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#otp prompts
thats-my-type-writer · 10 hours ago
The Prince's Secret Love
The prince lay his head on the guard’s bare chest, warm skin brushing his cheek. He traced the tribal tattoos that lined his lover’s chest and torso.
His eyes darkened as his finger trailed off the tattoos to the scars that marred the guard’s tanned skin. They ranged in depth and precision; some accidents in war, others punishments from his Generals.
“I wish I could take you away,” the prince murmured.
The guard shifted. “Where would you take me?” he asked. “I’m happy right here, with you.”
The prince rolled onto his stomach, propping himself up with his elbows. He scowled at the guard. “Somewhere safe, I mean. Some place where you wouldn’t get such ugly scars.”
The guard was hurt. “I didn’t know my body repulsed you.”
"That’s not what I meant." He sat up, looking away from him.
The guard seated himself behind his lover, wrapping his arms around his waist. He sighed in contempt when he felt those skillful fingers trace the tattoos on his arms.
They were silent for the longest time before the prince spoke. "You know I don't like it when you get hurt."
"There is nothing you can do, my prince."
"Yes, there is!" He didn't mean to yell, but he did. "I'm the prince. I'll speak to the General, tell him to not be so harsh with you."
"You mustn't." His voice was stern. "The only reason he's harsher with me than the others is because he's envious of our closeness. If you speak to him, it'll only raise suspicions."
"But there must be something I can do. I can't stand to watch you add on to the collection of markings you already have."
"I'll be alright."
The prince sighed, melting into his lover’s embrace. His words were meant to be comforting, but they were not. He shouldn't be alright with feeling pain.
"There is a town," the prince began, "Where love like ours is accepted, men can love men and women can love women. I wish to take you there. That way we could be together forever. Love each other till death does us apart."
The guard’s heart shook the auditorium that was his chest. He felt a warm tingle flow through him, from the curl of his hair to the tip of his toes. "Love?" he mumbled.
"You said love," he spoke louder. "You-you love me?"
The prince turned so he was straddling his hips. He smiled at the light blush that spread across his guard’s face, his eyes glowing in the candlelight. "Yes, love. Of course I love you," he cocked his head, a gesture that mimicked that of a child.
The guard bit his lip, he'd always loved it when he did that. He loved the way curiosity would shimmer in his eyes, the way his lips would pull into a semi-pout. "You wouldn't be in my father's castle, nor my bed chambers if I did not."
The guard smirked, "I wouldn't know. I wouldn't know how many men, or women, you've brought in here, claiming to love them like you say you love me. How many others have you told you wished no harm would fall upon them? Or promised to whisk away to hidden towns?"
The prince gritted his teeth, yanking the guard’s jaw so he had no choice but to gaze into his stormy grey eyes. The was hesitation in his expression. Different emotions swam through his eyes;hurt, fear, sorrow, panic. He didn't know whether to believe his lover’s words or not. Did he not trust him? Did he really think his love was fake?
"I was only kidding," the guard ran his thumb along the prince's lower lip. "I know you love me, and only me."
He was not prepared to have his thumb bitten. He hollered in pain, quickly silenced by the prince's hand over his mouth. Instead, he chose to glare at the amused man on top of him.
"You're right," he removed his hand, nestling his head in the crook of the other's neck. "I only love you."
"I love you prince."
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fanfictioncorner · 15 hours ago
Person A: (stubs their toe) FUCK!!! WHO PUT THIS TABLE HERE!?
Person B: That would be you.
Person A: Why the fuck would I do that!?
Person B: Babe its been there for the last 3 years we've lived together. Just admit you weren't paying attention.
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varyasprompts · 19 hours ago
dialogue idea
A: what’s your favorite color?
B: i don’t know, maybe blue?
A: omg! that’s impossible! mine is too!
C: *frowning* i thought your favorite color was orange
A: *angrily glancing at C*
B: also i like red!
C: and A hates re–
A: wow, we’re soulmates, aren’t we? i LOVE red!
C: i’m done
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varyasprompts · 19 hours ago
— what’s your favorite color? i wanna be your lover
favourite color – sea girls
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cssk-0000 · 23 hours ago
“Why did you do that?” He screamed, running towards me across the sand. “YOU COULD HAVE DIED!”
