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If I bought a pair of Jordan’s and they came like this I would consider myself blessed
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Headcanons of Billy Loomis and Stu Macher dancing with their SO?
I added Jason(obv friday 13th) and Billy Linz & Brahms,enjoy !
The slashers dancing with their SO
Jason Voorhees
You probably suggested dancing a day when no campers were around
He'd be nervous but will accept your offer despite not knowing how to dance
Jason never had the opportunity to dance with someone before due to people fearing him so please take it slow at first
He might step on your feet from time to time,hed feel bad trying to apologize signing to you to stop the dance
Little by little he gets decent and can slow dance with you
"Mom likes the dance" He'd sign happily making you feel like a good tutor
Billy Loomis
Decent at slow dancing
Horrible at any other type of dancing due to his stubbornness of learning new steps
You two would probably dance together at prom or some sorts of party
Would most likely take the lead despite messing some steps accidentally
Stu Macher
The life of the party,if he would dance with you prepare to be exhausted when you're done
Slow dancing?Sure but he'd prefer something more wild
Would have his hands all over you giggling to himself while dancing with you
Does someone else want to dance with you?Too bad he already has his hand on your hips ready to spin you around or something
Billy Lenz
I doubt he really danced with anyone before so he would feel a bit nervous at first
"Pretty Y/n wants to dance with Billy?"
You two would only practice and dance by yourselves, Billy is not and probably wont be ready to go into a social setting with alot of people yet
Will fail miserably at first stepping on your feet,tripping,getting flustered over not being able to do a step etc
If hed get too mad about it hed just run to the attic until he's ready to try again
Brahms Heelshire
Very good considering he probably had dance lessons when little
Dont expect him to know the new hip hop dances,,,,he only knows oldies
"Y/n you're not doing it right,,," Would tutor you into perfecting your ballroom dance skills
Music is a must
Who knows this might even become a rule i you learn the steps correctly
Ya so i returned with this bye
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Just some silly sketches
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Scream by Mariano Mattos
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Slashers under manipulate, mansplain and male wife
Brahms Heelshire
Billy Loomis
Billy Lenz
Bo Sinclair
Michael Myers
Jason Voorhees
Thomas Hewitt
Stu Macher
Male wife
Bubba Sawyer
Lester Sinclair
Vincent Sinclair
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🏕️Friday The 13th🪚
Tumblr media
-♀️Whether you see it as an omen of misfortune or a day to celebrate spiritual feminine energy Friday The 13th holds a ton of superstition some fear it still others celebrate it sort of like people do Lilith
🌑Lilith is currently Rx in Cancer at the 3rd degree conjoined the fixed star 3°26 Cancer - Propus: Overconfidence, pride, shamelessness, violence. Unfortunate; Saturn which sounds super Waldemath Lilith this fixed star itself🐙 (astromcouncil.com)
🌑My old bestie had Lilith conj. MC apparently & at school so many male teachers would have a 🥩 with her like she could be nice to them & they'ed get angered or she'd get an attitude with them ✨AS SHE SHOULD✨ they even got into a fight with this "liar/rascist" really unclear person they might still hold a grudge against after a few rumors were spread they took it to the gram & teachers found out literally, It was them & I standing against this girl who may of lied to me as well & !!!!A WHOLE LARGE CROWD FORMED AROUND!!!!👹 expecting some fight I presume the internet must spread fast I assume the person had Lilith prominence
🌑A 7th House Lilith may have people typically think there a bad influence esp in Aries, Scorpio, Sagittarius possibly
🌑lilithian friends are amazing to be around when developed & other placements apply but-
Tumblr media
🌑Asteroid 1181 Lilith is the rebellious & embraces opinions & ideas likely aren't prone to shying from what they feel to express, True Lilith influence persons could come off as harsh because they'll make it clear if they despise a person/be really blunt
🌑People with Venus-Lilith aspects could require certain "taboo" subjects in a relationship to last
