
"Before the wicked witch pops up, I'll just look around a bit until you get off." "Smart thinking."
Walking away to look at some of the artifacts nearby, she leaves him to continue his job for another few minutes. Just before he takes care of the register something catches his eye. He grabs it and checks himself out. After finishing up, he joins her in front of one of the artifacts.
"They'd take this big metal hook, right?"
She hums in acknowledgment, proving that she's listening despite not looking at him.
"And they go up the old nozzle and.." he makes an odd noise similar to an over-exaggerated slurp, "..all the organs would come out. Except for the heart." "Why everything but the heart? Is it symbolic or..?" "Because they believed you needed your heart to be judged in the Underworld and only the worthiest would be allowed to pass through the Field of Reeds."
They both stand in silence for a moment as she looks closely at it, imagining what the process may look like.
"Then they put the organs in canopic jars, right?" "Right! They used four jars to separate the mummified organs."
Finally turning to look at him, she chuckles at the sight of a cute hippo stuffed animal tucked snuggly under his arm.
"Oh, yeah! I thought you'd like this. Maybe it could be a commemorative token of some kind?" "I like the sound of that. Hold on."
Removing her bag, she grabs a marker from one of the smaller pockets before pulling the tag taut and writing the date on it. She blows on it for a few seconds, making sure that it won't smudge. As she puts the marker back in her bag, Steven looks at her handiwork. His initials at the end cause him to smile. The tour takes a little over an hour and he's still talking about this and that as they grab a couple of sandwiches, not that she minds. Though as he continues, he slowly starts to realize that she's barely spoken more than a few words every couple of minutes.
"I'm talking too much, aren't I?"
Coughing and sputtering, she nearly chokes on her food. He sounded like he was enjoying himself, so hearing that comes as a shocker.
"No, no, absolutely not. I talk all day at work, so it's nice to listen to someone else for a change. You help me not hate the sound of my own voice most days." "Only most days?" "Alright, you caught me red-handed."
She wiggles the fingers of her free hand as they laugh, her a little more than she should before sighing at the thought of her red suit.
"Steven, I've got something I need to tell you.."
There were so many people before him that she cared about, but lost due to the fear of telling them her big secret. This includes the relationship with her mother and even her first love, though she's silently grateful for the latter because then she never would've met Steven. She no longer wants to be afraid of who she is.
Suddenly, her senses start going off at the sound of screeching tires and sirens.
"-have to use the bathroom. Sorry, I'll be right back."
She drops her sandwich on the bench and bolts off with her backpack, leaving Steven befuddled.
Rounding the corner of an alleyway, she's glad she stole the idea from a friend of hers and started wearing her suit under her clothes. It made it a whole lot easier than having to fully strip in a dingy alleyway or school bathroom when she was younger. The car chase lasts no more than a few minutes, the criminals being a couple of young delinquents thinking they could drive. In reality, they were freaking out in the front seat, not knowing how to stop it. They're now standing outside of the car with Scarlet Spider crouched in front of them. Between the sniffles and sobs, they apologize.
"Hey, it's okay."
Placing her hands on their shoulders, she tries her best to calm them.
"I can't say you're not in trouble, but be thankful that no one got hurt."
The police come skidding to a stop and exit their vehicles. One of them has a weapon drawn, being a specially-trained firearms officer. She hops up onto the vehicle, garnering his attention.
"Woah, it's just a couple of kids this time! Some property damage, but other than that, no harm done!"
Once the weapon is holstered, she uses her webs to swing back to the alley she left her bag in. Pulling her clothes back on and grabbing her bag, she rushes back to where she left Steven who, by miracle, is still sitting there.
He stands up at the sight of her, glad she hadn't ditched him.
"Hey, sorry for taking so long, Stevie. There was a long line, so I had to go down the street."
Never wanting to smack herself over the head more than she does right now, she punches herself instead. That was a perfect opportunity to tell him the truth, yet she blew it.
"It's fine! All good!"
