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#it chapter two

IT Theatre Kid Headcanons

Because I’m a theatre kid and miss it :,(

  • Richie wants to do SOMETHING with his voices in high school and decides to audition for the school play
  • He plays the witty side character, of course
  • He also starts dragging the losers to rehearsal with them when they’re hanging out afterwards to the point where all of the losers just morph into part of the show
  • Bev, of course, would be the costume designer
  • Ben would be the set designer
  • And if Derry High School is anything like Bangor High School, then that school is very lucky to have them because they are lacking in creativity and functionality in their sets and costumes
  • And they also put so much thought into the sets and props so nothing ever breaks and no costumes look ugly on people
  • Stan would just kind of sit in the audience and watch rehearsals, not wanting to talk to anyone, and he just absorbs everything that happens
  • One day, someone forgets a line and he just yells it from the audience and the director is like “you. I want you”
  • So he becomes the director’s assistant and keeps track of where all the actors are supposed to be and what they’re supposed to be doing
  • Eddie kind of does that offstage. He hangs out with Richie in between scenes backstage and starts organizing the props and commenting on how a set piece isn’t where it’s supposed to be onstage and then Richie yells at the director that Eddie should be stage manager
  • So he is! And he keeps track of all of the tech cues and him and Stan go back and forth on their headsets to keep everything and everyone in check
  • And he also yells at the actors whenever they touch a prop and they are all so scared of him
  • I feel like Mike would kind of just fill in for whatever needs to be done. He stays late painting sets with Ben, stands in for actors on stage, does snack runs for people, makes sure everyone is hydrated, and reminds Stan and Eddie to breathe
  • Bill would just sit in the audience in the beginning and try to get his homework done while the others worked until they needed someone to fill in for the leading man for blocking and they asked Bill to do it
  • And he did the entire scene without stuttering once and all of the losers are so proud of him and he does so well that he gets asked to be the understudy! (But he also is coming back to audition for the next show)
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Haven’t seen this yet? Go to Part 1 & 2 here.

Missed the previous one? Go to Part 3.

Ahhhh I’m so excited to share this part! I only slept half last night because tomorrow’s my bday and my gift to myself is watching you guys lose it (I hope lmfao)!! 🥳

I love hearing from your guys!! Please tell me your favorite part(s)! And thank you to everyone who reblogs! That’s the dream for me— people seeing this! 🥰 If you enjoyed this video, please consider reblogging. This series is a labor of love, and what keeps me from getting burnt out is if it gets seen!


You can participate in the DTIYS here on tumblr or on Instagram!

Take a screencap of your favorite panel(s), and draw it in your style. Then share both your art and the original. Does not have to be from part 4! Will reblog on Tumblr or post your art to my story on IG, no deadline. Tag it #ReddieStoryboardDTIYS and @kmcarras.



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I wish I could relive seeing It in theatres for the first time in October of 2017 and hearing that opening “oranges and lemons” and seeing the Warner Brothers logo and seeing the red balloon float by. It was such a surreal experience because I’d waited for that movie for what felt like forever and it delivered.

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IT Rewrite

Stay With Me ( And You Can Dream Forever) - Chapter Two

Chapter One //


Trigger Warnings: underage drinking, unhealthy relationships, smoking, drugs


June 1899 

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