🌑Lilith may show the archetype of people you dislike esp males for ex: Libra Lilith's may hate people who tend to chase after relationships & if located in the third house they might dislike people at school, valedictorians, other Lilith's could apply check all that might
🌑Lilith could show you where your internalized demons may live but also how to take over them not so much expelling but realizing, acceptance & ownership
🌑So lets talk about Billie EiIish who has Pisces 12th House Lilith who suffered night terrors Pisces is associated with dreams, subconscious mind, delusion etc. Billie also has used "horrifying/empowering" imagery paired with water-y themes in some music videos such as the "Ilomilo" Audio & Happier than ever she's got the MIDDLE NAME PIRATE FOR GOODNESS SAKE🏴‍☠️ she also has lilith at 12 degrees "pisces degree" of the 12th house conj. asc the 17 degree rising explains the cat-like hooded eyes
🌑Some people on "astroblr" might of wondered what happens if you move to a Lilith Line in terms of astrocartography well depending on theory if BML for ex: shame, shadow-era, trauma, fear, hard-ship, rebuilding from scratch, entering a sort of "villian-era", empowerment
🌑The degree of your Lilith could be the way your Lilith is expressed or comes out as in a persona chart it would be the sun sign & the sun rules self-expression which applies to technically all astronomical bodies for ex: an 11 degree Lilith may express there personal Lilith placement among friends & through express opinions related to society & protests maybe even there cliques
Tumblr media
🌑Feel free commenting your Lilith placements, aspects prominence etc.
(☀️🐉still eclipse szn!🌕🌑 Obviously!)
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I fucking love fun markers and colors !!!!!!
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I like them both so here you go ❤️‍🔥
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Billy was unfaithful to her with Christina Carpenter, and she became pregnant with his daughter, Samantha Carpenter. Sidney finds out about his child much later on and figures he wasn't "patient" with her after all and being unfaithful to her. It is revealed that Billy held hatred inside for Sidney, but stayed in the relationship to stay close to her to execute his plan of revenge for his mother abandoning him. Meanwhile, he cheated on Sidney with other girls at and around school. He is also seen flirting with other girls at the Video store where Randy worked"
was it confirmed he slept with other girls at and around school?. i see it being true but not sure if was ever confirmed onscreen? and yes that scene with the girls in store was also implying he was looking around to hook up with other girls possibly.
No, it's never been confirmed he's cheated with anyone other than Christina. But the fact he made his way right to the girls just kinda implies he was trying to get his rocks off where he could since he had no love lost for Sid anyway.
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Obsession | Billy Loomis x Reader Part 2
Billy is obsessed with the reader and doesn’t know whether he wants to fuck you or kill you. Little does he know that there’s more to you than meets the eye...
Billy x GN!reader 
(I actually got some of the inspo for this from behind the mask: the rise of leslie vernon lol)
Part one!
Warnings: glorification of serial killing lol
Tags: @natiebug1 @henhouse-horrors @smenny @aceislivid
Tumblr media
Billy Loomis thought that he was the scariest person in town. He thought that he was the most dangerous. He thought that, besides Stu, he was the most fucked up. 
Billy Loomis was wrong.
Because not that long ago, someone new had moved to Woodsboro. Someone who was just as fucked up as Billy, and who had already done a lot of the things that he and Stu were planning on…except that you had done your killing and then dipped, moving to a new town where nobody would suspect a thing.
When you had seen Billy Loomis for the first time, you had noticed something about him. It was something familiar, something that you recognized in yourself as well…and it got you a little curious. So you started watching him, always careful, always only out of the corner of your eye from an unassuming position across the field or the cafeteria. At first, you thought you were just being paranoid, still riding the high of your last couple kills in Santa Cruz.
But then, you noticed him watching you, and you knew you were right. Billy Loomis was a killer—or at least, had the potential to be one—and he was drawn to you for the same reason you were drawn to him.
