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Prompt #824
"You two are really just perfect for each other. You're both idiots."
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Hi! I love your prompts, and I was wondering if there are any neighbours (strangers to lovers) dialogues maybe plus point if both are actually working in the same department?
Hi and thank you :)
First, here are all my neighbors prompts and prompts for co-workers:
Neighbor AUs (1 + 2)
Co-workers - Hate to love (1 + 2)
Colleague AUs
Matchmaking at Work Prompts
Secret Dating at Work Prompts
And here are your dialogue prompts:
Neighbors to Lovers Dialogue Prompts
"Do you come here often?" "I live here." "Oh, same."
"This is the third time this week you're asking for flour. What the hell are you baking?"
"Did you follow me home from work?" "No! I live here too."
"The smell coming from your apartment is divine. Any chance you need a taste tester?"
"Since we live next to each other and we have the same way to work... maybe we could go together. Save some gas and the environment."
"This package is huge and you left it with me for days. I think I deserve to know what's in there."
"I feel like I've seen you somewhere else before. It was at the office, right?" "Where you did not hold open the elevator door for me, even though I was shouting at you from across the lobby." "Yeah... that sounds like me. Anyway, hi, I'm your new neighbor."
Hope you enjoy them!
- Jana
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Professor/student (college) prompts please, with a slight age difference (maybe 5) I need a very little drama otherwise I've got it all figured out
Please, always say what kind of prompts you want. In general, I would say that drama could be that other students are talking about their relationship, especially regarding the students grades. Maybe there is a class that the student needs or really wants to take, but the professor is the only one teaching it, which can lead to some friction. Or the student's parents are not happy about them being with someone who is only a little older, but also a position of power over them.
Another thing could be jealousy, when the student spends a lot of time with other students for studying or if they spend a lot of time with another professor for their thesis. Same goes for the professor and caring a lot about other students.
Hope this helps!
- Jana
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Heeeey! I hope you're feeling well!
I recently started writing a story about a girl who goes on a journey because she feels attracted to France and in particular to a castle. So, she leaves America and goes to France to visit this castle to understand why she is so attracted to it (then it turns out that she had a past life and that she actually lived in that castle in the past).
The story is fantasy and I would like her to meet vampires in that castle (one of these, with whom she will be the first to speak, will be discovered later that he was her fiancé in her past life and that for some reason he was transformed into a vampire).
I wanted to ask you :
・What could vampires have invented to keep humans away from the castle so that in the 21st century no entrepreneur or other would buy the castle and make it their home? I would like something, even some legends, that can keep the people of the city away from the castle. Something scary too.
・How could the meeting between the girl and the vampire be (I mean her ex fiancé)? I wish she would venture into the palace despite all the people in town telling her to stay away from it, but she goes there anyway because she feels drawn to that place and during her exploration of her, she meets the vampire.
Sorry if it's a long ask, but I wanted to give you details!
Hi, I'm doing fine, hope you do too :)
First question: the first thing that came to my mind to tell the humans is that they are vampires. It's already something people tell each other about other people that they think are weird. It would keep the people out who believe in that and the rest of the world would just think it's a stupid myth and leave them alone. Another thing that's way more plausible but equally scary is that they are a cult. Put in some crazy rituals the people in town tell each other about that they swear someone saw happening in the castle and you're good to go. But you also have to keep in mind that we're living in a time where, if a place is interesting, "lost", scary, or just weird, people will eventually show up with cameras to show it to their followers. That's just how it is.
Second question: this would depend on what they know. She probably does not know that he used to be her fiance and that he is a vampire now. But does he know she was his lover? Or do they just feel like there is a connection? If they don't recognize each other immediately, I would definitely keep the conversation light and normal. She would have to explain what she is doing on their property and he would probably be interested in why she wasn't deterred by the rumors about the castle.
I wish you good luck with your story!
- Jana
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Prompt #823
Whatever would happen next, this was the moment they wanted to remember.
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Hi! I wanted to write a fic about character A's day repeating over and over again (hedgehog day esque!) I was wondering if you could give me some dialogue prompts and maybe a reason for their day repeating? Thank you!
Hi :)
Hedgehog day sounds so cute and since I'm German, I didn't even notice it immediately. It's actually called Murmeltiertag in German, but even though the origins are German, it's not actually what we 'celebrate'. I think our equivalent is the Siebenschläfertag (Seven Sleeper's Day), which is in June.
I have to confess I never watched the movie Groundhog Day, so I don't know what prompted that day to repeat. But I would say it could be magic, godly intervention, a curse, etc. Person of Interest also had scenes like this, where the scenes were merely simulations of the supercomputer to find out the best way to survive.
Here are your dialogue prompts:
Groundhog Day Prompts
"I know, I know, you already told me." "No, I didn't."
"Good morning, how..." "Good morning, I'm feeling great. Yes, I did sleep well. No, I don't want the cereal, I'll take toast. And yes, I already heard about the neighbors."