Handing her the sandwich he picked up from the bench, they both grimace.
"I wasn't that hungry anyways. Why don't we start headed home? Finally set these bags down." "That sounds like a good idea."
Despite being neighbors, he walks her to her door. She checks the time and finds herself with at least half an hour of free time before she has to start getting ready to meet up with her new acquaintance.
"I've got this wine that I was going to use for dinner, would you maybe want to come in and have a glass with me?" "I'd love to."
He closes the door behind him, glad she had asked him to stay as he too didn't want it to end so quickly.
"I think the corkscrew is on my desk, would you mind?" "Not at all!"
Reaching her desk, he notices something a little strange. Usually, the papers on her desk consisted of different articles on the newest advances in technology and mechanics, but the weird oval and blueprint beneath it are unusual.
"What's this supposed to be?"
Looking over the odd oval-shaped device, he doesn't see how the color drains from her face. She had been having such a good time that she completely forgot about the little robot on her desk. Luckily, she's always had a bad habit of not labeling her documents.
"It's a project of mine. A little surveillance device I've had in the works since high school." "Really? Can I see how it works?"
Hesitant, she looks away from him while setting the bottle of wine down, thinking over the pros and cons of the situation as quickly as she can. Shaking the negative thoughts from her head, she grabs her phone from her pocket. It wouldn't hurt to show him. For all he knows, it's just 'a little surveillance project'.
"Set it down and tap the top of it."
Though slightly confused, he does as she says, incredibly curious. After taping the top of it, eight legs protrude from the sides as barely visible blue lights appear on the black screen-like portion. Using her phone, she controls it to walk around on the desk while Steven watches in awe.
"I knew you studied in engineering, but I had no clue how amazing you were. This is fantastic." "It's not that cool. Just a little side project, nothing more." "Not that cool? [Name], this is brilliant. You're brilliant."
She ignores the light blush rising to her cheeks and shakes her head while shutting the bot down.
"Did you find the corkscrew?" "Uh, yeah! Yes. Got it right here."
Rushing over to her, he hands her the corkscrew and watches as she pours them each a glass of wine. Even when she's doing something so simple, he can't help but find her beautiful. It's evident where his heart lies, but he doesn't know how to approach it, never having been in a situation quite like this. His gaze drifts to the fridge. He had noticed the new additions a couple days ago, but never really looked at the report cards and articles from a newspaper called the 'Daily Bugle'. Most of them have to do with a school called Midtown while the few others are of the American superhero Scarlet Spider. Taking a closer look, beneath the photo is her name.
"You used to work for a newspaper?"
Setting the wine bottle down, she turns around with one of the glasses in her hand.
"Yeah, I was a freelance photographer when that was taken. After a few years of sending in photos, Jameson finally hired me as his on-demand shutterbug."
She stops herself from giggling at the unintentional and unnoticed pun by taking a sip of the flowery peach flavor that is Sauvignon Blanc. Handing Steven his glass, he takes it and looks down while gently swirling the liquid.
"You sound like you really enjoyed what you did.. Why leave it?"
Grabbing one of the articles, she looks at it closely. She had only just taken crime fighting seriously and captured a photo of herself stopping a robbery. Of course, the headline completely disregards what took place in the photo, 'Scarlet Spider Assists in Robbery', but despite the demeaning headlines, New York still believed in her, she just didn't believe in herself.
"Everything got to be too much. Between having to constantly run around the city putting myself in danger, always getting yelled at by my boss, though he meant well, and some family issues, I needed a break from everything." "If taking photos made you as happy as you sounded, don't you miss it?" "Don't I miss it?"
The airy laugh she gives isn't directed towards him as she puts the article back on the fridge and heads towards the couch. Steven sits beside her moments later, saddened at the sight of a frown on her beautiful face.
"If I overstepped-" "You didn't."
Taking his free hand, she reassuringly squeezes it for both their sakes.
"I just haven't thought about it. Guess I do, miss it that is."
