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Intimate Moments
hugging them from behind, laying their head on the other's shoulder
breathing in the other's smell
whispering to each other
cuddling on the couch
walking hand in hand
playing with the other's hair
softly smiling at each other from across the room
telling each other how proud they are of them
leaning into the other person
feeling for the other's hand
pressing a kiss onto the other's hair
humming a melody together
playing with the other's fingers
holding each other's gaze
absentmindedly massaging each other
resting their hand on the other's thigh, slowly stroking it
handing the other one a hot cup of tea, their hands touching for a moment
moving closer in bed
reassuring touches
telling each other I'm here
cuddling in the first morning light
hiding their face in the other's neck
telling each other how much they love them
eating from each other's plates
brushing against each other, even if there is enough room
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Pls answer my ask on the creative writing blog I sent it in September 馃ゲ
Please notice that this is my personal blog, for questions regarding my writing blog please let me know in the chat over there.
But since you're already here, I do have one ask open from September, so I know which one you mean. I have written down parts of your answer at least a month ago, but I just never got around to polish it, since it's one of those asks where I could go on for hours. Which I unfortunately do not have anymore, since I work full-time now. Maybe you have noticed, that since then, I have only opened up my inbox for, I think, two days, because I just don't have the time.
I wanted to answer most of the over 20 asks (almost all of them from November) I still have in there over Christmas, so I can open up my inbox again in January. Let's see how that will go. But I just can't take hours for one ask anymore and I start to realize that it's better to just say 'sorry, can't do this right now' to leave you guys waiting for an answer that will take a while.
- Jana
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The Painting
Tumblr media
This was started from a challenge I stumbled across what seems like ages ago.
The word was聽鈥榖lushing鈥 and can be found in a prompt list from @creativepromptsforwriting鈥 - here.
But anyway, have over 3000 words of frustrated Virgil, worried Scott and concerns over the possibility of Virgil/Kayo.
Warnings: Yep, this is the Virgil/Kayo fic I was babbling on about a while back. Not Warm Rain, but completely new.
I hope you enjoy it.
Virgil Tracy was a seasoned emergency responder. Scott had seen him rescue people in front of entire crowds, seen him speak to police, and even the press. Hell, there was the time Scott had been caught up on the other side of the planet and Virgil had rescued the President of the United States, for crying out loud. It was on film, recorded for history and no doubt would end up in their future grandchildren鈥檚 school textbooks.
At no point had his brother ever looked fazed at any of the PR tasks required of him.
Sure, he wasn鈥檛 as smooth at it as Scott and if he had a choice, he would avoid it and handball it off to his big brother. But that was more a case of Virgil thinking he had better things to do.
He鈥檇 refused the award offered by the President for that reason. Saw no need for accolades for just doing his job - Scott had tried to talk him into that one, but no, Virgil just didn鈥檛 seem to care.
So there was no warning, no real indicator that this was going to happen.
Looking back with the benefit of hindsight, Scott had to admit that perhaps that was a lie.
Virgil had been edgy from the first mention of this project. It was Penny鈥檚 fault, of course, but it was Gordon who had egged her on when Virgil said no initially.
Penny had succeeded with John in the past, so why not tackle another Tracy brother? And it wasn鈥檛 like Virgil was socially shy like their astronaut. The man had stripped naked and posed for life drawing classes on multiple occasions and as previously noted, had no trouble with the PR tasks required of him.
Virgil was the cool, calm and sensible Tracy brother.
Who was now standing in front of the podium bright red and frozen solid as holocam lights buzzed about him.
The press was a mass of voices they hadn鈥檛 really expected on opening night, and had Kayo in a furious mood, her satin green dress spinning as she strode over to possibly throttle one of her security contingent. He must keep an eye on that.聽
Virgil had only meant to welcome everyone to the gallery with a short speech, but the questions about his artworks had begun firing the moment he stood up there and apparently displaying his art was not as easy as Scott thought it would be.
He regretted encouraging this exhibition when he had known Virgil hadn鈥檛 been confident. But he had thought it was just nerves and his brother had only needed a little push.
He would never have thought Virgil could freeze like that.
Scott stepped up to the podium beside his arty brother. Virgil blinked at him, more fear in his eyes than Scott had seen since the time Scott had fallen into an ice crevasse and his heavy lifting brother had jumped in after him, only barely managing to grab him before certain death.
Apparently, Virgil needed saving this time.
Scott eyed the crowd and in particular the person responsible for the question.
His eyes narrowed in on Kat Kavanaugh. He let out a breath. 鈥淣ow, now, Kat, when I said you could ask questions, that did not include my brothers鈥 sex lives.鈥
Kat smirked up at him. 鈥淔air鈥檚 fair, Scott Tracy. He did paint that, after all.鈥 She gestured towards the most popular painting in the gallery. There had been an argument earlier over who could purchase it. An informal auction managed by Penny had sprouted up and the sum it finally went for would fund Tracy Industries鈥 charity line for some time to come.
Virgil鈥檚 eyes had been saucer-wide at that news.
But the painting itself was a mystery. Scott had no idea what it represented other than it was all flesh coloured curves, greens, reds, blues and greys. It obviously meant something to Virgil, but it might as well have been spilt paint to Scott with the minor exception of maybe one eye and a flower. He much preferred the aerial dogfight painting he had nabbed off his brother before he could assign it to the exhibition - Virgil frowned at him and squawked a bunch of art jargon that translated as 鈥榁irgil hated it鈥. But Scott liked it and had hung it in his rooms.
Virgil glared at it every time he saw it.
But this one, this Picasso jigsaw puzzle, meant something to Virgil. Yet for some reason he had thrown it into the exhibition anyway.
And now it meant something to a bunch of people? It had prompted so many questions, most inappropriate, and now looking at it Scott could see vaguely where they were coming from, but really?
But Virgil had flushed red and frozen, giving credit to the question of who had broken his heart.
Scott hadn鈥檛 noticed anything. Virgil had never brought the topic up.
And this was definitely not the place.
鈥淭his is an art exhibition, Ms Kavanaugh. Please keep your question to the subject at hand.鈥
鈥淚 could argue that what is on these walls is exactly the subject at hand, Mr Tracy. Your brother has painted with his heart and now it is up for sale.鈥
The whole gallery fell completely silent as the centre of Scott鈥檚 cardiovascular system fell into his boots.
When he didn鈥檛 answer immediately, she took it upon herself to fill the silence. 鈥淚n fact, one of the biggest questions on everyone鈥檚 lips is why only one out of four of the most eligible bachelors on the planet has a romantic interest. These paintings prove he is not alone, but apparently Virgil is not as lucky.鈥
Scott stared at her. it would have helped if he knew what she was talking about. Virgil hadn鈥檛 mentioned anything...
Scott held back the urge to look at his brother and instead bore a hole into Kat Kavanaugh鈥檚 head with his glare. 鈥淚 repeat, my brother鈥檚 personal lives are not up for discussion.鈥 Holocams stared at him.
鈥淎nd what about yours, Mr Tracy? Are you still dating that pilot?鈥
鈥淵ou know what? This is an art exhibition to raise money for victims of disaster, for the people International Rescue couldn鈥檛 save. How about you focus on that.鈥 She opened her mouth again. 鈥淏ecause if you don鈥檛, I will have you and anyone else inclined to discuss our private business, escorted from the building.鈥 He put every ounce of commander he had into his words.
She stopped talking, but the smirk on her face that replaced her vocalisations set Scott鈥檚 blood boiling anyway.
He clamped down on the emotion. 鈥淣ow, regarding the artworks. All of them are painted by my talented brother Virgil, as you know. He has kindly donated them to raise money for those affected by disaster. So, please reach into your pockets and donate for those who need it most. Thank you.鈥
He turned away from the podium as the silence dissolved into chatter, mostly likely with nothing to do with artworks at all.
Finally he was able to catch Virgil鈥檚 eye and non-verbally direct him to follow.
The acquiescence in Virgil鈥檚 expression hurt Scott even more.
He led his artistic brother past a concerned-looking Gordon who was helping Penelope manage the crowd.
