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#friends to lovers
skriveting · 26 minutes ago
A bunch of different dialogue prompts #24
"Don't be stupid, I'm not in love with them! Why would you think that?" "Well for one thing you haven't been able to close their facebook page from your browser in five weeks, so-"
"I just need someone to tell me they're glad I'm alive." "I am. So unbelievably glad, more than you could ever imagine."
"Why aren't you talking to me?" "Because I'm mad at you." "Why?" "Need I remind you--"
"You're everything I've ever dreamt of." "So you've only ever had nightmares, huh?" "Yeah."
"Isn't it time for you to go to bed?" "Isn't it time for you to mind your business??" "... Ok. Bed, now."
"Are you drunk?" "Nooo, whyyy?" "Because you just told me you want to carry me around like a sloth baby." "Ooooh my little sloth babyyyy!"
"Hon, it's 4 am, why are you up?" "I... I just have to organize this bookcase..." "*sigh* ok, which is it, by height or color?"
"What did you say?" "WhAt DiD yOu SaY?" "STOP!"
"AHH!!" "What?? What is it?" "Why can you bend like that?!"
"I love you." "YOU TAKE THAT BACK RIGHT NOW- Oh, wait, hold on-"
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numtwleve · 30 minutes ago
I wrote a long one-shot for my bestie @zombified419, and it is now posted on AO3. I also decided to add a little piece of art to go with it. I hope that you like the art, and the snippit below.
Tumblr media
I’m not entirely happy with how Din’s chin turned out, but oh well. I’m still learning.
“Are you two...?” Rey asked, her hand motioning between the two of them.
“Are we what?” Luke asked, sighing. He and Din were both used to people assuming they were together, but with the kids, there really was no reason to get into everything. Their relationship wasn’t complicated but it didn’t mean they wanted to talk about it.
“Mr. S, are you dating Mr. D?” Finn asked, taking a step forward before Poe placed his hand on Finn’s chest.
Din sighed also. “Kids. Out, now.”
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nextstopparis · 44 minutes ago
does anyone have any merlin fics where gwen and arthur are best friends? like any at all i just need gwen and arthur being best friends please
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mikauzoran · 52 minutes ago
Lukadrien: Your Hands Hold Home: Chapter Fourteen
Read it on AO3: Your Hands Hold Home: Chapter Fourteen: Pirates
Xavier-Yves Roth was actually a pretty decent guy once you got past the fact that his father had trained him wrong on purpose to be a self-absorbed, self-centered jerk.
Thankfully, Luka had done all of the hard work for the rest of humanity and had been teaching XY for several years how to be a better person. The result was that Xavier-Yves was now pretty tolerable. He was still occasionally annoying and not the sharpest tool in the shed, but he tried to be a good person, and, most of the time, he succeeded.
As XY hung around the Liberty and Adrien was exposed to him more and more, Adrien was surprised to find that XY was funny. Adrien honestly enjoyed going back and forth with him, trading jokes.
In an alternate timeline, Adrien even thought that they could be friends. Unfortunately, in the current universe, Xavier-Yves definitely had a massive thing for Luka, and Adrien’s own embarrassing crush on his housemate was only growing by the day.
Adrien had learned from anime that this “love rivals” status made a friendship between himself and XY impossible at this stage. Perhaps they could team up to thwart a third party’s attempts to steal Luka’s interest or maybe gradually grow closer if Luka rejected both of them, but, at this phase, they could only pretend to play nice in front of the object of their rivalry and secretly trade jabs behind Luka’s back.
“Hey,” XY whined as Adrien stole the last strawberry off of the communal plate on the makeshift coffee table. “That was mine.”
“I didn’t see your name on it.” Adrien smirked, reclining back into the couch cushions triumphantly.
“You’re mean,” Xavier-Yves sulked, crossing his arms and sticking out his bottom lip. “Six-Strings, control your pet.”
“Children,” Luka sighed, half in jest, half seriously, from the kitchen where he was cutting up more fruit. “Behave.”
Adrien stuck out his tongue. “I’m a pirate now. I take what I want.”
XY rolled his eyes, muttering, “Yeah, yeah. Rub it in that you get to live with him. You’re still just a G flat.”
Adrien blinked uncomprehendingly. “What? What do you mean a G flat?”
Xavier-Yves snickered softly, “If he’s a C, you’re a G flat—a diminished fifth.”
Adrien jerked back away from his rival, recoiling at the sting of his words and what they implied.
It was more than the words themselves. It was the fact that Luka and XY were close enough that Luka had told him what Adrien had said about Luka being middle C. It was that XY knew Luka’s Perfect Fifth nickname for Adrien.
It felt like a violation of something Adrien had thought was sacred.
“Now who’s the mean one?” Adrien hissed defensively.
XY shrugged. “All’s fair in love and war, especially when you eat the last strawberry. I love strawberries.”
“What are you two mumbling about?” Luka called to them, started to get worried at the comparative quiet.
“Strawberries,” Adrien responded, putting on a brave face. “We’re out, and XY wants some more.”
“Give me just a sec,” Luka replied, going to the fridge to grab another handful.
