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#otp prompts
mischievous-thunder · a day ago
Loki: I'm going to live like a Midgardian today. So, Casey and I are going to rob a bank.
Mobius: What? WHAT?
Casey: Shh, Mobius! It's supposed to be a secret!
Loki: Now, Mobius, hold the camera and follow us.
Mobius: Please tell me it's a prank.
Loki, kissing Mobius's cheeks: That's exactly what the camera is for. If we get caught, we'll say that it's a prank.
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firstclassthot · 6 hours ago
Otp prompt #52
Imagine your otp just holding eachother. Arms wrapped around the other, the weight keeping them securely grounded. People underestimate the affect of being held.
Maybe hiccups fall from A’s lips as the secure environment allows them to let go. Maybe B finds themselves saying things they never had the confidence to. Maybe A becomes vulnerable in front of B, walls crashing down as they reach a new level of comfort. The possibilities are endless
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youneedsomeprompts · 2 days ago
Hello! I am in great need for some prompts, and I know you are busy but I need to get this chapter out. It's a batista au and my ideas are dry. For a lil bit of context: there is one very annoying customer who has love-hate feelings towards a salty night shift worker. I hope you get back to me, you have unlimited imagination, thank you!
Well, I hope my prompts are able to help you write the next chapter. I know this too well; I have to deliver new chapters on several stories as well...
Tumblr media
10 coffee shop AU prompts
Feel free to use and reblog!
Person A = annoying customer; Person B = salty night shift worker
#1 - Person A is demanding coffee art for their order, knowing Person B isn't known for their beautiful coffee art and isn't eager at all to do this during their night shift.
#2 - Person A is complaining about the bad service when Person B takes their order but when Person B isn't working the next night they feel an unexpected wave of disappointment wash over them.
#3 - Person B is starting doodling on the coffee cups during their not very busy night shift. Person A is watching for a while until they ask in an unusual moment of softness for one of the cups. Unbeknownst to B, they keep the cup at home.
#4 - Person A is seeing Person B drinking nearly all of the coffee they make during their shift themselves. A is warning B that they'll tell this to B's boss if they didn't get much more friendly and courteous towards A.
#5 - Person A is driving Person B crazy with their special requests. Demanding a certain kind of vanilla-flavoured almond milk can cause a lot of chaos in a night shift.
#6 - After several bumpy encounters they notice that they have something in common. Only after the third cup of coffee, they're starting to become a pleasant company for others.
#7 - Person B is annoyed by the fact that Person A, unlike the other regular customers, never sticks to the same order but decides to take something different every time.
#8 - Person A is seriously doubting if they'll come back to this coffee shop if Person B is putting on their dreadful music during their night shifts.
#9 - Person A never orders something homemade but only a plain coke. It takes a lot of effort for Person B to not ask with a growl why A doesn't get their coke elsewhere if they apparently don't even enjoy the coffee shop.
#10 - It seems to Person B that this certain customer, Person A, is never going to stop talking. B only wants a quiet night shift but of course, there has to be the chatty returning guest with their detailed stories.
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otpcompendium · a day ago
A is a powerful ancient elemental dragon, forged from the primordial forces of the world, and is content to live among the wild uncharted mountains. B is an incredibly persistent and somehow near-indestructible human that’s determined to become A’s rider.
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musicsavedmylife16 · a day ago
Writing prompt:
“You need something to look forward to... A reason to fight.”
“Alright. If I survive... Will you marry me?”
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emswritingprompts · 5 months ago
101 ways to say i love you
firstly, tysm for 101 (actually 103, haha) followers! when i started this account i honestly had no intentions of having so many of you lovely people take interest in me, but i'm very grateful nonetheless! this is my gift to you all, and, again, thank you!
i've seen a few other posts like this, but i wanted to go ahead and make my own! this is going to be completely different from the others that i have seen as well, so there's a lesser chance of duplicates for those of you who really enjoy these!
"You don't have to do this alone."
"I won't let you do this alone."
"I'll always be by your side."
"I'll get that for you."
"Let me bandage you up."
"I want you to be a part of my future."
"Here. You look hungry."
"Come here, I'll carry you."
"I fed your pets while you were away."
"Is something wrong?"