After taking a sip, he nervously continues to look at his glass. He only asks what's on his mind after she squeezes his hand once more.
"Do you ever think of going back?"
With a sigh, she starts looking at her glass.
"I do, quite often actually. Even though we fought, the people there are still my family and this place, London is nice, but it's not home. I wasn't even planning on staying this long."
His hand turns in hers, fingers wrapping around her palm.
"What made you decide to stay?"
They both look up at the same time, eyes interlocking.
"As cheesy as it is, the reason I'm still here is you, Steven. I have never met anyone quite like you." "Weird?" "Well, there's that," her tone is teasing, causing him to smile, "but I prefer to use the word spectacular when it comes to you."
The world feels as if it's stilled. Their eyes close as the distance between them is slowly lessened. Just as their lips are about to touch, a loud ringing causes them to pull back quickly, both of them flustered beyond belief. She fumbles with her phone for a moment before the alarm is finally silenced.
"Sorry, I set an alarm to make sure I went to bed on time. I've got to go in early tomorrow."
Steven simply nods, still trying to recover from what almost occurred. They sit in silence for a moment before she stands and helps him up by tugging his hand. He watches as she nervously flattens any little wrinkles on his shirt before looking up, catching his eyes again.
"I had a wonderful time tonight, Steven." "I did too."
Her hands which were once resting on his chest slowly move up to wrap around his neck while his palms cradle her face. Before he begins leaning down, [Name]'s silently promised to tell him the truth before anything goes further than this one kiss.
A/N: I was so happy with this chapter, I completely forgot the taglist for a second. Anyways, I hope you guys like this, please let me know. Taglist: @ninjarose23, @ahookedheroespureheart, @wendds
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hi!! I’ve been looking for a fic that’s based off the plot of my best friend’s wedding im pretty sure. It’s like James and lily make a bet to get married by 30 but then he ends up being engaged to someone and they go through that just to find out she’s marrying him for his money. It’d be great if you could help me find this, thank you !!
I think you're looking for this:
Title: Save the Groom  Author: TherestheSnitch Rating: M Genre(s): Romance, Drama Chapters: 21 Word Count: 35,141 Summary: At 19, James and Lily promise to get married if they were both still single at 30. At 29, James tells Lily that he is getting married. Lily doesn't care. She shouldn't care. Except that she does very much care. Can Lily help James down the aisle, or will she have to find a way to Save the Groom?
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moondustinfj · 13 hours ago
*Sirius storming into the common room after ditching his date on Valentines Day*
Remus : What happened
Remus : I *am* weird
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pocketsunshineharry · 2 days ago
hellooo, can you recommend me some new friends-to-lovers fics? i feel like i've read almost all of them by now, thank you!
Thespian Sweetheart by orchidsinnewyork
Beyond the Walls and Cages by Rearviewdreamer
ti dedico le autostrade che portano al mare (i dedicate to you the highways that bring you to the sea) by me_her_themoon
The Red Thread Of Fate by iminthisstanshit
Where I'm Meant To Be by Halos_Boat
Wasting my Time (When it was Always You) by umbroshirt
and i don't care it's obvious by alwaysxlarrie
Can We Start Believing by xogucciblue
dont know its lost til you find it by ohpleaselarry
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moonlit-sunflower-books · a year ago
friends to lovers never had a bad track. “scared i’ll ruin what we have” SLAPS. “friendship cuddles while secretly dying inside” BANGER. “teasing each other and holding eye contact for a little too long” KILLS ME. and don’t even get me STARTED on “screaming i love you in the middle of a heated argument.”
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Friends to lovers prompts:
Being cast as the main characters in a school play and having to perform a romantic confession scene together. You're okay with it since it's your friend playing the love interest, and they (probably) don't mean it anyway. But when they start acting it out, it almost feels real. Once the scene has ended, you realize how much you wished it was
Or being the one who has to act out the confession to your friend (who you've been crushing on for years) and trying so hard to not faint from embarrassment
Calling each other by nicknames
Accidentally confessing to each other while laughing over something
Being separated from each other for sometime and realising how much you miss the other's presence
Sharing a book and reading it together in a library, when your friend rests their head on your shoulder. It's been a common thing for years, so why has this fuzzy feeling taken over you all of a sudden?