He washed them and placed them on the plate with the rest of the snacks.
“Here.” He set the platter down on the coffee table before taking a seat between Adrien and Xavier-Yves. “Don’t squabble. You two make me never want to have children.”
Adrien and XY collectively winced.
“Sorry,” Adrien murmured.
“Yeah. Sorry. G Flat was just being a mega jerk. Totally un-dope,” XY sniffed indignantly.
Luka rolled his eyes. “And you can’t ever let anything go, can you?”
“He was harshing the vibes,” XY argued indignantly.
“Prune, you’re twenty-two. He’s eighteen. Try to be the adult sometime, yeah?” Luka wearily scolded.
Adrien bristled, grumbling, “I’m not a little kid.”
“I didn’t say you were.” Luka playfully mussed Adrien’s hair in an attempt to smooth his ruffled feathers.
The placating gesture worked until Luka turned and started rubbing XY’s neck.
“Be good you two,” Luka commanded, a hint of pleading in his voice.
Moodily, Adrien snuggled up to Luka, resting his head on Luka’s chest.
Xavier-Yves retaliated by wrapping an arm around Luka’s shoulders and cuddling up.
Giving up on trying to understand the strange feud his companions had going on, Luka suggested, “Let’s watch the movie now, okay?”
“Sure,” XY easily agreed, starting to wiggle in excitement.
“Sure,” Adrien echoed unenthusiastically.
XY had been the one to recommend the film. He was into cars and wanted to show Luka what quality movies they made in the US (though, Adrien had no idea why).
Luka had acquiesced to watching one film from the series in order to humor his friend, and Adrien ended up crashing the watch party because like hell was he going to let Luka and Xavier-Yves get all lovey-dovey on the couch, watching the movie alone.
“This film is super ballin’. It’s my favourite out of all of them,” XY explained excitedly.
“Who taught you to speak French?” Adrien snorted, still feeling vindictive over the G Flat comment. “The Académie Française would have a heart attack if they could hear you.”
XY winced as if a bucket of cold water had just been thrown on his flame of enthusiasm.
“Pst,” Luka whispered, giving Adrien’s shoulder a gentle squeeze. “He’s not a native speaker, Angel.”
Adrien’s jaw dropped, and he sat up so fast he almost gave himself whiplash.
“Oh my gosh. I am so sorry.” He immediately attempted damage control. “I had no idea. Your French is really amazing. I never would have known. I apologize. That was really rude of me. Please know I was just joking, and I’m very sorry.”
Luka gave XY’s arm an encouraging squeeze.
Xavier-Yves shrugged, not looking at Adrien as he rubbed at the back of his neck. “Eh. It’s okay. I mean, people have been giving me crap about it my whole life, so I’m kind of used to it. I’m not good at languages, and even though my mom was French, I only had to speak English in America, so I never learned French until after the divorce when me and my dad moved here when I was ten.”
“Still, just because you’re used to it, that doesn’t make it any less wrong,” Adrien insisted. “It doesn’t make it hurt any less, so I’m really sorry for picking at a sore spot like that.”
Slowly, XY turned his head to study Adrien’s expression.
Xavier-Yves found sincerity there, and his smile gradually returned.
“Okay. Apology accepted.” He stuck out his hand for a shake.
Adrien readily complied, counting himself lucky for not having driven an even larger wedge between them.
Luka smiled, pleased at the development between his two friends.
It was then that Adrien vowed to be nicer to Xavier-Yves. He really wasn’t a bad person. In fact, Adrien begrudgingly liked him most of the time.
The only thing keeping them from being friends was their mutual feelings for Luka, and Adrien was beginning to see that a rivalry between Luka’s friends was not winning either Adrien or XY any points.
Adrien wasn’t a little kid. He could step up and be the mature one in this for Luka’s sake.
“So…shall we watch the movie?” Adrien suggested. “I hear it’s ‘super dope’.”
“So dope,” XY began to gush, giving Adrien the lowdown on the different cars used in the film.
Luka’s smile widened as Adrien and XY finally began to get along.
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iwonderifyouwonderaboutme · 57 minutes ago
Doesn't matter what tropes you like, who's your otp, or what fandom you're into - everyone goes absolutely mental for a "because I love you" blurted out in the middle of an argument and that's a fact
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jilyarchive · an hour ago
Edge of Seventeen
Title: Edge of Seventeen Author: micster Rating: T Genre(s): Romance, Friendship, Drama Chapters: 27 Word Count: 130,707 Summary: Sixteen, almost seventeen year old Lily Evans is entering her 6th year at Hogwarts unsure of her place in the wizarding world. Outside conflicts are creeping into the castle, contaminating what used to be a safe and magical place, and she fears that she may be the only one who can see the storm on the horizon. A thoroughly unexpected friendship with Sirius Black is the catalyst for upheaval in Lily's life, as she discovers who she can truly trust, and finds allies who will help her face Voldemort and his followers in the war to come.
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euesworld · an hour ago
"Where are you tonight? Will I ever hear your voice again? I dream of you, you know? That's cause I love you so much, for a lifetime.. I will love you until the sky goes black, cause with your smile in my life there is more light than the noon sun. Where are you tonight? Have I seen you for the last time?"