I waved him away with my good hand. “But I didn’t. The point is, now your uncle has to apologize.”
“You’re bleeding.”
“Yeah I am,” I muttered, wiping away the blood and sweat dripping into my eyes. “You might want to catch me.”
He did lunge forward and wrapped his arms around me, swinging me up in the same motion. I let my head fall against his chest as my entire body began to shake.
“You’re insane,” he whispered as he walked us back to the house. “You’re only mortal, do you forget that?”
I felt my lips twist up in a smile. “You gods don’t let me.”
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fluffyomlette · a day ago
Prompts for a death god with a florist?
The death god is trying their best to grow plants but just cant so the florist helps them calm down if you can.
Ahhh this is so cute! I hope you like these prompts :)
- - - - -
“Why are all your plants so...colourful? Roses, lillies, sunflowers. Let’s get something deadly!”
“No. Now, come help me plant these hyacinths.”
- - - 
“I appreciate that you’re very invested in gardening but uh, you might want to get back to your real job? People aren’t dying anymore. Overpopulation and all that.”
“Not my problem. How do you grow tulips?”
- - -
“Ah, I like how you think!”
- - - 
“Hey, was that customer being a dick? Do you want me to kill him?”
“Wh- No! Okay, we need a serious talk. No killing my customers.”
“Didn’t say anything about not killing their plants.”
- - -
“Why did you get into gardening anyway?”
“Oh, I was trying to impress a cute florist I knew.”
“Ah, well, I think they’re smitten.”
- - - - -
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cheempu · a day ago
vera: the sky is beautiful tonight
demi: ya know who else is beautiful?
vera, blushing: who?
demi: dunno, that's why i asked ya
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Imagine your OTP #3
Person A wakes up in the middle of the night, only to find Person B sitting at the side of their shared bed, quietly sobbing. A’s immediately concerned by this, because B has made it a point to never cry in front of A. When A wraps their arms around them, B tries to shoo them and insists that they’re fine. A reminds them that “you don’t have to be strong all the time.” And offers their arms again. B accepts A’s affection this time, still insisting that they’re fine, but their body melts into A’s arms and drying their tears.
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thatchickavai · a day ago
Writing prompt 2 ( because my beaches asked for it) :
"Oh? you think I'm pretty when I'm angry? well then get ready because I'm about to be fucking GORGEOUS"
lemme know if you guys want more! (send me asks or comment and y'all can specify too if you want to!)
love, ina ♡
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stray-dark · a day ago
what if he sat down on the floor beside you, bandaged all your cuts, gently took your bruised knuckles with one hand and wrapped the other around your waist to pull you on his lap. then he drank all your anger through his kiss and when you paused to breathe against his lips, he whispered, "its not worth being so angry. let it go now."
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varyasprompts · a day ago
dialogue idea
«where have you been? wha–what happened?»
«you don’t want to know about it»
«trust me»
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varyasprompts · a day ago
romantic date ideas for your otp :)
breaking into a closed amusement park at night;
going to a playground;
watching a movie at night and cuddling;
sitting on the roof and watching sunset;
drawing each other’s portrait with blindfolds;
playing 21 questions;
making a playlist for you two and then listening to it together sharing earphones;
going to a gig;
going to a library together, reading the same book and chatting about it after every chapter;
going to karaoke to sing the funniest song/the heavy metal one/the cheesiest one;
going to a double date with your closest friends;
going roller-skating;
breaking into a closed swimming pool at night;
teaching each other how to skateboarding;
going to an animal shelter and maybe coming home with a new friend 😉;
riding horses together;
having a picnic by the ocean;
drinking champagne in the roof and watching at the sleepless city at night;
visiting an art gallery;
swimming in the lake at night
comment if you want a part two! ❤️
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writemeagoodprompt · 2 days ago
Quietly Hero snuck in the prison, slipping past the guards before they came across Villain who was in a reinforced prison cell. “Hey,” They tapped at the glass, getting their attention. “I’m here to get you out of here.” Villain glared at them before they spoke. “You’re the one who got me in this cell in the first place.” Their hands were chained and covered, disabling them from picking the lock. Same with their feet.  “I’m sorry about that.” Hero apologised, grinning sheepishly. “You can yell at me later, but for now, Let’s get out of here, shall we?”