Drawing small doodles in each other's notebooks, when one day your friend writes 'I like you'
Helping your friend move to another place, coming across the teddy bear you gave them ages ago
Sharing the most awkward first kiss ever, but becoming better at it by the second try
Telling their friends about their relationship, only to be surprised by the fact that they already knew and placed a bet on when they'd get together
Proposing at the same place where they first met as kids
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face holding is something that is so precious and personal to me. yes, grab my face or cradle it in your hands. i'll gladly put myself under the mercy of the strength of those hands.
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Whole Lotta Love | e.m
Pairing: Eddie Munson x Female!Reader
Warning: 18+ Smut (MINORS DNI), Weed, Swearing
Summary: Eddie admires you and that admiration brought you from acquaintances to close friends. However, the two of you know that you feel something more. The question is, are you going to do something about it?
Tags: No use of (y/n), mentions of weed, swearing, pining, somewhat established friendship, a little friends to lovers, smut, some fluff, sub!Eddie, shy Eddie, gentle!dom!reader, oral (male!receiving), oral (female!receiving), handjob, spit as lube, grinding, dry humping, making out, face sitting :) , thighssss, biting, slight choking (male!receiving), consent is hot, aftercare is hot, hands free ;) , little proofreading.
Word count: 3,800+
Author’s Note: I was having a difficult time finding what I was looking for, so I just said “Fuck it,” and made my own.
Part 2
Please do not steal or copy my work. Don’t repost without credit. This is my written work everything besides the character belongs to me. 
Eddie Munson was considered a freak among his classmates at Hawkins High. Generally, one would expect that this perception came from his loud outbursts in the hallways or when he stood on top of desks to announce his opinions to the world. However, people took one look at his zeppelin style with rings adorned on each finger and his hair cast in untempered curls to make their opinion. He didn’t worry himself over these misconceptions for the most part because he believed it was out of his control. At first, after his buzz cut days, he turned to the ‘rocker’ look to hopefully turn this around; when his results seemed to be lacking, he wielded his sense of style as a statement and wore it proudly once he grew further into his non-conformist attitude. But what he didn’t get, was why was it so different when it came to you? Your sense of style nearly mirrored his own―ripped jeans, ribbed shirts with faded band logos, jean jackets, and leather boots. Chains chimed while you walked. Your nails, plastered in a veil of black ink. You too had small tattoos that cascaded your skin. Yet, people were not nearly as unwelcoming as they were when it came to him. 
You weren’t exponentially popular—you were no king Steve, Tommy H, or Chrissy Cunningham. But, you were well-liked―and you weren’t treated like the plague as often as he was. He had seen you laugh with band ‘geeks’ and have your arms around cheerleaders. He watched you jokingly argue with those on the basketball team and read quietly with members of the high school post. Yet, most often, he saw you alone. 
The two of you weren’t friends, but you’ve certainly spoken before. In a small town, such as Hawkins, it would be impossible not to. But, you hadn’t spoken out of necessity―you had actually mingled. The first time you spoke was in elementary school, likely about something minuscule, like him asking you for a pencil. The first time you spoke in HIGH SCHOOL was when you caught him by surprise at his locker. You just happened to be passing by when you turned on your heel and got his attention. You complimented his Hellfire Club shirt and asked where he got it from―
Fleeting conversations were passed here and there. But, once the two of you started hanging out at the same scene together, puzzle pieces began to fall into place. Your friendship grew over the passing of joints... Cassettes were exchanged. Movies were watched. He wore one of your engraved rings on his pinky and you wore his blocky, metallic ring on your index finger. You helped him study for exams, listened to the recordings of his band, and smoked with him inside his trailer. Long, deep conversations were held atop his mattress while listening to Megadeth, Judas Priest, and Motorhead on his stereo.
