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i’m fallling out of love and you have no idea. or maybe i’m wrong and you do know, you just don’t care enough to do anything about it.

everything hurts// 4am

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5 April 20

Dear you,

I go back to December every night. I go back to the conversation we had on New Year’s Eve and instead of going to the party I go to you instead. I knock on you door, swallow my pride and tell you right then and there that I love you.

My mind races back to that night in December when I just held you, ran my hands through your hair and just stayed in the moment with you.

I go back because I just want to come home. I just want to stay there with you and tell you I’m sorry I pushed you away so much. I realize how much you mean to me and want nothing more than to play with your palm in my hands.

Let’s just go back together. I promise, I will get it right this time.

All my love,


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I fear the freedom my heart desires.

Much like the winds that fill my sails, freedom is a terrible force moving


and everywhere

all at once

under no command of my own.

By harness do I hope to control the nature that sets me to new unfounded worlds


but in my mind, because

I dared to call them by name.

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“I don’t know why we had to drift off in two opposite directions. You on one course and I on another. It’s clear as the tears that fill this bottomless depth that was once us, has sank and been claimed by the abyss. How will I navigate my way when I have no sun above me or stars to show me the way. I will miss you terribly and long to see you once again. I wish you a safe journey. May you reach your destination soundly and peacefully. Please remember me for out there on the currents is a castaway that will never forget you.”

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Sometimes, when you’re dealing with a stubborn bout of Writer’s Block / Artist’s Block, a creative writing / creating thinking exercise can oil the gears and get you back on track.

Here’s a fun little idea that can help put steam back in your engine:

By some random twist of fate, you are now in charge of [real corporation], and now have free reign to dictate how they conduct business – even retroactively rewrite their history if you want. What products do you have them make? Which ones do you have them discontinue? What would you alter about existing products?

There are no rules here; go and play god with the company’s assets.

If you need some examples to get you started, consider how you’d run Netflix, YouTube, Disney, Valve, Tumblr, Bethesda, Amazon, or Marvel Comics.

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It’s not fair that at age 14 I was writing stuff like, “Oh my midnight ocean, I’m desperate to drown in your eyes of tidal waves.”

Now I be taking college writing classes, looking at the floor for 30 minutes, and writing shit like, “Oddles of noodles gonna get me spahootled, my dudel.”

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Is my chest tight?
Do I feel hot?
I don’t feel right
Like I’m not gonna make it

I’ve tried to go to sleep
But these worries can’t be shaken
Will Covid-19
Be the reason why my life was taken?

I hope not
But I’m a pessimist
And I think a lot

The president thinks it’s a joke
But if I had one wish
I’d wish that president awoke
So he would be a real leader
And we could believe words he spoke

I don’t have any wishes
So he won’t give us any hope but false hope
So we lower our defenses
As Covid-19 travels down our throat

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So for those of you who aren’t aware, I’m an avid roleplayer. So much so that I’m currently writing my own tabletop rpg which I plan on publishing within the next year. I actually got into roleplaying because of my dad. He’s an amazing storyteller and is great at world building.

Well, recently we started a new campaign in a new world he created and, as usual, I had my heart set on playing my goblin berserker since she’s one of my favorites. Turns out, he didn’t have that race set up yet, so I had the chance to write, in detail, what I thought the goblin race should be like in that world.

Long story short, it’s nice and flushed out now as a playable race in his campaign! But I decided that it would be fun to share the key elements of the goblins little by little on here too, so that any other roleplayers could use this version of the race if they want to.

Of course, I picture the goblins as cute, wild children with skin of varying shades of green, but I also see them as simple folk who live alongside the trees and the earth and all it’s creatures. And it’s in their simplicity that their wisdom can be found!

For today, I thought it would be fun to start with the goblin pantheon since it fits with my tumblr name! I’ll flush out more of the race details on other posts tomorrow. So without further ado, here’s the pantheon I came up with.


Bazi, goddess of frogs

Kaalb, god of worms

Naknak, god of mushrooms

Wikt, goddess of rain

Mink, goddess of darkness

Kiru, god of food

Riazz, god of shinies

Kork, god of battle

Aashi, god of healing

Hiea, goddess of emotion

Strigs, goddess of protection

Brol, god of bodies of water

Kling, god of loud noises

Klang, god of quiet noises

Aaga, goddess of moss

Zibl, god of adventure

Prit, god of thieves

Fizz, goddess of feral

Hoc, god of mud

Kekx, god of rocks

Migi, god of family

Tokz, goddess of crafting

Hoppa, goddess of light

Kruig, god of the dead

Geld, goddess of discovery

Jiak, god of fertility

Ebso, god of fire

Grie, goddess of revenge

Hamiats, goddess of life

Triz, goddess of spring

Raaf, god of summer

Avuic, god of autumn

Gact, goddess of winter


P.S. ~ If anyone draws any of them, I would love to see it!

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WCTD Worldbuilding | The Kingdom of Aetier


The Kingdom of Aetier 

The kingdom of Aetier has oft been called as the last vestige of Raia’s once-great empire, the kingdom itself having avoided or overcame the countless civil wars, rebellions, and invasions that its sister nations have succumbed to. Though not the most militaristic kingdom in the continent, it stands above the rest as one of the richest nations in the world, owing much of its wealth from its strategic acquisition of the Drecruria Strait, and with it the main route of the Valurian Paths.

Aetier is also blessed with a myriad of natural ports on both its southern and eastern fronts, with the Drecruria Strait being advantageous in accessing key maritime trade routes.  Its temperate Mediterranean climate allows for long growing seasons and short winters, with the exception of those that live along Aetier’s northern border. 

The City of Vindercrest

Vindercrest is the capital city of Aetier, straddling both halves of the Drecuria Strait and acts as a gate that separates the East from the West. It’s locations as the intersection between both land and maritime trade makes it one of the richest cities in the known world, and thus, the most sought after treasure. The city is protected from naval attacks through the combined efforts of its natural cliffs, large seawalls, and the Twin Gates that guard its northern and southern entrances.

The red shingles atop many of Vindercrest’s buildings earned it the nickname “The Vermillion City.” Though for merchants and tourists alike, it is best to view the city from a high perch during sunset, where one may watch the sun sink into the horizon, burning the city vermillion and gold.

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