"Is there anything I can do to help?"
"I have an extra ticket... Would you like to go with me?"
"I saw you looking at it last time we were in the store together, so I got it for you."
"Stay with me."
"Thank you for making me smile."
"Your smile is beautiful. I want to see it more often..."
"I want to kiss you."
"You have a beautiful soul."
"No... No! Come on, I can't lose you!"
"You make me feel safe."
"Don't let me go."
"Give me a brush. I'll fix your hair for you."
"I want you, and only you."
"Your hands are too cold, I'll warm them up."
"Kiss me."
"I know you don't feel great, so let's stay home today, okay?"
"You're so beautiful."
"Hold me. Please."
"You're family."
"Marry me."
"I took care of the laundry already."
"Go back to sleep, (term of endearment)."
"I'll protect you."
"Take care of yourself."
"Let's take a break and relax."
"You're the first person I think about when I wake up."
"You smell so nice."
"Let's move in together."
"I wanna know everything about you."
"Don't leave yet."
"Let me see your scars..."
"I remember when we first met..."
"Here's your medication."
"I have a surprise for you."
"I bought this for you. It's in your favorite color..."
"Your skin is so soft."
"I would do anything for you."
"I'll help bring in the groceries."
"Last night your feet were really cold, so I found some of your socks and put them on you."
"I would go anywhere with you."
"You're cold, take my jacket."
"I promise."
"You're so golden."
"No one has ever made me feel like this."
"I missed you... a lot."
"Come back soon."
"I got us matching shirts!"
"I know you can do it."
"I'll never forget you."
"I've waited so long for this..."
"You look like something's bothering you... You can talk to me if you need to."
"We make the best team."
"I'll hurt whoever did this to you."
"You didn't deserve that... You deserve so much better."
"I want you to meet my family."
"I want to start a family of our own..."
"Your back is so tense. Would you like a massage?"
"This is my favorite picture of us."
"Don't hurt yourself again..."
"You should be more careful."
"Hey, your favorite movie is on. I'll get the popcorn."
"You've never let me down."
"I saw that you were almost out of shampoo, so I went and got some for you."
"You're overworking yourself... Please take a break."
"I named my little plant after you."
"It's an honor just to know you like this."
"I didn't make you uncomfortable, did I?"
"I never imagined that someone's heartbeat could sound so amazing."
"What was your childhood like?"
"You looked so cute when you were little."
"You look just like your mom/dad."
"What happened to you?!"
"Does it hurt?"
"I'm sorry."
"I love waking up next to you."
"Don't be scared. I'm right here."
"Have you been drinking enough water?"
"We can look out for each other."
"I'd like to take you on vacation one day, just the two of us."
"Are you sure you're ready?"
"You're so funny."
"Do you want to help me fix dinner tonight?"
"You don't have to pay me back."
"No, you're sick. You're not doing chores until you're better."
"Your voice is so relaxing."
"Text me when you get home safely."
"I found this meme that I think you'll like. Wanna see it?"
"Can I give you a hug? You look upset."
"I'm yours."
"I love you."
