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screnwriter · a day ago
a small list of forehead kisses i need to see more of
forehead kisses to ensure everything will be okay
pulling away from a kiss, placing your lips on your lover's forehead
forehead kisses that simply say ''i'm here for you'' because nothing i say will mend your pain
a forehead kiss as we hug: you pulling me closer and me nuzzling my head into the crook of your neck
male characters being kissed on the forehead
an exchange of forehead kisses. you kiss me on the forehead. i kiss you on the forehead. repeat. our friends and family think we're disgusting but we don't care
trailing kisses from your lover's forehead to their lips (or vice versa)
forehead kisses without reason. we don't need reasons. kiss the forehead
a quick kiss on the forehead when tending to your lover's wounds, grateful they're home safe and back in your arms
it's too early in the relationship for good night kisses, but forehead kisses is a good substitute
a forehead kiss that reads ''i love you, but you know damn well [insert character flaw]''
having to stand on your tippy toes to reach your lover's forehead
a kiss goodbye on the forehead, you're unrequitedly in love with me and i'm telling you to let me go
kissing your friend's forehead because platonic affection <3
supposedly we hate each other, but when i show up at your door looking for comfort, you extend your arm and offer me a hug. as i wrap my arms around you, my tears soaking your shirt, you can't quite help but to lay a kiss on my head
silent forehead kisses because we've had a pretty bad argument, and neither of us are currently in the right mindset to talk it out, but i want you to know that i love you, and we're going to get through this
kissing your lover goodbye on the forehead instead of the lips, because the only thing that's going to keep me from missing you to death until we (hopefully) reunite again is the thought of finally collecting that kiss we didn't share from you (and if we kiss each other goodbye, it feels like the end of something)
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mischievous-thunder · a day ago
Tumblr media
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littlewhispersofsolitude · 2 days ago
Imagine Your OTP #481
Person A, whispering: "Could it be that... that I was wrong?"
Person B:
Person A: "Oh, thanks, B. I almost doubted myself there for a second."
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firstclassthot · a day ago
Otp prompt #66
Person A is always taking care of person B. Caught a cold? A makes B soup. Stressed about work? Tries to take their mind off of it. Hasn’t slept in 3 days? Will make sure they get a good nights even if it means forcing B into bed.
But when A gets sick, B sees it as a great opportunity to repay them.
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we-r-loonies · a day ago
who in your ship makes dinner and who dances around the kitchen like a dumbass to make their partner smile.
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promptspa · 2 days ago
Random prompt #82
"What do you want this time, Supervillain?" Deity sighs, swirling the wine around in their glass with gentle movements of their wrist. They were draped elegantly over the white marble of their throne, robes flowing around them.
"Am I not able to worship you anymore, my dearest god(dess)?" The master criminal replies, their serpentine gaze trailing over the ethereal being in front of them. They suppressed a shiver at the sudden burst of power from Deity's direction as they spoke, reminding them of just how easily they could crush Supervillain like a bug under their heel.
"The last time you made that excuse to see me," The pause between Deity's words made them ring even more threatening in Supervillain's ears as they stood, taking their time to reach the bottom of the marble steps. "You had stolen from me."
"I care not for the gold and the amulet and the priceless magic relics that you thought you had smuggled flawlessly," The deity continued, their power increasing tenfold as they took Supervillain by the chin, pulling them forward. "But my heart? That is something no mortal should have."
"Then perhaps you should make me immortal."
Deity blinked at Supervillain's words, slowly scanning the scalding heat within their eyes. The flame they had wished to distinguish so many years ago remained, burning bright with challenge more than ever.
They scoffed, dropping Supervillain's chin from their hand and instead turning with a flourish to stalk up back to their pedastal.
"Convince me. Tell me why I should give such a prideful, dangerous and selfish being the chance to die over and over again without consequence."
"Because you love me, that's why. You would hate to see the moment I finally meet my end... Wouldn't you?"
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booklover13 · a day ago
Incorrect Shipping Quote:
Person A: You are the love of my life and I would do anything within reason to make you happy.
Person B: I would be happy if you ate, stayed hydrated and got a reasonable amount of sleep.
Person A: I said within reason, Person B. How about I murder that guy?
Person B: So murder is in reason but proper self care isn't?
Person A: Well, duh. What kind of question is that?
Person C: I want to kiss you.
Person D, not paying attention: What?
Person C: I said if you die, I wont miss you.
Person E: I fell—
Person F: From heaven?
Person E: No, I literally fell—
Person F: In love with me the moment you saw me?