I hope not, my day begins and ends with you - eUë
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jilyarchive · an hour ago
Chronicles of a Sixth-Year Friendship
Title: Chronicles of a Sixth-Year Friendship Author: sunshinemarauders Rating: T Genre(s): Fluff, Romance, Friendship Chapters: 4 [WIP] Word Count: 9,560 Summary: Five significant moments to James and Lily’s friendship in their sixth year of Hogwarts.
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boxofbadaddiction · 3 hours ago
No Day Could Be Better
| Don't Touch Me | Chapter One |
| Series Masterlist |
Fred Weasley x Fem!Reader
Warnings: Haphephobia (Fear of Physical Touch).
Series Summary: What happens when Fred Weasley, the man with a love language of physical touch and the inability to keep his hands to himself, falls for the girl with an aversion to just that: touch.
Chapter Summary: Fred takes a chance and finally asks his crush on a date.
Tumblr media
Fred sat tapping his wand against his neglected piece of parchment, eyes blankly fixed to the chair of the person sat in front of him. To any on looker he were, presumably, zoned out but in actuality; he was deep in thought.
Fred had recently come to the realisation that he has developed quite the crush on Y/n Y/L/n a, sort of, friend of his.
Y/n is a Gryffindor and in the same year as he and George, but that's about where the similarities between the pair end.
He was Fred Weasley; life of the party, star Beater and people person Fred Weasley.
She...wasn't much at all like that.
Though she was funny and amazing company she kept to herself and small friend group a lot.
She liked Quidditch!
That's another thing they have in common. Although, Fred couldn't recall a time he'd ever seen her at a match: yet she always spoke so fondly of the sport.
Another key difference between them laid in the dating scene.
Where Fred was very comfortable in relationships: whether lasting or not, y/n to the best of his knowledge hadn't been in a relationship in years.
Not since Aven McGregor in second year which Fred found strange. He knew how liked she truly was and many people had admitted to having asked her out on several occasions with no luck.
He didn't want to be like the others.
Fred was beyond infatuated with Y/n. He was taken by her smile, her quick wit and fantastic sense of humour. He knew he wanted more than a friendship with her: but how to go about it?
This being the question currently keeping him from his charms work...
A loud thud echoes through Fred's ears after a sudden clap to the back of his head, obstructing Fred from his train of thought.
"Come on, dumbass, class is over," George speaks from his place stood beside him. "Unless you want to be late for Transfiguration and land yourself in detention?" "I'm comin', I'm comin'" Fred grumbles as he packs up his belongings.
"Whats got you so dazed?" queries Lee Jordan.
"Y/n Y/L/n" George chimes with a suggestive wiggle of his eyebrows. "Oh, shove it." Fred pushes his brother from the doorway of the Charms classroom. "What'd she turn you down too?"
"He hasn't even asked her out yet."
"The key word in that sentence being 'yet', George, I'm going to...just not sure how to." Though he's present in the conversation Fred's expression still reflects that of someone lost in daydream.
"You've had loads of partners before mate, what's stopping you now?" Lee questions earnestly taken back by his friends unusual hesitancy. "I actually like her is why. Yeah, I've had feelings for other people in the past but we all know they weren't really 'ideal candidates' were they? Most just wanted a fool around." "Which you gave them" George chuckles.
"Well, obviously. I may be stupid but I'm not an idiot!" The boys laugh together at this shoving Fred playfully.
"So, what you're saying is, you want a proper relationship with her?" Lee asks as they walk to their seats in Transfiguration. "Yeah," Fred nods with some assurity, "I think I do." He confirms with the makings of a love sick smile on his lips. As the boys take their seats, his eyes scan the room in search of the girl in question.
Y/n is sat towards the front with one of her closest friends, chairs turned inward to one another, smiling widley and laughing unashamedly.
They're throwing small candies in the air trying to catch it in their mouths...and failing.
Y/n's whole body shakes in laughter as she misses a tossed lolly from her friend but catches it against her chest then pops it in her mouth.
The scene has Fred's smile growing. He looks away with a slight blush and breathy chuckle.
"Alright, class," McGonagall's voice sounds around the room as she enters and makes her way to the front. Everyone quickly corrects their behaviour at her arrival.
"Let's get started for today."
Tumblr media
The next day, a Saturday, Fred is sat amongst his usual group of friends within the courtyard on a small concrete bench.
Everyone; George, Lee, Angelina, Katie and Alicia, are laughing and happily chatting between themselves while Fred tinkers away with a small prototype for his and George's shop. He's a little zoned out but content nonetheless.
Feeling an ache in his body from the lack of movement he decides to excuse himself for a moment to get a drink and lazily throws the small toy to George.
On the opposite side of the courtyard is a small water fountain which overlooks the Black Lake and surrounding grounds.
He takes a quick few sips and is sure to crack his back as he straightens himself once more to relieve a lot of the tension and discomfort.
His eyes scan the grounds in a sad kind of way, it is his last year after all and he can't help but feel like he never really stopped to appreciate how truly beautiful Hogwarts is.
