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#fanfic writers
claraofthepen · 6 months ago
I’ve read a lot of fics, have seen many shows, and have watched many movies that are completely inaccurate when it comes to sparring. NOW, i know it’s fiction, and I greatly enjoy it nonetheless, but I would like to share a few things with you, as a person who trains in Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA). There are a few general things in this, as well as stuff more focused to a certain european weapon. (this is all Historical European stuff, obviously if you’re writing for a different region, this probably won’t apply that much.)
-you don’t practice with real sharp swords. Never. It’s incredibly dangerous, especially since sparring is trying to practice your killing/injuring skills. In older times, you would use wood, maybe wrapped in leather or canvas to practice. Today, you use weighted nylon swords/weapons, and you usually wear a mask while doing so. Steel is and was an option, but the blade will be completely dull, and the tip will be bent over itself.
-It’s practically impossible to knock someone off their feet while sparring, unless you are hooking your foot or weapon behind their leg. It’s hard to push back and cause someone to fall, since they can just retreat back a bit.
-YOU. DON’T. SPEND. HOURS. SPARRING. ESPECIALLY WITHOUT A BREAK. It’s exhausting, the most people usually go is 10 minutes before they have a break. During Training, you only spar for about 2-5 minutes before stopping and having a rest.
-You try your hardest never to cross your feet. It’s dangerous and it unbalances you. Your opponent can take advantage of you easily.
-Usually, you want to strike your opponent with the last 1/4 of your blade, basically just the tip and a little below. That’s the sharpest point, and you get the most force behind it.
-Swords aren’t super heavy. Stop the giant, huge, I-can-barely-lift-this trope. Longswords are usually 3lbs. It’s not heavy when you pick it up. However, it gets heavy when you’re holding it up above your head for a while. Swords were not made to be heavy, especially since you would have to hold them up in battle for sometimes hours.
-It’s incredibly hard to engage in witty banter and such. You are constantly moving and trying to strike your opponent. Since it’s fiction, you can do what you want, but just know that trying to have a conversation while sparring is like trying to have one while running. It tires you out even more, and usually just comes out breathless and wheezy.
-Swords are not lightsabers. You cannot try and hurt someone with just any part of your blade. It will just annoy your opponent. Now, for sparring, you will want to focus on hitting your opponent with the edge of your blade, and you won’t really ever be trying to hit someone with the flat of your blade.
-In sparring, you will get hit. And get bruises. I count five from just 2 days ago. (Also reminder that bruises don’t form for 1-3 days.) If you happened to get a hard thrust to the ribs, they will probably fracture. It happens. I haven’t had it personally, but those who’ve trained longer have. The worst injury I’ve gotten is a bruise on my chest that didn’t fade for nearly a month.
-Grip!!! You don’t clutch your sword super tight. No. It limits movement. My instructor taught me to hold firmly with the thumb, pointer, and middle finger, and use the other two as more guiding fingers. You swing your sword with your wrist, not a big giant arm movement. That is tiring and slow. 
I will be focusing on using a one handed sword in this next bit, specifically a Scottish Regimental Broadsword. A basic sword to build off of.
-FOOTWORK. It’s not a super complicated series of perfectly planned out steps. It just isn’t. With Regimental Broadsword (which is what I will focus on, since it’s what I’ve trained with most), you have to have a good base (rear-weighted stance, front foot pointed at your opponent, back foot turned sideways), and then once you have that, you just have to move around and try not to get hit.
-Slipping. (Continuation of footwork). With a rear-weighted stance, the goal is to be able to move the front foot anywhere. You should actually be able to keep your front foot an inch off the ground without having to adjust your back foot. Slipping is when this comes in handy. If your opponent takes a swing at your front leg, you should be able to just slip it back to go next to your other foot, and swing your sword up to get your opponents head. Slipping is really important.
-Advance and Retreat (other continuation of footwork). While moving forward or back, you always want to feel the ground with a heel-toe movement, so you can tell if there are rocks or branches and such. Advancing, you want to move your front leg first. Retreating, your back leg.
-Traversing (last continuation of footwork)(maybe). Transversing is basically advancing in on your opponent in a circular motion. You’re trying to get close and personal. Reminder to not cross your feet. You will loose balance and probably end up getting whacked with a sword. Traversing is a spiral motion sort of. Your opponent can avoid getting trapped If they do it as well.
I will probably come back and add more soon, because there’s more I know, but can’t remember at the moment.