Alan was frowning fit to burst a blood vessel, but Gordon grabbed him and pulled him away.聽
John knew enough to only catch Scott鈥檚 eye with an expression of 鈥榟ere if you need me鈥 as he stood off to one side talking to Brains. The fact both were half-hidden by a promotional banner was no doubt no error on their part.
Both had declared they would attend in support of Virgil. Didn鈥檛 mean they had to like it.
Scott pulled Virgil into a backroom, shut the door and turned to face his brother.
Virgil was looking down at his hands.
鈥淚 know I鈥檓 clueless on the art front, but apparently the crowd out there isn鈥檛. Is there something you haven鈥檛 told me?鈥 He drew in a breath in an attempt to calm himself.聽
Virgil glanced up at him with such sadness in his eyes, Scott鈥檚 widened and he put both hands on his brother鈥檚 shoulders. 鈥淲hat is it?鈥
It was Virgil鈥檚 turn to let out a sigh. It appeared to come from somewhere ever so deep as it visibly deflated him. 鈥淚t was nothing.鈥 And he looked away.
鈥淒oesn鈥檛 look like 鈥榥othing鈥.鈥 He squeezed those hunched shoulders gently. A nudge of his head in the direction of the crowd outside the door. 鈥淭hey don鈥檛 think it is 鈥榥othing鈥.鈥
Virgil looked up. 鈥淲ell, it is nothing. That鈥檚 why that painting is out there. Nothing has happened. Nothing is going to happen.鈥
鈥淏ut you wanted something to happen?鈥 It was like bobbing for apples, but painful. He had never seen Virgil so unsure of himself. 鈥淐an I ask who?鈥
Virgil opened his mouth, but closed it before he could say anything.
Scott hesitated. 鈥淵ou know you can tell me anything. That I鈥檓 here for you.鈥
Again Virgil opened his mouth, but again something stopped him from saying anything. He only nodded, blinking.
Scott鈥檚 heart lurched. What couldn鈥檛 Virgil tell him? They shared everything. How could his brother been hurting this much and Scott not know anything about it?
But then did he know?
He scoured his memory for indicators.
Virgil straightened suddenly. 鈥淚t doesn鈥檛 matter. Nothing is going to happen. That...that ship has sailed.鈥
Who had Virgil fixated on? He ran through their list of friends, acquaintances and came up blank regarding any extra regard his brother might have shown anyone.
Of course, Virgil was kind to everyone they knew, polite beyond reason sometimes, well known for putting others above himself.
Hell, just last week he had flown Kayo halfway across the planet in Tracy Two while he was supposed to be on vacation and resting. Shadow was out of commission at the time and Kayo needed to be in London with Penelope and Rigby. She had protested, but even Scott knew Virgil had a soft spot for his sister and would do...anything for her.聽
He stared at his brother.
Scott blinked as his brain pulled up all the most obvious indicators. Virgil always hovered when their sister was in action. Scott knew he hated it. It was one of the reasons Scott reprimanded Kayo for straying beyond IR鈥檚 mandate. The family worried about her, but, in particular, Virgil fretted when his...sister...was in danger.
Aw, hell. Looking back, it was now obvious. Damn, how had he missed it?
Again, Virgil cared for everyone, it was in his nature.
Scott must have let something of his thoughts into his expression because Virgil looked up at him and his eyes widened. 鈥淪cott-鈥
鈥淚t鈥檚 Kayo, isn鈥檛 it.鈥 It wasn鈥檛 a question.
鈥淣o, I...no, it鈥檚 nothing...I-鈥 Virgil was obviously scrambling to deny everything.
鈥淪he鈥檚 a good choice.鈥
Virgil froze, staring at him.
鈥淲hat are you afraid of?鈥
Virgil spun out of his grip and turned away. 鈥淚t doesn鈥檛 matter what I think. She鈥檚 not interested.鈥
鈥淗ow do you know?鈥
Brown, hurting eyes glared at him. 鈥淲hat? You haven鈥檛 noticed Captain Wayne Rigby?鈥
Scott blinked. The GDF officer was definitely on his radar, but more on a professional level, IR Commander to GDF representative. He frowned as he assessed what he had seen of the man鈥檚 conduct towards Kayo, his big brother priorities coming into play.
Sure, he could look at their relationship that way. Kayo didn鈥檛 seem to mind spending time with the man, but only as the mission required?
That question mark only emphasised the fact he needed to spend more time with his family where an emergency situation was not involved. He was clearly out of the loop on too many things.
Virgil wandered over to a lounge in the corner and sat down, his suit immediately rumpling as he dropped his head into his hands.
Scott shoved his own failures in this matter to one side and tackled the immediate issue - his upset brother.
鈥淗ave you spoken to her?鈥
The strangled scoff of a laugh was muffled by his brother鈥檚 hands.
Scott took that as a 鈥榥o鈥.
鈥淲hy not?鈥
That at least got Virgil looking at him again. 鈥淥h, sure, It comes up in conversation all the time. 鈥楬i, Kayo, great to see you. By the way, I鈥檝e fallen in love with you. Is that okay?鈥欌 His brother鈥檚 eyebrows crushed together and he looked down, his voice dropping to a whisper. 鈥淚t could destroy so much.鈥
鈥淚 really think she would love you either way, Virgil.鈥 And he was back to scouring his brain for indications of Kayo returning Virgil鈥檚 regard.
鈥淲hat? You don鈥檛 find it weird that I鈥檓 in love with my sister? It鈥檚 a breach of trust.鈥
鈥淰irgil, she grew up with us. She is a beautiful, smart woman. No one could be faulted for finding her attractive. Hell, I will admit that I can see why you would be interested.鈥
That had Virgil staring at him again.
Scott held up his hands. 鈥淗ey, I鈥檓 happy with pilot lady.鈥
That stare boggled a bit. 鈥溾楶ilot lady?鈥 Don鈥檛 you even know her name?鈥
鈥淭hank you for giving me zero credit. Of course I know her name. She just likes me calling her 鈥榩ilot lady鈥.鈥 Scott grinned strategically.
鈥淥h god, TMI. Ugh.鈥
Scott chuckled as his brother groaned. Mostly because he was happy to have achieved his target of lightening Virgil鈥檚 mood at least a little.
鈥淵ou should talk to her.鈥
鈥淲hy? She鈥檚 obviously gone on Rigby.鈥 The name was said with as close to a snarl as Scott had ever heard his brother make outside of a rescue. 鈥淵ou want me to ruin what relationship we already have trying to pursue something she doesn鈥檛 want?鈥
鈥淗ow do you know that?鈥 He stepped closer to his brother. 鈥淵ou haven鈥檛 given her a chance.鈥
鈥淪he鈥檚 known me for years.鈥
鈥淚鈥檝e known you since you were born and I didn鈥檛 know you had a thing for her. How the hell do you expect her to know?鈥
Virgil leapt off the couch. 鈥淚 don鈥檛 want her to know!鈥
鈥淲hy not?鈥
鈥淏ecause you could get hurt? I never figured you were one for backing away because of that. I鈥檝e seen you risk death to save lives, including mine. Why deny yourself the chance for happiness? Her the chance?鈥
鈥淏ecause I love her too much to ruin it!鈥 Scott鈥檚 eyes widened as Virgil literally exploded in front of him. 鈥淗ow could our relationship recover from that? How could she bear to look at me if she didn鈥檛...care for me the same way in return? How could I? No, she likes Rigby. She will be happy with him. That鈥檚 it. The boat has sailed. And I wish I had burnt that damned painting.鈥
Scott swallowed. 鈥淚鈥檓 glad you didn鈥檛.鈥
Virgil鈥檚 derisive scoff said everything. 鈥淚鈥檝e got to get back out there before they start thinking I鈥檓 ready to kill myself due to unrequited love.鈥 He strode towards the door.
His brother held up a hand. 鈥淚鈥檓 fine. I鈥檒l handle it. Just let me get through the night so I can go home.鈥 And with that, he threw open the door and stormed out into the noise.
Damn. Scott thumbed his collar. 鈥淕ordon?鈥
鈥淵es, oh great leader?鈥
Scott rolled his eyes. 鈥淩un interference for Virgil, please.鈥
Gordon and Penelope would do what was necessary to get the press off Virgil鈥檚 back. Scott sighed as he strode towards the door Virgil had almost slammed behind him and threw himself out into the crowd after his brother.
