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leader-of-hell · 2 days ago
They are the same person in different universes
Son la misma persona en diferentes universos
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palettehao · 18 hours ago
Mike and Richie arguing over which one of them is the gay cousin only to come to a halting realization that "shit... We both are" and the conclusion to this realization is they're both in love with their best friends.
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toffiproto · a day ago
Decided that my Penny needed a voice and this guy sounds about right.
All credit goes this guy and his amazing gremlin voice
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drowninginabactatank · a day ago
Tumblr media
Things I Love: My Dancing Pennywise pin from Veegiggity 🤡
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call-me-al3x · 2 days ago
beverly marsh the the definition of a teenage dirtbag and i LOVE her for it <3
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eyrcowrites · 3 days ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: IT (Movies - Muschietti) Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Relationships: Eddie Kaspbrak/Richie Tozier Characters: Richie Tozier, Eddie Kaspbrak, Beverly Marsh, Ben Hanscom, Stanley Uris, Bill Denbrough, Mike Hanlon Additional Tags: Light Angst, Fluff, Panic Attacks, Bad Flirting, and Richie Tozier straight up not having a good time, featuring a song from 2003 that we are going to pretend came out in the 80s, and the transcendentally gay version by Sub-Radio Summary:
It was a joke. It was meant to be a joke. Not only that, it was meant to be a joke that Richie was playing on other people. It was not meant to turn out like this. 
He could have lived his entire life without knowing what Eddie looked like on his knees in cut off jeans with a microphone, fanning himself, belting, “Your dad could use a guy like me.” 
Richie was going to die. This was it, this was how he died, and his tombstone would read So Embarrassingly Horny For His Best Friend That He Couldn’t Even Take His Own Joke. 
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gluetusmaximus69420 · 3 days ago
the fic isn’t done yet but should i post the finished chapters🤭🤭
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bohistrying · 4 days ago
True power is knowing exactly what pennywise would use to terrify you
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little-nobody · 4 days ago
i am going insane, if you couldn't tell
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alstanfordart · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Been awhile since I drew Maturin.
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babyboybonnet · 5 days ago
So both actors who play eddie in the newer It suck
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reddie-fangirl24 · 5 days ago
Proposal (A Reddie Fanfiction)
Eddie groaned very loudly, stomping back and forth around the run-down truck Bill lent to them to drive in for the wedding. It had been a full hour of fighting because Richie locked the key in the car. They missed out on getting a ride because they had to pee getting a ticket for the illegally parked car. And now they were going to miss their best friend’s wedding. 
“We ruined Ben and Bev’s night! Now they’re not going to have a fucking cake! That’s the most important part of a wedding! We can’t call anyone because our phones are locked in the fucking car that you locked! And it’s too dangerous to hitchhike. Who knows what psycho is out there ‘cause I’m not sleeping out here in this shithole!”
Out of frustration, Eddie kicked the tire, but it hurt more than he anticipated. Richie walked over to calm his boyfriend down. They sat down in the back of the truck. Despite how furious they were, either about the situation or with each other, that all went away as they enjoyed the silent night air as they held one another.
“We’ll think of something, baby. Haven’t we always?” Richie asked him, kissing his head.
Eddie sunk into Richie’s embrace, his worries diminishing. That hot feeling disappeared in his stomach. “I’m sorry, Rich. It’s really not you. I just...”
Richie waited for him to continue. He could feel the lingering fear from Eddie, embarrassed. He stroked his hand lightly down his back. “What’s a matter?”
The man shook his head, listening to the crickets. “It’s silly.”
“Do you have any idea who you are talking to?”
That made Eddie laugh. “You got a point.”
“Hey, this is not an ‘insult me’ time! I’m just trying to make you feel comfortable!”
“I don’t know... I guess I’ve just never liked weddings,” Eddie admitted, some weight lifting off his shoulders.
Richie’s stomach fell, his insides panicking. He faltered from their cuddle a bit. “Oh, you don’t?”
“I guess I used to until my own... with Myra.” He didn’t have to say her name, but as soon as it left his mouth, Richie could sense all the distaste. Maybe he should have had this conversation with him before going through with the decision.
“What was it like?” Richie asked, massaging a hand up and down Eddie’s back.