Person F: Okay, but do you think I'm pretty? Be honest.
Person G: Are you ready to commit?
Person H: Like, a crime or a relationship?
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fluffyomlette · a day ago
I have two characters who are in a long distance relationship but i can't figure out what they can talk about or the stuff they can send each other via text/mail/letters as i would like to show their communication apart from video chatting
I was hoping you can give some prompts or suggestions related to this
Thank you <3
Most of these are based off how I interact with my friends online. I hope this helps!! - - - - -
A explaining the language, culture, etc. of the place they live in to B and vice versa.
- - -
A having to force B to go to sleep at a reasonable time every day (and B being stubborn because they want to stay up talking to A).
- - -
A leaving their pet on video call when they have to go run an errand so B won't be alone.
- - -
Sending each other playlists, pictures, videos or voice messages for birthdays/anniversaries.
- - -
A and B playing a game together because thats the closest they can be.
- - - - -
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otpcompendium · 2 days ago
Yoo! Hii how about prompts for a and b who are mega famous having to keep their relationship secret from the media and pretending like they're not together ( but failing hilariously) during press tours and stuff . Thx
Sure thing! I have a vaguely similar prompt list here for your perusal, but let's see what we can whip up...
1. A and B are both starring in the summer’s biggest blockbuster film, and rumors have started to spread about them dating while on set. The two can’t avoid doing interviews together, but neither one wants to answer questions about the rumors, either, so the two keep making up increasingly elaborate (and obviously fake) stories to draw the attention away from real gossip. 
2. After tabloids somehow get a photo of A and B together on the beach, they agree to recruit publicist C to come up with a cover story and help keep the relationship hidden in the future. C soon realizes they have their work cut out for them, though, as more and more photos of A and B together seem to surface every time they manage to take one down.
3. A wants to surprise B by cooking a fancy dinner at their house for date night, but in order to avoid the paparazzi they have to sneak around the back and break into the mansion. Hijinks ensue as A triggers B’s security system, gets caught, and has to come up with a cover story for what they were doing trying to get into A’s backyard in the first place.
4. A and B try to go on a date together in a public place and decide to dress in a way that will avoid the attention of photographers, but they’re both so woefully out of touch with normal fashion that they just manage to make themselves stand out even more. 
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kit-is-a-weeb · 2 days ago
More thoughts
When A comes home from work thinking they're all sweaty and dirty and they really don't want B to see them
but when B does see A all they can think is 'that's hot'
cue A being embarrassed. Very embarrassed. And also very in love with B.
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promptful · a month ago
Meaningful Gestures Prompts
Welcome to my side-prompt blog! Ask me anything from writing, to prompt requests, and even join my discord where I can be frequently found!
Smoothing your fingers down your lover's tie, fixing where your lover couldn't tie it right.
Brushing your lover's waist/shoulder as they pass.
Instinctively pressing your hands against your lover's cheek as they passionately rave, only for them to stop talking and gape, completely distracted by the lack of distance.
Hooking your ankles together underneath the table.
Linking your hands together as you walk through school/a building/the streets--finger rubbing over your lover's knuckles softly.
Putting your hand on your lover's chest as they doze peacefully into the couch arm, focusing on the subtle beat of their heart on your hand.
Unflinchingly settling your head into your lover's lap while they watch television/are reading a book/doing their favorite hobby. Then asking your lover to explain what's going on/what they're doing.
On a whim, pulling your lover into an alley and pressing your lips firmly against theirs, getting lost in each other's touch while the streets bustle outside.
Holding your jacket over your lover's head as they hide from the rain, finding their formal outfit more important than your casual wear.
Whispering jokes/loving words in a lecture/school/church/a meeting. Trying not to laugh/flirt back in fear of disturbing everyone else who's trying to pay attention.
Putting your hand on your lover's thigh and feeling their eyes on you as they try to figure out your motives. Whether the touch is teasing or just for fun.
Mapping out your lover's features while they sleep in your arm, smoothing your thumbs down their cheeks, throat, collarbones, chin and nose.
Hooking a thumb into your lover's belt loop/pocket as a crowd surrounds you, making sure that you don't lose them in the people.
Pressing tiny kisses against your lover's shoulder while they're bent over a desk, trying to focus even though your touch is distracting them.
Wrapping your arms around your lover's waist and pressing your forehead against their back/resting on their shoulder, swaying to music only the two of you can hear.
At your lover's complaining, rubbing a spot where they ache, smiling as they lean into your touch and melt at both the touch and warmth.