Stepping away from the fountain he leans his forearms on the low brick wall which lines the courtyard, soaking in the view.
It was a gorgeous day. Bright and with very few clouds hanging in the sky. The surrounding grassy hills were alive with an abundance of wild flowers and little creatures.
Focusing his attention down to the Lake, through the tree line, he spots the Giant Squid playing in the shallows basking in the afternoon sun.
The movement of a group of students walking towards that very same place, by the Lake, catches Fred's attention. It takes him all of three seconds to recognise the woman on the end as Y/n.
'No day could be better' a little voice whispers at the back of his mind. A fleeting look thrown over his shoulder to his group of friends, who look no different to when he left, and his mind is made up. Eagerly he hops over the wall and begins his long descent to the Lake.
Y/n is laid against the trunk of a tall oak tree, mindlessly drawing across the exposed skin of her hand while her friends attempt to lure the Squid closer with fruit pastries stolen from the kitchen.
Lost in her own World of thought she doesn't register the appearance of a certain redhead leant on the tree beside her, watching over her shoulder with abject curiosity, as she adds to her designs.
"You're very good at that." He speaks when she finishes her current drawing. Y/n jumps in place with a hand to her chest.
"Merlins beard..." She looks up at him with light scolding, "Fred? you scared the crap out of me." "Not my intention, I assure you, but I can't deny," he flops down beside her, "it was greatly entertaining." He says with a dazzling smile as he relaxes against the trunk.
Y/n shuffles away from him slightly but resumes her original position and places her pen to the side, looking to him expectantly.
"How are you, love?" "I'm fine. Hearts racing a little too fast for normal but otherwise..." "Ah, yes. I do tend to have that affect on people." He winks.
"What scary beyond belief?"
Fred's expression falls to a playful glare. "Artist and comedian? Women really can multitask." the boy jokes, scrunching his nose as he flicks a small twig at his crush in retaliation; this bringing a reluctant smile to her face.
"What can I do for you, Fred?" "Do for me? Whatever do you mean-" he begins, feigning naïvety, but is cut off.
"I'll rephrase. Why are you here disrupting my otherwise peaceful Saturday?" Y/n elaborates.
Fred scoffs in mock offense, dramatically holding a hand to his heart. "My! What makes you think I would want something? Can't I just pay a visit to one of my dearest friends?" The question is laced with sarcasm and completed with his best attempt at innocent puppy dog eyes. A look which is met by Y/n raising an eyebrow with an expression which reads: 'you're-full-of-shit'.
"Alright, fine," Fred rolls his eyes as he scoots close to her, "I did come to see how you are, but you're right that there's something I would like from you."
"Which is?" Y/n asks impatiently as she tries to subtly move away from him once more.
"Your company."
"What?" Those weren't at all the words she'd expected to hear from him.
"Yeah, uhm, I was wondering if you'd like to go to Hogsmead with me tomorrow? Or next weekend, if tomorrow is too last minute."
An awkward and unsettling feeling forms in Y/ns chest at his request.
She's not ignorant to the rumours surrounding Fred Weasley, she knows he's had his fair share of flings and she would hope this request is merely a friendly one as she can't stomach the idea of being his latest conquest.
"You mean like-" "a date. I'd like to take you on a date." He smiles sweetly.
That feeling of discomfort is suddenly amplified by his words.
'What would Fred Weasley ever see in me, we hardly know each other?' She thinks to herself, 'and how do I let him down easily?'
"Uhm, Fred, I'm really flattered but-"
"Tomorrow doesn't work? That's fine! We can go next weekend if you'd prefer, or, we don't have to go to Hogsmead at all; here's a nice spot." He gestures openly to the small clearing under the canopy of the large oak tree, "I can just knick some food from the kitchens and we can have a picnic." There's a kind and optimistic smile on his face as he finishes speaking, eagerly awaiting her answer.
Y/n sighs, a regretful prang pulling at her heart. That sweet, boyish charm really was as captivating as they say...she hates to have to ruin it.
"All that sounds amazing Fred, truly. But-" a flicker of disappointment flashes behind his eyes and he swallows thickly hoping to Godrick she's not about to say...
"No, sorry."
That. Hoping she wasn't about to say exactly that.
"I just don't date, and I don't think we'd be a good match. We hardly know each other and I'm- I'm just not right for you." Y/n explains vaguely.
Fred paints on a fake smile trying to ignore the bitter feeling settling in his chest. "That's okay I understand, I just thought I'd ask and we could-"
"HEY Y/N/N! Come on, were going to raid more food from the kitchen!" Her friend calls while another comes and grabs her shirt sleeve, pulling her away in the direction of the Castle.
Y/n casts a sympathetic smile over her shoulder to the disheartened ginger left alone in the dirt.
"...get to know one another...better." Fred mumbles the last of his sentence to himself with a sad wave thrown after the girl who just rejected him seemingly without a second thought.
He slumps back into the base of the tree in dejection, head colliding with the bark in a hard thump.