Cartwheels across the gallery floor hadn鈥檛 quite been what Scott had in mind, but if he was honest with himself, it worked. Gordon already had a reputation of being the 鈥榝un鈥 Tracy and the press ate it up.
The fact Gordon could do a backflip midair and land on his feet wasn鈥檛 really that surprising to Scott, but the media loved it. The reports switched from lovelorn Virgil to crazy Gordon and that was pretty much that.
Penelope was ever so tolerant.
Scott didn鈥檛 let Virgil out of his sight the rest of the night. His artistic brother put up a great front and only the fact Scott was his big brother allowed him to see that touch of hesitancy in his handshakes and the fakery of his smiles.
What Scott did do was surreptitiously get a good look at the painting responsible for this mess.
It was a Picasso-esque mishmash of flesh, colour and bone. On one hand it could be considered creepy, but there was something about that one single green eye staring out from its midst that said something. Something painful.
The white daisy in the bottom left corner was a familiar motif in Virgil鈥檚 paintings. Mom鈥檚 favourite flower often turned up when his brother dove deep into his art. But that eye...
Realisation set in like a lightning strike. It was Kayo鈥檚 eye. The only part of the painting recognisable, if only for its colour and intensity. Like Kat had said, all the pieces fell into place once that eye belonged to someone. The painting screamed desolation and loneliness.
Aw, hell.
Virgil was on the far side of the room glaring at Gordon, most likely for the acrobatics. The media were still babbling beyond the security Kayo had deployed. Scott had no doubt Virgil knew exactly what Gordon was doing, but that wouldn鈥檛 stop the lecture.
Scott owed Gordon for this one.
鈥淧ermission to expel the media?鈥
Scott jumped. Kayo had appeared out of nowhere.
Her smile was an amused one.
He glared at her momentarily before letting his shoulders drop. 鈥淚 wish.鈥
鈥淗ow is Virgil?鈥
His gaze flickered to her, abruptly realising his brother鈥檚 secret was now his to conceal as well. 鈥淕etting there. You know how sensitive he is about his art.鈥 That鈥檚 it, cover it up with artistic sensibility.
She arched an eyebrow. 鈥淚 was surprised he consented to the exhibition.鈥
鈥淢e, too. But Penelope pulled out the charity big guns and you know how Virgil just wants to help people...鈥
Kayo smiled. 鈥淕enetic trait.鈥
His grunt was non-committal.
鈥淲ell, it certainly has been a successful exercise. I think just about everything has been sold, even beyond the star of the exhibition.鈥 She gestured at the painting responsible for so much.
Scott swallowed. 鈥淵eah, Penelope will be happy.鈥
鈥淲hat about Virgil?鈥
鈥淵eah, he鈥檒l be happy, too. He鈥檚 helping a lot a of people.鈥 Scott mentally considered whether whisky on the balcony and some one-on-one commiseration time might help his brother relax.
鈥淥h, you should know that while you were talking to Virgil earlier, I had to remove Kat Kavanaugh from the building.鈥
Scott blinked, suddenly realising the absence of the woman. It was a sign of his distraction that he hadn鈥檛 realised she was missing. 鈥淲hy?鈥
Kayo鈥檚 lips twisted. 鈥淲ell, aside from harassing Virgil,鈥 she said it with gritted teeth and obviously hidden expletives, 鈥淚 caught her eavesdropping on your conversation, outside the door.鈥
He straightened in alarm.
鈥淒on鈥檛 worry, I nabbed her before she could discover anything...important.鈥
Scott stared at her.
鈥淪he and I had some...polite words, and I doubt we will be seeing her again.鈥
Green flickered up at him. 鈥淛ust doing my job, Scott.鈥 She lent in a little closer. 鈥淵ou don鈥檛 have to worry.鈥
But Kayo smiled. 鈥淪o can I expel the rest of them? I think they鈥檝e had a fair enough go, don鈥檛 you?鈥
Another blink and he nodded.
Her hand brushed his arm and squeezed ever so gently. 鈥淒on鈥檛 worry. Everything is under control.鈥
Didn鈥檛 feel that way. Across the room Virgil was gesticulating wildly at their fish brother, very adamant about something.
鈥淜ayo?鈥 She looked up at him. 鈥淭ake it easy.鈥
Her lips curled into a small smile. 鈥淔AB.鈥
She walked into the crowd, green dress sparkling in the lights, as she spoke into her comms and gestured to her team. He was left wondering what the hell had happened, what she knew and what she was going to do.
But then the feeling was familiar around his sister, so he shouldn鈥檛 be surprised.
Gordon stopped their engineer brother鈥檚 tirade by grabbing him into a hug mid-rant.
A perfect tactic to derail Virgil that had worked many a time before.聽
As predicted, their brother couldn鈥檛 resist and gruffly returned Gordon鈥檚 embrace.
The fish certainly had his ways.
The crowd volume increased as reporters started protesting security herding them out of the building. He watched as his sister worked, her team as smooth and as capable as she.
And then he watched Virgil watching her, too.
Scott grabbed a champagne flute off a nearby server and sculled it. Whisky on the balcony was looking more attractive by the moment.聽
He needed one.
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fake dating au
I鈥檓 just here to thank all of you who supported this project, sent asks, left comments and reblogged it, and tell you how grateful I am to all of you!
Here are all the chapters in order, they were based on this and this prompt lists:
1. average
2. reputation to uphold
3. a good actor
4. his mother
5. we鈥檙e friends, mom
6. spell it out
7. you won鈥檛 lose me again
I mean, in one week I was thinking I should focus a bit more on writing some things and I came up with the song fics idea and in the other this prompt list was in my queue and it got posted and then I received asks about it and after that it escalated very quickly... this is the longest fic I have writren so far and I wouldn鈥檛 have done it without your help!
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omnisketchh a month ago
Tumblr media
december art challenge 鈥 day 7 鈥 joy
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unsettlingconclusions 7 months ago
So, @creativepromptsforwriting proposed a weekend game here and I got #374, She has never wanted to hear someone say they love her less.
Pairing: Ina Kingsley x MC
Rating: T
Genre: Angst
Word count: 438
Notes: I鈥檓 a slow writer. Like decrepit turtle style. I鈥檓 so surprised this happened in 20min.
Ina Kingsley was afraid.
That was not a feeling she was used to. And that was not an attitude she was known for.
Ask anyone, and fearful is certainly not an adjective that would be used to describe her. Maybe no one would go as far as calling her fearless, or maybe there were many that would call her over cautious or overzealous, sure, but not afraid in the sense of paralyzing fear.
Yet, here she was, drinking herself to oblivion to try and not let her feeling of absolute dread overtake her.
A few hours ago, she was feeling quite the opposite. Hope was a powerful drug, and as she walked through the saloon doors to Belvoire鈥檚 Gala, she let herself go high on it.
This was a big day for Bea and Ina was genuinely thrilled for her. As much as she personally wasn鈥檛 one to enjoy participating in weird power games and dynamics (quite the opposite, she made a living studying this kind of behavior), she knew that for whatever reason Bea gave it much importance, and Ina wanted to show her support in however way she could and whatever way Bea would let her.
This feeling of hope only intensified as they danced together. Feeling Bea opening up to her and trusting her made Ina鈥檚 heart do somersaults and inch desperately closer to the edge of simply admitting the truth she has been trying to deny for so long: she was madly in love with that woman.
But as the night progressed, things didn鈥檛 develop as well as she had expected. The problem of going high is that, if you fall, it might break you. And nothing better than that could describe the state of her spirit after what she had witnessed at the fountain.
She found out at that moment she has never wanted to hear someone say they love her less. And that only made her feel more stupid because the truth is she never even heard Bea say she loved her in the first place. And worse than that, she found out how much she wished she had heard those words.
You are so stupid! You drove her away.
Now she was terrified this day would never come. That her unwillingness to see and admit her own feelings and shortcomings had made it impossible for Bea to even contemplate trying.