―and it was that exact setting, which led you to where you were now. A beat-up, paperback copy of Doctors Wear Scarlett by Simon Raven was in your hand while you laid with your back to the mattress. Whole Lotta Love by Led Zeppelin was playing through the stereo’s strained and garbled speakers... not that you could really make out the words―because Eddie was purposefully shouting over the lyrics in a whiny voice while plucking at the strings of his guitar. Every once in a while, he would chuckle at his own antics and lose composure, causing you to laugh along as well. For the majority of the song, you were too amused with Eddie’s singing that you simply mumbled along with the lyrics so that you could listen. But, you grew distracted and somewhat bored of the book and allowed yourself to belt out some of the lyrics in synch with the wild boy next to you. This almost instantly shut him up to where he abandoned his yelling so he could try and sing in tune with you. You shut your eyes and swayed your head into the lyrics while dramatizing your enthusiasm for the song. Eddie watched as your nose scrunched with your singing and he couldn’t help but smile at the observation. 
He cast his hand over your face and gingerly placed his thumb upon your nose, using it to press your nose into a pig-like shape. 
Instinctively you smacked his hand away, laughing lightly at the situation. 
He watched as you placed your book down on the bed and rolled onto your stomach. Your eyes fell on the place where he was sitting up against the bedpost―and the position caused him to feel increasingly more self-aware. 
“Play something,” you said through a slanted smirk. 
“I don’t know,” Eddie teased while looking down, “―you put me on the spot here.”
“C’mon rockstar!” you egged on after playfully shoving his leg, “I wanna hear a song.”
Eddie hoisted himself up to where he sat straighter against the headboard and hovered his hand over the strings with lingering anticipation. After a moment’s hesitation, he began plucking the strings without tune or rhythm, occasionally adding in made-up lyrics along the way. 
When your face fell into the mattress in a faux annoyance, he stuttered into a laugh. 
You muttered out “Dumbass,” which was muffled by the comforter. But, Eddie was only amused by the empty insults. He eventually lowered his guitar to where it rested against his bedside table. With nothing left to do with his hands, he found himself twirling your ring on his finger. 
A whole song played without either of the teens speaking any words into existence. You had spent those two minutes drifting your attention between the lyrics, the sound of a tv from across the lot, and the movements of the ring on Eddie’s finger. You registered that the ring was yours, but to confirm it, you reached out and stilled the motion of his hand with your own. With his skin beneath yours, you maneuvered his hand to take a closer look at the ring... and sure enough, it was yours. In a show of camaraderie, you curled your fingers into a fist to display his ring that was donned on your index finger. But, when you looked up to gauge his expression, you found the face of a man that seemed to be absolutely enthralled by your being. You were well aware that your feelings for one another were beyond friendship; whether those feelings were lust, or something more, was beyond you. If someone were to ask why you didn’t act on those feelings sooner―you wouldn’t be able to give a definitive answer. Perhaps, you wanted to preserve the friendship that you shared? However, since the opportunity presented itself, why not just take it?
So, with his hand still being held within yours, you lowered it to the mattress at his side. Your arm was crossed over his waist, and you used the momentum to pull yourself to a crouch with your face hovering over his. You paced yourself, allowing him plenty of time to reject the action. Though, you doubt he would, considering the way that his eyes are glued to yours with a sense of desperation and longing that's swirling within his irises. You ask anyway—
“Do you want this?” you spoke in a voice that was low and languid, but loud enough to be heard with clarity. 
Eddie nodded with the slightest movement, which could’ve gone unnoticed. 
With your face creeping closer to his, you watch as his gaze falls to your lips. “I need you to say it,” you whisper as tenderly as you can muster. 
He shudders a breathy sigh before emitting a barely audible “...yes.” You watch as if he retracts in embarrassment. He wets his lips with the tip of his tongue and his eyes flit away for a moment. 