Fred sits watching the water for sometime after she's gone, until the delicate breeze turns to an icy gust and the skies turn grey with heavy cloud and the approach of nightfall; wondering if there were something he could have done better to change the outcome. If he had been less forward, or told less jokes, if he hadn't scared her accidentally...could things have turned out differently?
Hunger and a deep chill begs for him to finally return to the Castle for supper, and so he slowly trudges back up the hill: with hands deep in his pockets and his shoulders hunched to try guard his neck from the abrasive wind, a conflicted scowl is painted on his expression.
Tumblr media
"THERE YOU ARE!" The voice of George calls from an upper landing of the marble staircases. "Where have you been mate? I was ten minutes from checking the map for you." His brother jokes as he meets him at the bottom of the stairs. "Get lost on your way back from the fountain did you?" Lee teases.
"Not exactly." Fred huffs as the three walk into the Great Hall and take a seat at the Gryffindor table.
"Well, what? You missed seeing Crabbe go arse up in that pond in the Courtyard. You should have seen Goyle trying to fish him out, they-" "I asked Y/n out." Fred interrupts.
Lee goes quiet and George stares to his twin in disbelief. "You actually did it?" He breathes in shock, however he's unable to bring himself to smile as he notes Fred's out of the ordinary behaviour. He can tell something's amiss.
"How'd it go?" Lee asks innocently. "Do you see me smiling?" Fred glares. "Wouldn't give you the time of day, hmm?" George grimaces.
"She's notoriously difficult, mate. You know the rumours..." adds Jordan.
"What's it matter. It's just a crush, I'll be over her in a week." Fred shrugs. He chances a glance to the end of the table where Y/n's sitting. She looks happy, completely unphased while Fred feels miserable. She's smiling and joking beautifully as always...
Maybe two weeks to get over her.
That night as Fred and George are getting ready for bed George decides to test the waters with conversation. He sits on the edge of his bed watching Fred adjust his pillows and pull back his blankets.
"So what did she say exactly?" "Who?" Fred questions, playing dumb as if he isn't thinking of said 'she' at the precise moment.
"Don't give me that. Y/n, what'd she say when she turned you down." "Why do you wanna know so bad?"
"Humour me." George pushes.
Fred sighs in frustration as he throws his wand into his bedside table and sits facing his brother. "I don't know, something about her 'not dating' and that we 'barely know each other' and that she's 'wrong for me'. Then her bloody friends dragged her off." Fred huffs tossing his pillow against the rest with renewed frustration.
"...that's it?"
"What do you mean 'that's it'!?"
"I mean, the answer seems pretty obvious."
Fred gives George a confused look which encourages him to continue. "Spend more time with her. Get to know her. Maybe she doesn't date because all the people who've asked haven't bothered to try being friends first. Think about it: all the guys she's turned down; McClaggen, Puecy, Colby. None of them really care about the girls they date. Put in the effort and you never know...might pay off."
Fred stares to nothing as he contemplates what his brother has just said. They wish each other good night before climbing into bed where Fred lays awake thinking things over.
Fred can't help but admit; George has a point.
He didn't try to get to know her. Not really. He just figured whatever he didn't know he'd learn along the way...
He's never been a patient man but with how he feels about her and the need he has inside him to have her in his life maybe a slow approach would be best. Afterall, anytime Fred has rushed into a relationship its always ended just as quickly; earning him a rather unfavourable reputation for being a 'playboy'. He wasn't, honestly. He just never saw the point in waiting for someone he wanted.
With that in mind he allows himself to drift to sleep with a thought out plan for a reproach that's sure to work!
Tumblr media
Taglist: @with-love-anu @coffeewithoutcaffeine @freddiemylovelg @meph1stophelian @maybesandohnos @gaycatlord-stuff @unlikelymilkshakedream @kingalrdy @anywherebuthere @prettywhitedoves @gryffindorgirl
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sunflowroxe · 3 hours ago
I know what you look like and I know who you are.
I wanna be near you and not far apart.
I wanna know what you taste like and what I feel when I touch your skin.
Is it feel soft, warm or rather thin?
I will never know because you wouldn't let me.
You always push me away like a bee.
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beverlyjeane · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
This post is for you beloved. If you happen to scroll by and see our picture from 8 months ago.
I love you forever.
I hope we can still create the past together.
Wishing that the future is ours to rule forever.
Best friends and lovers, since when did our love begin to plummet?
I have foggy memory from all the things done to me.
Still I blame me.
But it was we that made decisions that affected us individually.
Praying your free from all the things I projected from the hurt inside of me.
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blueandgoldoffice · 4 hours ago
I am looking for a fic where betty and jughead are soulmates and alice and gladys were trying to keep them apart gladys decided to move but no matter what they did betty and jughead found a way to each
Yes! I know this one for sure. I love soulmates and this one is a wonderful story by an even lovelier writer. Be sure to leave her a review! Happy Reading! 💛Jandy
All the World Goes around this Way by @darknessaroundus (1/1 - G)
Summary: When Forsythe Pendleton Jones the III is born, the name Elizabeth Cooper is printed in the soulmate column of his birth certificate.