You were the same. You were capable of killing, and you did. Or…wanted to. You weren’t sure if he had already, though you were willing to be that he had at least thought about it. Maybe he had planned something out. Maybe he was too busy stalking you to kill anyone.
Or maybe he was going to kill you.
You wondered if he would be able to. You’d been face to face with death so many times that it wouldn’t surprise you if Billy took a stab at you. Nobody had managed it so far, but you had seen the desperation in their eyes, the way that they tended to go absolutely feral in their last moments of life. You had seen more than a couple people who wanted nothing more than to turn the tables and murder you for a change.
Still, despite the possibility that Billy Loomis wanted to gut you like a fish, you weren’t too worried about him. You started up a boring daily routine with the hope that he would learn it and then use it to his advantage. You hoped that he would memorize your movements and then pop out at you one day, or come slithering through your window before you closed it at night. You hoped Billy would try something with you, because as you had watched him and he had watched you, you’d sort of…grown fond of him? Come to like him, almost? You were amused and curious, and you left him plenty of openings to come say hello.
And then the days dragged on and they turned into weeks, and you got sick of waiting. You took it upon yourself to address the elephant in the room, and all your weeks of boredom and domesticity and not murdering people were suddenly worth it just for the shocked look on his face. He really had no idea that you’d been watching him, and it was just as sad as it was adorable.
The next day at school, he was openly staring at you. You watched his head swivel as you walked past him and his friends, and you saw Stu Macher notice and look at you, too. Then, you heard his girlfriend hit his arm and yell at him for ogling you, and you chuckled to yourself.
Billy hadn’t expected to find a note in his locker that day, but he knew who it was from the second he saw it.
Swing by tonight.
He knew it was from you, and he was equal parts pissed off and curious, because he still had no idea what your deal is, and he still had no idea if he wanted to kill you for fucking with him or fuck you for fucking with him.
So he did. He blew Stu off, and he climbed the usual tree by the usual window at the usual time. Instead of sitting on your bed or at your desk like usual, though, you were sitting on the window frame, one leg dangling along the side of the house as you leaned your head back and enjoyed the California night.
“You got my note,” you commented, cracking an eye open when you heard him.
“What the fuck is your deal?” He asked haughtily, climbing along the branch like a cautious animal.
“Are you mad at me, Billy?”
“Should I be?” He growled. “I’m not in the mood for any games. Tell me what your fucking problem is, or I’ll…I’ll…”
“You’ll what?” You raised an eyebrow. “Kill me?”
He stared at you in silence, almost shocked that you had said it so openly. “…yeah.”
“I doubt that, Billy Loomis.”
“Quit saying my name.”
“Because I don’t like it.” He lied.
You decided to change the subject.
“Have you actually killed anybody yet?” You asked, as casually as someone would ask about the weather.
Billy Loomis stared at you. “Excuse me?”
“You can tell me. I’m just curious.” You shrugged. “You seem like the type.”
“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” He snapped, his hackles rising as he considered throttling you right then and there.
“Do you want to kill me right now?” Your voice was amused, and Billy didn’t know what to think of that. “You could try, if you want. We could see who wins.”
“…you’re insane.” He decided.
“Says the guy who’s been stalking me.”
“Why did you tell me to come over?” He growled. “Give me a real answer, or I’m fucking leaving.”
“Because I wanted to talk.” You hopped down from the window, landing barefoot on the plush carpet in your bedroom. “You can come in.”
He just stared.
“…or not. That’s fine too.” You rolled your eyes. “I just wanted to show you why you can trust me.”
Billy watched you. 
It was a trap. It had to be a trap. This was way too weird not to be. He didn’t know why someone would suspect him of anything, not when Cotton Weary was behind bars and nobody was the wiser about his and Stu’s little rendezvous with Sidney Prescott’s mother the year before, but this was way too suspicious.
“Come on,” you said, tossing your head. “It’s cool. I promise. You can stab me if it isn’t.”
“…you are the weirdest person I have ever fucking met.” He said, crawling along the branch until he could hop in through your window anyways. He had a knife in his pocket.