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emswritingprompts · 2 days ago
101 ways to say i love you with actions
we've hit another benchmark - 202 followers - and thus it's time for another special prompt post! thank you so much for 202 followers (aka 209 because i'm always late-)!
since you all really liked my first post like this with dialogue prompts, i decided to make a part two! i really hope you enjoy, and thank you again for supporting me!
Hugging them as they're crying.
Taking their hand as they're about to hear bad news.
Pulling the blanket back over them as they shiver in their sleep.
Sharing an umbrella in the rain.
Looking at one another in times of doubt for reassurance.
Looking at one another in times of happiness to share smiles.
Carrying them piggyback-style because they rolled their ankle.
Using fabric to try and stop their gash from bleeding so much.
Softly placing a hand on their chest to feel their heartbeat.
Going with them to the store to make sure that they get everything on their list.
Giving them a cold rag to put on their head because they have a migraine.
Grabbing their shoulder to stop them from doing something they would regret.
Lightly kissing their scars.
Making them a friendship bracelet.
Helping them change clothes when they're unable to by themselves.
Washing the dishes when they feel too bad to do it.
Saving the last piece of their favorite candy for them.
Cuddling in bed for longer than usual because it's obvious that they need it.
Offering a hand to help them up after they've fallen.
Saving their life.
Doing something unpleasant because they want to/like it.
Watering their plants when they forget to.
Brushing a stray strand of hair out of their eyes.
Shielding their view from something scary.
Buying them something that they've wanted for forever.
Buying and wearing matching rings.
Bringing an extra jacket for them because even though they deny it, you know they'll certainly end up getting cold later.
Laughing at their jokes, even if they aren't that funny.
Leaving flowers at their grave.
Performing CPR when they stop breathing.
Hurriedly checking for their pulse.
Giving them ice cream when it's too hot out.
Smiling at them, simply in hopes that they will smile back.
Playing with their hair to calm them down.
Pressing small kisses all over their body because they're beautiful.
Letting them lay across your lap to read.
Leaving when you know that your presence hurts them too much.
Making them something special for their birthday.
Drawing/painting them.
Voluntarily doing their chores.
Reading a book/watching a movie/playing a game that they suggested.
Writing them a poem.
Bringing them their favorite tea when they have a sore throat.
Washing their hair for them when they can't.
Wiping something off of their face that they don't realize is there.
Giving them little head pats.
Using your body to shield them from the wind.
Using your body to shield them from attack.
Carrying their lifeless body back home because they didn't make it and the others deserve to know.
Taking them on a surprise date.
Writing them little sticky notes and putting them in random places.
Noticing that their lips are dry and then putting chapstick on their lips for them.
Gifting them something that's been in your family for years and means a lot to you.
Absently humming their favorite song when doing chores.
Singing them a lullaby when they can't sleep.
Playing their favorite album/CD when on a long road trip just so you can see them effortlessly scream-singing to the lyrics.
Making sure that they aren't alone when you know they need someone.
Ordering their favorite fast food when they don't feel like cooking.
Letting them into a safe space that only you've known about.
Letting them see the sides of you that you're too nervous to show others, and mostly without realizing you've done it.
Dreaming about them frequently.
Day-dreaming about them frequently.
Bringing them coffee when you know they didn't sleep well.
Holding them in your arms as their life starts to fade away.
Packing a pillow for long car rides because you know they're going to fall asleep and they'll hurt their neck otherwise.
Guiding them away from a situation that makes them uncomfortable.
Sitting next to them when they don't know anyone else around them.
Dancing with them.
Taking them to the hospital, even if they're being stubborn and insist that they're really fine because you can tell when they aren't.
Fixing their tie/zipping up the back of their dress/adjusting a piece of their clothing.
Waking up and just laying in bed, admiring how calm and cute they look when they're sleeping in your arms.
Giving them little nose kisses.
Getting lost in each other's eyes.
Learning to play their favorite song on an instrument.
Painting their fingernails because their hands are too shaky.
Painting your fingernails to match theirs.
Writing a song about them.
Surprising them with unexpected visits.