Elizabeth Cooper isn’t born yet. Alice Cooper doesn’t know that the child she is carrying inside her is a girl, nevermind the fact that she will be named Elizabeth. The universe on the other hand knows everything.
A soulmate AU.
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hphmmatthewluther · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
No thoughts just Thestral sidequest
Also, I’m 99% sure that Hagrid after this goes “Right, I think she’ll let yeh ride him now” a la Prisoner of Azkaban. Cue the simultaneous what from Matthew and Merula.
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let-love-run-red · 5 hours ago
Take it Slow
Tumblr media
AN: Garcello x Female reader insert
AO3 Link
Tumblr media
It was a busy night, busy busy busy. It was game night and everyone had decided to come to the only sports grill in town. Well, it was more of a bar that advertised itself as a grill. The kitchen and waitstaff were always stretched thin, but the owners had no problem hiring a second bartender for the busiest time of year.
You hadn't officially met him, but you'd taken drinks from him to the tables and watched him during your five minute break. He was tall, with teal dyed hair, and was fairly lean. He had a handful of bar tricks that entertained the guests and made them more forgiving about their food being late, or cold.
"Hey Annie!" You caught your coworker as she was going on break and you were coming off of yours.
"Yeah?" She asked, water bottle in hand as she headed for the door.
"Have you met the new bartender?" You asked, pointing him out as he flipped one of the liquor bottles above his head before catching it, sending that section of the bar into a cheer.
"I mean not officially? I think his name's Garcello. He seems nice enough, but he smokes like a chimney." She said, wrinkling her nose. You tilted your head.
"Thanks Annie, enjoy your break." You said with a smile. She smiled back before heading out the door to take her break in her car. You looked back to the man, Garcello, and he met your gaze with a soft smile and a small wave. You returned the gesture before hearing the bell ding in the kitchen.
"And theres a riblet platter for you and a basket of wings and thighs for you." You said with a smile to the two men sitting at the bar. They were a few drinks in already, watching the game on the big TV mounted over the bar, but you hoped they would still tip well despite the liquor in their systems.
"Is there anything else I can get for you two?" You asked, folding your hands in front of you with another smile.
"Yeah, I'd like a basket of your thighs." The one closest to you said, reaching for you. You stepped back with a nervous chuckle.
"I'm sorry, I-" He cut you off.
"Hey, don't walk away from me baby come on." He said. You tried to move back again, only to run into an empty table as he stood from the chair.
You turned, trying to find the quickest way back to the kitchen as he approached you before someone placed a large hand on the man's shoulder, pulling him away and spinning the man to face them.
"Hey, back up." It was Garcello, the new bartender. He'd come back in from his break and pulled the man away from you like your personal knight in shining armor.
"I'm a paying customer, I have a right to be here." The man said, slurring his words slightly. You breathed a sigh of relief, feeling comforted when the smell of tobacco filled your nose wafting from Garcello's clothes.
"Yeah but you don't have a right to harass work staff." Garcello said. You took the opportunity to scurry back to the kitchen, waiting in the doorway to see how it would end. But the time you looked back Garcello had already pushed the man out the door and was walking back towards the bar.
You couldn't lie, you were thankful he had been there. You could fend for yourself but it was hard to think on your feet when something like that was happening.
You made a milkshake, just a plain vanilla one, and brought it out to the bar. You waited off to the side until he got a moment of peace to call him over. He looked to you with a smile.
"Hey, you alright?" He asked. His voice was gruff and there was a slight rasp to it. As he got closer you could smell the tobacco wafting off his shirt and likely from his hair. You actually found it slightly comforting. You offered him the milkshake with a small smile.
"Yeah, I just wanted to say thanks." You said. He accepted the glass, taking a sip through the straw you brought and smiling at you.
"It's good, thank you." He said. He was called over to the other side of the bar by a customer, and he took the glass with a smile in your direction before setting it on the back counter of the bar near the register before walking towards the customer.
Since that day you and Garcello had grown closer. You'd swapped numbers, mostly for work reasons, he would text you if he was going to be late and vice versa. Sometimes you would send each other videos of pictures you found funny. You saved all of them, in case you needed a laugh later.
He was sweet. Despite his rough exterior and gruff voice he had a heart of gold. He walked you to your car in the evenings, sent you pictures of his dog when you were sad, told you jokes that made you laugh so hard you were in tears. He was a good friend.
It was one of those nights where he walked you out to your car. His hands were shoved in the pocket of his jacket and he'd shoved his brown hat over his hair to cast a shadow over his face. The second he'd walked out the door he lit a cigarette and took a long inhale of the smoke. Annie was right, he did smoke like a chimney, something that worried you slightly. You cared about him, you had no doubt he knew how bad they were but everyone had their vices.
you bumped into his shoulder with a giggle after he told you another joke, and he looked to you with a smile. You leaned against him, taking comfort in the smell of smoke and the warmth he gave off. You stopped when you reached your car, looking up at him as he leaned against the rear door of your car.
"Hey, you have something on your face." He said, gesturing to his own cheek with his thumb. You wiped your cheek with the back of your hand, looking to him to see if you got it. He chuckled, reaching with his free hand.