Ina spent so much time denying her own fears that now they were all she had for company. There was this saying that you should let yourself feel the fear lest you be overtaken by it. She should鈥檝e listened to it.
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brightasstars 16 days ago
The Missing Half
Tumblr media
Two souls share a secret even if they have never met once before. Then it's New Year's Eve. Snow, a glass rooftop terrace, fireworks, and a piano.
鈥淟ove is born into every human being; it calls back the halves of our original nature together; it tries to make one out of two and heal the wound of human nature. Each of us, then, is a 鈥榤atching half鈥 of a human whole鈥nd each of us is always seeking the half that matches him.鈥- Plato, Symposium.
Keep reading
Square filled: True Mate, written for @shadowhunterbingo
Malec, general, no warnings, soulmate universe
This is for my friend @imandras with all the best wishes for this new year. I cherish our friendship dearly.
A special thank you to @creativepromptsforwriting for her amazing soulmate prompt post (Soulmate Prompts - Specific scenarios - nr.9 - Sharing songs) who gave me the idea for the fic. I changed it slightly, hope you don't mind.
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2manyfandoms2count 9 months ago
Ladynoir: putting a hand over the other鈥檚 mouth to shut them up
Thnaks for asking, Alex! Here you go, hope you like it!
Ladybug sat on the edge of the building, legs gently dangling into the void beneath her. Anybody looking up from the street below could have mistaken it for quiet sunbathing in the evening鈥檚 golden hour; the reality was a little less peaceful.
It had been about a month since she and Chat Noir had revealed their identities to each other, she realised as she nervously fiddled with her thumbs. It felt like it had been a lot longer. Everything had been... nice since. There was no better adjective for it; it wasn鈥檛 exactly bad, but nor was it amazing. Their relationship had become almost a little awkward; like trying to sew together two pieces of fabric that hadn鈥檛 really been intended to be used on the same project, but she knew should make sense overall.
Passed the initial relief of discovering that the person she relied on so much shared not only her secret burden, but also all the other joys and inconveniences of her life, and that it was somebody she loved (that hadn鈥檛 come as much of a surprise, for how could she not have loved the person behind the mask?), Marinette had decided that it was high time to make her feelings known. After all, that had been her main argument to drop the mystery surrounding their identities.聽
She鈥檇 thought that being able to share their feelings about their daily lives, both good and bad, having someone there to put catastrophes into perspective, could minimise the risk of akumatisation for both of them. Plus, she鈥檇 thought that meeting up as civilians for some of their business, like trying to figure out some Guardian recipes, could have been a little more inconspicuous.
Of course, that last part didn鈥檛 really work when one of them was an supermodel of international renown. And the first part was turning out to be a lot more complicated than she鈥檇 anticipated.聽
First of all, the curse of being interrupted in her confession by everything and anything as Marinette seemed to have spread to Ladybug as well, even though she would鈥檝e expected the additional luck the costume gave her to kick in.
And then,-
鈥淵ou asked to see me, my鈥 er, Marinette?鈥 Chat Noir landed next to her, making her almost jump out of her skin.聽
He caught her in his arms before she could tumble forwards, even though he knew she was more than capable of saving herself. She sighed wistfully against his shoulder, squeezing her eyes shut.聽
And then, there was this. This was exactly where she wanted to be. But his stutter, his backtracking, on her nickname made her feel like maybe he didn鈥檛. It wasn鈥檛 the first time it had happened, far from it, and she was sure it wouldn鈥檛 be the last, if she didn鈥檛 speak up.聽
She reluctantly extricated herself from his arms and pushed herself up, brushing invisible dust off of her suit.聽
鈥淵es, I need to talk to you.鈥 She took a deep breath while he stood up, a concerned frown creasing his forehead as he anxiously waited for her to continue. Her eyes met his, and the intensity of his gaze made her look away, a blush creeping its way up her cheeks. She considered doing a little backtracking of her own, but swatted the thought away. She had to do it. For her own sanity.聽
Her brain conceded, but not without trying to throw a spanner in the works.
鈥淲hat about?鈥 Chat moved a little closer, and the words scrambled in her head.
鈥淲ell, you see, I was thinking,鈥 she chuckled nervously, struggling to find a path that was safe to tread, one that involved somewhat coherent sentences, 鈥渨hatever happened to 鈥榤y Lady鈥 and 鈥楤ugaboo鈥? To your hand kisses? To your flirty banter? It鈥檚 not that I miss it, although yes, actually, I do, and how were you so slick with words, I wish I had half of your confidence because Kwami knows I need it鈥︹ She rambled on, looking at her feet and therefore missing her partner鈥檚 growing smile. 鈥淚 guess I just miss you telling me you love me because it was just such an easy prompt for an answer, and I totally understand if you鈥檙e not there anymore because of everything but- umph!鈥
鈥淎nd here I thought it was something serious.鈥 Her eyes widened as Chat鈥檚 gloved hand covered her mouth, and they met his once more. They were full of mischief, and something else. Something infinitely soft. 鈥淗ey, Bugaboo?鈥 He grinned, leaning closer so their noses were almost touching. 鈥淚 love you.鈥澛
鈥淥h, thank goodness,鈥 she managed to breathe out between his hand dropping and their lips crashing together.
Later, they would joke about how their lack of communication had kept them apart for at least a month. For now, they reveled in the warm feeling of successful confessions.
Marinette would compare it to looking at a risky sewing project that exceeded expectations.
Send me a prompt and a lovesquare pairing
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meetmeinthevalley 10 months ago
please don鈥檛 let me fall.聽 鈥 聽never.
you smell nice.
as long as i get to hold your hand.
stop staring at me like that.
i鈥檓 so proud of you.
loving you has never been so easy.
you have my word. you have all my words.
truth is, i just wanted an excuse to hold your hand.
we were meant for each other.
you鈥檒l catch me, right?聽 鈥斅 always.
you鈥檙e a dork.
i鈥檓 drunk and i hate everything. everything except you.
you can hold my hand if you want.
we鈥檙e a mess, you and i.
you make my heart happy.
you and me against the world, remember?
i like the way your hand fits in mine.
were you drawing me?
i鈥檓 all yours.聽 鈥斅 really?
i told you that i鈥檇 never leave you. i鈥檓 not going anywhere.
maybe if you actually stop staring at her and talk to her, you might have a chance.
stay here and don鈥檛 move. i鈥檒l be right back.
i don鈥檛 think i ever want to be parted from you. i don鈥檛 think my heart could take it.
i wanted to say 鈥渋 love you鈥 for the first time without stuttering, but that failed.
when you touch me, i feel a little less broken.
i don鈥檛 deserve you.
i want you. all of you, and not just half-heartedly. wholly. and maybe that鈥檚 selfish, but i don鈥檛 care.
(name)?聽 鈥斅 yeah?聽 鈥斅 i鈥檓 gonna kiss you now.聽 鈥斅 okay.
you have to promise me that you won鈥檛 fall in love with me.
this might sound selfish, but i don鈥檛 care about the world. i only care about you.
stop staring.聽 鈥斅 i鈥檓 not.聽 鈥斅 oh, sure you aren鈥檛.
i trust you completely.
i need to know that you can trust me. please.
follow me. it鈥檚 okay, just hold my hand.
you have my heart. I don鈥檛 think i could get it back even if i wanted to.
it鈥檚 okay to break.聽 鈥斅 i鈥檓 not going to break.
let鈥檚 carve our initials into the tree.
i remember practicing how to ask you out to the mirror.
smiling into a kiss
interlocking pinkies
saying i love you to their lover, who answers with a soft kiss
pulling their lover closer, wrapping their hands and legs around them like a koala
giggly cuddles
hugs from behind
when their lover has fallen asleep, and they smile, realizing how lucky they are, placing a kiss on their lover鈥檚 forehead
holding hands while sleeping
squeezing someone鈥檚 hand for comfort and encouragement
chasing someone鈥檚 lips after they pull away
brushing hands by accident
resting their head on their lover鈥檚 shoulder, falling asleep
wiping away someone鈥檚 tears
giving their lover one of their shirts, when they don鈥檛 have one to sleep in
lifting someone up out of excitement
an incredibly loud and painful high-five
forehead kisses
laying on their lover鈥檚 chest, listening to their heartbeat, drawing circles on their chest
kissing knuckles
smiling sleepily at their lover, as their lover kiss them goodnight
tugging on the bottom of someone鈥檚 shirt
wiping away food from someone鈥檚 lips
peppering their face in kisses
accidentally knocking your head into someone鈥檚 chin
taking each other鈥檚 hands during a stressful situation, instantly relieving the pressure of the situation
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fabulous-robbie-rotten 9 months ago
A: Ugh, why am I attracted to dumbasses?