Standing still as your lover rubs smudged lipstick/lipstick stains off of your skin, catching them off guard by pressing a kiss against their fingertip.
Pushing your lover against a wall after one too many teasing comments, but being met with unsaid tension instead of the quiet. Both of you unable to continue with the jokes.
After coming home from work/a long trip, finding your lover sobbing on the couch/in bed after a hard day, wiping away their tears with soft touches and gentle words--trying to convince them it's okay, and that you're there for them now.
Softly resting a hand on your lover's shoulder as they face something more difficult than ever, not bothering to exchange words as the touch does it all the same. You've got this in the bag.
Having your lover list everything they're insecure about, and responding with gentle caresses, kisses, and compliments about those areas.
While someone demeans your lover, standing up for them. Either in word, or by physically placing yourself right in front of them as a protective barrier.
Carding your fingers through your lover's hair after a bad nightmare, not caring that it's sweaty or matted, but just that they'll be able to get a good night's sleep, even if it's at the sacrifice of your own.
Protecting your lover's sleep as they doze on your lap, making sure nobody bothers them as they entrusted their peace to you.
Reading up on the things your lover enjoys so that when they talk about them, you'll understand a little better and be able to hold a conversation.
Tracing invisible shapes on your lover's skin as they're busy doing something stressful, keeping their attention half on what they're doing, and half on you.
Very softly placing butterfly kisses on your lover's skin up the length of their arm, either stopping at their neck, or drifting back down to their pulse point.
Reassurance in the form of food/movies/games, forcing them to take a second away and relax with you.
Not accepting that it's time to start the day, and pinning them onto the mattress with either your whole body, a leg, or more risque touches.
Visiting them at work, either with lunch, or just to spend the afternoon with them as they try to get things done. Whether they actually get things done, or thing devolve into flirting/romantic gestures is up to you.
"Hold on, let me fix this for you."
"God, you look so good."
"I'm... uh, dammit, your lips are so distracting. Are you doing this on purpose?"
"Your hands are always so warm."
"Be real with me, love. Do you really care about what I'm doing, or do you just want me to talk you to sleep?"
"If we get caught kissing in a small, dark, kind of shady alleyway, it's on you."
"Couldn't you wait to kiss me at home?"
"Please, I don't want the rain getting both of us sick. I volunteer to be tribute--take my jacket."
"Stop, stop! We're going to get in trouble, and I refuse to be yelled at because of you!"
"I am trusting you with that hand, darling. I hope my trust isn't misplaced."
"I promise I'll stay close."
"You know, I am trying to focus... but I can't deny that it doesn't feel good. Keep going, please."
"Take a small break, for me?"
"Never thought I'd have someone to sway with me in the kitchen... I'm glad I was wrong."
"You have lipstick on your cheek, here let me-- oh."
"I-- you-- where we we?"
"Kiss me, please."
"It's going to be okay, I promise."
"Let yourself cry, I'm here now. You're safe."
"You may think differently, but I love this about you."
"Every part, no matter how you feel, is amazing to me. I could spend all day explaining everything I love about you."
"You want to get to them, you go through me."
"Don't worry, I'll keep you safe."
"They're just a jerk, why don't we just go somewhere else?"
"I won't let them put their hands on you."
"I'm right here; I won't leave your side. Go back to sleep, darling."
"C'mere, I don't mind letting you sleep on me."
"Hey, leave them alone. They just fell asleep."
"Don't you dare wake them up."
"Wow, you really did your research, huh? That's amazing..."
"Next time, we can talk more about--"
"You know, you make these kinds of things not so painful, so thank you."
"Hmm... I don't whether to appreciate or complain that you're distracting me."
"I love how your pulse races for me..."
"Do I make your heart jump?"
"Come on, watch this movie with me. I promise it won't be as bad as the previous one."
"I bought this really cool game. Come and play it with me?"
"Hey, I got some food. Why don't we go eat in the kitchen for once?"
"Hrmg, I'm not moving. Don't make me."
"It's far too early for this..."
"Please, we need to get up."
"Touch me again, and I'm pushing you off the bed."
"I'm staying here, and I'm not moving. I do not care about your empty threats! Hey-- wait-- what are you doing?"
"I bought two sandwiches... by total accident, of course. Thought I might come give one of them to you, and maybe while I'm here spend some time with you, hm?"
"This... isn't doing work. But I don't think I mind."
"Thank you for joining me, love."
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screnwriter · 7 hours ago
''there's only one bed.''
''i'll bandage you up.''
''who did this to you?''
''i didn't know where else to go.''