He figured he would be fine.
The smile you offered him was genuine. “Wow. I honestly thought it would be harder to get you in here.”
“Shut up and show me whatever the fuck you wanna show me,” he snapped.
“You’re cute when you’re mad,” you smiled as you turned towards your bedroom door. “You’ve never seen the rest of the house have you?”
“…only the parts I could see you from.” He admitted, following you hesitantly.
You snorted a laugh. “So you’ve only seen the parts of the house that we want you to see.”
You reached back for his hand and he allowed you to grab it, his fingers cautiously intertwining with yours. “Yeah. Me and my family.”
He immediately stiffened, trying to pull away, but you held onto him. 
“Don’t worry. They’re all out having fun.” you said bitterly. “We’re the only ones home right now.”
Billy still didn’t trust you, but he stayed silent. He knew he could take you if it came down to a struggle, and if you started it, he’d even have a real self-defense excuse. 
You led him down the stairs and turned towards what looked like a hall closet. “So...this is pretty special, alright? I’m really not supposed to be showing anybody this, but I trust you. So don’t go telling everybody in town, got it?”
He gave you a skeptical, almost uninterested look. “Whatever. You gonna show me whatever it is or not?”
“So impatient,” you clucked your tongue, letting go of his hand and reaching into your pocket. You pulled out a key, slipping it into the keyhole and opening the door before taking a step to the side so he could get a good look.
What you revealed actually took Billy’s breath away. 
He was staring at a small closet, the walls painted a deep red and covered in...things. Newspaper clippings, weapons, weird, grotesque masks...and an odd assortment of other items, things that looked totally unrelated, things like necklaces and wallets and--was that a fucking finger?
“Yeahhhhh, that’s one of my brother’s trophies,” you said, noticing Billy’s eyes lingering on it. “He’s kinda...gross.”
He stared for another moment before turning to look at you. “What the hell is all this?”
You shrugged. “Mementos. Trophies. They’re from all over. We move around a lot, y’know?”
His eyes were wide as he began putting two and two together. “There’s no fucking way.”
“What do you mean?” you asked innocently. 
“No fucking way this is real.”
“Don’t you watch scary movies?” you laughed. “I thought you were into this stuff. It’s kinda...the family business, I guess.”
Billy’s mouth twitched with the beginnings of a smile. 
He liked you, after all. 
“Can you, uh...” he cleared his throat, trying to keep his cool and not totally geek out. “Tell me about everything?”
You beamed at him. “I would love to, Billy Loomis.”
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A new horror clothing line called Alternate Ending has launched with Scream apparel. It includes VHS-inspired T-shirts ($25), long sleeves ($35), and sweatpants ($40), plus a Stab hat ($25; pictured below). Pre-orders end tonight and will ship in 4-6 weeks.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
♱ wazzupp
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Billy, Stu, Michael (og) with a s/o who’s extremely sensitive to being yelled at? That they’ll start crying? Something I struggle with ☠️
Omg anon this goes for me too. Since I was a kid if I get yelled at my first instinct is to cry. I hate it so so much and I'd love to do this for you. Always down to write some comfort for my boys. Reader is gn
Included are: Billy Loomis, Stu Macher, og Michael Myers
Warnings: Harsh language, yelling, violence, mentions of unhealty relationships, implied murder 
Billy Loomis
You and Billy are at a party. You're not really the party type, unless you know a good amount of people there but you feel better knowing Billy's here. You're talking with a girl Billy introduced you too. Her name is Carrie. You spot your ex River over near the living room. He wasn't the best guy. He was very manipuative and would constantly gaslight you. When he wasn't doing that he was just ignoring you. Whenever you expressed wanting to break up he threatened suicide and would guilt you into staying. You look back to Carrie and hope Billy's gonna be back soon. Unfortunatly for you River comes over and grabs your wrist. "We need to talk now." He says sternly. You squrim in his grip.