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screnwriter-old-i-moved · 2 months ago
small details for fictional kisses
whispering ''kiss me'' to your lover
wrapping your arms around your lover's neck
kisses that travel from your lover's nose to their lips
breaking the kiss but instantly pressing your lips back together
intertwining your fingers
kisses that start out gentle but grows more passionate
forehead against forehead
running your fingers through your lover's hair
unbuttoning your lover's shirt, pressed against the wall
surprise kisses, in which your lover weren't prepared for it but responds immediately
a kiss in which, ''we're late for work but let's be later''
kisses shared under a waterfall
pulling your lover closer by the waistband
kissing under the stars
messy kisses, destroying furniture trying to reach the bed
a kiss that isn't meant to happen but it does anyway
sliding your hands down your lover's chest
grabbing your lover by the collar
''if we get caught kissing we're dead but let's risk it''
hand kisses
exploring each other's lips
smiling in-between kisses
now-or-never kisses
caressing your lover's cheek
good night kisses
''i was supposed to take a shower alone but sure, jump right in''
brushing your lips together, lingering for a moment
an accidental kiss between two exes
kisses in which, you've already said goodbye but can't help stealing another one
this might be our last kiss ever so let's make it last
kitchen counter make-outs
jumping into your lover's arms
soft kisses while cuddling in bed
i missed you kisses
a kiss that leave you breathless
stopping a kiss when it gets too heated
a kiss on the cheek turns into a kiss on the lips
trailing kisses from your lover's lips to their neck
''everything is going to be okay'' kisses
kisses that start of passionate but grows more delicate
pulling away from a kiss to look at each other, then smiling as you dive in for another kiss
wrapping your legs around your lover's body as they lift you
a goodbye kiss, but neither of you can quite let go
''we shouldn't do this'' but they do so, anyway
a swirling reunion kiss
''i've had a terrible day at work so just kiss me''
a kiss that lasts longer than it should
tending to your lover's wound, placing a kiss on top of their head, grateful they're still alive
spinning your lover into a kiss on the dance floor
kisses in which, i can't believe this is real, but i love you so much
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riddlersboyfriend · 4 months ago
yall always on about enemies to lovers. what i want to see is- friends to enemies to allies to friends to lovers. i want those "i loved you once but you betrayed us all and now i can't trust you but i still really want to because i've realized since you left that i was in love with you the whole time" vibes. give me that. where IS IT
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delilahfairchild · 29 days ago
kissing prompts
kissing your lover's knuckle before a dance
during the dance's climax, you and your lover lock eyes, and your lips met
place a kiss on your lover's nape after taking off their necklace
kissing your lover in the shower, water running on your face
your lover leans in for a kiss, but they just kiss you tenderly and pull back to see your reaction, only then to crash their lips against yours passionately
alternatively, your lover places a small kiss on the corner of your mouth before their mouth lands on yours hungrily
kissing your lover in a completely dark room, their hands in yours. no light will get in, it's only us here
your lover kisses you goodbyes as usual, but when they start going towards the door, you run towards them and give them another deep kiss
your first passionate kiss with a person. you touch your lips absently, feeling the phantom of your lover's lips
your lover ate all the caramel tartlets, so you pushed them on the couch to jokingly kiss them, and god their lips are sweet
kissing in the rain, where your hair is an entangled mess, but you both don't care. you have each other and that's enough (bonus point if it was during a thunderstorm and you cup your lover's face to make them look at you)
imagine this you had covered your lover against the enemy's arrows while they were unconscious. your back is scarred and you tried to hide it from them. but then your lover discovered it and they go feral like "why did you do this, i am not worth it" and they proceed to land soft kissed on each of your scars.
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homefreeptx · a day ago
Imagine Your OTP #320
Person A and B curled up by the fire together, wordlessly enjoying each other's company as their friends chatter around them and the children cook marshmallows.
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lavenderotpprompts · a month ago
Small signs of affection
Making a snack for the other one as they work
Going for a destination-less drive
Taking a nap together on the couch
Walking so close together they keep bumping into one another
Surprising the other with a cup of coffee/tea/a smoothie
Kisses on the nose
Communicating through eye contact in a crowded room
The taller person absentmindedly playing with the shorter persons hair while they’re standing in line
Going to the grocery store/running mundane errands together
Brushing hair out of the other person’s face
Ordering a sweet treat to be delivered to the other person at home/work
One person leaning their head in the others shoulder as they’re sitting/waiting
Making eachother playlists
Linking pinky fingers as they walk
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otpcompendium · 2 days ago
A is a firm believer in ghosts. B is a skeptic, but very easily frightened, and A convinces B to stay with them at a house that is supposedly haunted. As more and more unexplainable things happen, an increasingly terrified B tries to logic them all away while A jumps over furniture trying to catch it on camera.