Just as you close the distance, he grinds down on his bottom lip with his teeth in a display of control―as if he were reeling himself back in. But, then that same ferocity is transferred into the kiss that you share. You breathe him in for a moment, regaining control, as you force him to slow to your pace. You can feel his neediness through the quickening of his breath while his hand comes up to cup your cheek. His fingertips tease slightly at the hair on your neck. Eddie’s other arm hooks around the small of your back, subsequently pulling you close to where you sit on his lap. All the while, your lips work together and you feel the passing touches of your tongues as you lap at his muffled moans. Drawing each sound from his mouth is as easy as it is bringing a pencil to paper. 
Your hand breaks away from the mattress to glide lightly across his skin. Traveling up his arm, pausing slightly to appreciate the rise of his chest, and slowing to a stop in order to caress the base of his neck. He cranes forward, seeking out your touch. A moan falls from his lips as you snug his neck further into your gasp; causing you to make a blissful sound as you quickly latch a kiss to his jaw. Apparently, the spot is sensitive, as he ruts up into you.
“Sorry,” He quickly apologizes. But, the eagerness of his words allowed him no time to adjust... so his voice came out weak and desperate. 
Rather than give him a worded reply, you simply reciprocated the action. Using your hips, you rolled yourself onto the growing bulge in his tight jeans. Eddie’s response was a choked gasp, that he promptly muffled by clasping his teeth onto your shoulder. 
“Fuck,” Eddie uttered into your shoulder with shaky fluctuations. 
You repeated the action, enjoying how he pressed his face further into the crook of your neck. 
You pushed away some of his curls, to further reveal the expanse of his exposed neck. Peppering it with kisses, each one growing wetter and more lasting, before you finally sucked on the pulse beneath his skin. Eddie was beginning to meet your hips with perfectly timed, slow thrusts... and he resigned himself to becoming a moaning mess. So instead of hiding his pleasured sounds, he opted to let his mouth hang open and you felt his warm, needy breaths fan against your neck. 
You loved listening to the small curses that drifted along with the air, getting lost in the music from the stereo.
All Eddie could focus on was the heat that was repeatedly grinding against him, your lips and tongue working against his skin, and the buzzing in his ears that was seemingly melting his brain. It was like his senses were going haywire, so all he could do to ground himself was relentlessly nip and kiss at the skin that was available to him. Each time he heard your breath hitch, he grew more desperate and came further undone beneath you. So when you suddenly stopped moving against him, he couldn’t help the whine that was ripped from his throat. 
Before he could plead for you to continue, you whispered with a breathy voice that mirrored his own cracking composure. “Do you want to take this further?”
“Yes!—” the word practically leaped off his tongue and another string of yeses followed, each showing more longing and making you more aware of the ache that he felt. 
You both didn’t seem capable of moving away from one another, but with one look at Eddie’s blown-out pupils, it was like your composure was restored. You prided yourself in the mess that you made him become. So, despite the damp and seething heat that you felt, you took it slow. So. Very. Slow. 
You popped open the button of your jeans, leaning back on your weight, which in turn caused him to release a groan. You broke away for a moment to remove your pants, in which Eddie did the same in record time. The movement―having caused him to lay down rather than be seated. If it weren’t for the stagnant tension, you would’ve laughed at the way his hands flew to his belt and ripped it from the loops of his jeans. How his fingers launched at his zipper and yanked the fabric from his legs. Once his legs were bare besides his briefs, you mounted his waist again. This time his eyes shot to your underwear and he gingerly slid his hands to your thighs. His unwavering stare should make you nervous, but his unfiltered desire simply goads you on. He hooks both of his thumbs beneath the fabric, pulling it ever-so-slightly to where it tightens into the skin but reveals the bareness of your thighs. It’s as if he’s teasing himself with the glimpse of you, and it's one of the hottest things you’ve ever seen.