B: I bet you ask yourself that every time I open my mouth.
A: Luckily for both of us, I鈥檓 attracted to dumbasses, not idiots. Can you imagine how much it would suck if I was attracted to you?
B: ...haha...yeah...it would be awful...
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lovelornwriter 7 months ago
Dialogue prompts 35#
"You know, maybe I do need someone beside me, someone who can love me as me, the real me I mean... Someone who would laugh at my bad jokes just to give me a little satisfaction, who would truly believe in me, who would spend their lives in doing shit with me." "Someone like a soul mate, you mean?". "Don't be ridiculous, there's no such thing. Someone like a best friend".
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creativepromptsforwriting 15 hours ago
Prompt #824
"You two are really just perfect for each other. You're both idiots."
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kessielrg 2 months ago
October 2021
This past month, I decided to do something akin to Inktober, but with writing. Using @creativepromptsforwriting鈥榮 October list, I filled each prompt out a day at a time. If I wasn鈥檛 able to get to a particular prompt, I made a note of why. In a way, it also became a diary of sorts for this month. This was a lot of fun. I tried to experiment with 鈥榙iscount鈥 Kingdom Hearts characters, and only hitting three prompts as straight (albeit short) fanfictions. A lot of the prompts were filled out in a stream of consciousness sort of way, and are very rough as a result.
Thank you @creativepromptsforwriting for posting your fabulous list!
ruffled hair
Ruffled hair, ruffled dress.
Happy thoughts, happy heart.
New beginnings, new goodbye.
Please don鈥檛 leave me behind.
apple scent
Kiara had always smelled like apples. It was a weird observation, sure, but it was almost a comfort in knowing that as well. And it wasn鈥檛 just any kind of generic old apple either- which was just as weird an observation to even begin with. No, no. Soner knew for a fact that Kiara (from however way she did it; perfume, body wash, shampoo) smelled like warm, baked apples that had been sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and drizzled in caramel. Just thinking of the scent made Soner grin from ear to ear. Every time the couple hugged or even kissed, her lovely apple scent sent Soner into a spiral of good feelings he never wanted to drift away from. He wouldn鈥檛 trade it for the world- not a single ounce.
full of colors
Sonny was about to do something creative. Or stupid. Stupidly creative? Either way, she was probably going to get in trouble for it later. She couldn鈥檛 wait until she was old enough to rent out her own art studio to do whatever in. For now, she had to settle with the backside of the house. Dad would be home in about an hour -Mom would take another two or three-, and Sonny really wanted to splash some paint up the wall avant garde style.
It鈥檚 not like the wall could look any more horrendous, really. She was doing her whole family a favor.
Humming to herself, Sonny laid out her paints before looking up at the wall. She could already see what she was going to create. The hardest part was choosing the first color. Mom鈥檚 favorite color was blue, so she鈥檇 start with that. Sonny lightly bit her lip as she started. Mom was going to be so mad about this. But it was time for a makeover. This wall was going to be full of colors by the end of the day, even if it killed the young artist!
And knowing Mom, Sonny probably would be.
walks in the forest
Walking always calmed Dez鈥檚 nerves. It helped when she got mad at her dad and had to take a breather. And Dez and her dad? They butted heads more often than any of them cared to admit. Kairi (Dez鈥檚 mother) said it was because they had a lot more in common than they knew. Strong wills, strong hearts- most everything that kept Sora persistent had leaked into Dez herself. If anything, the idea that if they didn鈥檛 clash on more than one occasion would have been the weirder option. Today had been one heck of an argument, and it nearly inspired Dez to run away right then and there. Instead, she settled for the walking trail at a nearby park. The trail itself went into a heavily wooded area that made it hard to hear the rest of the world outside. It was the perfect place to mutter unkind words and stomp around as if tantrums still worked when you were 16.
Dez didn鈥檛 even have to walk very far into the wooded trail before feeling herself calm down. The trees rustled without a breeze, the faint sounds of a woodpecker tapping away on a tree. Dez never really considered herself a nature lover, but something about this atmosphere just seemed right. (She learned in some science class that the chemical trees gave off was used to help those with asthma breathe better. Maybe that was part of it? Who knew.) Taking a small rest on a large rock likely not meant to be sat on, Dez pulled out her phone and started to type a message to her dad.
鈥楳om was always right about us. We鈥檙e too alike, and I hate it.鈥
She sent the message, paused for a moment, then finished it up with;
鈥楤ut I still love you. Thanks for not killing me when I called you a spineless chicken. Should have known better. You鈥檙e more like fried chicken. 鉂わ笍鈥
[couldn鈥檛 think of anything- worked on and posted Stronger Dreams instead]
falling leaves
Fall, fall, fall
Fall little leaves
Fall, fall, fall
It鈥檚 time to be asleep
Sleep, sleep, sleep
The earth is very cold now
Sleep, sleep, sleep
Let the leaves bury it all down
[worked on Lost Lights sequel]
鈥淥ur umbrellas match.鈥 Thasin teased Eleanora. The confused girl looked at her boyfriend, then up at their umbrellas. For a moment she considered telling him that he needed to get his eyes checked.
Eleanora鈥檚 black umbrella was a cheap, flimsy thing that had been bought second hand. The handle was barely able to hold up the umbrella to begin with- if she moved it a certain way, the whole handle shifted at its base. Thasin鈥檚 umbrella, on the other hand, was mostly transparent with colorful flowers decorating its plastic canopy. His umbrella was sturdy- it could handle being dropped at least five times without showing any wear. (It must have been Avalynn鈥檚 umbrella. Thasin didn鈥檛 seem the type to proudly tote such a flowery umbrella around on a normal day.)聽 There was nothing about these umbrellas that seemed similar in the slightest.
Her face must have easily telegraphed her confusion because Thasin easily laughed at it.
鈥淪ee, look,鈥 he offered, pointing to the spokes on Eleanora鈥檚 umbrella. 鈥淵our umbrella has four spokes on it.鈥 He then shuffled around a bit to point to the spokes on his umbrella. 鈥淎nd mine also has four spokes. They match.鈥
Eleanora still gave him a rather dubious expression. Thasin offered a sheepish grin as he scratched the back of his head.
鈥淵ou know, four鈥檚 a good number.鈥 he babbled. 鈥淚t鈥檚 like a family. Me, you, and two-鈥
He had to cut himself off, he hadn鈥檛 meant to go that far into it. Eleanora pulled her umbrella closer to her head. Hopefully he wouldn鈥檛 notice how brightly she was blushing. But in all fairness, he was just as red.
[busy day, too tired. May revisit later.]
Admittedly, Ben had no idea if Regina was going to like Oktoberfest. Or whatever the name of their town鈥檚 equivalent was. It was still a rather loud, spirited place; every so feet there were brass bands playing folk music, every nine feet or so was a stage with performers for just about any act you could think of, and then street hawkers in between them both. The energy made his heart pound faster than usual, while delightful Reggie acted as if this were all some mild inconvenience.
It didn鈥檛 surprise him in the slightest when she initially drifted toward the craft beers. Quite a few were even offering samples and taste tests. Regina took to it like she was at a wine tasting event. Ben could only admire her as she took each mini goblet, swirled to admire the texture, gently whiffed the top of the goblet for familiar aromas, then carefully tipped a few droplets into her mouth. If she liked it enough, then she gave the small goblet to Ben for his opinion. At his approval, she went ahead and ordered a bottle. They ended up taking home three bottles of different beers this way.
