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Senior developer fixing bugs live on production

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RP Partners Wanted!

Its been a hot minute since my last ad, so I decided to post a new one. Hi, My name is Lexy and I’ve been rping for a little over 8 years now. My replies tend to match the length of yours, but if I had to give my estimate of how long my posts tend to be on their own then I’d say a good 3 or 4 paragraphs. I’m comfortable rping in both 1st and 3rd person, its up to you and what you prefer. I’m happy to do doubles, but if that isn’t your style then I do request you be ok with playing the Dom.

For my double, I tend to like darker plots with darker themes and angst, so if you’re someone with a lot of limits then I might not be your ideal partner. Themes include:

  • Daddy Kink
  • DD/lg
  • Forced Ageplay
  • Ageplay In General
  • R*pe/Forced Sexual Situations
  • Teacher/Coach Kink

Among Other Themes.. God, I’m really calling myself out for having major parent issues, but it is what it is, lol.

Fandoms I’m In

  • One Direction
  • 5 Seconds Of Summer
  • Stranger Things
  • IT
  • MTV Scream: The Series

I’m also perfectly fine and happy to make OC (Original Character) ships with you.

I do FxM and MxM. I prefer MxM for mine.

My Discord is: thelexy#1142

My kik is: ogdaddyissues

This ad was posted on: 03/02/21

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no, this is not my beautiful house either

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the ashley smolder instant-kills everyone

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Two dudes getting into trouble 😈🤡


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the way pennywise went deadlights out immediately because it wants richie to shut up that badly lmfao

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waitaminute. richie’s marionette corpse. the fear of being controlled to death. dying before you ever see a day of true freedom. dying because you want freedom.

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oh i miss bi richie too :( it’s crazy how before september 2019, it was pretty much a given that any fic posted with richie would have him as bi, but now you really have to search for that interpretation since gay richie got more popular after the movie! anyway, i love bi richie and while i haven’t read much fics recently with this characterization, here a few of my faves that actually make a point to address his bisexuality :’)

i was a teenage werewolf by tangerina - i just read this fic last night and let me tell you, this is THE bisexual richie fic omg

the years go by like days

by georgiestauffenberg 

& that’s for all time by tossertozier

adult friends

by sudowoodo 

jealous sea by belby 

savage by inoubliable 

i’ll do it for a dime by miniatures

believer by mischiefmanager

the rainbow in my mind: three times richie tozier forgot, and one he remembered

by merrymelody

whenever I’m alone with you by stellarbisexual 

running up that hill by speakslow

richie tozier: come out & play by piginawig 

in the heat of the summer (you’re so different from the rest) by kaboomslang

worst enemy

by endversed

circular motion by sinchronicity

i would also look in the “it 1990” tag on ao3 since many miniseries fans do interpret richie as bi. also, like i said, any fic created before sep 6, 2019 most likely has bi richie in it! and of course, just going through the “bisexual richie tozier” tag will give you exactly what you’re looking for! if anyone else has any recs, please add on to this post <3 

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the way richie rushes through saying what his artifact is… :’(

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ppfffff richie is the only one who doesn’t flinch back at all when mike opens the thing

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Stares at my pronoun roles

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ironic that richie is the one who keeps putting them back on track

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the fucking,,,, psychological horror is really on another level with eddie’s solo pennywise bad trip

  • the smell
  • the jars of rotten animals
  • the needles
  • the unidentifiable goo
  • Walking Infection Man
  • “i knew you would leave me, eddie”
  • the venom-esque transmission thru The Tongue™

it’s so much. it’s so much.

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“my breath is fine, thank you”

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