"No, it's right," he rested his hand on the side of your jaw, using his thumb to brush against your lips gently. "here." He let his hand linger on your face as you looked up at him. He had taken his cigarette out of his mouth and was holding it between the fingers on his free hand.
Without thinking you reached up, burying your hand in the hair on the back of his head and pulling him down. You pressed your lips against his own, finally giving in to the urge you had been suppressing for weeks. He pulled away slightly, looking down at you curiously.
"Fuck." He said, dropping his cigarette on the ground and taking your face in his hands, kissing you again, hard. You leaned into his chest, fisting your hand in his hair and tugging on it lightly. He pulled you closer against him, one hand on your cheek, the other on the small of your back as he held you close. You felt breathless as you kissed him, feeling his lips against your own, his tongue against your teeth.
When you finally broke apart you were both breathing heavily. You pulled away, almost regretting what happened. If this ruined your friendship you didn't know what you would do. He took a step back, shoving his hand into his pocket and pulling out the pack of cigarettes with shaking hands. He took one out and lit it, taking another step away from you.
"I, I have to go." He said, lighting it and turning away, walking towards where his motorcycle was parked in the corner of the lot. You kicked yourself mentally for what just happened. Garcello was your closest friend, and you shouldn't have let your romantic feelings for him get in the way of that.
The next day was your day off. You knew Garcello still had to work, he rarely got any days off, but he was always on the evening shift. So you took the chance to text him in the morning.
Hey, can we talk? You asked. You watched as he read the message, and the three dots popped up to show he was typing, before disappearing. You were worried he wouldn't respond, until your phone dinged with a facetime call from him. You took a deep breath before answering the call. Garcello was sitting on the couch in his apartment, cigarette in hand, without a shirt on. You guessed he had just woken up.
"Hey." He rasped out, turning his face to cough into his elbow. You felt your heart squeeze. You were worried about him.
"Hey." You said softly. He took the cigarette between his teeth and used his now free hand to brush his hair back.
"What did you want to talk about?" He asked before blowing smoke from his mouth.
"Um, last night." You said, shifting the way you were sitting on the bed. He coughed again, a little louder this time.
"I'm sorry, I hope I didn't make things weird, and I hope you didn't feel uncomfortable or anything." You said, watching as he took another puff from the cigarette.
"No, no (y/n) you didn't make me uncomfortable at all." He said. He took the cigarette from his mouth as it burned down to nothing, reaching for the table and placing another between his teeth, lighting it before taking it between his fingers and blowing more smoke.
"Then, why did you leave like that?" You asked. Garcello shifted and cleared his throat, taking another breath from the cigarette.
"I just, I don't know. What was supposed to happen? You come home with me? I go with you? We just leave?" He said, sucking harshly on the cigarette. The tip burned an angry red and you sighed.
"I don't know." You admitted.
"But why did you leave without talking to me?" You pressed. He let out a sigh.
"I kind of, like you a lot. And last night I just, I didn't want to move too fast with you." He said. He reached for the pack of cigarettes again, shaking it and huffing. It was probably empty.
"Too fast?" You pushed.
"If we had kept going, I probably would've invited you over, and I didn't want to do that. Not yet, I mean not if you don't want it, and I didn't want to be weird about it and, just, oh fuck." He said, putting his head down and rubbing the bridge of his nose. You smiled and let out a laugh. He looked up at you through the screen in confusion.
"Garcello," You said softly. He smiled.
"I love when you say my name, y'know." He said. You smiled.
"Well, Garcello, I would probably have gone home with you if you asked." You said. His smile got a little bigger.
"But if you want to take it slow then we can." You said.
"Yeah, I think that would be good." He said as he took the burned cigarette out of his mouth.
"How about I take you to dinner sometime?" He asked. You smiled again and Garcello mimicked your grin.
"Dinner would be nice."
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cyberl0v3r · 6 hours ago
i need friends - _-
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the-emo-asgardian · 7 hours ago
The Raven Haired Rebel
Pairing: Loki x reader Series Summary: After invading New York, it was decided that, as a punishment, Loki would work for SHIELD. Yeah, right. After escaping from their custody and stranded on Midgard, the God of Mischief decides to prove he’s the one thing no one ever thought he was: the good guy. Now a vigilante, Loki attempts to make amends for his past wrongdoings while also evading the Avengers, including their newest member. You. Brought in specially for the case, you notice more and more details about the prince’s story don’t add up. When you get the chance to turn him in, will you listen to your employers or your heart that believes Loki’s done nothing wrong? Chapter Summary: In which Loki enjoys his new life with you. Chapter Warnings: none I believe A/N: Thanks for coming along this little journey with me. Having been unsure of this story myself, I’m overwhelmed by the positive feedback it’s been getting! Happy reading :)
Permanent Tag List: @lucywrites02​ @frostedficrecs​ @lunarmoon8​ @twhiddlestonsstuff​ @lokistan​ @lowkeyorlokificrecs​ @gaitwae​ @whatafuckingdumbass​ @castiels-majestic-wings​ @kozkaboi​ @cozy-the-overlord​ @birdgirl90​ @myraiswack​ @mythicalgarlicknot​ @what-a-flammable-heart​ @marvelouslovely​ @laurenandloki​ @fallinallinmendes​ @sophlubbwriting​ @mooncat163​ @lokislittlesigyn​ @wolfish-trickster​
RHR Tag List: @happygalaxymilkshake @electroma89 @stardust-walker @i-would-kneel-for-loki @fredweasleyandlokiaremylife @aestheticallyholland @loki-yoursaviourishere​
Tumblr media
Disclaimer: Gif not mine
Loki would never understand why they Norns blessed him with you, but he’d be forever grateful they did. That instant connection, that irresistible pull hadn’t faded at all. It only grew stronger, and drove his fear it was fluke further and further away every day. The kisses definitely helped too.