You place your hand on his abdomen just above his waist, and he jolts at the sudden stimulation. He looks up at you and nearly swoons at the smirk on your face. He wouldn’t be surprised if he was blushing—so he rests his arm over his face to hide whatever embarrassment that could be seen in his features. But it quickly becomes a way to control himself when you slip your fingers beneath his shirt and grind your nails up his skin. The further you reach, the more you lean on his throbbing cock, and once again his breath is picking up, and he doubts you haven’t noticed. 
Your hand lingers for a moment, traveling along his chest, applying pressure to just the right places, before it comes back down. Slowly trailing down his torso and reaching his lower stomach. He thought you’d stop there, but your fingers hook in the seam of his briefs and he could swear that he stopped breathing. And, just while he was so focused on the left hand, your right comes up his leg in a gentle caress. The very tip of your nails, skim the sensitive area of his inner thigh and he flinches. You chuckle at the reaction―and instantly Eddie becomes simultaneously the horniest and most humiliated person alive. He buries his face deeper into the curl of his arm to the point where he could suffocate himself if he wished and strongly grips your thigh in his other hand. He can’t see you, but he feels it when you lift yourself off of him and sit further down his legs. The movement distracts him, so when you palm him through his briefs, he hisses into his arm. He grinds up to meet your hand as you hear him sigh into the motion―and he’s too caught up in the one sensation that he still lingers on it, even as you pull down his waistband. His dick springs forward to land against his abdomen, where you hear a damp slap from the precum that’s weeping from the tip; which is an angry pink, begging to be touched. 
Eddie wouldn’t lie, he definitely felt a little shy at the fact that he was so exposed to the girl that he had been crushing on for longer than he could remember. He had admired you from afar for so long. When you became friends, he never expected that the two of you would be here—even with the constant flirting, it had only ever been a game. So, with his face still tucked in his arm, he moved it the slightest bit so that he could see you through a space where he’d still be hidden from view. 
He watched as you took one finger, and pressed it into the leaking liquid. When you pulled it away, a string of it followed... and he throbbed when he saw you take the fluid into your mouth. He moaned in anticipation as he watched you swipe your hand with your tongue—and the moan only grew when you brought that same hand to his cock. With one pump, you brought your hand to the base and his hips slowly coiled up to meet the friction. With your other hand, you pushed against his waist to bring him back down to the bed, and he groaned defiantly. 
His eyes gave you their undivided attention when you hovered your face, lined up with him in your hand. He watched with an unbroken stare as a dribble of spit fell from your mouth and the warm texture coated his dick. His mouth lay open in a silent moan, which was revitalized as soon as your hand was set into motion. Your name tumbled from his lips, abandoned at the last syllable because his voice was lost in a whine. His neck strained backward and he revealed his face from behind his arm because he used it to card his fingers through his hair. 
You pumped in slow movements, twisting your grip at the head, sounding lewd noises, which worked harmoniously with his haggard breaths. Each time your hand hooked beneath the head, his core muscles twitched, creating a wonderful sight to play witness to. Eddie still tried to fuck into your hand, but his pleasurable moans turned into frustrated ones when your other hand kept him from doing so. He closed his eyes for a moment to bask in the sensation—but quickly made himself vulnerable when you ran your tongue up the underside of his cock in one fluid movement. His whole body jolted and he gasped—turning into a string of low, breathy moans when you took him into your mouth. You continued to stroke the base of him with your hand—loving the sounds that emitted from him. 
“Ugh— God,” he groaned with his eyes screwed shut. His voice hollowed to whisper, “...Just like that.”
Eddie lost himself for a moment, rubbing his eyes with his ring-clad hand, and letting his fingers clasp in a tuff of his curly hair. But, by sheer force of will, he clung on to any senses that he could find.
“...wait.” he croaked, “Wait—don’t!”
You slowed to a stop, then pulled him from your mouth with a questioning and concerned gaze. “What’s wrong?”
With the most unconvincing voice ever, Eddie groaned out: “I don’t wanna cum.”