A few hours later, and Regina had decided she wanted to go home. Ben couldn鈥檛 complain- they had spent most of the day in motion, after all. But there was one thing he wanted to get her first, something that he had seen about 30 minutes ago. The face Regina made at seeing the thing made the trip worth it. Ben never saw the artifact again after that day, but he knew it existed somewhere in her wallet. He just had that gut feeling that she鈥檇 pull it out during a bad day and laugh at how stupid her fiance was.
And honestly? That was good enough for him.
pumpkin spice
[couldn鈥檛 think of anything]
[didn鈥檛 want to look at doc, worked on and posted chapter 2 of Lost Lights sequel]
black cat
鈥淐at!鈥 Aile shouted, a bit louder than what she had intended. It effectively stopped everyone in their tracks. The cat in question, mostly black with one blue and one green eye, looked up at the girl with curiosity. Vent came up behind Aile to observe the cat as well. He didn鈥檛 look very impressed.
鈥淲hat are you waiting for?鈥 her twin questioned. 鈥淛ust scare it off already.鈥
鈥淏ut it鈥檚 so cute鈥!鈥 Aile sang. She got down to her knees to beckon the black cat closer. Vent rolled his eyes.
鈥淒on鈥檛 go crying to me when Treble-Rush scares it off, then.鈥 Vent mumbled as he started to walk away.
鈥淭reble-Rush would love having a kitty friend,鈥 Aile cooed, still trying to coax the cat over. 鈥淲e鈥檒l call her Tango. Don鈥檛 you want to be named Tango and have a new family with us, kitty?鈥
The cat gave Aile a rather lazy glare before standing up. It stretched its back before turning around to leave. Aile couldn鈥檛 help her little pout. She really wanted a kitty named Tango, it just seemed right. But the fates decided otherwise. Giving up the fight for now, Aile went back to work.
[annoyed by work, skipped because I was just exhausted]
first wine
[too tired, didn鈥檛 feel like writing]
flying kites
[I鈥檇 rather read than write, honestly]
I don鈥檛 like the whispers in my head.
They know me too well.
But, at the same time鈥
They don鈥檛 know me very well at all.
picking apples
When I was younger, we used to pick apples at a local orchard. The place had the usual family run and operated fare you鈥檇 expect in a rural town. The current owners were about the same age as my grandparents at the time, and only a small handful of their own kin helped out from time to time. (By the time I entered college, the orchard was shut down because no one in the family wanted to operate it anymore- which is also pretty common around here.) My family had tried to make a big deal about it. Almost like a ritual to 鈥榞ear up鈥 from the coming autumn.
I had always hated that tradition. I always hated being forced to go apple picking with my family, never allowed to wander too far. If I ever dared to make plans for the day, then my parents were quick to black mail me. I hated them, I hated picking apples, and above all- I started to despise autumn.
Nowadays, I don鈥檛 miss that time at all. Not a single moment of it. I understand what my parents were trying to do, but in trying to create picturesque memories, they forced me to hate it instead. Maybe I鈥檓 exaggerating, maybe it鈥檚 an actual psychological phenomenon. I don鈥檛 know, and I don鈥檛 care. If I have to pick my own apples in the future, it would be far too soon.
He couldn鈥檛 see them, but he knew he was haunted by their ghosts. They both came to him when he was on the cusp of sleep, and their memories came back without warning. Sometimes he would remember them when something completely irrelevant popped up in conversation. They may have always argued with each other, but it had been stimulating at the same time. While having an opposing view most of the time, they each had a solid stance as to why. He missed them. He missed them a lot.
His girlfriend鈥檚 ghost came to him the most when he was sleeping, or watching a younger couple where the female was the bolder one. Aria helped push him into thinking more like the others, while still having solid opinions of his own. She stole a part of his heart, and it went with her as she was buried into the ground. Time seemed so short for when he had her close. At this point, he had spent more time without her than with, and that thought hurt him in ways he couldn鈥檛 even describe.
His best friend鈥檚 ghost came to him during debates at the council meetings. Zhu was in his element when there was a lot of strategy involved. He was always looking to find amends for a past he couldn鈥檛 remember. Not that Zhu wasn鈥檛 already an incredible mentor for battles and knowing enemy weaknesses. He had always looked out for Xavier too, enough to be called a brother- or maybe even something stronger than that...
Their ghosts would always haunt him.聽
Is this what they call 鈥榠ntrusive thoughts鈥?
sweater weather
鈥淚t鈥檚 sweater weather, sunshine.鈥
鈥淏ut that鈥檚 my sweater.鈥
鈥淭ough. I鈥檓 a coldhearted bitch- I get cold easily.鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 not even your boyfriend.鈥
鈥淭rue,鈥 she agreed with a small nod of her head, 鈥淏ut it is easy to harass you. You do know how easy it is to harass you, right?鈥
[busy morning running errands, actually forgot about this, haha]
pile of leaves
No one had asked Luca to rake the leaves, he had chosen to do it himself. He enjoyed the repetitive motions that came with the activity. It was only a simple push and pull, gathering the leaves together, and then a small step to the side to begin again. The motions were relaxing. It gave him time to think- or not think. Either-or worked for him.
At least it was more constructive than whatever his sister was doing. There was no doubt that Sonia was doing something that was going to give Mom another grey hair before the end of the day. This was why quiet, mild mannered Luca had been born first; Mom would have never survived with the spirited Sonia had been her firstborn. And it was why, in a rather indirect way, that Luca had decided to rake the leaves. After whatever Sonia did, Mom would appreciate the gesture of having a longer chore done.
Luca paused after a while to look over his handiwork. He had gathered enough little piles that he could do with moving them into a larger one elsewhere. If he was his sister, he probably would have jumped into one. But he wasn鈥檛, so he decided to keep to himself as he finished raking the leaves.
The first harvest of the season is a lot like expecting a child. The process of both details a process where you have an entity growing without anyone truly bearing witness to it. From a seed to something bigger, we wait in anticipation of what fruit will come.
But not every fruit comes to bearing, and that is why we celebrate the harvest of both.
[skipped; worked on other projects and built things in The Sims 4]
Neige eyeballed the pumpkin with a sense of mild prejudice. Arranged rather neatly were some acrylic paints and paint brushes of various sizes. Unfortunately, Neige already knew that these were the wrong materials to make a proper Jack-o-lantern. She took an idle look at Sonny next to her and tried not to flinch at how filthy the other girl was. Sonny liked paint, and she wore it well.
鈥淚 can鈥檛 wait until we鈥檙e old enough to use knives.鈥
鈥淐hainsaws.鈥 Sonny said. Neige gave her a wild look that didn鈥檛 quite register with the bubbly red-head. Instead, Sonny looked down as she made a face of deep thought. 鈥淣o. Not a chainsaw. What鈥檚 that thing? That knife thing that vibrates. Kinda like a fancy bread cutter? What鈥檚 it called? I can鈥檛 remember.鈥
鈥淎n electric carving knife?鈥
鈥淵eah! One of those!鈥 Sonny then let out a wistful sigh. 鈥淚 can鈥檛 wait until we鈥檙e old enough to use those. I鈥檝e got projects in mind.鈥
Neige cocked a rather bemused eyebrow at her friend. Sonny was weird.
鈥淭his would be a lot easier if you would let me use my fire magic,鈥 Asriel reminded the human with a sense of hurt. Orenda didn鈥檛 seem to pay attention to him- instead she continued to rub the small stick against the rocks.
鈥淚t would actually be faster if you used your magic, sunflower.鈥 Norma mused. The scaly monster laughed a bit before tossing a marshmallow in their mouth. The projectile horribly failed at reaching its target.
鈥淲ay to go, dude.鈥 Asriel snorted. He moved away from Orenda to pick up the marshmallow. 鈥淩emind me to never ask you to do that trick at parties.鈥
鈥淟ike your pyromania is any-鈥
鈥淕ot it!鈥 Orenda called out, stopping both monsters mid-thought. Not long after this, she got up to throw one of the cut logs onto her kindling. Asriel immediately jumped in to help her. His more muscular, fluffy frame was a lot better at hefting pieces of wood to the campfire.