"A déjà-vu experience is supposed to be small. Just the feeling of having seen or heard some little thing before. But I have seen and heard it all. Many times."
"Don't you get it? I already know what you're going to say. You say it every single day."
"I have to find a way to stop this. I just can't listen to this awful song for another day."
Hope you like them!
- Jana
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Hi! Its me again and I wanted to specify what type of royalty arranged marriage and kidnappers/kidnapped romance prompts I wanted.
I'd be really happy if you could give text prompts, dialogue prompts, ideas, scenarios and any other thing you have in mind about both requests. They'll be appreciated.
Once again, royalty can be of different countries, different worlds (assuming many planets are populated), different dimensions (different times in universe), etc while the kidnapper/kidnapped ones can include anything, from mafia, drug dealers, pimps, general obsessed people, paid to kidnap, etc...anything goes and all types of ideas would be great :D
Have an awesome day and new year😊😊
Hi again :)
Since we talked about it in the chat, for kidnapping I will go with someone getting kidnapped for witnessing a crime and then they fell in love with each other.
Falling for the kidnapper prompts
There was no such thing as the Stockholm Syndrome. This was just pure natural chemistry.
Sometimes in order to fall in love you have to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. And witness the wrong thing. Something you maybe shouldn't have seen...
This wasn't how he intended things to go. The witness had to be dealt with. But despite what it looked like, he was not a murderer.
There are no fixed working hours when you have to guard an unfortunate witness to the gang's crimes, so the guard and the witness had a lot of time to spend together. And people get easily bored and start talking.
Hope you have fun with them!
- Jana
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any ideas on small, adorable things/gestures a potential love interest might do that mc won't directly notice? thank you:)
Hi :)
Here are some ideas for you:
Love Language - Showing, not telling love
Love Language - Showing you care
Romantic, non-sexual intimacy prompts
Intimate Moments
Hope you like them!
- Jana
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May I request some prompts where a polyamorous group (3 people in v formation) informe their families for the very first time?
Hi :)
Does v formation mean that one person has two partners, but that those partners are not romantically involved with each other? Since I don't know a lot about this form of polyam, would they inform their parents all three together or just each one with their partner? And would the two people that are not involved even consider each other a partner? It would probably depend on the people and their preferences, right?
I do have a post about introducing partner(s) to family. It's more like a possible scenario than an actual prompt. But maybe this can already help?
- Jana
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Hallo Lieblinge :)
Small project of mine: I'm rewriting and updating some of my writing posts to make them more comprehensible and to add some more information. The first one is up now on my Ko-fi page and it's available for everyone who has ever supported me on there, not just members. As will all the others I'm going to makeover. :)
Also, for members: the second writing challenge is up!
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Hi Jana! I used that christmas prompt and mentioned you. Apart from that, I was wondering if you had some royalty forced married to actual lovers prompts?
Also, any of the 'Person A kidnapped Person B but they fell in love later and lived happily ever after together' prompts? any type, vampires, royalty, gods, etc
Have a great day and an amazing new year!😊😊
Hi :)
Since you have two different requests and you send in two asks, I will (probably tomorrow) answer the second one under the second ask. I also read your fill of the prompt and I'm so proud of you!
Here is your first request:
Royalty forced married to actual lovers prompts
It was not love they expected from this marriage but peace for their kingdoms. But with time they realized that maybe they could have both.
They were forced to be married, but they couldn't be forced to fall in love. That one was in only in their own power to do.
Theirs was not a conventional love story. But it was a love story nonetheless.
They had to learn to trust each other, to stand by each other's side, for better or worse. The love just came along the way.
"It is my duty and on my wedding day I will be thinking of my people. Like a princess is supposed to do."
"I have your ring on my finger, but I'm still waiting for your heart."
"There was a time when I was desperate to get away from you. Now I want nothing more than to stay right here, with you."
"I have to marry you. But I don't have to love you."
"I feel sorry now for my younger self. So fearful of what this marriage would bring. Now that I know that it brought joy."
And here are some more royalty posts and there are some more arranged marriage lists in there.
Hope you like them and see you hopefully tomorrow :)
- Jana
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Intimate Moments
hugging them from behind, laying their head on the other's shoulder
breathing in the other's smell
whispering to each other
cuddling on the couch
walking hand in hand
playing with the other's hair
softly smiling at each other from across the room
telling each other how proud they are of them
leaning into the other person
feeling for the other's hand
pressing a kiss onto the other's hair
humming a melody together
playing with the other's fingers
holding each other's gaze
absentmindedly massaging each other
resting their hand on the other's thigh, slowly stroking it
handing the other one a hot cup of tea, their hands touching for a moment
moving closer in bed
reassuring touches
telling each other I'm here
cuddling in the first morning light
hiding their face in the other's neck
telling each other how much they love them
eating from each other's plates
brushing against each other, even if there is enough room
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Top 20 Most Popular Submissions (Part II)
Enjoy and be creative!
