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#it chapter two
reddie011 · 2 days ago
Reddie #312
Richie: I care about all of my friends equally.
Bill: We ran into Bowers.
Richie: Is Eddie okay?
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beidouwanning · 2 days ago
i am not immune to richie sobbing in the quarry after losing eddie
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lethimrunsonia · 18 hours ago
Richie LOVES getting blow jobs, and I'll tell you why
The cute face his lovers make when they look up at him, their lips around his huge cock, little present bow pink making him feel so good?
Their eyes are wide, they are trained on him, like he's worth something, cause he's talking and cooing at them, and he knows how they look down there with the pillows under their knees cause he can't stop looking at them.
Bill with his forest green eyes, zeroed in on Richie's.
Eddie's big brown ones, his loud moans.
Mike's hazel hazy, half open as he takes him so well.
Bev's soft baby blues, shining up at him, pink lips kissing his tip.
Stan's much sharper blues, pining him, mouth gagging him down his throat.
Ben, his honey flecked eyes blinking at Richie, so trusting as Richie comes on his face.
Yeah, Richie's sure it's his favorite.
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eddiekaspraktozier · a day ago
//Slight NSFW//
Richie & Eddie giving each other hickies, not cause they mean to, but because they just. cannot. stop.
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killjoyybsinner · 10 months ago
Me, watching The Devil All The Time just bc of Tom Holland:
Like 2 minutes in:
penny wise?!
Like 15 minutes later:
Like 5 minutes later:
Another 5 minutes later:
Tumblr media
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blood-ichor · 5 months ago
i think what bothers me most about the anti argument of “if you’re ACTUALLY writing to vent your trauma, then why do you need to share it” isn’t even how like, grossly victim shaming that is because it’s really abhorrent to tell people that their trauma is unattractive and shouldn’t be shown to other people;
it’s that it completely ignores what is cathartic about sharing your fucking feelings. we are social creatures. when we are sad, or in love, or angry, or happy, or have any strong feelings, we want to share them. and arguing that it’s inherently evil to want to share painful and difficult feelings just because YOU have decided that it is is so fucking ugly of you. not everyone processes things by journaling or writing to themselves, or meeting with their therapist.
some people find healing and catharsis through sharing their experiences and saying “here, here is something beautiful that i was able to make from something ugly, and i’m proud of that.” some people find value in themselves again by realizing that other people who have been through the same things still have value, too, and they find those people by saying “hey, this is what my experiences are.”
to suggest that someone deserves to sit with their experiences alone because their way of coping and connecting with others COULD be misinterpreted or make other people uncomfortable is disgusting. therapy isn’t a fix all for everything, you don’t magically become healed from all trauma and have the answers to all things coping just because you’re in therapy. talking to people you trust isn’t always an option because some people don’t want to disclose their trauma to people that they know, and they may only feel safe disclosing to people who have no way of knowing who they are in real life.
i’ve been to lots and lots of therapists over the course of my life, been in and out of psych hospitals, and whaddya know, i even have a degree in psychology now! and you know what psychology DOESN’T say?
you know what not a single one of my therapists has ever told me? “don’t share the parts of yourself that hurt because they might hurt someone else.”
you know what they HAVE said to me many times? “when you share with others, you have to remember that not everyone can handle the same things you can, so be mindful of that.”
and that is not AT ALL the same as your “stfu and don’t show this to other people” argument, especially when someone is sharing on a platform like ao3 that intentionally makes it so that we can cater the content we see to our specific needs and wants and comforts, which allows us to be extremely mindful of others. and breaking down the tag system- which is literally the key feature that allows us to be able to do that- is not an act of protest; it's throwing a tantrum because you don't want to take personal responsibility for the content you consume on a website that nobody is forcing you to be on.
i started writing fanfic when i was a teenager in the first place BECAUSE my therapist encouraged me to do it, and she encouraged me to share it online, because it made me feel fucking proud of myself. it helped me make friends in an environment that i felt comfortable in for the first time. it gave ME control over my narratives.
so i don’t want to hear this “well if it’s REALLY to process your trauma then go to therapy and don’t share it online” bullshit. because that proves you sincerely have no idea what the hell you’re talking about and why what you’re saying is significantly more psychologically damaging to someone who is trying to express themselves in a way that they feel comfortable with.
it’s really, really ironic that people are using 1984 to wreck the tagging system, because antis are the ones wanting to punish people for thoughtcrimes and pretend that every person who has ever had an intrusive thought/ fucked up fantasy/ dark interest and has written or read about it is an irredeemably guilty evil maniac for doing so.
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mari-or · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Valentines day morning
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