鈥淕reat work, moonflower!鈥 Norma cheered. 鈥淣ow we can finally have smores!鈥
鈥淲e would,鈥 Asriel said as he went over to the marshmallow bag, 鈥淏ut you ate all the marshmallows.鈥
That made Orenda laugh. Asriel鈥檚 monster heart skipped a beat. Orenda鈥檚 laugh always sounded like little bells- a good compliment to her small, fragile figure. The glow from the campfire was going to make her light skin glow with it. He couldn鈥檛 wait for that moment. Orenda may have been human, but there always seemed to be a bit of fae in her. Asriel liked it. He liked her. And tonight, with or without Norma watching, he was going to tell her just that.
Assuming he didn鈥檛 chicken out, of course.
鈥淗ow do you plead?鈥
She refused to answer. Her dark green eyes remained trained to the wooden platform. The crowd was starting to gather more now. Entertainment around here happened so little that moments like this were equal to Christmas church services. The priest was the same and everything.
鈥淐haritee Maria,鈥 he said again in a much darker tone, 鈥淵ou have been convicted of being a witch under the eyes of God鈥檚 law. How do you plead? Failure to answer will mean your immediate execution.鈥
They both knew that no matter what she said, she was going to be executed soon. Just an hour ago, she had been preparing soup for lunch. Now there was a noose around her neck. She wasn鈥檛 going to return home today. She wouldn鈥檛 be returning home at all.
鈥淚f that is all you have to defend yourself鈥︹ the priest said. He looked to the executioner and gave him a nod.
The last thing she heard before her neck snapped was the sound of a woman screaming.
A slow, haunting tune came from my lips as I read through my spellbook. It was part of my gift to the goddess that I served- it was my cue to her that I would be meeting with her tonight. She had once told me that the third hour of Samhain was her birthday, so I didn鈥檛 want to disappoint or surprise her too much. The goddess I cared for didn鈥檛 like surprises very well. Surprises reminded her of the god that brought her into this world, and of whom abused her to the point of making her nothing more than a spirit.
She preferred onyx and dried belladonna. Her aura always came strongest to me when facing North. I began to sing a bit louder to further alert her of my arrival. Centering my thoughts on her and her alone, I started the ritual proper.
And then, with clarity, I could see my Goddess.
stormy days
[this one鈥檚 funny because it really is stormy today- enough so that almost the whole state has closed schools early because of the potential flooding. And so, real life dictated that I skip, lol]
Hunter had the kind of baby face that was hard to say no to.
Fuck him.
And I have before, actually. But that was completely beside the point.
鈥淐ome on, Charlie,鈥 he then proceeded to tease me, 鈥淚t鈥檚 just a little s茅ance. No one鈥檚 gonna get hurt.鈥
鈥淵ou have a ouija board,鈥 I spat back. 鈥淵ou want to piss off whatever ghosts are in my grandparents鈥 house.鈥
鈥淥nly for tonight.鈥 he casually admitted, slowly swirling a finger around the 鈥榶es鈥 on the board. It was the same gesture he made when he was knowingly being mischievous. It was ridiculously hot. He鈥檇 use that same finger with the same gesture to tease me when we鈥檙e alone. Why was the only thing on my mind was taking this cheeky loser into my room? Bad Charlie. Bad. Be mad at Hunter. Get mad! You can do it.
(I can鈥檛.)
鈥淵ou know,鈥 I informed him as I placed the planchette on the ouija board, 鈥淎utomatic writing is easier.鈥
Hunter laughed. 鈥淚f we were listening to ghosts, sure. But tonight we鈥檙e going to talk to them. Just trust me.鈥 He slid his hand over to place on top of mine. His fingers were so warm, so soft. 鈥淚鈥檒l keep you safe, Charlie, no matter what the spooky ghosts say.鈥
Little did he know those spooky ghosts hated him more.
Cryosphere gave a gasp so loud and dramatic, the only reaction Beck could have was a stupid-looking blink.
鈥淲hat do鈥檡a mean you don鈥檛 know what trick-or-treating is?!鈥 Mighty Number Two demanded. The Cabbage Patch doll on her water tank teetered a bit. Beck was doing his absolute best not to give the creepy thing a glance.
鈥淐ome on Beckie!鈥 Cryosphere then demanded as she took Mighty Number Nine by the hand, yanking him wherever she planned on going. 鈥淵ou, me, and Kabi are going to have the BEST costumes this year!鈥
As if on cue, Cryo鈥檚 doll fell off her water tank and right into Beck鈥檚 arms. The young bot did everything in his power not to immediately drop it. Having to look at that thing was 鈥榯rick鈥 enough, he could only fear what 鈥榯reat鈥 Cyro thought she could offer. Maybe he could get Pyrogen to bail him out. Cryo sometimes listened to Mighty Number One.
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mrs-amber 9 months ago
prompt taken from this post, by @creativepromptsforwriting and asked by my dear聽@coffeeflavoredcookies, i really hope you like it聽 馃挌
15. "You're actually a very good kisser.""You're actually very average."
"Damen, wait!" Laurent came panting after him as he was leaving school for the day. He stopped just before him, and propped his hands on his knees, taking a moment to catch his breath.
"Hello, my love." Damen answered, just to hear the groan his best friend would make. He enjoyed immensely teasing him, just for the sake of those moments where Laurent would blush or groan like this. But he knew boundaries and he only played with him like this when no one else could hear.
Laurent straightened up and looked at him.
"I just wanted to make sure about the plans for today, if we're all clear, if you talked to Auguste as we agreed, if you remember everything, and I just wanted to reach you before Auguste left and saw us..."
"Hey, hey! Calm down, there. Breathe." Damen put a hand on his shoulder and Laurent frowned at him before he swiftly let go of him.
"Yeah, we're cool. I wouldn't forget it." He calmed the younger man in front of him.
They were very close friends, if not best friends, since they were kids, when Damen had moved to the house next to theirs. He was actually Auguste's age, but Laurent had always had a special place in his heart.
They usually reserved their relationship and interactions for moments when they were out of school. Laurent was very introspective and had no desire to get so much attention as Damen and Auguste got being on the Basketball Team.
But today was different, it seemed. Today was Auguste's birthday and they were arranging a surprise party for him that afternoon.
"Oh, no..." said Laurent as he fixed his gaze behind Damen. When Damen started to turn to see what was he looking at, Laurent held his arm and tightened his grip to get his attention back. "Don't turn. Are you stupid?"
"What?" Damen furrowed his brows.
"Do you know Torveld?" Laurent looked urgently to his face. He was still holding his arm.
"Yes, he got into the team this semester." Damen was trying to understand what was going on inside his friend's brain.
"Okay, great. So, he's been trying to ask me out for quite some time now. And he doesn't seem to understand when I say 'no' to him." He said very fast.
"Ugh, do you want me to talk to him?" He still couldn't see where this conversation was going, but he was starting to get some ideas.
"No, actually..." He looked back again to the point where probably Torveld was coming from, and then back into Damen's eyes. "Do you trust me?"
"Of course, you know I do." Maybe the ideas he was getting before weren't the same as Laurent was thinking of, after all. His hand was still holding Damen's arm.
Laurent searched for something in his face, and Damen held his gaze and smiled softly, assuringly, at him. So Laurent let go of his arm and put his hand in his neck, bringing his head lower and leaning in, pressing his their lips together.
Some part of Damen's brain, that continued to work even with the numbness that threatened to take over his whole body, understood that this was what Laurent needed at the moment. He dropped his bag, he had completely forgotten he was carrying until now, and held Laurent by the waist, bringing their bodies closer and deepening their kiss.
When they parted, slowly separating their bodies, Damen opened his eyes and looked into Laurent's deep blue ones.
"You're actually a very good kisser." What a dumb thing to say after kissing your best friend for the first time.
Laurent stepped back, looking behind him once again before exhaling and fixing his gaze back on Damen.
"You're actually very average." Laurent answered. Damen frowned.
"Hey, I did this to help you!" He said pushing at Laurent's shoulder in a playful way.
"I know. Thanks." Laurent adjusted his bag on his shoulder and smiled apologetically. "Hey, I gotta go. See you later!" He waved his hand and before Damen could say anything else he had already turned and walked away from him.