11. Prompt #327 by kubajznica
“You can’t just waltz in here like you own the place! There are regulations!”
“Relax, nobody saw me..”
12. Prompt #648 by trees-are-underrated
“I'm—I’m sorry. I’m not who you need.”
“But you’re who I want. Isn’t that enough?”
13. Prompt #334 by ouilah
“Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”
I take a sip of my 4 am Whiskey Cola drink.
“At this time…probably in bed.”
14. Prompt #338 by themalenovelist
It was not what was said that ended their relationship - it was what went unsaid.
15. Prompt #399 by scriptsfrombitch
“Kiss me or kill me, but make up your mind right now.”
16. Prompt #422 by musicalcantalope
”Tea is the only reason I’m sane. Coffee is the only reason I’m awake.”
“Thirst for sweet revenge keeps me going.”
17. Prompt #311 by alchemistwriter
Tell me, did you ever really believe that whole story?
18. Prompt #402 by peaceandwaronplanetearth
“I’ve never seen a time traveler look so lost in his own era, but there’s a first time for everything I guess.”
19. Prompt #433 by morgansray
“Have a little faith.”
“I’ll have faith when it doesn’t involve jumping off a cliff!”
20. Prompt #246 by mince-et-maigre
He bared his sharpened teeth at her, leaning in. “I’ve been called a lot of things, but tame has never been one of them. Care to find out why?”
Part I - Top 10
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Top 20 Most Popular Submissions (Part I)
I’m so thankful for everyone who ever submitted prompts to this blog and who wanted to inspire us.
As a thank you here’s part one of the top 20 most popular prompts that you guys submitted! (Couldn’t find some of the blogs, if there are new blogs from the submitters feel free to tell me)
1. Prompt #425 by mesperyian-of-erebos
“You’re not the person I thought you were.”
“No. I’m not the person you wanted me to be.”
2. Prompt #453 by anon
“Sometimes I forget that you can die. Sometimes I don’t want to remember.”
3. Prompt #469 by crimson-knuckled-queen
“I couldn’t watch you die.”
“You should have closed your eyes.”
4. Prompt #345 by hamilfact
“So this doesn’t bother you?”
“Honestly the wings are kinda disconcerting.“
5. Prompt #269 by ouilah
There is a common saying about the calm before the storm. But no one ever talks about the deafening silence after the storm hit.
6. Prompt #313 by prettygayyyyyy
“So from the bottom of my cold, dead heart, screw you.”
7. Prompt #288 by serein-serene
“I like my coffee as black and bitter as my soul.”
“So, pink and sparkly then?”
8. Prompt #644 by welcome-tothe-mystery-shack
“Can we go on one date without you causing someone trauma?”
“Babe, I’m a demon. What do you expect me to do?”
9. Prompt #292 by punishingspace
“I still see him, you know? Like, in the corners of my eyes and such, little flashes; I’ll see him as I turn, but then he’s just gone.”
10. Prompt #359 by stringsoff
People aren’t made for each other; they make themselves for each other.
Part II - Top 20
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Prompt #822
“Don’t do something stupid.”
“But that’s the only thing I can do!”
{Submitted by: allsugarbutnospice-blog}
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Injury Dialogue Prompts
“Don’t freak out, please.”
“We have to clean the wound.”
“It’s not as bad as it looks like.”
“Can you stand up?”
“I promise, you will be fine.”
“When were you going to tell me that you have a hole in your body?”
“I’m so sorry, but this will hurt even more.”
“We need to go to the hospital. Asap.”
“Is it alright if I touch it?”
“A band-aid won’t be enough, I’m afraid.”
“This will probably leave a scar.”
“Where does it hurt?”
“It’s better if you don’t look at it.”
“Who did this to you?”
“Don’t play the hero all the time.”
“I had a really bad feeling about this.”
“This looks bad…”
“Can you feel your toes?”
“I need to take a look at it.”
“Do you need me to carry you?”
“Oh my god, this is not just a scratch!”
“You’re bleeding through the bandages.”
“I can never let you out of my sight.”
“That looks rough.”
“We definitely need a doctor for this.”
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Hallo Lieblinge!
For the new year, I'm introducing the option for a monthly membership on my Ko-fi page. For now I have one tier called 'Liebling' for 3€ and it will include:
a monthly shout-out of your preferred name/online handle (Tumblr: in a post; Instagram: in a story)
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This is completely optional and my blog will still operate as usual with prompts, advice and answers to your asks. And you can also still support me with one-time donations of delicious coffee :)
If you can think of something that you would like to see included as a benefit in a membership, please let me know.
I wish every single one of you a wonderful new year, good health and may you write all the stories you can imagine! ✩ ✩ ✩
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