''can you be my date to the wedding?''
''you're my best friend. i've always loved you.''
''shut up.'' ''make me.''
''i would never fall for you.''
''then why did you do it?'' ''BECAUSE I LOVE YOU''
Tumblr media
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mischievous-thunder · a day ago
Tumblr media
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littlewhispersofsolitude · 15 hours ago
this might be too specific but could I ask for a prompt where person a is mentally breaking, trying and failing to hide it from person b? hope your day is going well <33
A starts to distance themselves from B, who doesn't understand what's going on and thinks It's their fault.
One day, everything that A has been bottling up comes undone after a minor inconvenience occurs. It comes unexpectedly and A his horrified that they're completely losing it over something so small, but B knew it was coming.
B knows A isn't doing well, but instead of ouright saying it, they do little things like extra house cleaning and bringing them their breakfast/coffee in bed until they feel comfortable enough to talk about what's going on.
On a day when A is feeling particularly low, they have an in-bed day with B where they curl up under the covers together and talk about what's going on/watch movies/play video games/etc.
B trying to make A laugh on one of their harder days, and feeling their chest tighten whenever they see A's tiny smile.
A doesn't like to talk about their feelings much, but B always knows that there's something wrong because of the little changes in A's behaviour (increase in irritability, they get quieter and more reserved, etc.)
B cradling A in their arms as they have a full breakdown. Gently running their fingers through their hair and listening to them as they ramble endlessly about how sorry they are and how ashamed they feel for letting things get this bad.
Whenever A starts to feel this way, B will start telling A how much they love them more often and doing little things to try and remind them of how appreciated they are.
B can tell that there's a problem because of the type of music they listen to, or the movies they're watching.
A timidly thanking B for sticking by them after coming out of a depressive episode.
"You're not as good at hiding things as you think you are."
"Talk to me; what's going on?"
"I just need a hug..."
"Sometimes I wonder how I managed to make it this far."
"There's no need to be ashamed. Feeling things is normal. It's okay."
"You can cry if you need to. I've got you."
"I don't care how much you're struggling; will never leave you. Not now, not ever - I promise."
"Do you think we could spend some time together? Please? I don't want to be alone right now..."
"You haven't done anything wrong. It's me. I'm... I'm just a mess."
"You think I haven't noticed all the stomping and moping you've been doing lately?"
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delilahfairchild · 4 months ago
betrayal liners
"i should have seen it coming."
"given your history, i should have known better."
"please tell me that at least a part of it was real."
"[friend's name] tried to warn me about you, but i didn't listen, you know."
"i was ready to give you my heart."
"you should have killed me earlier, so i wouldn't live to see this."
"get away from me."
"kill me right now then, i dare you."
"i should have left you bleeding to your death."
"do you have any regrets doing this to me?"
"i hope you will remember this until your death."
"i loved you in this lifetime. i won't make that mistake in the next."
"no one could have saved you."
"somehow, i expected that this would happen eventually."
"do we really have to end it all?"
"the worst of it all, it's that if you ask now, i will forgive you."
"are you expecting me to beg for my life now?"
"you made a promise."
"we could have had a thousand of tomorrows together."
"i lost, didn't i?"
"i deserve this. you deserve to kill me"
"technically you won't kill me, because i gave it to you. do it properly, then."
"make it quick, please."
"please tell me why."
"was i not enough for you?"
"please forgive me for pushing you this far"
"i forgive you."
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denofdreams-writerblr · 3 months ago
soft prompts for couples who aren’t together yet
hugs that last a little longer than they should
immediately looking at the other after telling/doing something funny in hope to see their smile
making playlists and mood boards for the other
trying to learn about the others interests
continuously denying others who think they are together
“no we are not together!! … at least not yet…”
finding similar fictional characters who shares the other one’s MBTI and enneagram type
trying to know little things about them by observing
always giving the utmost attention to the other if they are in a crowd
associating random things with them
getting matching key rings
hanging out together often
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novelbear · a month ago
some sleepy scenarios
## since you all seemed to enjoy the sleepy dialogue prompts~
tracing your lover's features as they sleep
trying to count the freckles on your partner's cheeks when they're asleep
waking up with their legs over yours as they're stretched out and comfortable
taking pictures after finding your lover dozing peacefully while bundled up in blankets
running fingers through their hair as they snooze against your shoulder
feeling their fingers run through your hair while they lull you to sleep
napping on the couch together
hearing them snore a little for the first time
maybe the snoring is small, quiet and you can't help but giggle since it's kind of cute
or maybe it's quite loud and you realize you plan to spend the rest of your life with this
seeing that they're finding a hard time finding a comfortable position so you pull them into your arms
being annoyed because it's extremely hot out and they insist that they cuddle that night
laughing at their messy hair in the morning
sleepy kisses peppered all over their face
seeing them pout or scrunch their nose a little in their sleep
needing to use the restroom but they're clinging onto you like a koala and you don't want to wake them up
they're sick and finally fall asleep sprawled out on the sofa ..meaning you can sit for a few minutes yourself
apologizing when you call them and hear their deep, sleepy voice answer
pulling them back into bed before they go to work but they accidentally dozed off again and is about to be late
trying not to laugh too loud when you discover they talk in their sleep and say some very questionable things
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corvase · 2 months ago
lovely little domestic prompts
feel free to use! :)
running their love interest a bath after a long work day
covering the sharp part of the table when they pass so they don’t hit their hip
“your mom is coming over today.” “tell her to bring fried rice or she’s not invited.” “you tell her, she’s your mom.” “but she likes you more!”