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darklesmylove · a month ago
me: *daydreaming my next plot points*
also me: *avoiding writing anything down because it couldn’t possibly live up to how i’ve played it out a thousand times in my mind*
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weissycle · a year ago
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growup-thatbeautiful · 2 months ago
i was having an argument with myself in the shower and like. stop shitting on fanfic writers. idk i was making myself really mad about it.
as i just proved, there’s gonna be some fruity language in this post, fair warning.
who fucking cares if you’re using someone else’s characters and/or universe. there are millions of interpretations of a single line of dialogue, so why can’t there be millions of writings for a character you love. you still have to develop plot lines, characters design, dialogue, know the rules of writing, and know how to change the rules to fit your specific style. it’s a whole fucking lot of work!
isn’t it beautiful how we can love something so much that you write more about it! you take what you love and add to it and change it and make it your own. i think it’s an honor to be a part of something that’s so special to so many people.
now, i know i’m a fanfic writer myself. maybe that makes me a little bit biased, but who cares. i know i’ve felt like what i write isn’t enough because i didn’t create it myself, but the things that i’m most proud of writing are fanfic. i’ve had random thoughts that i can put into fanfic, and that’s so amazing because someone’s actually going to read that! crazy.
and for those of you who say fanfic is good practice for “real writing.” okay, sure it is good practice, but it’s also still writing. real writing. it’s not invalid because it’s fanfic. like i said before, you still have to know how to write. isn’t that all it’s about?
i know a lot of you think that fanfic is being written by “hormonal and emotional teenage girls.” which. is not true. i know so many fic writers who do not fit into that category, and if they do, who cares! it’s a good expression of emotions that are completely normal to have, it’s a way of coping with the themes of teenage life, and it can help you to understand more about yourself. i, personally, have learned a whole fucking lot about myself, from sexuality to my definition of love. yeah. deep shit.
y’all. write whatever you want. angst? make some of those nerds (lovingly) cry. sometimes they need it. we need it. fluff? again, make some of those nerds cry. give me some good loving, found family, cuteness. i’ll marry you. crack? i need a good laugh, thank you!! au? incredible. you built a work on top of a world, chris nolan is that you?? hurt/comfort? just come on and give me a big warm hug!
fanfic writers, make what makes you happy. don’t let close-mindedness stop you. you deserve it :))
fanfic readers, support and love your writers. read what makes you happy! you deserve it :))
and don’t worry, fanartists, i could never leave you out. draw what makes you happy. draw what you’ve been itching to draw, even if no one is asking for it. especially if no one is asking for it. i love y’all and think y’all deserve so much more recognition as beautiful outstanding fucking marvelous artists. everything i said up above i believe for you too. (ik it doesn’t directly apply but you get the idea)
(oh. and i’m not gonna stand for any “but what about fic writers who..” nope. all fic writers are valid. just because you don’t want to engage or read it (which is reasonable, i’m not dissing that) doesn’t mean they didn’t work hard to write it.)
i wasn’t going to, but i think i’ll turn this into a tag post because there seems to be a little bit of a loss for positivity recently. if you want, tag your favorite fanfic readers, writers, or mutuals you think should see this. (obviously there’s no pressure at all to like or reblog. this is not meant to spread reblog anxiety or put anyone on the spot.) @radbatch @holdenduckfield @missdemiegoddess @kixthecondomfairy @maiseey @naerysthelonesome @oceans-foundfamily @bi-rdofprey-writes @cleardishwashers @lavenderstaars @freshwoods
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moonlit-sunflower-books · 4 months ago
enemies to lovers never had a bad track. “flirting as a distraction during a fight” SLAPS. “realising those feelings might run a little deeper and denying them vehemently” BANGER. “straddles waist with a knife at their throat and staring at their lips a little too long” SEXY. and don’t even get me STARTED on “shut up”/“make me” *heated kiss in the middle of an argument*
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bebx · 10 months ago
*me writing fic*
me to me: don’t use the word eyes, you just used it in the previous sentence. use something else
my inner me to me: no, don’t call eyes orbs, it’s cringey
my deeper inner me to me: call them face balls
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sparkles-and-trash · 6 months ago
✨🍃 some friendly reminders for creators and consumers of fanfiction 🍃✨
first of all; fanfics, both reading and writing them, is supposed to be fun
a fic doesn’t have to be a masterpiece for someone to enjoy it
fanfic writers works for free, and they don’t have to defende themselves or the choices they make to anyone
if you don’t like it, don’t read it, and don’t comment
never underestimate the value of tagging a work properly, and checking said tags before you decide to read on, it’ll save everyone trouble
please don’t hold even the best and most dedicated fanfic writers to the standards you hold for professional authors; they do this for free, after all
remember that fandom isn’t supposed to be a competition in any way
lastly, be kind, have fun, be careful, curate your own spaces and if you enjoy something; tell the creator!
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nchant6dkitty · 23 days ago
Enemies to lovers prompts!
Ew, don't smile at me, I might like you .
Ha! Jealous? Why would I be jealous of that idiot going out with someone else? Just looking at them makes me want to puke!
Nobody gets to be an asshole to B except me. You got that ?
The only kiss you're gonna get is a kiss from my fist!
Date A?! Ha!, I'd rather drown in acid than end up with that pain in the ass!
Wow, you finally said something sensible.