His eyes were shut in both pleasure and an attempt at self-control. One of his hands reached out in your direction, searching for you. You were caught up in the sight of his heavy rising chest, but you met his touch with your hand. You could feel his gentle pull, and you realized that he wanted you to move with him. You followed his guiding tug to sit on his chest—and you were about voice your confusion until he lifted you to sit above his face in one, unexpected display of strength. 
“I want you,” He said, finally opening his eyes for you to see that his brown irises were cast over fully in a dark shadow of lust. His eyes were lidded, his eyelashes long and far too pretty that you didn’t catch yourself before you brushed over them with your thumb. 
Eddie pulled on your panties, though not fully, still awaiting your permission. 
“Go ahead, pretty boy...” You smiled warmly down at the pussy whipped man beneath you. 
He hummed in approval before tugging your panties aside. You could feel him rut up into nothing, just by seeing you. Both of his arms embraced your thighs, where he guided you into a snug seat upon his face. He lapped at your heat, groaning at the taste, before all but burying his tongue into you. His tongue moved at a steady pace, curling inside of you; his own hips thrusting in a synchronized motion while his imagination substituted his tongue for his throbbing dick. You could feel the vibrations of his moans and occasional curses. The fact that he was feeling so much while treating you was charging the neural impulses in your brain; each shuddering breath, each moan, each whine, and each crane of his hips was making his tongue feel all the better. Moans started to pool out from you with each sound that he made—
He was riding on the high of his brain melting while he laid between your thighs; and he thought that if you moved just a little closer, he would float on the welcomed lack of oxygen. Which is why he used his arms to press himself into you, the veins beneath his skin straining to keep you close. He could just barely feel the waistband of his briefs against the base of his aching cock, and he searched desperately for any friction while he rutted up against the fabric. He thought of how you’d feel, engulfing him within your warmth, holding you close as he spent himself inside of you. His eyes rolled in the back of his head just thinking about it.
“Eddie—” You said with a voice that was breathy, yet filled with grit. “I’m close.”
His hips stuttered with those two words.
You jolted into a moan—which was low and drawled out like a purr—His name on your tongue and your fingers tangled in Eddie’s hair. You came to, just in time to see Eddie’s eyes roll back in his head as he lapped up what you had to offer. 
When he finally unlatched himself from you, his breath was coming out in loud pants. It took you a moment to notice the ashamed look in his eyes, but once you did, you immediately took action. 
Rising away from his face slightly, you took his cheek in your hand. “Eddie, what’s wrong?”
He didn’t respond, instead, he gave a guilty smile and turned into the side of your thigh as if to peek out from behind it. 
You were about to fully get up so you could grant him some space, but he promptly held you in place. You began to notice that he was blushing—the tip of his visible ear was turning bright pink and his cheeks were dusted in the same shade. Somehow, it clicked for you... 
“...Did you— cum?” You asked, pausing to allow a smile to creep onto your face. 
Eddie simply buried his face further—this time, causing his hair to cover the remnants of his face that your thigh could not. 
You could tell, he felt embarrassed and somewhat self-conscious about what had happened. So, rather than teasing him about it, which you would definitely do in a less sensitive situation, you coddled him a bit. Leaning down, you placed a feather-light kiss on the top of his head. When he remained hidden, you kiss him again...and again...and again... and eventually, he was coaxed out of his shell. 
“I think it’s hot,” you cooed through a smirk.
Eddie groaned, smooshing his face as he rubbed it with his hands. Remnants of a blush, still strong on his skin. 
“―like really... really hot” You grinned, kissing the hand that covered his face.
He groaned again, though you could tell he was smiling. 
After a slight pause, you reached forward and gripped each of his hands in one of your own before clearing them from his face. You held them down above his head and gazed lovingly into his eyes...His eyes still reflected insecurity, but you met his lips with yours, hoping to convey your feelings in a warm kiss. He did his best to intertwine his fingers with yours, smiling when he felt your rings clink together. 
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