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scr3amqueen · a day ago
Y/N, leaving to buy groceries: I hope you two can manage not to kill each other while I’m gone.
Billy: Please, we’re not children.
Billy, chasing Stu after he threw his CDs into a bathtub: I’m going to feed you poison bitch!
Stu, running from him: EAT SHIT AND DIE!
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swagoasis · 2 days ago
How cuddling is with my fav slashers SFW
Tumblr media
Jason Voorhees
jason is the biggest cuddle bug ever and will want to be laying down cuddling 24/7
he is a gentle giant and is so careful not to hurt you because he knows how much strength he has
his favorite cuddling position is you laying on top of him, he likes it the most because you’re like a warm blanket to him and he cant hurt you as easily when you lay on his chest
he loves to rub the back of your neck and draw hearts on it with his finger, its how he says i love you with out saying it aloud
he loves when you kiss him while cuddling, not just on the lips but on the checks, arms, chest, and neck, he loves your lips and wants you to kiss him all the time
even if it makes him sad if you need to leave your guys cuddle session he wont try to complain or make you stay, he doesn’t want to force you to do something you don’t want to do
Tumblr media
Michael Myers
micheal is not one to cuddle but when he wants to he will want to stay there with you for hours
he treats you like a teddy bear and will drag and toss you around until he is comfortable with the position you guys are laying in
his favorite position is having you facing him and him facing you while your legs are tangled with his, he likes to lay like this the most because he can wrap his arms around you and look at your face as you sleep
he loves to randomly squeeze you hips and pull you closer, he does this because he afraid of you not being real but he plays it off as him just trying to see you fluster
he loves when you put your hands on his chest, it makes him feel like he’s protecting you and makes you seem smaller and cuter
you cant leave until he’s satisfied, no matter how much you fight to be let out of his arms he wont allow you to get up, but if he wants to leave and you want him to stay he will ignore your request and abandon you
Tumblr media
Brahms Heelshire
if brahms doesn’t get to cuddle with you for at least 20 minutes each day he will say you’re abusing him and will throw a tantrum
he acts as if you will leave him at any moment and will tightly squeeze you when cuddling
his favorite position is definitely him laying his head on your lap, it allows him to be the center of your attention
he loves to hold your hands, they feel so soft compared to his hands that are rough and have cuts on them because he always get splinters form being in the walls so much
he loves when you play with his hair, it just soothing to him and makes him fall asleep easier
he hates when ever you have to leave him when cuddling, he will complain and have an attitude about it, the only way you can leave him when cuddling is by making him fall asleep then quietly leaving him
Tumblr media
Stu Macher
stu shows his love by being physical so cuddling is of course something he loves to do
he thinks you’re a heat blanket and will drape himself over you to try a get all the heat he can
his favorite position is him as big spoon and putting basically his whole body over you, he likes being big spoon because he can smell you hair and put his face in the crook of your neck
he loves to rub your thighs, they are super squishy and just feel soft, if you have stretch marks on your thighs then he would definitely rub his fingers over them
he loves when you play with his fingers, rubbing them, lifting the up and down, cleaning his nails, anything to have to do with you playing with them he will be happy
he will complain but will respect your choice to leave while cuddling and he expects you to do the same if he needs to leave
Tumblr media
Billy Loomis
billy doesn’t go crazy for cuddles but will appreciate them a lot
he thinks everything about you is soft and just loves the texture of your skin and he rubs you everywhere trying to feel your softness
his favorite position is you laying on his lap facing forward, it lets him easily touch you and wrap his arms around your waist
he loves to rub your arms, he likes the feel of your skin on your arms and will occasionally give love pinches to them
he loves when you mumble talk when you are tired and cuddling, he thinks it cute seeing you about to fall asleep but still trying to talk to him
he lets you leave when ever, unless you don’t give him a kiss before you leave then he will be a dick and be rude until you give him one
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moonstonediaz · 8 hours ago
i have never loved ravi more than i did on monday september 27, 2021
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papa-abel · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
'Sexy GF' can be interpreted as BOTH 'Sexy GhostFace' and 'Sexy GirlFriend'...coincidence?? I think NOT... been seeing a lot of sexy gf costumes..this is my ideal costume.
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scr3amqueen · a day ago
Billy:How did none of you hear what I just said?
Y/N: I've been zoned out for the last two hours.
Stu: Ignoring you was a concius decision
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jakedbeans · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Aaron Ramsdale celebrates his side's 1st goal during the North London Derby | september 26, 2021
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hells-personal-slut · 2 days ago
2022 seems like it’s gonna be simultaneously the best year ever and worse than the deepest pits of my nightmares just based on the movies it’s giving us- so i’d just like to formally apologise for the person i become when these mfs come out:
starting off strong with the teen wolf movie- i literslly just ask for isaac’s return and a thiam rain kiss- other than that, jeff davis go wild ig
the princess diana movie (coming out in late 2021 but fuck you)!! i wanna see my girl kristen get a fucking oscar cause of this
spiderman no way home (coming out in late 2021 but fuck you) for obvious reasons- i am ready to sob. i am ready to ball my eyes out and never recover. however i will say that there’s a small foolish part of me still expecting to see andrew and tobey and that part of me is going to be heartbroken
scream 5- my favourite franchise?? ever?? getting a sequel?? yes. my expectations are so high that the oxygen up here is thick enough to chew. also i took one look at the cast and there’s no doubt in my mind that dylan minnette is the murderer
multiverse of madness- a marvel movie that’s a horror movie?? and stars my boy benadryl cabbagepatch and the loml wanda maximoff?? i’m sold
don’t worry darling (ik it’s coming out late 2021 but fuck you) a horror movie starring harry styles and florence pugh can make me live forever
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phsyc0wh0re · a day ago
i would let billy and stu fuck me till i physically can’t breathe.
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Pinhead:  Pain is beautiful.  Pain is glory.  Pain is-
Jed:  Just say you’re a masochist and go.
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moviebuffmacher · a day ago
hello?? Hello? Is this thing on? Um…I have no idea how this works so give me a minute…
Okay, anyway! Hello!! I’m Stu Macher, party king and shit movie expert. Here just to get to know some of you fun fellows that I’ve heard so much about.
My asks are open (I think…) so feel free to chit chat with me anytime!
Let’s get wild 👻🥳
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