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request: omg i loved warmth so much it was so good! can i have a pt. 2 maybe? i’d more besties and lovers moments of y/n and stanley

A/N: clearly this is a part two to my recent Stanley fic titled ‘Warmth’ so if you haven’t read that pls read it first

words: 1k


The blazing hot sun beat down on you in Stan’s jersey as you sat on the bleachers waiting for him to be done with his baseball practice. You were taking in his features as he stood on the pitching mound reeling up for his next throw.

You couldn’t believe how long it took you to truly confess your feelings for one another. You catch yourself looking back on how obvious you two had been with each other regularly. Catching him staring at you in math class, always gravitating towards one another during social settings, and how he would remember the little things.

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Eddie: *Lives in California. Has a great paying job. In a “loving” relationship with his girlfriend of five years, Myra and everything is just fine.*

Also Eddie: *sees Richie singing “Don’t Cha by The Pussycat Dolls” at a stoplight one morning*

Eddie: ….Yes, fuck and marry me.


Just a short meme of the fic what I’m planning on writing lol also what should I name this?? 🤔🤔

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Originally posted by stozierslut

gif cred belongs to @stozierslut

requested by anon “Hey, could I request headcanons/a oneshot for Richie Tozier x a male reader who has a service dog for panic attacks + fainting issues? And they’re out at a store, maybe with a few other losers, (btw Walmart is terrible for this SAs) and people are trying to pet the dog (which is illegal BC that would be a distraction) and it’s making him kinda anxious? Thank you for reading this, I hope this doesn’t take up too much of your time. I hope you’re doing well. :)”

a/n sorry i just made it an imagine ! hope u enjoy regardless

imagine having a service dog for anxiety and richie being protective of you

you were looking at some of the books in the aisle you and richie had stopped in. he was bored out of his mind, but let you do as you wanted. he’d complain later.

while you were distracted, some kids marveled at the dog panting at your side, running up to it. you finally looked over as they began to coo at and pet the dog. richie watched as you pursed your lips, gripping the leash tighter as you gave the kids a tight smile. richie recognized the signs and snapped to attention.

“hey! can’t you read?” the kids looked up to meet the tozier scowl. “sign says ‘do not pet’! scram!” the kids ran off as you looked over in surprise to your boyfriend.

“rich, you didn’t have to-”

“i wanted to,” he cut off. “don’t assume i do anything for you, babe.”

you scoffed and hit his chest as he laughed. as goofy and protective as he was, you couldn’t help but love your boyfriend.

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warning(s) : eighteen! richie tozier, rough smut, degrading terms like slut and bitch, choking, a daddy kink, oral ( male recieving )

authors note : im not saying listen to ‘da ya think im sexy?’ by rod stewart while listening to this but thats exactly what im saying

words : 3.8k

request :

Hey , I was wondering if you could do a smut with 2017 Richie being In an alt couple , with a girl who’s brittish with degrading , rough smut , choking and the almighty daddy kink ❤️

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Au where Ben and Richie are roommates and Bev is the costume designer of the movie Richie is working on and they are all in a work party (Ben as Richie’s guest) and Richie convinces Ben to go and introduce to Bev like that just to mess with him but it actually works and that’s the story Richie tells at their wedding the end.

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