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k-chips · a month ago
Tumblr media
Lokius week day 6… kinda😅
I didn’t have anything ready for today’s prompts sooo… here’s the part 2 of day one’s pic, this time with some comfort :3
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screnwriter-old-i-moved · 4 months ago
a shit ton of enemies to lovers prompts
warning: includes nsfw
your enemy has been badly wounded, and somebody needs to bandage them up, so you agree to help them, and suddenly they're shirtless, and you can't help but admire their body, something this cheeky motherfucker takes notice of
you and your enemy has to kiss each other to create a distraction, though you get lost in kissing each other, and the only one who ends up getting distracted is the two of you, and as your enemy shoves you up against the wall, and you fumble with their belt, the antagonist sneaks right past you
chaining your enemy, leaving them behind while they scream and curse at you to release them
there's only one bed, but this time, they're arguing over who should sleep on the floor, which nobody agrees to, so instead they end up sharing, incredibly annoyed over having to share their space (it’s not like friends to lovers, in which they both awkwardly get into bed. this is straight up just. i will set this bed on fire if you don’t stay on your side)
your enemy seduces you by kissing your neck, tracing their fingers down your body. bonus if it takes place on a balcony, with your friends in the garden below you. if one of them look up towards the balcony, you'll get caught, and yet you can't bring yourself to push your enemy away from you
you're upset one night, and you don't know where to go, so you end up at your enemy's house, and as they open the door, you stay silent for a second, before saying (with tears in your eyes) ''i don't know where else to go.'' your enemy doesn't say anything. instead they pull you into their arms, giving you a shoulder to cry on.
during a dance, formal or informal, character A is dancing with character C, and character B can't take their eyes off of them, and when character B notices this, character B smirks, and starts dancing more intimately with character C, while not taking their eyes off of character A
your enemy's crew is talking about kidnapping or torturing you, and your enemy doesn't understand why they feel a sudden urge to strangle their crew for wanting to put you in harms way
pinning your enemy against the wall, or straddling their hips, pinning their arms above their head
you snatch a knife from your enemy's grip and throws it at the ground, then you grab your enemy by the collar, and crash your lips against theirs. they're surprised, but responds immediately
you threaten your enemy, and when they close the distance between you, you realize how attracted you truly are to them
your enemy's crew tells your enemy that they have to choose between you and their crew. your enemy doesn't hesitate. they choose you. as your enemy's crew raises their weapons, your enemy shields you, because if the crew wants to get to you, they'll have to kill [your enemy] first
jumping into bed with your enemy to ''blow off some steam'' or to ''resolve sexual tension.'' you promise each other it's meaningless, but the next night, it happens again
wrestling your enemy to the ground when they threaten you, holding a knife to their throat ''touch me if you dare.'' ''is that a challenge?''
''you're not going to kill me.'' ''don't be so sure about that.'' ''if you wanted me dead, i'd already be six feet under.''
you've been wounded, your face is all bruised up, your enemy puts a finger under your chin, bringing your eyes to theirs, asking: ''who did this to you?'' when you don't answer, they ask again ''who did this to you?''
your enemy keeps on smiling when you've got them pinned down, and seem to enjoy having a knife against their throat ''are you getting off on this?'' ''i quite enjoy the view.''
you and your enemy bond over something you have in common. when your conversation is over and you need to leave, your enemy follows you to the door and says ''we still hate each other, right?'' you hesitate for a moment: ''i'd still kick your ass.'' ''i'm counting on it.'' you share a laugh, and as you walk out the door, you start blushing
you and your enemy hug each other, it's completely accidental, and neither of you know why it happened, and it's like,,, you glare at each other, with an expression of ''let's never speak of this again'´
avoiding each other for weeks after sharing an intimate moment, be it a kiss, a hug, holding hands, or just looking at each other's lips
you end up on your enemy's lap, and you yank the belt from their pants ''let's just get this over with.''
it's 1am, your enemy knocks on your door, and you're like wtf are you doing at my house, then you notice that they're carrying a dead body, and you're like what the fuck is that, and your enemy's like, i need your help, now, desperately, and you're like, fine, but if you get blood on my carpet, you'll end up just like him (dead)
you recently broke up with your partner, who cheated on you. knowing that you're upset and pissed, your enemy shows up at your house. you claim you don't want them there, and as you open the door, insinuating that you want them to leave, your enemy slams it shut and says ''use me.'' you know they mean in bed. and you know it's wrong. and you know you shouldn't. and you know you'll regret it. and you end up sleeping with them the same night.
''i can't go there with you, you know. everything's just... too complicated.''
''if you hurt them, i will kill you. do you hear me? i'll kill you.''
your enemy says ''slap me.'' you slap them, no hesitation. your enemy's like ?????
i might make a part two
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