"Let go of me."
"No you're going to listen to me Y/N!" He yells, "You're an awful person for what you did to me you know? I loved you and I needed you! How dare you break up with me!" He continues to shout. Carrie yells something at him but you can't hear her. Tears are swelling in your eyes. "God of course, you always hang out with annoying cunts! You're such a useless person without me!" The tears start to fall as your wrist throbs with pain. You sob but it doesn't stop him from pulling you away. As you start walking Billy wraps his arm around you and pulls you away from River. You cry into his shirt as he yells at him.
"Keep your hands off my partner you asshole!"
"Fuck you! They're just some whore who doesn't appriciate a good guy when they meet one! I regret not beating some sense into you!" He gets up in your face and Billy pushes him back. He punches him to the ground and grabs you. He walks you out of the house and drives you back home. Once there he puts ice on your bruised wrist and calls up Stu. He snagged Rivers ID off him before he left. Rivers not gonna hurt anyone anymore.
Stu Macher
You're eating dinner with your parents and Stu. They wanted to meet him and you were stressing the entire day to clean up the house and make it look presentable. Your parents were constantly talking about how much you're failing in life and how your siblings are doing so much better. Stu is clearly upset with them but you keep him calm. "Y/N honey you should have joined the family company. You could make so much more money doing that than writing those silly little horror stories. They aren't very good dear." Your mom comments.
"Neither is this cooking. Are you good at anything besides being a disappointment?" Your father comments. You stay silent. "I asked you a question and you answer me when I ask you something!" Your father raises his voice.
"You can leave if you don't like it that much." You comment. Your mother drops her fork.
"How dare you talk to us like that! We are your parents you selfish brat! We raised you to be better than this! How dare you disrespect us like this!" Your mother shouts. Tears start to form and Stu clears his throat.
"I do think it's best if you two leave." He says.
"You're good for nothing Y/N! I knew we should have put you up for adoption when we had the chance! You're going nowhere in life! You're gonna end up dead in a ditch homeless because of how stupid you are!" Your father shouts. As the tears fall Stu stands up.
"Get the fuck out or I call the cops!" Stu yells. You cover your ears while they yell back and forth but eventually Stu is hugging you, letting you sob into his shirt. "It's ok Y/N. I'm here for you." He rubs his hand on your back and comforts you. He’s already coming up with a plan of his own. 
Michael Myers 
You’re leaving work when you head down an ally you use as a short cut. It’s not an intimidating ally, it’s well lit and pretty wide. “Hey Myers bitch!” You hear a familiar voice call. It’s your coworker Meg. She’s always giving you shit about living in the Myers house. You turn around and glare at her. “I’m upset Michael hasn’t killed you yet. It would really help clean up the town you know?” She says. 
“Leave me alone. Everyone knows about how you harassed that girl to the point she had to go to the hospital. We all know about how you’re a mean bitch who can’t keep a boyfriend.” Meg squints at you. 
“Well guess what hun? I’m not some ugly weirdo who lives in a haunted house! You’re the worst part about this town! Everyone here hates you and you should just let Michael kill you already!” You feel tears stream down your face as she laughs. “Yeah cry hun, cry! We all know that you’re a poor loser who can’t handle being yelled at! Like oh my god fucking grow up you dumb bitch!” You turn and walk away, tears still falling. You hear Meg scream and you look back to see Michael with his hands wrapped around her throat, lifting her up. He keeps her there until she falls limp. He drops her to the ground and walks over to you. He wipes away your tears and walks you back home. 
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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wixterirox · 13 hours ago
The reasons I think why Billy would be Tatum in scream
1. He’s sarcastic and funny like Tatum
2. The reason why Tatum couldn’t get through the cat/dog door was cause “her ass and tits were too big”
who’s tits and ass are explicitly shown on camera multiple times?
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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slashtiddie · 6 months ago
My friend sent me this no context
I want what they have (tiktok handle says @dimitribeauchamp)
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