“The cringiest thing you’d ever see. None of what I wanted to do. Or even wear! It was all so fake. Plus, it was all of Myra’s friends and family. Just my mom came. But... her illness was bad at that point. I didn’t even want to fucking get married!” Eddie covered his face with his hands, shaking his head.
Richie kissed his head again, sniffing the scent of his shampoo. A little breeze swept through the area. Subconsciously, he pulled his boyfriend into his warmth a little closer, ignoring his own anxiety. “What would you do differenty?”
“Huh?” Eddie looked at him funny.
“I mean...” Richie struggled a bit. “If you were in charge, how would you have done it?”
Eddie’s eyes sparkled. “Well, I wouldn’t have it in a church for one thing. I’d rather have a wedding outside. Nothing in public, just a private space.”
“Like a view overlooking the ocean?” Richie asked with a smile.
Eddie nodded vibrantly, like a child. It made Richie giggle, his insides warming. This man was so adorable. God, he was so lucky! “An ocean or a gazebo in a park! And it would only be a small group of people.” Eddie’s face fell a bit. “I wish I knew you guys when I was with Myra. I was so lonely at the wedding.”
Richie snorted, his bellowing laugh echoing, interrupting animals from their slumber. “You’d really want to have me at your wedding to Myra?”
Eddie burst out laughing. Hearing Eddie laugh was enough for Richie’s ears. All he needed to hear was Eddie laughing and he was satisfied.
“Oh, she wouldn’t approve of that! Neither would my mom!”
“I probably wouldn’t have been allowed to come,” Richie nudged him. “What day was your wedding again?”
“June 1, 2001.”
“Really?” His eyeballs skyrocketed.
“Yeah, why?”
“You had your wedding the day I had my first comedy routine?”
“No fucking way!”
“You know, I think I recorded that,” Eddie told him, holding Richie’s hand. He smiled brightly at Richie which melted the man's insides. “I didn’t know you, but deep down I remembered you. Once we were at our hotel, Myra was so exhausted that she passed out in bed. I turned on the TV and I watched you. That was the best part of the day.”
Richie nuzzled their noses together. “Glad I was part of your wedding in some way.”
Eddie kissed him, deepening it by swerving his tongue through his mouth. This was not the right place but they had the urge to rip off their clothes and have the most romantic sex ever. Plus, there was this big cake.
“I think you’d look good in a purple suit,” Eddie said after a good minute of silence.
“A purple suit?” Richie asked, amused.
Eddie looked at him with the most loving smile he’d ever seen. “I don’t like traditional weddings.”
“How about a song?”
“‘You’re my Everything!’” Eddie answered without hesitation.
Eddie’s eyes never shined so bright. Richie swore that the moonlight made him look sexier, casting his smile, and the twinkle in his eye. “The song I sang to you in the hospital. I was just humming it. And you were asleep.”
“I still heard. It helped me fight.”
Richie kissed him. “Wow, Eds,” he uttered through the kisses. Eddie tussled his hand through his curly hair, bringing him closer, and sending wet kisses down his neck. Before this could really get out of hand, both heard a car engine stop.
“Richie? Eddie?” It was Beverly. In her wedding dress! And the other Losers!
“What are you doing here?” Eddie asked, relieved. Beverly ran up and hugged both of them.
“We thought something terrible happened to you!” she cried.
“No, this stupid car broke down!” Richie explained, pointing towards the vehicle.
“And then you locked the keys in the car!”
“Well, I told you to stay in the car!” Richie confronted him.
“Who doesn’t take the keys with them when getting out of a car?”
“If we were all Eddie Kaspbrak, then would you be happy?”
Ben broke up the lover's quarrel, knowing that it would go too far. “Guys, we really hate to interrupt, but we have everyone waiting at the wedding.”
“You didn’t start yet?” Eddie asked, again relieved.
“Of course not. How could we start a wedding without our best friends?” Beverly asked, waving her hands in the air.
“Let’s get the cake and head back,” Stanley insisted as he and Mike went to take it out of the trunk.
“Sorry about the car. Didn’t know it was almost out of gas,” Bill apologized, embarrassment written all over his face.