Staying by their side when they've been hospitalized.
Teaching them how to do something they've always wanted to learn.
Learning more about their culture/heritage to try and educate yourself on what things have been like for them.
Learning their native language (if you don't know it) so that you can speak with their friends and family.
Forgiving them when they've hurt you, even if it's hard to do.
Inviting them to go out with you and your friends.
Inviting them out when they're lonely.
Having patience with them, even when it's difficult to understand their actions.
Doing things to better yourself because they make you want to change for the better.
Guiding them through a panic attack.
Listening as they rant about something that bothered them.
Listening as they rant about something they're currently obsessed with.
Getting matching tattoos.
Cutting their hair for them.
Listening to their favorite music artist to try and better understand what type of music they like.
Making them a playlist.
Sending them songs that remind you of them.
Sending them songs that you think they would like.
Changing your perspective on something because they explained why they believed the way that they did.
Disagreeing with them, but being able to do so respectfully.
Starting a family with them.
Believing in them when everyone else doesn't.
Yearning for them when they aren't around.
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shove-off-malfoy · 2 days ago
Another simply marvelous anon prompt - my asks are still open with questions, prompts and anything else! Please enjoy...
Drarry Ficlet -
Weasley had already grabbed Goyle and hoisted him onto the back of his broom. Draco had reached for Potter’s hand but his foot had loosened its hold on the tower of forgotten objects and slipped just as their fingers brushed. Flames licked their way up Draco’s leg and the smell of burning flesh filled the space along with Draco’s screams.
“FOR FUCK SAKE, HOLD ON!” Potter bellowed. God, Draco wished he would just give up. It was so dreadfully boring how he clung on to every brave mission like it was his true purpose in life to save every worthless person. Maybe it was.
Potter’s broom shot up and he did a delicate little spiral that didn’t quite belong in this wretched moment. Here with Draco among the flames. Potter whipped his wand at Draco and he quite literally summoned Draco into his grasp.
“ACCIO DRACO MALFOY!” In all Draco’s eighteen years of life, nothing had ever been quite as titillating as watching Potter, covered in soot and bleeding from several smallish cuts, furiously determined and summoning Draco to him. No, literally summoning him. With all that vibrating energy and magic around him. Mmm. Scrumptious.
When he felt himself become weightless, Draco reached his hands out to Potter who took no time in flying down to Draco, meeting him halfway. Potter grabbed him by the waist and lifted him onto the back of the broom before securing Draco’s arms around his waist. The ease and synchronicity of his movements made Draco think that Potter knew what he was doing. As if there were some hard wired part of his brain that had prepared for this. For saving people. Draco had just never thought of himself as one of Potter’s people.
Draco clutched desperately to Harry, becoming delirious with the pain in his leg. He thought about how his skin might look now. All that pale, soft, Malfoy skin burned and twisted. Imperfect. His father would have a fit. Once Draco had entirely disassociated himself from the situation, he could admit that it didn’t matter that Lucius would be angry. By the end of the war he’d either be killed or imprisoned. Terribly funny really. Draco had spent his whole life trying to impress a man who was going to end up dead or bound by the very war he’d supported. Because Potter would win. Draco needed Potter to win. Because if he didn’t...
Draco clutched tighter to Potter’s waist and rested his cheek on his tense and rippling back. Potter noticed this and reached back with one hand to touch Draco’s leg. “You’re safe Draco.” His voice was no longer a bellow over the roaring flames, because they were no longer among them. Potter was inches away from the doors, and he made one last swooping dive to the exit, his hand still on Draco’s leg.
Pain and adrenaline had muddled his mind and Draco couldn’t be sure if Potter had actually said those words in their last moments in hell. It could have been a wild hallucination in all the excitement of almost dying. The moment they hit the ground and Draco’s body tumbled away from Potter, he decided he didn’t need it to be real. Because he understood. As long as he trusted Harry, he would be safe.
He’s Harry fucking Potter after all.
Struggled with the ending on this one because it’s not as love-is-in-the-air and everything-is-absolutely-great as a lot of my writing. Loved re-writing this scene, thank you anon for the prompt! :)
Any feedback, likes or reblogs are welcome! 🤍🤍
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croissantcookie-simp · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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