deciding together how they want their house to look
painting their child’s room together
“i meant it when i said i wanted to start a family with you.”
baby-proofing everything not because they have a child or are planning for one but because one character is clumsy as hell and the other is a worried mess alllll the time because of it
“wake up and come get breakfast, love.” “…. now…….. when i said yes to this whole marriage thing i thought we were on the same page and you understood when i said i don’t wake up before 6pm.” “i made hashbrowns.” “i’ll be right there.”
one character covering the other with a blanket when they fall asleep watching a movie on the couch
making tea or coffee for their love interest before bed (and just the fact that they know exactly how they like their tea and coffee swooon)
cooking anything together honestly, not even needing to ask where the items are because they’re so in tune and used to each other
“where’s the new coffee mix?” “i’ll tell you if you tell me where you put the keys?” “i TOLD you i don’t know where—”
long movie nights where one is in charge of the blanket and pillow fort and one is in charge of the snacks
them going on a short trip and one character nagging the other about bringing their allergy meds
nagging in general, frankly
“it’s your turn to do the dishes.” “let’s get a divorce.” “we aren’t married yet, my love.” “well we sure as hell aren’t getting married now.”
“i am one hundred percent content to stay with you on this couch until the end of time.” “that sounds pretty damn lovely to me.”
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creativepromptsforwriting · 4 months ago
Intimate Moments
hugging them from behind, laying their head on the other's shoulder
breathing in the other's smell
whispering to each other
cuddling on the couch
walking hand in hand
playing with the other's hair
softly smiling at each other from across the room
telling each other how proud they are of them
leaning into the other person
feeling for the other's hand
pressing a kiss onto the other's hair
humming a melody together
playing with the other's fingers
holding each other's gaze
absentmindedly massaging each other
resting their hand on the other's thigh, slowly stroking it
handing the other one a hot cup of tea, their hands touching for a moment
moving closer in bed
reassuring touches
telling each other I'm here
cuddling in the first morning light
hiding their face in the other's neck
telling each other how much they love them
eating from each other's plates
brushing against each other, even if there is enough room
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malabu · 6 months ago
enemies to lovers (part 3): comforting each other
“i know we’re not... friends or anything, but... i’m here for you, if you need someone to talk to.”
“i didn’t know where else to go.” / “i didn’t have anywhere else to go.”
“i feel like shit.” “you look like it, too.” *they bump shoulders*
“just... tell me what i can do to make you feel better.”
“come on, let’s get you cleaned up.”
“hey, look at me. i’m not going anywhere.”
“you seem to be the only trustworthy one around here, so can i talk to you?”
“ you know, if you’re trying to make me feel guilty, you’ve succeeded.”
“i don’t want to bother you. seriously, it’s all just... it’s a lot.”
“i don’t know what’s wrong with me. i can’t stop crying.”
“aren’t you tired?” “i’m fine. don’t worry about me.”
“there’s snot all over your shirt. it’s quite gross, actually.”
“you are, without a doubt, the most annoying person i’ve ever crossed paths with. and don’t even get me started on the sound of your voice.”
“you’re welcome to stay here, for as long as you need.”
“it’s okay to cry, you know.”
“stop apologizing. you didn’t do anything wrong.”
“we don’t need to talk, all right? let’s just... stay here, holding each other.”
“you were always there for me. let me be there for you.”
“oh, god, i’m sorry about your shirt.” *shirt is drenched in tears* “it’s okay. i was planning on throwing it out anyway.” 
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