“Trying to figure out that ending has definitely gone to your head,” Richie smirked, patting him on the shoulder.
Beverly shook her head, hugging Richie. “Please, tell me that you didn’t go through with it, Rich. You know we all want to be together to see it!”
“See what?” Eddie asked, his brow turned up, startling Richie. Realizing what she said, Beverly threw her hand over her mouth.
Sweat pooled Richie’s forehead as he stared into his love’s eyes. Richie felt complete. The first time he saw Eddie again, standing in the restaurant, Richie felt like he melted into a puddle. Eddie was so handsome, and supportive, and kind, and brave, and wonderful... this could go on forever.
Grabbing a rock, Richie aimed it at the passenger side window. “Bill, may I?”
Shrugging, Bill nodded, confused. “As long as you’re not hitting yourself.”
Richie threw the rock, smashing the window. Hopping in as he scrambled to get the ring out of the glove compartment, Richie felt his heart racing. When he walked up to Eddie, the world disappeared. Only he mattered. Slowly, his knee popping, Richie got down onto one knee.
“Eddie, Eds, my Spaghetti-Eds, where do I start? I’ve loved you since kindergarten when you wrapped a bandaid around my finger because I had a papercut. You are an amazing man. I have been the happiest I have ever been with you these past five years. Waking up next to you, spooning you, or seeing a little drool hanging off your mouth is the definition of beauty.”
“Oh, fuck you, Richie!” Eddie sniffled, smiling so big. Tears prickled in his eyes.
“Jeez, I never expected to hear you say that when I’m proposing to you!” Looking at Eddie’s handsome face was enough to make his insides melt like ice cream on a hot day. Tears leaked from Eddie’s eyes. Clearly, he was seconds away from collapsing into tears.
“Eddie, you have made me so happy. I don’t know what my life would be like without you. I’ve learned so much about myself in the last year that I should have known but I’m too much of a self-pitying dumbass.”
“Would you stop?” Eddie swatted him.
Richie took another moment to look up at him to study all of his beautiful features. This was the man who made him feel better right after he read his first hate comment when he came out as gay. Eddie, the man who adored every inch of his body. Eddie, the first and only person he ever loved.
“Eddie, will you marry me?” Richie presented the ring.
Tears streamed down Eddie’s face as he burst into tears. “Yes! Yes, I will!”
There wasn’t a dry eye in the Losers Club as they applauded their best friends. Now they had two exciting events to celebrate tonight. 
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dibujos-de-la-orilla · 6 days ago
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legally annoying 💍💍
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toffiproto · a day ago
Fuck it I'm giving him lore
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Here goes,
His real name is Kasper Gray (that's German btw)
He's 39 edging on forty
A whooping 2.46M tall
Looks like grizzly bear but is a teddy
He lives in the neibolt house because it's nobody wants to live in that thing because it's haunted, plot twist he "haunted" it so he could have it for cheap.
Another plot twist hes German. (Have you figured out where I'm from yet?) Moved to Derry when he was 8. Practically was there since the beginning. His father started a circus.
Joined the circus at 9. Started his pennywise act at 20.
so he has been doing that clown shit for nearly 20 years now.
IT just straight up doesn't exist because one man child is enough. And because Its my Story and I said so.
Pretty much the creepy old man your parents make an example out of, but in reality is the complete opposite.
Has an accent and will start speaking German out of nowhere. Is fluent in German and in English.
Doesn't have kids but wants one. But is ugly as hell so that shit ain't happening.
Plus he's gay. But he really doesn't know it. Not like it would be accepted anyway.
Is really into bugs, doesn't help his creepy vibe tho.
Really only comes out of his hole when for getting food or the clown act. Most he does is take a stroll at night. Again creepy vibe.
Only talks to his father and other then that doesn't have anybody. So lonely. Which he doesn't mind. Only Misses the kids.
Has some mild anger issues when it comes to insulting him. Like this man can and will break your neck when you call him an ass.
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xx-fallenkilljoy-xx · 6 days ago
reddie... steddie... go!
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bl00dykissesx · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
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strangerrmaxine · 8 days ago
some fruity icons cuz it's okay to kiss the homies goodnight, okay? pt.3
pics not mine , i only edited the flags, pics are from pinterest!!!
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