Moving into your apartment with you felt rather natural after having stayed in the motels together. You fell right back into your pattern, teasing and caring for each other, both in the most tender of ways. Waking up next to you still made him flustered, but he loved how the first thing you’d do was plant a kiss on his lips. Then you’d snuggle close to him and let him hold you, making him feel important to be allowed to wrap his arms around you. You, who were the only one to believe him. Believe in him. Truly, you were one of a kind.
He started having nightmares again. It’d been a while, but after what happened at the AIM base, he was tormented again. Now with the thought of you crumpling today the ground, his dagger buried in your flesh. It’d been an illusion, a necessary one, yet it still haunted him. He never told you the exact content of the dreams, but those were the times he let you hold him instead of the other way around. You’d always whisper sweet things in his ear until he calmed.
Right now you were snuggling on your couch, his arm around your waist while your head rested in the crook of his neck. He read a book as the TV played in the background, having grown accustomed to your habit and learned to tune out the noise. It was rather domestic, and Loki had been almost surprised to find out he liked it. Then again, any time spent with you was bound to be perfect, wasn’t it?
Today was your day off from work at the Avengers Tower. Loki would have been more than able to provide for the both of you, but you insisted that you wanted another job. As soon as Tony heard, he’d offered you one where you would help him figure out tech in the lab and monitor threats. Reluctantly, Loki had become friends with the man during the times he’d go and visit you at work.
Admittedly, the friendship was beneficial to Loki in more ways than one. During his time on the run, stopping crimes and saving people, he found he quite like helping others. You’d helped him find some charities he wanted to work with, and now he was establishing his own. With the help of Stark Industries, of course. They’d agreed almost immediately on helping kids in need, especially those who needed to be adopted or were in foster care. Loki had never much thought he’d want to raise a child of his own, but now he was wondering if he wanted to adopt. He’d mention it to you someday, but only if he was sure.
“Hey, Loki?” you said, breaking the comfortable silence between you, a smile already forming on your lips.
He put his book down immediately, giving you his full attention. Your eyes were still closed as you rested against him, and he took the opportunity to admire your beauty. “Yes, darling?”
“Have I told you yet today that I love you?”
The god chuckled. “Yes, you mentioned it.”
“Well, I’m telling you again anyway.” You finally lifted your head and looked him in his piercing blue-green eyes, cupping his cheek. “I love you.”
“And I you,” he replied, heavy emotion in his voice and shining eyes. “So, so much.”
He relished in the feel of your lips as you kissed him again. For a while he’d worried that he’d fallen for you to fast, that soon you’d not want him anymore, and he’d be heartbroken. Honestly, he still did sometimes. But it was in moments like this that those thoughts dissipated completely. The way you were pushing all the love you felt through to him by way of your connected lips, it made him feel reassured. Safe. You’d never doubted him, and that was so rare for someone like Loki.
Loki repositioned your bodies so he was over you, pecking little kisses along your jaw while you caught your breath. Just when he was about to recapture your lips, your computer chimed. You both sighed, but knew you had to check it in case Tony had blown something up in the lab and needed help again. Your brows knit together as you looked at the screen.
“Everything alright, darling?” he asked, peering over your shoulder at an encrypted message.
“There’s only one person I know who sends messages like that.”
And indeed, you were right; it was Fury. You and the trickster god read the message as you quickly sorted out the code. You were both being called in for another mission, despite having narrowly escaped being locked up. It was top secret, but he simply needed your talents for the case.
You turned to Loki with a smirk on your face. “What do you say? Ready to be done being rebel once and for all, and work with the law?”
“Perhaps,” he responded, pulling you back onto his lap “Though I still plan on doing things my own way.”
“I know,” you said. “And that’s why I love you.”
Before you could reply to the director, Loki began kissing you again, finishing what you’d started earlier. And for once in his life he didn’t care how anyone else saw him. Not when he had you. Not when he was finally perfectly and completely happy.
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by wonderfool (foolmetal) | Angst, Unrequited Love, Or Is It?, Mutual Pining | 13,880 | complete | Teen And Up Audiences Summary: Post 4x06/4x07, speculation for 4x08
“Change can be scary,” Buck says, “but we want your dad to be happy. Adults can get lonely too sometimes. He has a lot of friends at work, but he might be looking for someone who…can be a partner. Someone who worries about him and supports him when he’s feeling sad. Someone who loves him.”
“But he already has you.”
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