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omnisketchh 25 days ago
Tumblr media
december art challenge 鈥 day 24 鈥 secrets
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abundancebunny 20 hours ago
Daily writing prompts
A鈥檚 partner breaks up with them, and although B feels bad for A, they can鈥檛 help but feel a certain鈥 relief.
Again, the emotions and how they relate to their actions. These 2 are very important.
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agirlnamedjana 2 years ago
Roommate AUs
We're both moving into the same apartment with a mutual friend of ours but we didn't know each other and it's dislike at first sight, but now we've got to live together,
There was a spider in my room and yes, you rescued it by putting it outside, but I still won't sleep in this room tonight!,
Starting a friends with benefits relationship with your roommate quickly blurs some lines...,
We support different sports teams and I think we might went a little overboard with our competitiveness before the big game,鈥
You got yourself stuck in the bathroom again, I told you we need to call the caretaker to fix the lock on the door, why do you never listen, but yes, I'm getting a screwdriver,
There are love letters coming in the mail but with nothing written on the outside, not even a name, so I always give them to you, because I just assume they're for you because I think I've seen you holding one of the envelopes before and you're the kind of person that has a secret admirer, definitely not me...,
We just moved into a shared apartment and I find out you like to sing while doing your chores and I really like your voice,
I like cats but no one should love their fur balls as much as you do, but now there鈥檚 a storm outside and the cat鈥檚 not at home and you鈥檙e devasted so now we run through the rain, screaming for your cat,
I have no problem with sharing my Netflix account with you, but if you change my watch list one more time...聽
You can find more prompts at my sideblog: creativepromptsforwriting
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chezagnes 2 months ago
Tumblr media
October 鉁嶐煆 challenge: Walks in the forest Autumn always make me think of those beautiful forests in Bermont. I suppose I have them idealised, but they make the perfect dream gate away. A cozy jumper, nice warm shoes, and every afternoon ahead to take a walk in the forest, surrounded by the reds, the oranges and browns of the season and the leaves crunching below my feet. @creativepromptsforwriting #creativepromptsforwriting #writing #prompts #inspiration #writingprompts #writingadvice #writinginspirations #writingexercise #writingmotivation #writingcommunity #writeblr #writingprompt #writersoninstagram #october #writinginspo #ChezAgneswritings #walksforest #autumn #oto帽o #chezagnesautumn #oto帽ochezagnes #mywritings #creativewriting #relatos #relatosChezAgnes #misrelatos #microrelatos (en Madrid, Spain) https://www.instagram.com/p/CV-HqRqjkOd/?utm_medium=tumblr
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janetm74 a year ago
So I saw a prompt. I changed it a bit. And voila:
New Year鈥檚 Eve Traditions
The first time she celebrated New Year鈥檚 Eve was her first on on the Island. At 10 years old it was exciting to stay up all night with the boys and watch the party in Times Square. Tanusha had never seen anything like it. And as the clock struck midnight all four boys - not John, of course - swooped on her and suddenly she was the middle of a Tracy sandwich and receiving four kisses all at the same time. There had been a lot of giggling.
The following year Tin anticipated it would be different. It was the first holiday back after being sent to school on the mainland but Christmas, if anything, had been noisier and more raucous. All the boys but Alan were now schooled on the mainland, so there were loud reunions all round. Eleven years old now, and still she was subjected to the sandwich - although this time Scott and Virgil kissed her hair while the youngest two kissed her cheeks.
Twelve years old and everything was the same. Except one thing. Scott had gone straight to join the USAF, and although he鈥檇 had time at home for Christmas, he wasn鈥檛 there for New Year鈥檚. So she only got a three-way sandwich that year.
Thirteen and it was John鈥檚 turn to also be missing. NASA training didn鈥檛 stop for some celebrations. And at 19, Scott was now posted overseas and rarely made it home for set celebrations - his leave came as and when.
From thirteen to sixteen, Tanusha turned from Tin-Tin to Tan to Kayo after accidentally knocking out Gordon while sparring. And she turned from a shy little girl to a confident strong woman. In those four years she hadn鈥檛 seen Scott at all, and only John once.
Her sixteenth year was a seminal one. She went from school to university. Here she grew up even more. Studying Computer Forensics, Cybercrime and Computer Science, she found an ally in John when he was around.
With Jeff half-way through setting up iR with Virgil鈥檚 help, the rest of the family (minus Scott and John as usual) had decided to descend on Grandma鈥檚 ranch in Kansas for New Year鈥檚 Eve. There was a huge town party and everyone was going, dressed up in their best.
Too young to drink alcohol but giddy on the atmosphere and sheer happiness around them, Kayo was thoroughly enjoying herself. Until her seventeen year old brother sidled up to her, giving her a speculative eye. He was up to something.
鈥榃hat do you want, Squidface?鈥 Her guard was up. Gordon shrugged. 鈥楴othing. Can鈥檛 a brother just say hi to his favourite sis?鈥 She rolled her eyes. 鈥業鈥檓 your only sister. And I鈥檓 not fooled for an instant.鈥 Gordon downed the rest of his soda before answering.
鈥楳e and the guys,鈥 and here he pointed to three boys of equal age and maturity, 鈥榳e was chatting.鈥 鈥楢nd?鈥 鈥楴ah, it鈥檚 stupid. Don鈥檛 worry about it,鈥 and he turned to walk away.
He was playing her and she knew it. But Kayo couldn鈥檛 let that slide. 鈥楯ust tell me!鈥 Gordon have her his most innocent - and thus the most worrisome - smile. 鈥楾hey said you didn鈥檛 have the guts to go up to the men over there and kiss one on the lips and leave without saying anything.鈥
Kayo eyes narrowed. No Tracy backed down from a dare. She walked over with Gordon to his mates. 鈥楬ow much?鈥 The four stood and gaped at her. 鈥業f I鈥檓 going to do this I want a good enough reason.鈥 Gordon and his three friends put their heads together. 鈥50 bucks says you don鈥檛.鈥 Kayo nodded. 鈥100 each and I鈥檒l kiss him twice.鈥 Before any one else could say anything Gordon said 鈥榙one,鈥 holding out his hand.
She was so going to show them.
Gordon watched Kayo as she headed to the large group of service men and women at the makeshift bar. He鈥檇 spent most of the last three months acclimatising to life in WASP while she鈥檇 started uni. He was amazed at the confidence she now had, and he watched admiringly as Kayo approached the crowd.
She saw her target. Feeling a hand on his shoulder, the man looked up from where he was slouching. Kayo took the bottle out of his hand and put it on the bar, then, placing both hands around the man鈥檚 face, she pulled him into a kiss. And it wasn鈥檛 a peck on the cheek either.
Gordon鈥檚 eyes could have fallen out of his head and his mouth hit the floor. His three friends looked identical.
Without even looking over, her hands still on his face, she kissed him again. And for longer. She then handed him back his beer, he returned to slouching, and she headed back to Gordon and his friends.
鈥楶ay up.鈥 They did. Gordon still wasn鈥檛 sure what had happened. Where had his little sister gone? The smirk on her face was priceless, and suddenly there was a flash. Blinking, Gordon was even more shocked to see John, old-fashioned camera in hand, grinning like the cat that got the cream. Which, in a sense, he had. Not many could best Gordon at a prank or a dare.
Kayo counted out the money and divided it in half. $200 for a couple of kisses? Easy money off her brother and his friends.
They watched in even more amazement as she walked back to the serviceman, grabbed him by the arm and begun tugging him over. Gordon frowned. This wasn鈥檛 part of the deal. As they came closer the count down started. Stopping just in front of them, Kayo threw her arms around the man鈥檚 neck and the hugged and kissed - again.
But it wasn鈥檛 until the man turned around fully that Gordon saw who it was. He turned beetroot red as Scott received $200 off of Kayo, and the pair collapsed laughing at him as he tried to process what the hell was going on. John soon joined in as Scott simply roared with laughter.
He鈥檇 been well and truly had.
鈥楬appy New Year鈥 was about all the trio could splutter out.
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fabulous-robbie-rotten 9 months ago
鈥淵ou say you love him, but if you really did, you wouldn鈥檛 be able to kiss me like that.鈥
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