For once, though it pains me to say this... - I agree with B.
My eyes are up here , sweetheart.
Shut up and kiss me.
Do you hear that? It's the sound of me not caring.
Just so you know, I still hate you. This doesn't change anything.
Love, if I ever slept with you, those pretty legs of yours wouldn't be able to stand.
Oh please. You and I both know that I am your type.
I can't decide if I want to punch you or kiss you right now.
Are you blushing? Gross.
Shut up! Just...shut up!!
I love you. You enormously stubborn pain in the ass.
You're nothing! Do you hear me? You mean nothing to me.
Tell me one good reason why I should trust you.
Say it one more time. I dare you.
Do I look like someone who seems interested in a thing like you?
Are you happy now huh? Are you happy you've finally got your revenge?!
You finally ruined me. I hope you're happy now.
Just as I was starting to see you in a different light, you open that filthy mouth of yours.
You ruined everything! And you destroyed my heart along with it!
Look me in the eyes. Look me in the eyes and tell me you never loved me. Tell me I never meant anything to you. Go on. Break my heart again. Tell me this was all a lie.
Go on. Leave. Like everyone else.
Did you ever feel sorry for what you did to them? To me?
I've lost count of how many times I've fantasied about you.
I bet you would look even better without your clothes on.
You promised me. You promised you wouldn't kill them... - Then why?! Why did you kill them?!
Betray me again and I will kill you.
Did I stutter? Take it off.
Beg me first.
You know you're a pain in the neck, but... You're alright.
...why did you defend me?
Aww, that's the nicest thing you've ever said to me. " It wasn't a compliment! "
So it was all a lie?! Even your so-called feelings for me?! Were you ever sincere to me at all?!
Unfortunately, I don't have enough middle fingers to let you know how I feel.
Why do I still like you, knowing you tried to kill me?
Remind me to kill you. Please.
I can't help it, you're fun to mess with.
Don't touch me! I don't need your sympathy!
I'm afraid I am incapable of love.
Touch me...please...
I'm a fool for believing someone like you could change.
How did you get those scars? I never did those to you.
Please don't push me away. Not you too.
...did you just compliment me? Oh my God, this must be a nightmare.
You are being abused, aren't you? Do you think I haven't noticed the bruises and scars you always they to hide?!
Why do you care? I thought you hated me.
You. Are. Mine. Do you understand?
I don't think you want to know the kind of things I'm thinking about right now.
* whispers in ear* did that turn you on?
That was the saddest attempt of flirting I've ever seen.
Are you that oblivious or are you trying to turn me on?
Look me in the eyes and say it. Say that you don't love me. I dare you.
Do you think I don't catch staring at me all the time? I see the way you look at me when you think I don't notice.
Ugh,open the windows. I don't wanna get infected with all this stupidity/ sweetness.
Why don't you go ahead and try?
I hate that I don't hate you anymore.
For some reason, I'm attracted to you. And I'm disgusted with myself.
The first person to make a sound loses.
Nothing brightens up my day than seeing you suffer.
Ew, don't compliment me. I might puke out my organs. ( lunch/ dinner )/ I might cringe out all my organs. / someone might think we're friends.
I hate the way you make me feel. I hate that you make me desire things. Things... a person like me would never dream about. You give me hope and it terrifies me.
It's better this way. Whatever was going between us was never destined to last.
That kiss/ that night never happened between us.
So... What are we? Enemies with benefits? Is that even a thing?
I'm going to break your jaw if you keep talking.
The only gift I would ever want to give is piercing a knife through your heart.
Why are you being so nice to me? It's disgusting.
C-can you hold me? / C-can you hug me? I know you hate me but I just want to be held right now.
I wouldn't sleep with you even if I was paid all the money in the world!
I- I have nowhere else to go...
I... I think I'm in love with them and I'm terrified.
Don't make this harder than it already is.
Touch a hair on their head and I will. Kill. You.
I'm gonna harvest your balls ( /organs) if you ever hurt B, you hear me?!
What do I have to do for you to trust me? ! What do you want me to do for you to stop shutting me out?!
I know I don't deserve your forgiveness. But I at least want you to know that what we had was real. There was never a moment with you where I faked my feelings. I... I truly loved you.
I can't lose you. Not you too.
I thought you died! Don't you ever scare me like that again.
Don't talk to A, they're going to infect you with their venom.
Wait- are you jealous?
Ew, don't hug me! I might get infected with your filthy germs.
Me? Like you? Ha! That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard.
Fake dating? With you? Let me go home and laugh at that idea.
Just so to remind you, we're supposed to be a fake couple. I don't want you falling for me. Don't even think about falling in love with me you got that?
If you wanted to see me naked you could have just asked, you know?
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oh-theatre · a year ago
Me: *stops writing* well that’s enough writing for now
Me: *later* Alright time to write!
Me: *staring at where I left off*
Tumblr media
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